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  1. Konsa

    First Tank - Carpet keeps floating up

    Hi Large clumps will be very difficult to keep down.You need to split them and replant some of them.Plants don't look at their best but the CO2 has been in place only 3 weeks they may need a little adjustment(recovery)before they take off.I will suggest to trim off the worse bits and replant the...
  2. Konsa

    Neocaridina in a high tech tank.

    Hi can't pinpoint any particular threads but I have kept them in high tech tanks and they kept breeding and breeding like rabbits.You shouldn't have any issues with them. Regards Konstantin
  3. Konsa

    Advice for a beginner in planted tanks.

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Its a wise choice to start small and then once you get hang of things to go big.Its if nothing else less costly.Not injecting CO2 doesn't mean you wont have beautiful tank with healthy plants.It just mean that you will need to choose your plants more carefully and...
  4. Konsa

    Heated Propagator: An emersed growing experiment . . .

    Hi there The medium seems a little too wet for my liking. Sorry to hear about the C parva. It might have been a weak plant that failed to adapt.Do try another batch tho. I have only used Osmocote slow release granules as fertilizer as I always keep my propagators drier and it released nutrients...
  5. Konsa

    My Aquascaper 900 with ONF V1 Pendant

    Hi lovely tank you have there. Do you have any pics of it of the initial stages? Regards Konstantin
  6. Konsa

    What is this on my plants leaves? Is it algae or nutrient deficiency?

    Hi Its algae. In order to get useful advice how to deal with it please provide more details on your system (tank size,filter,lights and photoperiod,CO2 yes no ,inhabitants and feeding regime.....) and maintenance routine (ferts, waterchanges .......) and few full tank shots Regards Konstantin
  7. Konsa

    Clean-up crew advice for temporary tank

    +1 for the ones above Combination of them(in sufficient numbers)will go through whatever algae you trow at them. I had a tank full with all of those and was putting my buces from other tanks to get clean for few days when I needed. Another good one is Asellus aquaticus but some people find...
  8. Konsa

    My current tanks(pic heavy)

    Hi all As promised a quick post trim pic of today. The tank is doing relatively well atm. I still get a few bits of BBA on some Bolbitis leaves that are towards the middle of the tank and right underneath the lights. 3 of my Aponogeton crispus red bulbs are sprouting leaves finally but not...
  9. Konsa

    My current tanks(pic heavy)

    Hi all Thought will post a little update on the small tank. Started to see a little new growth on Monte carlo and almost negligible growth on Eleocharis mini. Im happy with that as tank is low tech.Added stems seem to help vastly as no algae on hardscape yet.There are Diatoms here and there but...
  10. Konsa

    Is my tank cycled or what's happening?

    Hi I won't borrow old tank water from a neighbour as microbal colonies will be negligible compared to a handful of substrate.That I will take readily. Regards Konstantin
  11. Konsa

    Is my tank cycled or what's happening?

    Hi Im glad to hear the algae is receding.Thats good news. It is not necessary months before you add fish. It can be few weeks(or sooner when your Ammonia hit zero)if you are mindful and stock gradually as @KirstyF has said. We are not talking about the ability of your tank to sustain live...
  12. Konsa

    Is my tank cycled or what's happening?

    Hi I know what you're saying. Imo it is vitally important to ensure good oxygen levels while starting a tank.Filtration will be vastly dependent (aided or hindered) on the actual oxygen levels in any setup but that will be very important in newly setup system.When starting new setup especially...
  13. Konsa

    Is my tank cycled or what's happening?

    Im sure he will get back to us when he has time. Unfortunately not everyone has time to linger on forums all day long like I do :D
  14. Konsa

    Is my tank cycled or what's happening?

    Hi Op issue is that he got a high end setup(spend fair bit of cash) didn't have the basics covered and run the 2 powerful lights on full blast for few weeks, while hadn't invested in larger amount of plant mass and the tank being only weeks old and sparcely planted is full af algae.He imagine...
  15. Konsa

    Is my tank cycled or what's happening?

    Hi There is more than way to succesfuly cycle a tank.It all comes to how fast you want to do it and will the tank be taking heavy fish load from the get go. I have never dosed anything to support the cycling process, i haven't done any tests in the past 10 +years either (apart from taking TDS...
  16. Konsa

    Heated Propagator: An emersed growing experiment . . .

    Hi be careful when you put them outside. No direct sunlight should be hitting the propagator at any point.It will increase temperature inside very rapidly and will most likely scorch the leaves. Cost of running one of them propagators in summer will be more or less equal to the cost of running...
  17. Konsa

    Is my tank cycled or what's happening?

    Hi You don't need to add Ammonia to cycle your tank.You need to add more plants,let them grow in and let the microbal colonies establish.Planted tanks operate very different from fish only tanks.In planted tanks Plants will do the majority of the heavy lifting(biofiltration).Thats why many...
  18. Konsa

    Are Detrius Worms Carnivorous?

    Hi If its flat worm is most likely Planaria. It will eat small shrimps and snails. Not able to see anything in the pic.Can please circle the worm in question. Regards Konstantin
  19. Konsa

    Heated Propagator: An emersed growing experiment . . .

    Hi I am totally pro experiments:) Following this thread as tried Albida brown and Buces in past .The albida brown became really beefed up but didn't send runners and the buces were on small lava stones with roots in the soil but didn't do much (they grew better in the tanks) My only word of...
  20. Konsa

    Heated Propagator: An emersed growing experiment . . .

    Hi all. If the propagator is heated (or has a small heat mat under) there is no need for misting as it will evaporate water and maintain high humidity. I used to run cheap seed trays with small heat mat underneath and apart from initial wetting the substrate never misted.I also like to have...
  21. Konsa

    HELP with cloudy water please

    Good to hear. Keep us posted how you get on. Regards Konstantin
  22. Konsa

    HELP with cloudy water please

    Hi @mario How is the tank getting on? Regards Konstantin
  23. Konsa

    Consistency Deficiency

    Hi there Sounds like you have a good plan in place. Osmocote in tanks will last few weeks only before is depleted.The 6 months they advertise is based on it being used in terrestrial setups and is very moisture and temperature dependent.It constant contact in water the nutrients are dumped...
  24. Konsa

    i beg u to help me.

    Hi there. Nothing too scary going on in there.You can definitely turn it arround.I started a nano recently with mature filter and after the initial plant melt that wiped 80%of the plants it took 6 +weeks to see some positive signs of some growth and system settling at last. You already have the...
  25. Konsa

    Twinstar 450 EA … vs … ???

    I think OP meant to write Chihiros instead of "heroes".
  26. Konsa

    Very few to no water changes. Have you tried that? I have.

    Hi It may be that or just people are getting lazy or can't cope with multiple tank syndrome . Due to life I had neglected my tanks with waterchanges for most of 2021.Fish were fed.Ferts were added to one the other nothing just occasional top up.Both tanks well overfiltered with good...
  27. Konsa

    Best way to block out T5 bulbs?

    Hi you can try aluminium tape rings with various width or kitchen foil. Regards Konstantin
  28. Konsa

    HELP with cloudy water please

    Hi I agree it looks like fine sediment. If it is its good to try to get it out with water changes (while giving the plants a good waft)as sediment accumulating on plant surfaces is often giving algae somewhere to take hold. Regards Konstantin
  29. Konsa

    HELP with cloudy water please

    Hi It will really hep if you try to increase oxygen levels of the system and do large volume waterchanges daily or every other day till water clears up.Im not sure that lights increase is a wise option atm. Regards Konstantin
  30. Konsa

    Plants for soil based.

    Hi plated tanks operate very different from fish only tanks.You don't want nutrient depletion .All plants will use up nutrients while they are in active growth.The one mentioned above are really good(and easy) fast growing plants .The floating plants will always uptake more nutrients as they...
  31. Konsa

    HELP with cloudy water please

    Hi Im sure it will. How long it will take is just anyone's guess tho. If you keep on top of your maintenance everything will be fine eventually. 🙂 Regards Konstantin
  32. Konsa

    HELP with cloudy water please

    Hi not much you can do really. Just keep changing water and maybe add Purigen to the filter till it sorts itself out.If its a new filter maybe ask LFS or local hobbiest for some mature media to kick start it. Regards Konstantin
  33. Konsa

    Java moss that isn't!

    Hi I am not great with mosses Id.But the one I have growing outdoors came out of my tanks and was sold to me as java moss.It was few years back so no idea where that came from. On the other hand I got my Asellus and Grangonyx starter from you Darrell(they came in moss)so it may be some of that...
  34. Konsa

    Java moss that isn't!

    Hi all It looks similar to the java moss I have growing in a large bin ,in full sun outdoors in the garden for the last 3-4 years.(Actually my girlfriend's dad garden) I keep Asellus aquaticus ,ramshorn snails and Crangonyx pseudogracilis living there. It freezes over in winter sometimes and...
  35. Konsa

    Dither fish recommendations for SAP puffer tank.

    Hi Thanks for your thoughts. I only put the pensilfish on the list as saw them for sale in one of my LFS.I believe the stock they had was wild caught as the colours of them were gorgeous. I am not in a rush to get them in quickly as still not sure if I want them in.Just wish the SAP Puffers...
  36. Konsa

    Dither fish recommendations for SAP puffer tank.

    Hi all atm Im thinking along the lines of the below options: 10 x Nannostomus mortenthaleri (Coral pensilfish) 10 x Hasemania nana (Silvertip tetra) 8 or 10 x Pseudomugil furcatus/mellis/ luminatus(Depending on availability near me) 8 or 10 x Cherry barbs Of coarse the classics such as Cardinal...
  37. Konsa

    Dither fish recommendations for SAP puffer tank.

    Hi all I am running a well matured 100l planted tank with 3 SAP puffers,some Amanos and 4 Corries in it. The Puffers are very scatty and peaceful in nature and was thinking to add some dither fish to help them feel a little more secure as its often they injure themselves on hardscape when get...
  38. Konsa

    Ludwigia losing chlorophyll

    Hi if it is localised issue that may be your problem. I had similar localised issues(Rapid melt of some more gentle plants that may take anything from a day to a week to show ,also root damage to some Buces that took 2 weeks to show too plants actually didn't melt but the old roots present at...
  39. Konsa

    Prefilter sponges clogging too soon.

    Hi it may be the case that the prefilter sponges are too fine.I like to use a relatively coarse one 20 - 30ppi as if go finer they block very fast and restrict the flow. Regards Konstantin
  40. Konsa

    Power sand mixed into soil after rescape, help!

    Hi If you get algae it won't be the cause of it. I have reused Amazonia mixed with power sand special before without any issues. Regards Konstantin
  41. Konsa

    Power sand mixed into soil after rescape, help!

    Hi It will be fine.Have no worries. Only downside will be if you don't like the look of it on top and it makes its way up ;) Regards Konstantin
  42. Konsa

    Ludwigia losing chlorophyll

    Hi Have you dosed any Easycarbo or similar products lately? They can be harsh on some plants if not diluted properly. Regards Konstantin
  43. Konsa

    Surface scum & is increased flow too strong for a Betta?

    Hi How well the bacteria is doing its job is very dependent on the oxygen levels in there. Instead of adding stuff make sure the water is oxygenated well.Lift the filter so it breaks the water surface.This will get rid of the film and improve oxygen levels. Later when planted you can lower it...
  44. Konsa


    Hi Tesco(and the other two mentioned above) has thin own brand bleach. Do not use the thick or scented stuff. If you can't get that Easycarbo (other glut brands)will do the trick for killing algae on rocks or equipment but is more costly .I use thin bleach for cleaning Purigen and equipment but...
  45. Konsa

    Can Tetras kill shrimp?

    Hi Amano shrimp are completely different "monster" to the other freshwater shrimps.I will be more wary of the amanos if hungry desimating plants or picking small tetras for food than small fish being a threat to them.My fully grown female amanos compete with my SAP Puffers for frozen mysis...
  46. Konsa

    Not fish but snails

    Hi many people dislike snails. Im not one of them and in my experience no snail ruin tanks.I used to run a small snail farm aquarium 20 ish liters with 300+ mixed adult snails in it and the plants grew in there like a charm with almost no damage from the snails. No algae ever stood a chance too...
  47. Konsa

    My current tanks(pic heavy)

    Hi all Its time for update on my current tank situation. Atm I have only 2 tanks running. Both budget friendly ;) My 100l ish Fluval tank and the small Betta duo. The fluval was rescaped about an year ago after I gave the Brishardi colony to someone with 9 ft tank and the puffers were moved...
  48. Konsa

    Aponogeton crispus red bulbs dormancy.

    Hi all It seems there won't be need to chill the bulbs out of the tank.Few regular large water changes with slightly cooler water seems to have done the trick and they have started to sprout new leaves.Still small and they need to fight few plants around them but Im sure they will make it...
  49. Konsa

    How To: DIY co2. Secret Formula

    Hi In the past when I used DIY CO2 I used a small air line tap on tubing and used to open this at night so the injection is not 24/7.Opening the cap of the bottle will also work. It wasted a bit of CO2 but its not a biggie and the fish were happy Regards Konstantin
  50. Konsa

    Newly planted tank plants and algae advice please

    Hi as said above it is Diatoms and very common i new setups.It rubs off pretty easy of the glass and you can stir the sand to cover it up and it will die off.Extra water changes will help as will increased oxygen levels ehen your CO2 is off. Its just a matter of elbow grease till tank settles...
  51. Konsa

    Suggestions on plants please

    Hi The Bolbitis once it gets going is very vigorous. It may suffocate the Pinatifida esp if the Trident is trowing shadow over it.Why not put the Pinatifida higher it loves to grow emersed too Regards Konstantin
  52. Konsa

    Mechanical and Biological filtration in different filters.

    Hi Biological and mechanical filtration will occur in both filters anyway. You can separate different media in both filters but thats about it.You don't really want to have a filter that is packed with the so called biological media without any form of pre filter to it (to keep away the...
  53. Konsa

    Mechanical and Biological filtration in different filters.

    Hi If you are CO2 user the hang on filter will degass more CO2 so you will need to adjust your injection rate. No other downsides. I use fairly large prefilter sponges ( cleaned werkly)on my canisters so most of the muck is caught in those but due to having messy fish had small internal filter...
  54. Konsa

    Hardscape feedback

    Hi I went for Option 3.It was planted a week and a half ago and dealing with massive plant melt atm. I may have overshot with the plant choice(Monte carlo and Eleocharis mini both tissue culture)for low tech tank or its just new Tropica soil causing the melt or combination of both.Will try to...
  55. Konsa

    Necrosis on leaves of Rotala and pogostemon stellatus

    Hi Its most likely the Excel.Unlike Anubias and Buces that take spot dosing quite well some plants with more gentle leaves can definitely get burned. Regards Konstantin
  56. Konsa

    Has anyone used tropica substrate, with a layer of sand on top?

    Hi Tropica Plant growth substrate unlike soil that is light and powdery goes like a firm clay layer with time.I have used it without separation and managed to separate 90%of the sand after 1 year without issues when I restarted the tank. Regards Konstantin
  57. Konsa

    Low-tech stem plants recommendation?

    Hi Pogostemon stellatus 'Octopus'(Pogostemon quadrifolius) is a beautiful narrow leaf rampant grower. +1 for Limnophila sessiliflora but also Limnophila hererophilla is similar looking but more rampant growing plant. Regards Konstantin
  58. Konsa

    Monte Carlo Carpet - where to go from here?

    Hi the thing with carpets its once you disturb it its done with.You can't really reuse it as such as it will float due to not having stable roots to hold it down and natural buoyancy of the plants.You will need to split it and replant it so most of it will go to waste anyway. You can split it...
  59. Konsa

    What deficiency is this ?

    Hi if you have Mg deficiencies and add the MgSO4 you shold be able to observe pretty quick response(more green colour)from your plants(and algae) as Mg is mobile nutrient. If Mg was also a limiting nutrient you shold also see better growth shortly after. Regards Konstantin
  60. Konsa

    Tropica root tabs and surface film

    Hi Moving the live stock was wise.Make sure you cover the bucket as you may end up with jumpers. I will carry on changing water daily or every other day.Dial your CO2 in and try to get some floating plants (Best)or fast growing stems as your plant mass is quite low and seems unestablished. Also...
  61. Konsa

    Tropica root tabs and surface film

    Hi Tropica and many other similar products are more or less Osmocote in gelatine capsule.Really can't get my head around how people pay those prices for the branded ones.50 -100 capsules cost less then £2 and jar of Osmocote is like £3. Those slow release fertilizers dump nutrients rapidly in...
  62. Konsa

    Plants turning black

    Hi I see your diffuser and drop checker are close to each other.You may not get accurate reading there.Move them so they are on opposite sides of the tank. Maybe if you put the diffuser under the circulation power head so it sucks the bubbles it will help with spreading(dissolving) the CO2...
  63. Konsa

    Plants turning black

    Hi Purigen has impact on organic waste and will not touch any added Nitrates or other ferts. Regards Konstantin
  64. Konsa

    Plants turning black

    Hi Stick to Tropica specialised or whatever complete fertiliser you have (You need macro nutrients for plant growth)and see my earlier post.Change one thing at a time and give plants time to react(4 ish weeks) before making more changes.Your CO2 and light is the priority here;) Regards Konstantin
  65. Konsa

    Plants turning black

    Hi before you jump on the what nutrient deficiencies/toxicity etc etc train it is clear that you do not have stable CO2 injection and with long Sunset and Sunrise(do now know what intensity those are may not meet plants minimum light compensation point so they are not doing any...
  66. Konsa

    Plants turning black

    Hi Tell us more about your CO2 injection. What time it starts compared to your photoperiod, have you done Ph profile or dropchecker only(colour of it if so as the day goes) Any particular reason for such long Sunrise and Sunset periods? Regards Konstantin
  67. Konsa

    Newbie for planted tanks

    Welcome :) Not very familiar with African lakes but its not impossible to have plants with Tanganyikans. Below my Neolamprologus brichardi pair with 6 batches of offspring ;) Regards Konstantin
  68. Konsa

    What’s causing this leaf damage?

    Hi if you have clown loach don't bother with adding any more snails.It will make a quick snack out of them. Regards Konstantin
  69. Konsa

    Ultimate Light unit

    Hi Once upon a time there was the thing that the T8 and T5 tubes should be changed every year to successfully grow plants. My plants obviously didn't get that memo and keep growing with T5 and T8 bulbs about 7 -9 years old. If Santa is reading this will love a Twinstar LED unit to fit my 80cm...
  70. Konsa

    Aponogeton crispus red bulbs dormancy.

    Hi Thanks for your thoughts. During the next maintenance will try to dig few bulbs and give them a holiday in a unheated cup of water to check if it will make any difference. Regards Konstantin
  71. Konsa

    Eleocharis acicularis sp. 'Mini' Melting

    Hi Sometimes carpet plants struggle to cope with all stuff that aquasoil substrate releases in initial setup if the oxygen levels are low. Had similar issues with HC in the past but much more severe melt.My substrate was ADA aquasoil. Increase of oxygen levels by adding airstone during lights...
  72. Konsa

    Urgent advice please…

    Hi if the filters are not running in a bucket you can empty them leaving 1/4 of the water in and open the lid few millimeters for air availability.This will give you better bacteria survival. See this thread https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/power-cut-filter-performance.67448/#post-667662...
  73. Konsa

    Salvinia deficiency or eaten?

    Hi Its good idea to offer your Amano shrimp some feed.Not long ago I was keeping few in shrimp and snail only tank that didn't get any food as thought will help with the algae in it.Found them eating my Dwarf lobelia even with abundance of algae and bio film and in 24h the plants were only stems...
  74. Konsa

    Trimming Bucephalandra . . .

    Hi I am bot buce expert by a long shot (I keep 3 different species (not sure if they are corect names tbh but bought tham as such B. Alamanda V3,B mini Needle leaf and B brownie Purple)but some Buce varieties are more prone to forming pads than others.While the first two will readily form pads...
  75. Konsa

    Starting to think fish!

    Hi Adult Amano shrimp(esp females)are beasts that very few of the fish we keep in planted tanks will have a go at. I am keeping Amanos in my SAP puffer tank for last 3 years and have no issues. Regards Konstantin
  76. Konsa

    Hardscape feedback

    Hi there About to restart my little nano tank. Desided to go for Dragon stone only hardscape with plants being Monte carlo,Eleocharis mini,Cryptocoryne albida brown, Hygrophila araguaia as background plant and few bits of Riccardia and Buce needle leaf. While Im playing with the hardscape...
  77. Konsa

    What deficiency is this ?

    Hi do not jam pack the filter with media or you will reduce flow further.In planted tanks filter media is pretty much irrelevant as plants will do most of the biological filtration. I keep my filters mainly full with coarse sponge (as it has less impact on flow) and a little siporax.I do like...
  78. Konsa

    Aponogeton crispus red bulbs dormancy.

    Hi all I have some bulbs from the above plant buried in the substrate that have been dormant for over an year.I have checked on them and pretty sure they are alive. I bought the plants back in 2008 and by chance when I had a break from the hobby one small bulb survived packed in moist Aqua soil...
  79. Konsa

    Riccardia chamedryfolia or Subwassertang?

    Hi its difficult to see on your pictures in the bag. It look nothing like Riccardia and more like Round pelia. Riccardia emersed grows identical to the one underwater but more compact and ticker stems. If I were you will contact the seller. Regards Konstantin
  80. Konsa

    What deficiency is this ?

    Hi How long before lights on you start the CO2 and how long before lights out injection stops? Regards Konstantin
  81. Konsa

    What deficiency is this ?

    Hi I don't like the inline atomizers. If you dont clean them frequently enough they get clogged resulting in bigger CO2 bubbles being produced that dissolve much more difficult and get stuck in pipes.Not sure what quality are they made now I was using them in their early days tho. Have you...
  82. Konsa

    What deficiency is this ?

    Hi Hi while I agree that the filter is likely underpowered for 240l tank too. I do not agree with the skimmer being a negative in CO2 injected tank.Yes it does great job at increasing gas exchange and thats not a negative thing.While obviously some CO2 will gas off and it needs to be...
  83. Konsa

    What deficiency is this ?

    Hi You can only try.You don't need heavy/turbulent flow. As long as all plants in different areas are gently moving your flow will be sufficient. Think your size is 16/22 but double check it just to be sure. Regards Konstantin
  84. Konsa

    What deficiency is this ?

    Hi If you want spray bar.JBL has outflow spray bar as a replacement part.It comes in 2 parts that attach to each other. Get a set or 2(of needed) that match your size filter and add them together pull the end cap out, cut the last bit to match your lenght and glue the cap back on. Job done...
  85. Konsa

    What deficiency is this ?

    Hi there You seem to be running circles around nutrient deficiencies and how much CO2 exactly you are injecting only.I have been there too. It doesn't really matter if your CO2 is exactly 20,25 or 30ppm.While 30ppm is optimal even if your injection is 20ppm will be good as long as its stable...
  86. Konsa

    First Attempt

    Hi You did well for your first attempt. There are few things that need tweaking imo. Most important is to adjust your lighting photoperiod as mentioned above. On water change day push the cryptocoryne a bit deeper in the substrate so the roots are not exposed ,even if you push them too deep...
  87. Konsa

    What deficiency is this ?

    Hi I am looking at your video and I see that while there is good circulation higher in the tank and towards the back there is barely noticeable movement of plants in lower areas and in the middle. I like the position of the skimmer but I would move the intake pipe on the same side as the...
  88. Konsa

    What deficiency is this ?

    Hi there Will you please provide more details. Tank size,filtration, lighting and photoperiod, how long before lights on the CO2 comes on and when you get the lime green drop checker(for example when the lights come on,one or two ,3 hours after lights come on),temperature of the tank. If Mg is...
  89. Konsa

    Power Cut - Filter performance

    Darrell beat me to it. Hahaha
  90. Konsa

    Power Cut - Filter performance

    Hi all I past I had quite a few power cuts.When that happened what I do is disconnect the filters and open them slightly to ensure access to atmospheric oxygen,empty most of the water leaving the canisters about 1/4 full so there is good amount of humidity, give the canisters a shake every now...
  91. Konsa

    Benefit of using soil

    Hi I have inert sand gravel and sand in my tanks and it grows plants well but nothing compared to aquasoil. If U will have the urge to move plants soil (dirt)base can be a bit messy. U can sprinkle some osmocote on bottom too with good results if U opt for gravel. I have used different soils in...
  92. Konsa

    Dark spots (holes) on Rotala rotundifolia... ?

    Hi all. I will second @ian_m Chech your flow CO2 distribution .I had it with Rotala green in my last high tech.Classic CO2 issues for Rotalas. Was growing fine one day as the plants grew in(high plant mass inhibits flow too) the lower 2/3 of the plant developed same black spots and tyni holes...
  93. Konsa

    Tree id please

    Thank U guys Will read on them as have loads of silly pets at home Regards Konsa
  94. Konsa

    Tree id please

    Hi all Does some of you plant experts know what is that tree with yellow flowers called. @zozo ,@dw1305 ,@foxfish Here are few not very good pics Thank you in advance. Regards Konsa
  95. Konsa

    Small filter 40l tank

    Hi Tetratec ex600 or ex800( if planning lots of hardscape) will be good filter for 40l tank and they very silent too.I run few for the last 10 years and still going strong. Regards Konsa
  96. Konsa

    Dragons Den

    Hi Not sure about Alteranthera but the Hygrophila Araguaia grows very well emersed.Had ton of it in propagator more than an year.Dont need that much misting too.The trick is to have medium moist but not too wet Regards Konsa
  97. Konsa

    Product Review Cat Litter

    Thats the one. @foxfish Any good for bonsai too?
  98. Konsa

    Small Eheim pump; fish killer?

    Hi U can use elastic bands and attach small coarse foam pad on the intake side to eliminate fish being trapped there.U will have to clean it weakly tho Regards Konsa
  99. Konsa

    Product Review Cat Litter

    Hi Dean Yes it is.May have added scent to it tho. Weren't able to get some as had too much stuff to get for the pets. https://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/lightweight-non-clumping-pink-cat-litter Regards Konsa
  100. Konsa

    Product Review Cat Litter

    Hi all Just been at P@H today and saw Sanicat non clumping litter for £12 ish for 30l bag. Dont know how it will bahave underwater tho Regards Konsa