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  1. Westyggx

    Chihiros ac/dc adapter

    Hi, my ac/dc adapter has started playing up. Can anyone please point me in the right direction to get a 3rd party replacement from the uk? It says INPUT AC100 - 240v 2.5A 50-60hZ Output 24v 5a Crap with this sort of thing! Cheers
  2. Westyggx

    Browning plants with no growth

    Hi all, After a lengthy spell away from the hobby I recently bought the necessary equipment to start a planted tank again. I'm having a bit of an issue with BBA, which I'm spot dosing daily and just purchased two SAE. But my main issue is the plants I have are not thriving, they are browning...
  3. Westyggx

    Betta sick?

    Hi, does anyone know if my betta fish has a fungal infection or something else? Pics attached from both sides. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Westyggx

    Going High-Tech

    Hi All, After a long absence in the hobby i am making a come back to high tech, i have kept my tank low tech with minimal plants but i miss the lush greens and moss growth. Couple of questions. 1) What's the best approach from going low tech to high, especially as i have fauna in the tank...
  5. Westyggx

    Low Tech Re-Scape

    Hi all, been some time since i was last here, im looking to rescape my tank but having no high tech gear anymore i need suggestions for plants suitable with no co2 and no high light (standard LED only) Cheers Westy
  6. Westyggx

    Arcadia 30w led issues?

    hi, Has anyone encountered any issues with these lights? I've had two now which have both failed after a couple of months. Last one was replaced but now this new ones gone.. Looking at the led glass casing it almost looks as tho it's cracked near the screws that hold the led glass casing in...
  7. Westyggx

    Clear dropchecker

    Hi all, Just started using a dropchecker again, 3ml 4dkh and 5 drops of brohythmol blue and the drop checker is clear? Any ideas? Thanks,
  8. Westyggx

    Roots to Success

    Hi, today I pulled down my old scape as it was going nowhere fast. Decided I would take my time with this so i acquired all the bits and bobs over a couple of weeks. Substrate - EBI Gold & Unipac Gravel Plants - Java Fern, needle leaf java fern, S Repens, Ammania sp Bonsai, echinodorus...
  9. Westyggx

    Cabinet for P@H Cube

    Hi I am lookin for a cabinet that fits the above the 30l version, does anyone know of any builds that would fit? Thanks
  10. Westyggx

    Resolved! Tapatalk issues

    Anyone else having problems posting messages and opening new threads/post? They won't load for me. Cheers
  11. Westyggx

    Computer help.. Won't boot

    Hi all, I know their are a couple of pc experts in here so thought I'd give it a shot! On Thursday my machine became really slow, when I finally booted to windows I noticed the wallpaper had changed and the time was wrong, I tried to do a restore but the restore points only had dates from may...
  12. Westyggx

    Aqautics Live - Whos going?

    Thought id pop this up so we can get a general feel of whos due to attend? Booked my ticket and train for 10th November, 05:55 train from Manchester :shock:
  13. Westyggx

    Dragon Stone

    Hi, Not sure if this is allowed but i dont see why not. Dragon Stone 10kg for £17.95 on eBay item ID is 110867381673 I ordered mine yesterday and was sceptical but this is what i received today.
  14. Westyggx

    Moss id

    Hi all, got this from alistairs bog wood when he stripped down his tank, anyone know what type it is? Cheers
  15. Westyggx

    Calcium Nitrate

    Hi all, i noticed alot of my snails started to die and their shells went white, so i bought the above from APF. Does anyone know the correct dosage etc and will this cure my issue? Cheers
  16. Westyggx

    80x35x45 back to the begining stages!

    Hi All, I have decided to purchase a new opti white tank from Posidons the dimensions are 80cm by 35 by 45. I dont even have the tank yet (4 week wait) however i wanted to begin my journal and put down my ideas etc. I want to use Dragon Stone for the hardscape and the substrate i will be using...
  17. Westyggx

    What's happening?

    Hi all, these seems to be happening in one area of the tank but looks like its spreading to the others close by like a disease, please see image attached. Can anyone assist with identifying? Cheers
  18. Westyggx

    Random shrimp deaths in mature tank

    Hi, looking for some assistance here please as i have lost several shrimp in the last week. My tank is over a year old so pretty mature but today i saw 3 dead cherries and a dead amano. I have not changed anything in my tank so i have no idea what this could be i think in total i have lost...
  19. Westyggx

    Fluval Roma 125 & Luminaires

    Hi, Does anyone have this tank that has successfully fitted a Luminaire to it? Cant seem to find anyone that has on google or here as the brace around the rim seems to hinder peoples efforts. If you know of a Luminaire that would work for this tank can you let me know please. Cheers
  20. Westyggx


    Just a heads up if i am allowed to post this here or not? None of the usual stores, TGM or AE had any Utrcularia graminifolia in stock so i googled where i could purchase it from, the above site came up and i called them. They had none in stock but rang Tropica direct for me and will have me 5...
  21. Westyggx

    Whats up with my Bubble Counter

    Hi All, Alistair gave me a new diffuser yesterday which you can see below. My bubble counter is acting weird, can anyway tell me why its doing this (stopping and starting with the bubbles) i have currently set my pressure from 1.9 to 2.5 to allow the new diffuser to work. Cheers
  22. Westyggx

    Diffuser CO2 Question

    Hmm mine did this but came out fine within half an hour, maybe leave it a bit to let sort itself out.
  23. Westyggx


    Hi, i was sent this plant from a member on here some time ago and just wanted to know what it was? It has recently started to sprout long tall shoots and they seem to be producing new leaves or buds. You can see the shoots in the image. Thanks
  24. Westyggx

    Water Lice?

    Hi All, started to see these critters in my tank around the substrate anyone have an idea of what they are and how to get rid?
  25. Westyggx

    When do you dose?

    i dose at 8am everyday, co2 comes on at 1, lights at 3.
  26. Westyggx

    Filter Recommendation

    Hi Guys, i don't think my Tetratec 1200 is cutting the mustard in my 125l tank. Can someone please suggest a better one which is going to give me better flow in my tank? Buying another 1200 is probably not an option as i cant fit another one in my cabinet. Cheers
  27. Westyggx

    Anyone know what this is?

    Hi, recently added some RedMoor root, 5 days later im getting the below on the wood only. Does anyne know what it is and how i can remove? cheers
  28. Westyggx

    A Pet at Home - 15 Litre Cube

    Hi All, This is my first Journal, i have another tank but i never documented its start so found it pointless to start one. Anyhow, this is a 15 ltr Cube from Pets at Home and i will document its progress over the coming months of which i will update this first post with any changes to decor...
  29. Westyggx

    Aqua Journal E-book subscription information!

    Just relaying info that APF posted on facebook :) E-book of Aqua Journal in English will start its subscription soon, and followings are the subscription information including the price. With E-book, you can read the most exciting articles and get latest news about Nature Aquarium in English...
  30. Westyggx

    Possible causes of cherry shrimp deaths

    Hi Tom. I think it could only be B) but A) may also come into it but someone will clarify. Were your fish gasping for air with regards to Co2? When my Co2 levels were too high i had shrimp and fish all at the top of the tank. With regards to C) Depends how much you are disturbing it i suppose...
  31. Westyggx

    Holiday Advice

    Hi Guys, I am going to sunny Key West Florida on the 1st June for a month, and subsequently wont be able to do any water changes. I will however be getting my mum to dose my tank daily and feed. Do you have any advice in terms of not doing any water changes and getting excessive Algae? Do i...
  32. Westyggx

    Tom's 110 Ltr Opti-White - New Journal

    Hi Tom, have you a link to the ebay shop where you got the lilly pipes from? Cheers
  33. Westyggx


    Hi All, What can i do in the mean time whilst i wait for a new filter or new filter part, hoping to have the bits by the end of the week. I have the Karola running to generate flow but i have no CO2 due to the inline diffuser being out of action as well. Will the tank be ok with lights on and...
  34. Westyggx

    The Fallen - Greeeeeeeennn

    Hi Guys, After a massive rescape yesterday, i replaced the whole substrate from sand to Akadama and changed many plants. This is my first proper scape in progress as my previous set up was just random plants with bog wood. Equipment etc Substrate - Spagnum Moss Peat > Akadama FE Co2 @ 4bs EI...
  35. Westyggx

    Identify this critter

    Hi all, one of my shrimp just died and as i was inspecting it i noticed these little things eating it! what the hell are they and are they harmfull? Cheers View My Video sorry about the streched vid dont know why it did this? hope you can make out what they are though.
  36. Westyggx

    Arcadia or Hagen Glo?

    Hi All, Just wondering whats the best between the two above? looking to get a second hand T5 Light unit from AQ but not sure which to choose. Cheers
  37. Westyggx

    Plant ID

    Hi, Please can someone ID the below pic? Cheers
  38. Westyggx

    Salt water to fresh water

    Hi I have just bought a tetra tec 1200 that has been used in a marine set up, what do I need to do to use this in my fresh water tank? Can I use the media that's currently in there? A quick response would be appreciated. Cheers
  39. Westyggx

    Cloudy water

    Hi all, Recently I noticed my water has become a little cloudy and it is nowhere near as clear as my friends planted tank. Please see below image. I'm wondering If it's my filtration system? Any ideas would be appreciated, I've looked into the overfeeding etc and it isn't because of that...
  40. Westyggx

    Amano and RCS

    Hi, Just wanted to know If Amano shrimp mix well with RCS? Would they eat my RCS eggs and babys? Cheers
  41. Westyggx

    Fish Gasping

    Hi All, Just removed some water from my tank for a water change, before i readded water back in my fish were at the top looking for air. I also added in a new diffuser, i dont think this would have caused the problem? Anyway i readded the 10ltrs back into the tank with the correct dose of tap...
  42. Westyggx

    Normal Sand

    Hi All, At the moment i have normal sand which i bought from my LFS i suspect this is probably play sand but im not sure. My question is, will plants grow properly in just normal sand? or will i need to have some nutrient rich substrate underneath? thanks.
  43. Westyggx

    New Co2 System

    Hi All, New to aquascaping, so just here to learn :) i purchased the below link off ebay recently, and wanted to know if there is anything else that needs to go with it? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... K:MEWNX:IT Cheers