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  1. GreenNeedle

    Shattered Tree Mk II

    And so it begins continues. Shattered Tree MkII is a reworking of the original shattered tree. However I am completely changing the "tools" used and trying to make it look more like your normal aquascape, albeit with the usual intention of it being a long term scape. Of course I can't promise...
  2. GreenNeedle

    "Shattered Tree" - 140 ltr Opti-white

    So I decided to rescape the 140ltr Opti-white. I am going to DSM it for a month with full lights and then it will run low tech with the middle row of lights turned off and no CO2. Decided on a "Triangular" scape being an "island" in one corner leading down to a "grassland." With that in mind...
  3. GreenNeedle

    30ltr Mopani low tech

    First of all I would just like to say that I decided to ditch my website a few months ago and unfortunately that is why all my pictures in my past threads are not showing anymore. However I shall be uploading them the forum way from now on to avoid that happening again. On with the journal. I...
  4. GreenNeedle

    Where have all the hedgerows gone - 30 litre Opti-white

    Technical Specs: 30 litre Opti-white aquarium (L 40cm, H 30cm, D 30cm) Fluval U1 Internal filter BeamsWork 9 x 1W LED Clip on luminaire (2 hours morning, 5 hours evening) No heater or filter Fertilisation 1.5ml Lush Max weekly Plants: Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo', Ammania Bonsoi, Staurogyne...
  5. GreenNeedle

    Fire extinguisher problem

    Hello, been searching everywhere but can't find an answer to my problem. I have an azoo dual gauge regulator with the solenoid and needle valve attached. This is one of those 'preset' regulators and is about 5 years old. Noticed tonight the CO2 was still coming into the tank after the...
  6. GreenNeedle

    Tropicana Paradiso - 30 litre Opti-White

    Technical Specs: 30 litre Opti-white aquarium (L 40cm, H 30cm, D 30cm) Eheim 2211 (Classic 150) external cannister filter AquaEL Leddy Smart Plant 6W Luminaire (8 hours per day) Gush O bubble glass outlet and generic 13mm glass inlet. Fertilisation 0.5ml Lush Max daily Plants: Ammania Bonsai...
  7. GreenNeedle

    Otocinclus Cocama

    Hello guys, just wondering if anyone had seen any Zebra Otos in any shops they've been in. Searching for some but so far only come across Waterzoo in Peterborough but they only have 1 in stock :) Other option would be somewhere that has Pitbull Plecos (Parotocinclus Jumbo LDA25) Would either...
  8. GreenNeedle

    Supercoley's DIY LED Luminaire Mk III

    This is a little belated but I thought I would add it :) The MkII version was still working well after 3 and a half years. It hasn't been ditched. All the electrics and LEDs have been re-used in my emersed cupboards meaning that now all 11 of my aquariums are lit by LED. Originally I was...
  9. GreenNeedle

    Colorado - 80x45x45 Optiwhite

    Long time since I've done a larger sized scape. In fact this Optiwhite has been waiting in my lounge since I bought it in April last year :) I am getting ready to finally scape it though, probably early next year when I have finalised my planting decisions. I have got my hardscape sort of...
  10. GreenNeedle

    Approaching Snowdon

    Just a few backdated entries to introduce this scape: 19th April 2013 Technical Specs: 30 litre Opti-white aquarium (L 40cm, H 30cm, D 30cm) Eheim 2211 external cannister filter Beamworks 9 x 1W Luminaire (8 hours per day) Fertilisation 0.5ml Lush Max daily Plants: Fissidens Fontanus...
  11. GreenNeedle

    covering a wall with climbing plant. need advice

    Hello. I am looking at getting a climbing plant of some sort to cover my west and south facing walls. Problem being that the house is surrounded by 1m (wide not deep) of concrete. This can't be removed because it surrounds the drains and water pipes etc. So with this in mind any options or...
  12. GreenNeedle

    Bike Respray Project No2 - Raleigh to Baum replica

    Hi guys. You may remember the project I did a couple of years ago where I turned this Tifosi: Into this Super SiX: Well some urchin nicked that from Tesco a couple of months ago and with no money to buy anything as good as the Tifosi, I ended up getting a second hand Raleigh Airlite 300...
  13. GreenNeedle

    Soothing sounds for babies

    As many know I am a manic researcher. Mainly of useless info relating to our hobby that you don't really have to go into so much depth on but also on anything else. Normally it is something I am doing i.e. If I want to rewire my house I spend a few days researching like mad before I do it...
  14. GreenNeedle

    ASWC (AquaScapingWorld Competition Results published

    Hello. We are proud to announce the result of the 2011 Aquascapingworld contest. Was a tough first year and hopefully we have learned some lessons to improve for next year. Thanks to all who entered and hope you enjoyed entering or viewing the scapes. All scapes that were entereed are now...
  15. GreenNeedle

    Good source for cheap rock/stone

    I promised I'd tell where I am getting the rock for my new scape so here we go. The place is JTF which is one of those Cash and Carrys which anyone can sign up for a card. Don't take the missus because it sells everything and I mean everything (apart from Redmoor/Sumatra wood etc. lol) Their...
  16. GreenNeedle

    Portinho da Arrábida - uma vista de Troia

    Long time since I last started a journal on my main tank :) The last one was 'Once upon a time at the riverbank' which started on 2nd March 2009 and ran until April this year. I thought I would start this journal early so you can laugh at how much I change my plan before I set it up. I had...
  17. GreenNeedle

    Aquascapingworld Competition final stage. YOUR VOTE COUNTS

    The competition is drawing to a close now however this is where you guys come in :) The judging panel have submitted their results to us and after combining their results we have a top 12. The competition now goes to a public vote so you can help decide which scape is the winner. This is the...
  18. GreenNeedle

    DIY 'upgrade' of Surround Sound

    Hello, maybe a little (or a huge amount ;) ) below most 'audiophile's in terms of tech specs but I was wondering if any guys here could give me some advice on the following: I currently have a cheap DVD player plus the satelilite, Virgin box and PC plugged into the back of an old Aiwa...
  19. GreenNeedle

    ?????? (Mountain Savannah)

    ?????? is my first aquascape of 2011. I will be doing another new scape on my 125ltr in a month or so but here goes with this one. This will be the cheapest setup you have ever seen. From no tank to fully scaped for a grand total of £0.40p!!!! This is a TMC Aquagrow Micro Habitat 8. It is...
  20. GreenNeedle

    Help me thin this list of plants down

    Just to give you the vision I want. You may notice all the plants below are pretty fine leaved. I am after a mix of reds/yellows/greens. Sort of autumnal if you like. Please don't thin down by saying 'hard to grow' or similar to that. I'm game for anything so lets assume they are all easy to...
  21. GreenNeedle

    PTFE tape

    I've been digging around the forum (and others) gauging the quality and opinions/reviews on various regulators and setups etc. I'm not a first time user of pressurised BTW. I sold my last one about 18 months ago, however am sourcing a new setup at the moment. Off the topic of parts really but...
  22. GreenNeedle

    Lunapet sets

    Hello guys I know Lunapet (Aquarianversand) setups used to supply a full cylinder with their sets. Is this still the case or are they now empty (maybe due to newer restrictions etc)? Anyone bought one recently? Regards AC
  23. GreenNeedle

    Aquascaping World Magazine November/December Issue

    Aquascaping World Magazine is in production again. Its been a year or so since the last issue but we've been hard at work getting it back up and with more input we will be releasing a new issue every 2 months. It is free and online. You can download it as a pdf file or just view it online ...
  24. GreenNeedle

    Can some one translate this for me please. all chemical wotn

    Anglian water says that the drinking tap water contains: 13mg/l Nitrate 601µg/l P/l phosphorus 3.45mg/l Potassium Now I assume the nitrate is 13ppm? Tell me if I am wrong. What on earth does the Phophorus one mean? is it 0.6ppm? Many thanks in advance. I am just working out how much is...
  25. GreenNeedle

    Just looking for some pointers for next year's 'big project'

    As I have virtually completed the groundwork on my main and front gardens 'planting excluded' I have been thinking about the end section which currently is the tip for all the debris that came out of the other gardens. What I am thinking of is having a nice peaceful area with a summerhouse...
  26. GreenNeedle

    Castaway - 10Ltr Fry tank - A brutal ending

    21st November 2009 After neglecting this tank for a second time with the aquascape Triangle of Life I decided to rescape again. I have found that this small 10 litre tank is quite unlike the larger 125 litre in that if it does get neglected the scape can be beyond repair very quickly whereas...
  27. GreenNeedle

    My New Companion - Jiggy, Pic Heavy ;)

    Last Tuesday I spotted an advert saying 'greyhound free to a good home due to lack of space' and decided to take the plunge (I have been around dogs all my life but this is my first as owner.) He arrived Thursday and joins a household of myself, my wife and our 3 and 4 year old sons. He is a...
  28. GreenNeedle

    One for the techys out there.

    I am on my Bro in laws PC in Portugal and see some strange things. It is running XP Pro SP3. It has a SATA HDD. Trying to set it up to format and get Ubuntu on it and I see in the BIOS that the SATA HDD is there as SATA1. However exit the Bios and boot up it says 'No Hard Drives Found'...
  29. GreenNeedle

    Can anyone answer this question?

    Got to laugh, look at the category this question has been posted in: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_much_is_1 ... US_dollars :lol: AC
  30. GreenNeedle

    Jason Baliban's house - How cool is this :)

    Just saw this on APC and thought WOW I'm jealous http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/foru ... sound.html AC
  31. GreenNeedle

    Amusing Joke

    An old, blind cowboy wanders into an all-girl biker bar by mistake. He finds his way to a bar stool and orders some coffee. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the waiter, 'Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?' The bar immediately falls absolutely silent. In a very deep, husky voice...
  32. GreenNeedle

    Triangle of Life 10Ltr

    After the premature end of Nursery Island I quickly rescaped with a simple design I thought about during the whole day ;) whilst doing other things of course. As soon as the kids were in bed work commenced on pulling all the plants, hardscape and substrate from Nursery Island and then cleaning...
  33. GreenNeedle

    How to return ebay search to the old sort method

    Recently Ebay changed it's search facility to use Best Match which brings up the high volume sellers with good reputations ignoring the time the auction ends. It used to be (as you know) The items ending soonest would show first. This new method seems to be much slower and stalls/crashes quite...
  34. GreenNeedle

    I have a couple of annoying glitches on my PC

    Wondering if anyone had any solutions? First is that I have 2 DVDRW+internals on PC. If I put a blank DVD-R disc into either of them and look in my computer it recognises whichever of the 2 as CD. This wouldn't be a problem apart from the fact that several burning programs won't let me burn...
  35. GreenNeedle

    Interesting Sechem Purigen reply!!!

    The question asked is can household vinegar be used instead of buffers after regnerating Purigen. The answer from the Seachem's forum is: http://www.seachem.com/support/forums/s ... .php?t=383 Money saved again. lol AC
  36. GreenNeedle

    Murphy's Law - You gotta see this. Too good to be true

    You will guess what happens next but keep scrolling and see what happens after what happens next: http://community-2.webtv.net/@HH!3B!01!109A6273ED6D/Babajani1/MurphysLaw/ Hilarious. If it didn't say it happened in Ireland then I would have guessed..........Norfolk :lol: AC
  37. GreenNeedle

    Once upon a time at the riverbank - Final update

    This is the start of the journal following me taking down 'Celestial Rapture'. A quick recap of the Tech Specs: 125Ltr 80cm Fluval tank Tetratec EX700 external Filter Hydor ETH200 inline filter Koralia1 circulation pump Pressurised CO2 through glass diffuser 37W 5500K LED lighting 9 hours a...
  38. GreenNeedle

    DIY cabinet - Osaka influenced :)

    Well this was the previous cabinet as has been for nearly 2 years, served it's purpose and for £45 it was a good deal: However this is far too expensive for me :) Remember this. It is an 'entertainment centre' that my neighbour was chucking out (was in pieces outside her house awaiting the...
  39. GreenNeedle

    T5HO does not degrade as much as we thought?

    This is quite an interesting page I found on the subject of lighting very high ceilings but the interesting point is way down on the page. It suggests that unlike all other fluorescents T5HO uses a 'programmed start' electronic ballast and will only degrade (lumenwise 5-6%) over its lifetime...
  40. GreenNeedle

    Evolution of my 125Ltr

    Thought I would post some pictures of my main tank since I got it (This was my first ever aquarium and was bought in October 2006) It is a 33USG tall old Fluval duo deep October 2006 - Shortly after setting it up January 2007 - Moved onto planted May 2007 September 2007 - rescaped (new...
  41. GreenNeedle

    Driver wins £20,000 for stress over parking tickets and....

    .....Sends the bailiffs round to the council to collect it :lol: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... l?ITO=1490 AC
  42. GreenNeedle

    Intersting video on moble phone risk!!!

    Found this on YouTube. Is from Australian TV but quite interesting ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLixZXI_ ... s-t631.htm I guess I'll stop putting my moblie in my trouser pockets next to my ***** :) AC
  43. GreenNeedle

    An interesting article I found on plants in British Lakes

    I was actually looking for some Geological info on my local nature reserve in Lincoln (Swanholme Lakes) and discovered this article. May be of interest to some. Apparently there are a fair few rare species in my local. lol Some familiar names too!!! This is in .pdf format...
  44. GreenNeedle

    Critique on change of scape

    After I have got my nursery tank scaped I am thinking of rescaping my 125Ltr which is currently 'Celestial Glade'. Not a costly change as I will use virtually everything (plants, wood, substrate etc) but quite a different look hopefully. Here is how 'Celestial Glade looks at the moment to...
  45. GreenNeedle

    Nursery Island - 10Ltr Nano Journal

    This little project of mine has been brought about by my black Corys producing fry and therefore I need a nursery to put them into and hopefully be able to pass the month old fish (if I can get them to survive) onto my LFS. The first batch (I only spotted 3 eggs) has rendered 1 survivor who is...
  46. GreenNeedle

    Motorist beats 98mph speeding charge by buying back his car!

    It is hardly the boy racer's vehicle of choice. About 14 years old and with 130,000 miles on the clock, the Honda Civic driven by Dale Lyle was barely capable of reaching the speed limit. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/motoring/art ... 85mph.html
  47. GreenNeedle

    Need some info on Luminaire materials

    Hello. I was just wondering. Those of you with quality luminaires like Arcadia etc. What is the bottom surface made from? Is it glass or is it acrylic or something else? If it is acrylic do you find it hard to clean from any 'calcium deposits' that splashes leave behind? Thanks in advance AC
  48. GreenNeedle

    Do you worry about sounding racist? Little did u Know!!!

    8 Racist Words You Use Every Day This is quite an amusing article: http://www.cracked.com/article_16967_8- ... y-day.html AC
  49. GreenNeedle

    Are Imageshack secretly sponsoring the forum?

    I have noticed a few people now have imageshack links in their signatures. whats that all about? AC
  50. GreenNeedle

    Postcode search for water parameters for Anglian Water

    I just found this while doing my usual bored internet searches and it's quite interesting (not that I know how to interpret the results) Turns out I have Very hard water at 21(Clark) 17 (German ºdH) What does this mean for me? Don't know but hasn't been a problem for me and I don't use...
  51. GreenNeedle

    LED lighting discussion

    LED lighting discussion carried over from Scott's journal
  52. GreenNeedle

    Manufacturer's flow rates - Truth or myth

    I noticed this statement on another forum and wondered what people's thoughts on it were. I remember we came to the conclusion that the manufacturer's gave a maximum lph based on what the powerhead on it's own could achieve but these statements contradict this. The poster was suggesting that...
  53. GreenNeedle

    Worst Songs Of The Year - 2008

    This MSN article made me laugh. And in the main I agreed with most of it. Beware its a bit long :lol: http://entertainment.uk.msn.com/music/f ... &GT1=61501 AC
  54. GreenNeedle

    GnR's latest album

    Even though there's only Axl Rose left this album is absolutely awesome!!! Unlike the other metal bands of the 80s/90s (At the risk of angering JamesM I will mention Metallica) it seems like a return to real heavy rock rather than selling out to the 'current sound'. First heavy album I've...
  55. GreenNeedle

    Marimo balls

    Not often I venture into the algae section of the forum but I have a little question that is probably stupid but I was interested to know. When CO2, nutrients etc are perfect in a planted tank, then algae starts to decline. Does this have the same effect on people with Marimo balls? Do they...
  56. GreenNeedle

    The funiest post I have read this week

    On the subject of Marimo Balls: 'Marimo are fantastic! I had some in my tank before, I fished them from my local lake myself!' Does this mean they have been discovered forming naturally somewhere other than Japan, Iceland and Estonia? ;) AC
  57. GreenNeedle

    Entire Conservative Party Arrested

    Thought this article on the dailysquib website was quite funny. I have copied and pasted rather than linking due to some adult language & content on their website: LONDON - England - The whole of the UK Conservative party was today arrested on charges of opposing the one party system. Labour...
  58. GreenNeedle

    Profile Information

    Can people who haven't already done so put at least their location in their profiles? If they put other info in the relevant places then it means if they forget to detail things then at least the responder can look at their profile. It helps the user in the end because for example with water...
  59. GreenNeedle

    Drop Checker Test - 'Teardrop' versus 'Chameleon'

    Not hugely scientific this test but I am just testing to see if there is a different reaction time between these 2 drop checkers. Reason being that the 'Teardrop' style uses a tubelike opening for the gas to enter it's chamber which is approx 5mm wide whereas the Chameleon uses the wide approx...
  60. GreenNeedle

    MicroRasboras Unhardy?

    Don't know what it is with these Zebra micros. I originally bought 12 in August and found one after a month with a white tumor like growth just in front of its anus. A Cory died the very same day. Since that occurrence another one has had a tumour like growth in the same place and promptly...
  61. GreenNeedle

    A useful site for Crypt IDs and info

    http://www.nationaalherbarium.nl/Crypto ... index.html AC
  62. GreenNeedle

    Drop checkers - reaction times

    I was wondering whether my drop checker (in my avatar) has a longer reaction time than the chameleon style ones. By this I mean that my drop checker has the thin pipelike par through the centre and therefore has a much smaller surface area for gaseous exchange than the large area of the...
  63. GreenNeedle

    Shelf life of test kits

    Not that I use them but I thought this article I discoverd on another forum was quite good giving shelflife of various test kits from various suppliers: http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/t ... s_life.php AC
  64. GreenNeedle

    Johnathon Ross and Russell Brand suspended.

    Don't knwo about anyone else but me being cynical but do you think this is the BBC finding an excuse to get out of 18million over 3 years contracts? Bet Brand is on a fair amount too!!! Wether you think they deserved it or not seems they took a while to decide this course of action and maybe...
  65. GreenNeedle

    Prescott on class

    I just watched this show on BBC2 (first of a series I think) thinking it would be laugh seeing Prescott making an idiot of himself a la the hamiltons. Surprisingly I found myself warming to him rather than laughing at him and also quite sorry for how insecure he seems to feel in the trappings...
  66. GreenNeedle

    Just a thought r.e. inpipes reducing flow.

    Thinking out aloud (or in typeface. lol) I was wondering if when we change the in/out pipes from our filter's supplied ones if it could mean a reduced lph. I am specifically thinking of my Tetratec where I replaced the pipes with glass ones. The Lily outflow shouldn't make a difference but...
  67. GreenNeedle

    Is there such a thing as a 'highlight' plant? An experiment

    You know the saying 'me and my big mouth'. Well I did it again on TFF :roll: and was suggesting that I didn't think there was such a thing as a plant that needed high light to grow, just that highlight can make a plant stay low or change colour etc. Aaronnorth part agreed with me but said...
  68. GreenNeedle

    Safari and Ebay

    Just found out that ebay's checkout system wont support Safari browser!!! Annoying that because Safari tends to interfere with IE so I had to download Firefox to pay. Not a huge problem I guess. AC
  69. GreenNeedle

    Hilarious "part" airline complaint

    Whilst searching for a template complaint letter to send to BMIbaby after their shocking abandonment of myself, wife and children in Portugal when they got her name wrong on their manifest leaving us stranded and refusing to give us another flight when I rang them up, I came across this "part"...
  70. GreenNeedle

    Airline horror stories

    Have you had problems with flight? You guesse it. Im still stuck in Lisbon. Last year easyjet left our bags in Luton and we had to live in what we were wearing for a day until we got the bags. Therefore this year I tried BMI baby and was dead impressed with how well it went on the outbound...
  71. GreenNeedle

    Opinions on the "new" england

    Game just finished 2-0 to England and I must say that Capello for me seems much better. He didnt risk too many big names looking to Wednesdays match and also gave Theo Walcott, Glen Johnson and Downing their chances. First half Walcott and Johnson were ggod, downing was useless (as always)...
  72. GreenNeedle

    Poll - Root Feeders

    My belief is that although a nutrient rich substrate is beneficial in holding ferts to supplement any possible deficiency they arent really needed if the water column is being adequately dosed. AC
  73. GreenNeedle

    Mid - Top Dwelling Fish. Give me suggestions

    As per title I am now thinking of adding a small school of mid to top dwellers. Something like Zebra Danios but a little less common/normal. If Zebra size then I would get 6 or so. Another alternative is dropping the temp to 25ºC and getting 10 or so WCMM. Any other suggestions? Nothing...
  74. GreenNeedle

    How is the weather in the UK?

    I just ask because Im the traditional british lobster red at the moment. The temp yesterday was 29ºC when we were at LondonDragons fav beach (Portinho) for 3 hours. Supposed to be 26ºC today according to BBCs website but feels much hotter as at the time of writing this post. Not done a lot...
  75. GreenNeedle

    diffusor versus atomiser

    Does anyone have an opinion on how these 2 perform against each other. I have a glass ceramic Rhinox which works very well IMO. I am however a persistent tamperer with my setup and am always trying out different things. I noticed the plastic atomisers on AEs latest e-newsletter and wondered...
  76. GreenNeedle

    How International Markets Work

    SOCIALISM You have 2 cows. You give one to your neighbour. COMMUNISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and gives you some milk. FASCISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and sells you some milk. NAZISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and shoots you. BUREAUCRATISM You have 2...
  77. GreenNeedle

    How to call the Police

    HOW TO CALL THE POLICE WHEN YOU'RE OLD AND DON'T MOVE FAST ANYMORE. George Phillips of Marsh Green, Wigan was going up to bed when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the...
  78. GreenNeedle

    Creating a Free Forum

    Don't worry its not anything to do with fish. lol I am wanting to create a local forum for people to recycle their unwanteds on in my area and was wondering what was the best free one to use. I cannot program and am after one of the easy to use ones. I am currently playing around with...
  79. GreenNeedle

    How long to soak redmoor?

    After much reading about redmoor (first time I've had some) I weighted it down in my fishless tank with a view to leaving the rocks sitting on it for 4 weeks and then stocking. Of course I am itching to stock and was wondering if 4 weeks was right. It has been in the tank now for 18 days. Andy
  80. GreenNeedle

    Funny e-mail

    This is hilarious This is a genuine complaint to Devon & Cornwall Police Force from an angry member of the public. True email sent to the force, lengthy but brilliantly written..... Dear Sir/madam/automated telephone answering service, Having spent the past twenty minutes waiting for...
  81. GreenNeedle

    Assasin Snails

    Another thing I noticed when I was at MA Whisby was the Assasin Snail. I read the blurb on its label which said that it would eat other snails including MTS. Was a lightly worded warning for MTS owners I guess. Does anyone have them in their tank? What are your findings on this claim? I...
  82. GreenNeedle

    This was the reason for me ignoring my tank last month

    I have quite literally 'pimped my ride' After a couple of problems with my chain and rear cassette I decided whilst repairing the problems that I would upgrade quite a few things. As per usual I got tottaly carried away and spent far too much as follows: New Carbon Handlebars New Carbon Stem...
  83. GreenNeedle

    Looking for cheap gravel supplies

    Does anyone know anywhere online that does very cheap fine gravel. AE has some I like but in 2kg bags which is no good for me. http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=102_223&products_id=1582 I am looking for similar stuff but 20kg and I don't particularly want...
  84. GreenNeedle

    Celestial Glade - 125Ltr Low Light, Low Maintenance

    I thought I would start this journal earlier than normal to include my research period and maybe 'bounce' a few ideas off people before I get to the moment of truth. The current scape (under the forest canopy) will be in residence for a couple of months until I am ready to rescape so as a...
  85. GreenNeedle

    My new additions

    I already had a male and female ram but they weren't pairing up and the female was getting very stressed from all the unwanted advances from the male and I guess knowing males he was also getting a little frustrated. Therefore after some advice on cichlidforums I today decided to get another...
  86. GreenNeedle


    Does anyone know if there is a problem with TFF? I haven't been able to load them up since yesterday!! Keeps telling me there is an IPS Driver Error!! Andy
  87. GreenNeedle

    What is the best filter media

    As per the title really. I only have half my filter filled with media and this is because I want to keep the flow rate as high as possible. With this in min, what options are there for a media with a high surface are that also doesn't reduce flow too much. I have read a fair few comment about...
  88. GreenNeedle

    Filter Flow and Reduction.

    The basic point of this thread is after using the powerhead (trying out the needlewheel principle) in my tank rated at 400lph (reduce some for the holes) I noticed how weak my filter flow must be!!! My filter is the Tetratec EX700 (700lph) The only media it has in it is ceramic rings occupying...
  89. GreenNeedle

    Quite an interesting site

    Not exactly Tom Barr by any means but this guy's blog is quite interesting to read through. He's a little like most of us in that he doesn't want to pay for anything and seems to make everything DIY. lol What do you think? http://mike.creuzer.com/labels/aquaria.html Andy
  90. GreenNeedle

    MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP + questions on MF2 and Linux

    Just a tip off. My Pc has been running quite slow for a few weeks and yesterday god knows what happened but all of a sudden the whole of My Documents emptied. Videos, music favourites the lot. I retrieved some of the data by using undeleteplus (free program that can retrieve files that you...
  91. GreenNeedle


    Whats happened to barrreport.com Mine says suspended page when I try to load it up. Andy
  92. GreenNeedle

    Phosphate Haters

    Is there an upsurge in the old 'phosphates cause algae' thought? On TFF there seem to be increasing numbers that are giving this advice to which I and several others disagre with on the posts. It has got to the point now where I am getting several pms a day on there from people belittling me...
  93. GreenNeedle

    Need more PC related help.

    I am trying to restric access on my computer to the control panel and all other systems settings like screen savers and wallpaper etc. namely the power management settings. I have XP SP2 I have setup an admin account andan limited account. The limited account still lets that account change...
  94. GreenNeedle

    A new way of making your tank lighting better

    Take a look at this. I show some tongue in cheek enthusiasm in my interest in this thread as you will see from the post I made in it. he, he What a joker lol. He sure is proud of his scientific achievements here.lol http://www.fishforums.net/index.php?sho ... try1937658 Andy
  95. GreenNeedle

    My New Project 'Celestial Rapture'

    A bit of a camp name but I'll go with it for now. lol This will be the 35Ltr Nano I have been planning since October last year. I was trying to do the whole project for under £150 including tank, all equipment, plant and livestock! but am finding it quite hard so I am revising my budget to...
  96. GreenNeedle

    Mini Glass Lily

    As some of you know I have been pondering my new Nano since September last year and due to house moves/redecorating and other time consuming tasks the date for this has gone back from March to June (or probs even longer) I had been pondering some mini glassware for a while and after seeing it...
  97. GreenNeedle

    While Matt was building his PC I built this

    The first room of my council house is complete - The Kitchen - It was graffitied and painted mustard all over (including the floor) when I got in there. Everything apart from the real wood floor and expansion gap trim (£27 - ebay), Clock (£2 - Tesco), Taps (£13 - ebay), Nightlights (£8 -...
  98. GreenNeedle

    Volume limiter in XP?

    Does anybody know if there is a way to set a volume limit on windows XP? Like a child lock to stop someone from turning the volume up higher than a certain point. I've been looking everywhere but I can't see anything to do it. Andy
  99. GreenNeedle

    Have we been wrong? Is our moss really getting algified?

    I just read a thread on APC about moss where the OP was asking why he had algae on his moss but not on any other plants. Another poster said its probably not moss its most likely the rhizoids (Mosses equivalent to roots) Then he posted this picture: Have we all been wrong for so long...
  100. GreenNeedle

    Help me ID these Crypts - (Dial up warning)

    As per the title. I know what I bought and I know where I planted each but the plants that are growing look a little different to pics and descriptions on the various plantID sites. There also may be a few strays!! According to the list I bought 4 months ago I should have in this tank the...