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  1. Courtneybst

    Murky Redux

  2. Courtneybst

    Hello 👋🏻

    @RichieL001 Hello mate, good to have you here!
  3. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    Haha well you know, Dan always treats us very well so I have no qualms. It does seem like we've convinced several people though! You won't be disappointed!
  4. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    Hey Bazz, The second shop is a Maidenhead Aquatics which is fairly similar across the board but they did have the Gold Tetras that I've never seen so it was worth it for me, for that reason alone. Worth just having a peek I guess. The third shop is called Marine something and is much more...
  5. Courtneybst

    The Nymph's Spring (EA900)

    For a second I started to consider it but then I recalled the headache I ended up with using vallisneria and nymphoides. Bolbitis is good enough for me!
  6. Courtneybst

    The Nymph's Spring (EA900)

    Does it grow tall? Great photos btw @shangman !
  7. Courtneybst

    Pipe Work for Cover Tanks

    Excuse my dirty pipes lol, but this is what I'm using. Just the inlet and the regular jet outlet. Not using the skimmer or flow reducer attachment on this scape. It hooks over the edge of the tank in the cut outs. However, if you are planning to buy it I would recommend buying the set with all...
  8. Courtneybst

    Ludwigia helminthorriza

    I don't know if anyone is still looking for this in the UK but I got some yesterday from Wildwoods World of Water! It'll be interesting to see how it grows. The plant behind it is Water Mimosa.
  9. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    That's cool! Take that association and run with it haha. I realised I actually didn't upload the shot with the Cameroon moss but you can see it in the photo with the single Gold Tetra. If you look closely in the background on right side it's a long thin piece of moss. Thanks Darrel! I had a...
  10. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    Yesterday I woke up and I looked at my mini pond next to my bed, and I looked at the blue sky and just felt good. It was like spring had sprung and so I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Wildwoods World of Water with @shangman . Pre-Covid this was my vibe, wake up and go somewhere! I was...
  11. Courtneybst

    Green Planet

    This episode is already amazing!
  12. Courtneybst

    Journal Salty Fingers

    Haha thanks Nick, I'm hoping to make it economical. Not on the cheap per se but not spending thousands 😅. I've seen how much even saltwater fish cost and it's eye opening for a freshwater guy!!
  13. Courtneybst

    Journal Salty Fingers

    Well, it was inevitable... The thing I wanted to do since I got into fishkeeping was have a saltwater tank. Despite taking 12 years, I'm glad it's happening now rather than back then. Since then I've gained a wealth of knowledge, appreciation for aesthetics and most importantly...more disposable...
  14. Courtneybst

    Heated Propagator: An emersed growing experiment . . .

    Omg, all this since today!! I'm gonna have a good read when I get home. Excited for this! @Wookii
  15. Courtneybst

    i beg u to help me.

    Hey, Like others have suggested I would agree that you should increase your plant mass. It looks fairly sparse and it's ideal to have as much plant mass as possible in the beginning. I'd go with the plants that have been recommended already. The tank doesn't look that bad at all to me, looks...
  16. Courtneybst

    Tropica soil.

    Hi Charbel, If your tank is currently cycling, the ammonia will help fuel the cycling process. If you've got live plants in there already they will uptake some of it too. Just make sure to do large water changes in the initial stages, but nothing to worry about. I'd also recommend testing your...
  17. Courtneybst

    Best way to block out T5 bulbs?

    Oh nice one, I didn't even know that existed. Thanks!
  18. Courtneybst

    Best way to block out T5 bulbs?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently running 2 x 54w T5 bulbs over my 120cm (350L) scape because although 4 bulbs gave me great results, it also gave me algae. Because of the way the light unit is built, I can only have 2 bulbs or 4. However, using two bulbs means that the light unit sits in the centre...
  19. Courtneybst

    Buce Box (How to easily propagate Bucephalandra and other emersed plants)

    I did consider this but I didn't want to introduce mold that was otherwise not there and potentially spread it. Also didn't want them to take their eyes off the prize haha. I've never actually used coconut coir for anything so I'm not sure what it's like. I just used seedling compost because...
  20. Courtneybst

    Buce Box (How to easily propagate Bucephalandra and other emersed plants)

    I have PLENTY if you need to get yourself going. Initially I added some a few times and they kept dwindling, not really sure why. But a couple months ago I added some and the population has maintained and I haven't had to add any more. Possibly there is more of a food source? Not sure.
  21. Courtneybst

    Buce Box (How to easily propagate Bucephalandra and other emersed plants)

    I've used springtails since the beginning @Wookii and haven't had any mold issues. This is purely anecdotal though.
  22. Courtneybst

    Pipe Work for Cover Tanks

    Oh that's strange, I've never seen holes like that before. Mine have cut outs in the back so you can hang it over the same as a rimless tank. You could still use the Aquario pipes but you would need to cut it at the bend and attach a piece of clear hose at the joint so that you can dismantle...
  23. Courtneybst

    Pipe Work for Cover Tanks

    I also have a Juwel Tank and I started with stainless steel but now use Aquario Neo Flow pipes. For me, it was the best option because it was transparent like glass but you can rotate the output like a stainless steel kit. It hangs over the edge a bit weird but you don't notice it from the front.
  24. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    https://is.gd/coOAi7 It does appear that I bought the last one but it seems like they'll have more in stock.
  25. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    Thanks Paulo!
  26. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    Thanks Darrel! I hope it does flower, it would look so nice.
  27. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    Thanks mate! I want to find a flowering vine to go with it as I think that'll just be the cherry on top. I can't wait until I don't have to hide the photos anymore. Cheers! I can post the link if you're interested? It was from Amazon and they only had one left but I think they had some in...
  28. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    It took a few days but the scape was giving me indication that the 100% light intensity was too much through some staghorn growth, despite doubling the height of the unit. I've reduced the lighting to 80% and increased the CO2 and there's been no new growth, in fact the staghorn looks a little...
  29. Courtneybst

    Oase 350 or 600?

    Definitely 600 for that aquarium.
  30. Courtneybst

    45p cabinet

    I also really struggled to find a cabinet for my 45p. I was unsuccessful so it still sits on an IKEA unit.
  31. Courtneybst

    Living Waters

    This was the first place I ever bought tropical fish and plants, and technically my local shop. It was a great place inside, practically a jungle. It's a shame really...
  32. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    I thought I could deal with the light sitting on the rim of the tank, but in all honestly it's bloody annoying! It's a pain for maintenance and meant that I kept touching the light making it dirty (it's painted white). So I got myself a LitiAquaria light stand so I could suspend it. It's made a...
  33. Courtneybst

    Enigma - My 20 gallon madness

    @NotoriousENG I wonder if you've got Rorippa Aquatica as opposed to Rorippa Nasturtium-Aquaticum as the former is native to where you're based and is fully aquatic, a known aquarium plant. Whereas the latter seems to be native to Europe/Asia and more of a marginal plant. I'm not an expert but...
  34. Courtneybst


    I always use thick bleach as that's what is commonly available and I've never noticed any lesser cleaning abilities. It would be interesting to know why thin is preferable.
  35. Courtneybst

    Buying from EU

    I noted this as well, although many of the restrictions have been in place since last year so hopefully it doesn't change much in real terms. But definitely something to be wary of.
  36. Courtneybst

    Aquascaping in Finland?

    Hi there! Both @Ullalaaqua (Login • Instagram) and Marita (Login • Instagram) are prominent Finnish figures in the online aquascaping community. Also both lovely people!
  37. Courtneybst

    pH drop meeting resistance...

    Thanks, I'll keep an eye!
  38. Courtneybst

    New oase 600.

    No, it has no effect on the tank. It's just annoying to hear.
  39. Courtneybst

    New oase 600.

    Unfortunately it's just what Biomasters do (the 600 and 850 at least).
  40. Courtneybst

    pH drop meeting resistance...

    You can see what the graph looks like now that CO2 output has been increased. The 1.0 drop is being achieved, the drop checker is light green and the pH is stable from lights on 16:00-22:00.
  41. Courtneybst

    Increase C02 Ciculation

    What size is that tank? I'm just wondering if you've considered running an inline diffuser instead of an in-tank one?
  42. Courtneybst

    pH drop meeting resistance...

    One thing I overlooked is that I also recently increased my surface agitation and didn't adjust the CO2 to account for this. I've increased the output slightly and of course, the pH is dropping to adequate levels. I'll keep monitoring it since I find CO2 balancing takes a while.
  43. Courtneybst

    pH drop meeting resistance...

    Ok yeah I understand what you mean now. That would lead to excessive CO2 levels by the end of the week. If it's never reaching the set point however, I imagine the CO2 levels would be roughly the same every day? Since the CO2 is just turning on at say 2pm and turning off at 9pm with no...
  44. Courtneybst

    Nitrites never zero

    Just curious why you want zero nitrates?
  45. Courtneybst

    pH drop meeting resistance...

    Yeah it seems like in this scape it will be useful for monitoring the pH but not controlling the CO2 since the KH is fluctuating. I think this is due to the type of rocks I'm using that are influencing the water chemistry. Conversely, I have the same controller fitted to a 350L tank which only...
  46. Courtneybst

    pH drop meeting resistance...

    Do you think I should just keep pumping the CO2 throughout the light period? That's what's currently happening anyway since the pH target is never being met, and therefore the valve never closes.
  47. Courtneybst

    pH drop meeting resistance...

    Yes the Intaqo controller starts and stops the CO2 based on pH measurements. Is there a KH test you recommend?
  48. Courtneybst

    My pH profiling experience

    I just noticed your post and realised we have almost identical problems! I'll be following to see if you reach resolution.
  49. Courtneybst

    pH drop meeting resistance...

    Hey everyone, So after installing an Intaqo controller on my tank, it's provided me with some interesting data that I would have been none the wiser to. My CO2 comes on 3 hours before the lights to try and achieve a 1 pH drop (or as close to). However, I've noticed that as the days progress...
  50. Courtneybst

    TNC or APT

    Hi Stu, I've used both with success but you have to use much more of TNC as it's less concentrated. So it's cheaper but you'll get through it quicker...
  51. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    Thank you! I appreciate you going through my ramble haha. I tried the Monte Carlo but it just wouldn't take. I don't have par measurements but I'm pretty sure the light levels are quite low below the the trident fern level, especially now I'm only using 2 x T5 bulbs instead of 4. I was also...
  52. Courtneybst

    Phil the Onion saying hi.

    Welcome Phil!
  53. Courtneybst

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

    Merry Christmas Tim, and to everyone! Another eventful year!
  54. Courtneybst

    Journal Mangrovium

    Yeah I'm planning to use an Oase Biomaster.
  55. Courtneybst

    Journal Mangrovium

    Thanks Joel, that makes sense! From the info I've gathered from macroalgae keepers, some do 30% weekly, some 10% weekly, some 50% monthly! It seems to all depend on the amount of beneficial bacteria your setup can host. I'm planning to use an external filter as well as live rock so I think...
  56. Courtneybst

    Journal Mangrovium

    Hey Joel! Can I ask how you're able to do such small water changes? Sounds ideal to me, I'm just curious!
  57. Courtneybst

    CO2 Art Inline Diffuser

    Hey Dave, I run mine on 40psi
  58. Courtneybst

    Product Review My experience with Wio

    To be honest, it's really not good enough.
  59. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    Oh ok, I think I understand what you mean now. Although, the Intaqo Controller can't adjust the injection rate, that's still done manually by me. This essentially just acts like a smart timer and so will still only come on between certain times, so in theory even if the probe failed and it just...
  60. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    Yes and I hope mine stays small! In terms of appearance it's becoming one of my favourite Cryptocorynes. My top 3 is turning into a top 5... That's interesting, I have most of mine under fairly low light and it's already putting out new leaves and side shoots. In fact all the new leaves are...
  61. Courtneybst

    Tidy Jungle II

    How the months keep passing between updates is beyond me! But as usual a few things have changed... I've added several new tankmates! 8 wild Rummynose tetras went in to bring the school up to 20. It's definitely a lot nicer to see a big school of them, they got stuck in right away. 11 Pygmy...
  62. Courtneybst

    Welcome new sponsor

    Great to have another aquascaping shop!
  63. Courtneybst

    Is it Christmas yet?

    I'd like someone to take me to an aquascaping shop so I can buy some hardscape! 😁🎄
  64. Courtneybst

    Tips to attach and grow Monte carlo on rocks

    I've never been able to get it to grow as an epiphyte but I'm not giving up!
  65. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    These little islands are developing nicely, and I'm trying to curb a slight stall in some growth down below. I can't work out whether it's CO2, light or nutrients. It's also not happening to every plant, some are doing great whereas some are not. My thoughts are always to increase CO2 and...
  66. Courtneybst

    YouTube channel on growing macroalgae by a UK person.

    Thanks for sharing! I'm hoping to do one soon myself so always good to find people from the UK doing it.
  67. Courtneybst

    Florestas Submersas update 2021.

    I really hope it doesn't close soon, I'm hoping to visit next year!
  68. Courtneybst

    New Stands New Starts

    Very nice! I look forward to seeing what goes on top.
  69. Courtneybst

    RO water: Fad or neccesary evil?

    I would disagree with this to an extent. I've had several species that aren't 'matched' to my water live full lives and breed. Thing is, most fish we keep aren't matched to our water, even the commonplace ones like neons and cardinals. Stendtker Discus are a good example of this, and they're no...
  70. Courtneybst

    cryptocoryne spiralis 'tiger' V cryptocoryne spiralis 'red'

    Hey Wooki, I don't think it's a fair judgement because one has access to a bit more light than the other but it shouldn't be wildly different. I've had the crypt red a couple of months and it grows large (about 40-50cm) with wide leaves (4-5cm) and quite fast for a crypt. Probably a new leaf...
  71. Courtneybst

    cryptocoryne spiralis 'tiger' V cryptocoryne spiralis 'red'

    Hey Bazz, that's a young Barclaya Longifolia.
  72. Courtneybst

    cryptocoryne spiralis 'tiger' V cryptocoryne spiralis 'red'

    Hi Scott, yes they are different. I have both of them and they'll grow differently depending on the environment but my Spiralis red is a light red colour with a green vein, almost looks like a candy. The spiralis red can also display a veined pattern so it's a fair enough confusion. My Spiralis...
  73. Courtneybst

    Poll: what level of tech do you have/prefer?

    Do you use low light plants in these environments?
  74. Courtneybst

    140l project - Driftwood dominated Nature Aquarium

    It looks great Ulla! Thanks for sharing with us.
  75. Courtneybst

    Red cherry shrimp grade?

    Hey Nathan, I think you could class those as Sakura. They look similar to mine, although mine don't have the orangey stripe but I know what you mean. But take a look at this image, you can see them better in person so will know more accurately.
  76. Courtneybst

    The Mossy Spider (Nano Lowtech)

    This was the first thing that came to mind! Maybe like a mini island style scape with the lillies as a centerpiece since they don't get too large.
  77. Courtneybst

    Oase Biomaster… thinking of buying and need some advice

    I do this every week with no ill effects. To be honest, even if I did absolutey murder all the bacteria in the pre filter sponge, there's still 6 trays worth (at least in the 850) of media which the bacteria is still clinging too. There's also tons more bacteria in the planted tank itself. I...
  78. Courtneybst

    Multi-quotes function

    Despite being on this forum since 2016 I only just learnt how to do it too! What I do is click the quote reply button (the one furthest to the right) and type my response. Then you click it again on the next person whom you'd like to reply to and keep going. Once you've got them all in you can...
  79. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    Thank you! I really wish I could show you the whole thing but I guess there is something fun about finding ways to show it without spoiling it. I'm trying to do small things whenever possible to reaffirm the theme and I think the Dicrossus does that perfectly (I hope). The mixed stone and rock...
  80. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    Thank you! I'm not sure if the fish's origin, I could ask Paul and see if he knows. Yeah I'm thinking 2 females would be good. The scape is laid out in a way that there are many broken lines of sight. It would be amazing if they bred too like my Apistogramma. The original consensus was that...
  81. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    The trend with this journey so far is that many things haven't been going to plan, but for the better! On Saturday I was able to pick up a real gem of a fish (Dicrossus Filamentosus) from my new friend Paul. It wasn't without a fight though...I first had to do some work admin in the morning...
  82. Courtneybst

    Lyretail Checkerboard Cichlid

    I just got an adult male yesterday! I'm on the hunt for some females.
  83. Courtneybst

    Xmas came early

    Always an exciting time!
  84. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    There's something really nice about a crystal clear surface... Thinking to get some more emersed plants that can withstand the proximity to intense lighting as well as the Aridarum can. Any suggestions? Preferably something that flowers but that's not essential.
  85. Courtneybst

    Where to buy in the South East.

    Yes, Maidenhead Morden reopened quite a few years ago.
  86. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    I came home this afternoon to less of a scape, more of a jacuzzi! The skimmer is very fiddly to adjust and was producing a lot of bubbles through drawing in too much air. Apparently though excess organics can cause the bubbles to stick around and cause this foaming. I've adjusted the skimmer...
  87. Courtneybst

    IAPLC politics...

    I don't know about the politics but in terms of skills, the best way to improve them is to enter! I'm entering for the first time in 2022 and despite having success with scapes, contest scaping is a whole new world and your skills are tested even before you've added any water or plants. I have...
  88. Courtneybst

    Inspirational wood-dominated aquascapes

    I'm all for a mixture of styles and I think there's a versatility in using natural wood pieces that you wouldn't get from 2x4s. It allows you to make changes, for example if you decided that you want more of it exposed than you had planned. If you decide to rescape, you might choose to show off...
  89. Courtneybst

    Where To Buy ?

    Hey! Allpondsolutions make cheap low iron tanks. I've heard mixed reviews, with some people loving them and some hating. I've got the 90L one and it's great! In terms of hardscape, try Aquarium Gardens. The price per kg on Seiryu is almost half what you saw in Maidenhead. Manzanita is...
  90. Courtneybst

    Root tabs and/or liquid ferts

    I read about this recently. Did you find this ok to do when filled with water? The balls didn't start to dissolve or escape your tweezers? I was thinking this could be useful for when a scape is fully grown in and as trying to insert a capsule into a dense carpet or bush is impractical.
  91. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    Thank you! 💚
  92. Courtneybst

    What Bucephalandra blooms best and often?

    The theia species seems to be a prolific flowerer for me. Like Konrad said though, most species will flower at some point, if not all. I don't mind the flowers though, just wish they stayed around longer.
  93. Courtneybst

    Pico Pond (and all things emersed!)

    Thanks! When I touch it, it feels like dirt. Probably too dry for mushrooms but would be cool if they were! I'll leave them and see.
  94. Courtneybst

    Pico Pond (and all things emersed!)

    I just realised that I've never shared my desktop terrarium on UKAPS (at least that I can find). I started this in August using trimmings of Utricularia Graminifolia from a friend. I added some Staurogyne Repens and Rotala Blood Red Fast forward to now and it's really grown in lush. I'd like to...
  95. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    Yeah sure! The top link is for the tray and the bottom link is for the waste bin. Both clip on really well to the side of the tank (even my rimmed tank) and it's soooo useful. https://is.gd/TOveCc https://is.gd/tyaKzL Thank you Rose! The emersed section is only small but I'm going to try as...
  96. Courtneybst

    'Cozen' - Journey to IAPLC '22

    My plants arrived yesterday and so I planted up the scape a tiny bit earlier than planned. There's a few more arriving today I think but I wanted to get the bulk of it done. I was nudging the process along in my head because I have a holding tank that's irritating me and was very happy at the...
  97. Courtneybst

    The Nymph's Spring (EA900)

    Fabulous till the very end!
  98. Courtneybst

    How noisy should a biomaster thermo 250 be?

    I'm almost regretting selling my old Eheim 2217. That thing ran for 11 years without ever changing any seals, no lubrication and only cleaned the impeller 3 times during the 11 years. Thing worked like a charm and was powerful AF for the price. I suspect if I bought an Eheim 2217 now it would be...
  99. Courtneybst

    How noisy should a biomaster thermo 250 be?

    My Biomaster 350 is pretty quiet, can't hear it at all. My 850s on the other hand are very noisy. Can hear the hum from upstairs at night, and I've tried the usual things.