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  1. mvasingh

    amano book.

    Hi It is a very nice book with amazing scapes....definately worthwhile! Mike
  2. mvasingh

    Where can I buy wood in the UK?

    Does the £120 include the cost of the wood? MIKE
  3. mvasingh

    Takashi Amano - SUMIDA AQUARIUM - display tanks

    How on earth are they going to do the plant maintenance on these? Mike
  4. mvasingh

    Creative Aquascape Union Book

    How much does it cost? Mike
  5. mvasingh

    help am i doing any thing wrong

    Hi Mi Casa What substrate are you using? What filter are you using? From the pictures it looks like your filter output and your power head are on opposite ends of the tank. If this is so then you are cancelling out the flow from each other. The flow from you filter should be adequate if it is...
  6. mvasingh

    Feeding Tetramin flakes/any flakes

    With my spray bar it instantly pushes the flakes underwater. My golden tetras will feed from the surface but the Cardinals take the flakes when they start sinking. Mike