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  1. mvasingh

    Easylife profito suitable?

    This is a quote fromt the Easy Life website about ProFito Advantages ProFito highly concentrated and complete universal fertilizer all nutrients in one product makes the extra addition of iron or potassium almost always superfluous for a strong, healthy and lush plant growth promotes the...
  2. mvasingh

    Which water to dissolve salts with?

    How does Easycarbo prevent mould? Mike
  3. mvasingh

    What would cause leafs to look like this

    Why do you need such a high flow? Some of your plants look wind swept. MIKE
  4. mvasingh

    What would cause leafs to look like this

    Hi Rasmus Could you post some more details about your substrate make up? Could your plant have a micro nutrient deficiency even though you are dosing EI?