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    11.4G Riparium

    11.4G Riparium I have a new project in the works! This is a Mr. Aqua 11.4-gallon tank that I have already used for a few riparium plantings. I'm setting it up again to test out a few new kinds of riparium plants. This will be a pretty simple setup with a single PAR 38 LED and a small...
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    56G Sarawak Blackwater Riparium

    56G Sarawak Blackwater Riparium I have a new setup in the works. I decided to do a new kind of riparium planting in my 56G column aquarium. I had a hillstream riparium planting in that tank previously... I plan to use most of the same planting, but change it over to a blackwater setup more...
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    New Article about Planted Ripariums

    I just got another new magazine article published! I wrote this for the July/August 2013 issue of Amazonas Magazine and it features the masterfully-planted 90-P riparium by Nick Xyong (). Can you get the English-language Amazonas in the UK? It's a great mag. Here's a quick look at the...
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    Riparium Bonsai

    Riparium Bonsai This thread is a continuation of a couple of others that I have been working on about growing certain kinds of trees and woody trees as bonsai specimens in planted riparium setups. I thought it would be a good idea to record some of my observations with a journal thread, too...
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    Training Bonsai Tree for Planted Riparium

    Training Bonsai Tree for Planted Riparium I have been trying out a couple of new kinds of plants for use in ripariums that might be good candidates for developing more or less as bonsai specimens. I started another discussion over in the Aquascaping forum about the idea of borrowing from...
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    Montezuma Cypress

    Montezuma Cypress I am testing out a pretty cool new plant as a riparium subject, Montezuma cypress (Taxodium mucronatum). This coniferous tree is a close relative of bald cypress (T. distichum), but it has a more southerly distribution, occurring from Southernmost Texas, through various areas...
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    Riparium Ikebana

    Riparium Ikebana I have been working on the idea of incorporating aspects of ikebana, the Japanese art of (refined) floral arrangement, into planted riparium aquascapes. Ikebana uses more theory than regular decorative flower arranging and emphasizes minimalism, negative space, balance...
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    Riparium Plant Profile: Mexican Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica)

    Riparium Plant Profile: Mexican Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) This post is a review of the useful riparium plant, Mexican milkweed. With notes on its cultural requirements and use in planted riparium aquascapes. Mexican Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) Geographic Origin: Mexico...
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    Rice in a Riparium

    Rice in a Riparium I'm trying out a new kind of riparium plant! Last year I saw an interesting setup description here on UKAPS by somebody in Japan who grew paddy rice (Oryza sativa) in a fish tank on his balcony outside. Here is the link... Japanese Balcony Rice Paddy (Final) Harvest | Page 2...
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    Lake Tanganyika Riparium

    This is a 200 litre tank that I have had set up for a long time. I have had various riparium plantings in it and just last night I finished cleaning it up again for a new themed project. There is already a group of the Lake Tanganyika catfish, Synodontis lucipinnis, and now I am going to get it...
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    Epiphyte Branch

    Epiphyte Branch I have a pretty good start on a new project. It is very simple. I mounted a manzanita branch feature in a 30G fish tank (36" X 17" X 12") and I will plant it with miniature orchids, small epiphytic ferns and mosses. I will also add a gravel substrate to the bottom along with...
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    Mr. Aqua 11.4G Riparium - Take 2

    Mr. Aqua 11.4G Riparium - Take 2 I have had this tank sitting empty for almost a year, but I want to set it up again. A couple of years ago I had a nice planting in here that featured baby panda bamboo (Pogonatherum crinitum). This plant proved to be an excellent choice as nano riparium...
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    208L High Humidity Riparium

    208L High Humidity Riparium This is a new thread for a riparium that has been set up for several years. I need to go dig up the link to the original journal thread, but it was not updated for a long time. I had this riparium setup in my house for some time, then it was moved to one of our...
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    Malay Hillstream Riparium - Video!

    Borneo Swamp Forest Riparium This is a tank that I have had set up for some time. The enclosure is a 56-gallon (212 litre) Column aquarium. It was half neglected just serving as a growout tank, but the other night I got it cleaned up. The general idea is to create a loose representation of...
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    Mangrove Forest - 245L Brackish Riparium

    Mangrove Forest - 245L Brackish Riparium I was a member here some time ago, but haven't participated in some time. I have a few new projects going on and pictures to share. My brackish riparium setup is looking pretty good. This planting is in a 245-litre tank (90cm X 45cm X 60cm) and...
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    280L Riparium for Gymnogephagus labiatus

    280L Loose Biotope Riparium for Gymnogephagus labiatus This is a pre-journal at this point, but I think that I have scored a real nice tank to use for a new setup. My main intention for this display is to make a nice habitat for the new little group of Gymnogephagus labiatus that I scored back...
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    Proven Riparium Plant Combinations

    Proven Riparium Plant Combinations: 3 Winning Layout Ideas I have heard lots and lots of questions about which kinds of plants to grow in ripariums. Naturally, plant selection is an important first step in planning and developing a healthy and attractive riparium layout. The following list...
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    Riparium How-To: High-Humidity Setups

    Riparium How-To: High-Humidity Setups I am starting this thread with a semi-orgainzed description of considerations and methods to have in mind when assembling a high-humidity riparium setup. This kind of tank is best for growing certain emersed aquatic plants that require very humid air. It is...
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    Luminous Earth Aquarium 1-gallon Planted Nano

    I am trying something new and different, a planted nano setup. I found these real nice little bowls manufactured by Live with Nature, the one-gallon Luminous Aquarium (http://www.livewithnature.net/pages/luminous). The Luminous bowls feature artistically layered bits of color around their bases...
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    Vintage Metaframe Restore

    I just finished getting a new tank mostly set up here in the living room. This one is a 30-gallon Metaframe-type tank that I found in the barn at my mother's place. It was in surprisingly good shape--the glass had very few scratches--but the old tar seems were obviously not going to hold water...
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    Cryptic Diptych

    I have a start on a new setup. This will be a diptych--a single composition rendered in two adjoined frames--in a couple of 60cm tanks. I intend to do both of these as a high-humidity riparium mainly as a better way to display some of my nice emersed crypts. I have some interesting plants and...
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    60cm Riparium

    I have a start on a new display. I don't have the tank in place yet, so I start this pre-journal thread to jot down some ideas. As I get it rolling I might just continue with this thread, or start a new journal thread. I had a lot of fun with the layout that I had going in my 200L tank. Here's...
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    Riparium Plant: Adiantum sp. maidenhair fern

    I am trying out a new plant that seems to have promise for riparium culture, Adiantum sp. "maidenhair ferns". I picked up this good-sized potted plant the other day at a local garden center. There are quite a few maidenhair fern species and varieties in cultivation, but the label on this just...
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    Pilea sp. Plants for Planted Ripariums

    I have tried quite a few different kinds of plants in ripariums. Among these are some very useful selections. I have also encountered some that were unsuitable for riparium culture, either because they did not adapt to culture in water under artificial lighting, or because their growth habits...
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    200-liter Riparium Setup for Synodontis Catfish

    I am putting together another riparium setup. This one is going into a 200-liter tank (60cm wide X 45cm tall X 45cm deep), which is a shape that I like a lot. I have a few pictures already, but start here with the first that I got of the setup the other night. This display will will be...
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    Mineralized Topsoil in Riparium Planters

    I recently started to experiment with the use of mineralized topsoil (MTS) in riparium planter cups. I hope that the use of MTS can serve the following objectives. A major expected advantage of the mineralized topsoil is that it should maintain a long-term, slow-release nutrient source for the...
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    ?? Tropica Website

    Does anybody know what has happened to the Tropica site? I have followed their URL, but ended up at this error page. I hope that they haven't gone out of business(?).
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    South America Riparium

    This thread might work like a journal in reverse--I have had this tank set up for some time. It has taken a while to develop, but I finally have the layout in pretty good shape for pictures. I was originally shooting for a South America biotope theme, but plants and fish from Southeast Asia...
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    Cryptocoryne Riparium

    Hi all, I have had this tank going for a while, but would like to start a new journal thread with updates as I accumulate them. I also have one or two shots in another general gallery thread that I started last week. This riparium display is planted into a 208-liter tank. I got a new picture...
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    212-liter Riparium

    I have a few pictures documenting my current new project, a riparium setup in a 212-liter "column" tank. This one is 76cm wide X 45cm deep X 60cm tall--a good shape for a riparium, with plenty of depth front-to-back. My general idea is for a very low maintenance display. It will contain hardy...
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    Planted Ripariums

    I am a new member from the United States. I post here a few pictures of my riparium tanks, one by one. Here is a recent shot of my 245 liter South America themed setup. That one needs some tidying and more careful photography. I should be able to turn up a better shot maybe this weekend.