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  1. J

    RE: My association with PlantedBox.com

    On Sunday November 14, 2010, Mark and I decided together that to better the future of PlantedBox.com and Mark Evans as an Aquascaper, PlantedBox.com needed to close its online shop. I've been involved in PlantedBox.com since day 1 when I first approached Mark with an idea and concept to...
  2. J


    I noticed some little critters in my water butt today when I went to water the garden... Would they make an ideal treat for fish? Or best leave them alone? Any ideas guys?
  3. J

    Glosso Flowers

    Its in an old tub in the garden that I used to put old substrates in before being used elsewhere. It was covered with a piece of perspex simply to stop it getting any more wet than it was.. a few days later I noticed Acicularis and glosso growing, so I swapped the lid for another old tub simply...
  4. J

    My top tip for trimming moss

    Get yourselves one or two of these: Simple hairdressing clips. I'm lucky as most of my family are hairdressers, but there's lots of places you can get them, very cheap too... like: http://www.virtualvillage.co.uk/pack-of ... 0-009.html Simply attach to the moss you want to remove, then snip...
  5. J

    Algae/unwelcome guest ID

    I missed water changes and dosing this week due to being busy and well, lazy :roll: Now I've got some algae/unwelcome guest which sort of resembles riccia or pelia even... Any ideas what it is?
  6. J

    What us Welshmen do when really bored...

  7. J

    Frosted tank backing

    Much fuss is being made of this stuff atm, even though a few of us have been using it for months - myself and Tony (Tonser) have used it since before March iirc. 675mm x 2m roll £9.00 from your local Wilkinsons or online here. You can also get a massive range of sizes, textures and colours...
  8. J

    Thinking of a new Lens?

    http://www.sigma-imaging-uk.com/lenses/ ... -500mm.htm Only £24k :crazy:
  9. J

    Nice LED light design

    http://glassbox-design.com/2009/tunto-l ... aquariums/
  10. J

    Without Foundation - James Maslin

    Speaking with some members from ukaps late one night, we got chatting about what could possibly make a Great British 'Scape - many jokes were passed around about shopping trolleys, empty beer cans and bottles, sticklebacks and the like, but it got me thinking about alternative ideas... and when...
  11. J

    Wall-E PC Mod

    http://englishrussia.com/?p=2487 :shock:
  12. J


    All new Red Dwarf this weekend (Fri, Sat & Sun) on Dave @ 9pm 8)
  13. J

    Sleepwalking Fail

  14. J

    Fish ID

    This little guy lived outside in a bucket, in the middle of winter for about 3 weeks before my wife spotted it - he had hid inside a small hole in some driftwood... when we brought him back in he was completely white and could barely swim. Within a few days he'd recovered and now 3 years later...
  15. J

    Cherry Barbs & Stock Levels

    I got given 10 or so of these the other day, not knowing what they are, along with a small plec and a few neons... it was a take them or they get flushed deal. At the moment the barbs are tiny and very peaceful in my 150 litre with a load of various tetras, a large plec, a yoyo loach, a couple...
  16. J

    Windows Worm Warning

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7832652.stm Updates here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/securi ... 8-067.mspx For all you Mac users - Get a real computer! :P For Linux users - Bah! You lucky things!
  17. J

    [FOR SALE] 1 three year old boy

    Going cheap, plenty of mileage left on the clock. House and toilet trained. Boxed and ready to go. Free supply of toys and games :lol: Make me some offers :lol:
  18. J

    Algae in my Fissidens

    I just can't seem to shift some algae from my fissidens :( And another type Tank spec in topic linked via sig... 2 x EI dosing. I can't use EasyCarbo or Excel on fissidens though :( Any advice?
  19. J

    Smart car body kits

    http://www.autocult.com.au/Post.aspx?id=468&p=1 :lol:
  20. J

    A friends site

    Just giving an old mate a cheeky plug. http://danwoodphotography.co.uk/ He covers mainly b&w street photography, and still works exclusively with film. Check it out :)
  21. J

    Fish ID help

    I wrote the name down, but lost the piece of paper :oops:
  22. J

    The Quest for the Perfect Picture

  23. J


    Best Pic so far: How it all started Some (not very good) pics over the past 2 months or so... It's all Clive's fault :lol:
  24. J


    I'm thinking of making my own intake and spraybar setup for my Tetratec EX700 filters. The existing ones are naff as their boxy design limits positioning. Where's the best place to source the parts? Black pvc pipe, elbow connectors, step up/down connectors, etc.? Can anyone recommend sizes to...
  25. J

    Fuji Finepix S5700

    Are these any good? I'm not really in to photography much, so I'm not going nuts getting an SLR, I just want something decent with a good lens and zoom...
  26. J

    Tetratec EX2400

    I wonder how much of a beast this thing is going to be? http://relaunch.tetra.de/tetra/go/7B505 ... &lang_id=2 Google Shopping has them priced around £189.
  27. J

    Red Tiger Lotus

    :wub: Anyone have more information and pics? Its a bulbs right? Do I plant the whole bulb, or leave some exposed?
  28. J

    Aliens, Predators, Aliens Vs. Predators...

    What about Shrimp Vs. Aliens Vs. Predators? A young female, around 6 - 8 weeks old, caring for her eggs.
  29. J

    AE's Redmoor Wood - "Long"

    I've some of the medium Redmoor wood, and I've seen pics of the small and large, but I haven't seen any of the 'long' selection. I've pestered Richard enough, so I was wondering if anyone has pics of their own to share. Buying wood online can be a real lottery, and I'm after something good...
  30. J

    Ortelli's lucky escape

    From a few weeks back, racing at Monza... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_yfiE9E ... re=related Nothing more than a fractured foot :o McNish was pretty lucky in the Audi also :lol:
  31. J


    Dragon fly larvae? [Edited: Updated image host]
  32. J

    Aquatic Magic Regulators

    One of my regulators turned up today, but I have a silly question. How do I adjust the main pressure? The big nut of the front? Or is it set at a preset pressure with fine adjustment from the needle valve? Thanks! [edit] Or do I need a bottle with a separate tap on it?
  33. J


    Any tips for getting rid of hydra in a planted tank stocked with Red Cherry Shrimp?
  34. J

    EFilter Recommendations

    Are these any good? I'm looking at getting the Eheim 2213 or 2214 for my 24x12x15" 18gal. Or can you recommend another external filter? Something cheap that isn't going to leak over my new floor :lol: Thanks
  35. J

    New Setup

    Hello all :) I've just upgraded my shrimp tank to a 24x12x15" tank with 36w compact T5 lighting (daylight 7500k bulb). I'm running a hob filter with sponge from my main 4ft tank (established for over 5 years). Also, I figured I'd try a few harder plants as I'm using better lighting and good...