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  1. baron von bubba

    HELP diatom identification

    i think he may have been after something a little more specific than that dude! nice pics btw.
  2. baron von bubba

    Plant Leaves Falling Apart! With Pics

    i would imagine that most ppl on here will tell you the lighting is too high to be running without the aid of co2. what is the lighting cycle on for? possibly remove the reflectors and add some floating plants to cut down the amount of light getting into the tank. water changes in a non co2...
  3. baron von bubba

    Naturally add co2?

    how is he mocking you???! and yes you can argue they are not expensive, i have a 2nd hand regulator and a fire extinguisher. £40 total plus a bit extra for diffuser and tubing. don't bother with a filter either they are sometimes pretty expensive and hardly can be said to be pretty! :crazy...
  4. baron von bubba

    the evolution of my tank! any advice or tips welcome!

    ok couple of new pics, tank still going well, no major mishaps even when i have let it go downhill slightly! :shh:
  5. baron von bubba

    Symptoms of plant adaption to higher CO2?

    look at the flow. if you are sure the co2 and nutes are at the level required by the given lighting, then flow is all that is left to cause issues. have you tried measuring co2 levels in different parts of the tank?
  6. baron von bubba

    Hi-fi/speaker question for the techies

    the richer sounds shop in bristol has a demo set up with ipod dock and cambridge kit. if you want a decent quality sound at the very best price this would be the route to go down. and i concur with the other guys, just stereo for music, more speakers for films.
  7. baron von bubba

    8L nano. impulse buy.........!

    hi all, bought this little 8L nano today, bit of an impulse buy really....... :oops: picked up a perfect bit of bogwood with the tank. the plants blxya, anubias nana and frogbit were borrowed from my other tank. i'm going to use easy carbo and fert using pre mixed dry ferts i have all ready...
  8. baron von bubba

    Ammonia and Nitrite problems

    so you are still adding ammonia???? maybe thats why its showing on a test kit? i think its probably good for the plants rather than bad, some ppl add a form of it as a fert. but is one trigger for algae in a tank. so why add it? plant heavily add fish early.
  9. baron von bubba

    First Planted Discus Tank

    looking very nice dude! those fish are beautiful.
  10. baron von bubba

    Ammonia and Nitrite problems

    could it be that the test is not giving you accurate results? if there is anything leaching ammonia will the bacteria colony multiply very quickly to deal with extra small amounts? when you first put the fish in the ammonia levels will rise at some point chances of you measuring this at the...
  11. baron von bubba

    has anyone read this? (sears-conlin article on algae)

    I concur. Your posts have been interesting and informative. Its good to have differing and varied points of view and opinions.
  12. baron von bubba

    has anyone read this? (sears-conlin article on algae)

    i dont really agree with this. suggesting ppl get ridiculed here for using differing methods is a little over the top i feel. while some are strong in their convictions and wish to try and educate others and dispel some of the myths, it's not a case of ppl pushing one method only. it does...
  13. baron von bubba

    poor quality java ferns

    http://www.oft.gov.uk/advice_and_resour ... gulations/ name and shame them!
  14. baron von bubba

    Comp_Nov09: sams opti pico

    the tank looks superb, nice one dude.
  15. baron von bubba

    BBA but not on plants, means?

    bad flow could be a big factor. 10x would be a recommended turnover on this forum.
  16. baron von bubba

    Kelvin and plants?

    i can kinda understand me getting kicked as my last post was slightly antagonistic and arguementative. But i am slightly surprised at you two guys getting banned. Especially arron, your posts were not really argumentative and were totally respectfull. Oh well.....
  17. baron von bubba

    Kelvin and plants?

    just as well i'd decided to stop posting there.................. just noticed, i've been banned!!!!
  18. baron von bubba

    High test results

    bogwood usually lowers the ph! :0/ did you leave the tap water to degas? it can be high in co2 straight from the tap, leave out for 24 hours or so and try the ph test again.
  19. baron von bubba

    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    looked like a great night, fantastic costumes.
  20. baron von bubba

    Kelvin and plants?

    couple of links may be good info in here somewhere. http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/m ... 00359.html http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Tech/light-spectrum.html
  21. baron von bubba

    Kelvin and plants?

    i've yet to see a tom barr quote i must admit. ;0)
  22. baron von bubba

    Kelvin and plants?

    i've given up on that forum! basically its. this is what i've done for twenty years and i'm not open to new ideas, techniques or research the same guy still says nitrates cause algae! who ya gonna believe mitch! ;0)
  23. baron von bubba

    possible clearer algaue info.

    you are right, the first paragraph that mentioned nitrates and phosphates are not desired was indeed about non planted...........
  24. baron von bubba

    possible clearer algaue info.

    how can ppl who have constantly tried to keep nitrates and phosphates low (and still get algae) say high levels cause algae? these ppl that still believe NO3 and PO4 cause algae will have tried dosing extra to test this out? obviously not, otherwise they would then know it to be not true and not...
  25. baron von bubba

    Plants ID Please

    check out he tropica catalogue for water conditions etc. http://www.e-pages.dk/tropica/4/
  26. baron von bubba

    Lighting Q

    :lol: oh well, back to the "spammy" type posts to get my count up again then............ i left this one because i think i've put my tuppence worth in on another forum mitch uses.
  27. baron von bubba

    Lighting Q

    good to see you here dude. i'll let clive answer this for ya! :)
  28. baron von bubba

    Could I source my own cheap CO2 kit?

    no, there is very little difference, the reg still has to be screwed on and off in the same manor. not sure if you will get the "proper" bottle filled up at many fire extinguisher places, altho the place i use to recharge my FE's also fills up the local fish shops CO2 bottles, who then triple...
  29. baron von bubba

    Hair algae

    you said it was low tech, no matter. do you use a drop checker? BPS means very little.
  30. baron von bubba

    Manzanita wood - now in the UK

    i'd also be interested should another shipment happen. thanks
  31. baron von bubba

    where can I buy wood

    http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... 38_320_324
  32. baron von bubba

    Viktor in PFK

    nice one. altho i wont get to see it for another week, my local news agents is terrible! :0(
  33. baron von bubba

    Hair algae

  34. baron von bubba

    Redwood roots

    i weighted mine down in the tank using a stocking with substrate in it, draped over the wood! here is a decent selection! http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... 38_320_324
  35. baron von bubba

    Enviroman's first attempt at minimalist 'scaping

    strangely enough thats what my other half says! :0/ i've only used easy carbo, other than that i've pretty much used powders to mix my own from the outset of this tank. two of this sites sponsors are the best places to go i guess. personally i've not used fluidsensoronline, but have used AE a...
  36. baron von bubba

    Enviroman's first attempt at minimalist 'scaping

    it can be daunting to begin with. of course its not written in stone as an exact routine to follow. if you feel your tap water is high in nitrates and you do a 50% weekly water change then you could try skipping the KNO3 (potassium nitrate) all together and add K2SO4 (potassium sulphate)to get...
  37. baron von bubba

    moss tank

    DOH. there is a post by me somewhere on here trying to find some of that. aquajardin is my LFS. :roll:
  38. baron von bubba

    Enviroman's first attempt at minimalist 'scaping

    i have bought one daylight bulb. i was planning it as a low tech so dont really want to run both lights, i noticed if one is unplugged from the power supply the fans stop. so is there any way to have the fans on with one tube or is it ok to run one tube without the fans?
  39. baron von bubba

    Enviroman's first attempt at minimalist 'scaping

    i'm interested to see how this pans out! i have the same tank in my garage waiting to be set up. :0) many ppl with high tech set up use EI as a fert regime. http://www.ukaps.org/EI.htm floraboost has no nitrates and phosphates from what i can see so on its own it wouldnt be enough. its better...
  40. baron von bubba

    the evolution of my tank! any advice or tips welcome!

    thanks guys. :0) i agree totally. currently i'm still trying different plants and learning to get the best out of them etc. i'm slowly building myself up to doing a more of a "scape" it seems i can grow plants and keep it all pretty algae free, that seems to be the easy part tho! ;0)
  41. baron von bubba

    the evolution of my tank! any advice or tips welcome!

    some pics of how it is now!
  42. baron von bubba

    Juwel T5 lighting compatibility

    jewel tubes are shorter. so you need to buy their own brand.
  43. baron von bubba

    moss tank

    right click on your pics @ flickr. copy image url. it should look like the text below but without the * [*img]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2494/4029619558_0a3f8246a0.jpg[/img]
  44. baron von bubba

    Water Changes. How do you do it?

    for my 240l i have a 100 litre water butt in my garage filled day before W/C with a power head and heater in it. i syphon the water straight to outside drain and use a pump on a hand drill to pump water from butt to tank.
  45. baron von bubba

    The luckiest images in the world.

    that's one hell of a chat up line! :clap: oh yeah, and the pics are superb dude!
  46. baron von bubba

    help needed

    i'm sure some ppl will use them as "normal" with no problems. I guess it depends partly on the lighting, the higher it is, the more critical co2 levels become. If you do use it on a timer. Have it come on a couple of hours before the lights and off a couple of hours before lights off. Also dont...
  47. baron von bubba

    help needed

    yeah, set the controller to the desired ph, not the ph the tank is at. a drop of 1 ph from the tank ph is a rough guide line. i personally would just use the controller as a safety cut off rather than to actually "control" the CO2 mine is on a timer so it comes on 2.5 hours before the lights...
  48. baron von bubba

    fert for my tank?

    that is just micros/traces, you will also need to add macros. nitrate, phosphate and potassium (N P K) https://www.btowstore.com/epages/BT2928 ... 100-PP-100 and https://www.btowstore.com/epages/BT2928 ... 100-PN-100 if you dont want to mess about mixing and adding separate powders then just...
  49. baron von bubba

    Securing a FE

    i guess that'd be fine. velcro costs a few pence tho.......
  50. baron von bubba

    Securing a FE

    i secure my FE's using to long bits of velcro screwed to the wall, they wrap round the FE at the top and bottom.
  51. baron von bubba

    Algae: What wrong in my tank?

    see what others suggest about korolia v's new filter, obviously new filter equals more cash but less junk in tank. just noticed yer ferts are added daily not every other day. i was originally using another calculator, having GSA problems, switched to calc below and found i was not dosing enough...
  52. baron von bubba

    Algae: What wrong in my tank?

    recommended flow on this forum is 10 times tank volume, so you are under on that, this in itself can cause bad CO2 levels in places and deficiencies/algae. its not just about flow rates tho, its also about distribution and this becomes more difficult in a larger tank. starting the co2 at...
  53. baron von bubba

    Very hardy tight schooling fish

    i think you could take "hardy" out of the request too! ;0) if the tank is planted heavily pretty much any fish could be added from the off, just build up slowly 2-3 every 1-2 weeks.
  54. baron von bubba

    actinic lighting vs algae growth

    nice! :clap:
  55. baron von bubba

    My Private Island - 240l tank

    Re: 240l tank rescape (name coming later) personally i like the anubias, they give a nice contrast to all the thinner formed plants.
  56. baron von bubba

    How deep To Plant Etc, Etc, Etc

    what is a gravel tidy? dont get to carried away with the lighting at start up, certainly not a good idea to use any more than 2 of your tubes at the beginning. getting the CO2 levels and flow right are far more important, with this in mind its probably better to wait a little while before you...
  57. baron von bubba

    BBA and plants not growing well

    never used easy carbo so not sure if people stay to the recommended dose as you are of if they up "overdose" slightly.... altho have read some say that "liquid carbon" can harm vallis so over dosing probably not a good idea the fert you are adding has no phosphate or nitrate in it, this is...
  58. baron von bubba

    Excel and water changes

    even the "dennerlle guide to fascinating aquariums" recommends a lighting break, they do say algae cant adjust as well and it doesnt harm the plants as it simulates a tropical thunder storm or something other similar twaddle. i think the reason it benefits tho, is because they also recommend...
  59. baron von bubba

    My discus tank

    lovely tank dude. could maybe do with some plants in the middle to soften the transition between the carpet and the stems. altho this is just my humble opinion! ;0) using the canister filter, i believe some do feed co2 into the inlet of canister filters, but personally i wouldn't the seals of...
  60. baron von bubba

    Help with identifying algae

    yeah thats correct. i believe its used primarily by marine aquarium keepers. it obviously "could" have a place in non planted tanks too. i guess its being used in this case as discuss are more "sensitive" altho i kinda thought nitrates not the phosphates would be the thing to be nervous about.
  61. baron von bubba

    Help with identifying algae

    yeah, thats a lot of light, even if you had co2 it'd still be a lot. try running 2 of the lights for 8 hours would be a good start. also ditch the rowaphos! running out of any nutrient is not a good thing in a planted tank! viewtopic.php?f=37&t=7776 seems like a good place to start researching...
  62. baron von bubba


    dont know about discus but if you are using EI then your nitrates should not be zero!
  63. baron von bubba

    My Private Island - 240l tank

    Re: 240l tank rescape (name coming later) very nice, the tank looks ok too! :wink: had it been in my hands, with help like that, the rescape would have taken much much longer! :shifty:
  64. baron von bubba

    Is all CO2 the same?

    apart from the denerlle, these are a different thread.
  65. baron von bubba

    Which unit to buy?

    thanks for link, i know they are different, but i meant are they not the equivalent of T5, the same light output etc?
  66. baron von bubba

    Which unit to buy?

    isn't the first one also T5 tubes?
  67. baron von bubba

    green dust algae :(

    link not work! thats a bold claim to make! so all the ppl who dont get GDA just happen to have randomly got their Po4 and Ca balance correct, considering many ppls only source of Ca would be what ever is in the tap water therefore not controlled in the slightest, this seems very unlikely to me.
  68. baron von bubba

    Excel and water changes

    there are many other options for substrate other than just root tabs or soil. look into the different types of substrate you can get. and i would say not "perhaps" but "definitely" add ferts. you really don't want to try and keep the "dosing below the recommended levels". why are you worried...
  69. baron von bubba

    external reactor, gas build up?

    hey, i learnt to live with the noise! :0) altho... removing the middle tray of media did help a little, (i run two filters so not a worry) also make sure the pipes coming from the top of the filter are not kinked over at all further restricting flow. i did also think about fitting a defuser in...
  70. baron von bubba

    2kg C02 > 240L = 2 weeks?

    i'd say you have a leak! That or yer getting ripped off on the refilling. I have a 240 running pretty high lightin so need to inject at a pretty high rate too. Or i guess you could have massive surface movement? :-/ A 2kg fe lasts 2 months for me.
  71. baron von bubba

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (Photo Update 21/09/2009) thanks clark. that may go some way to explaining the minor GSA i just cant shake off.
  72. baron von bubba

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (DSLR Photos! 05/09/09) got a link to that calculator please clark? i dont get your figures above, going by the recommendations on AE for the ferts, the ratio of kNO3:KH2PO4 is nearly 6:1 not 2:1 as you are doing? also the MgSO4 according to AE should work out as...
  73. baron von bubba

    Things to avoid in your first tank?

    substitute "ferts" for "ammonia", and the statement will be kinda right. having cheap, fast growers to help through the initial stages can be a good thing.
  74. baron von bubba

    Skinz180189's Old 40L Planted Breeder - No Longer Running

    Re: Skinz180189's 40L Planted Breeder running an airstone would not be a problem. Surface disturbance would have no effect on liquid carbon. There are plenty of ppl on here saying vallis does not like the liquid carbon tho.
  75. baron von bubba

    My New Companion - Jiggy, Pic Heavy ;)

    lovely dog. until the day you catch him walking around with a piece of wet redmoor root in his mouth! :shock:
  76. baron von bubba

    blyxa help, leaves melting

    it could be just the posting and moving. or it'll be co2 levels, i ran pressurized co2 pretty high levels. the light in my tank was a 30 something watt t8 on for 10 hours, 2x54w t5 for 8 hours an "midday burst" of another 2x 54w t5 so it was pretty high!! hopefully they will just melt a...
  77. baron von bubba

    Pogostemon stellatus or Limnophila aromatica

    got a photo? i have both in my tank, not pruned the stellatus yet tho, guessing its the same as the limno. just cut it off where you require and replant the tops the bases will also send out more shoots
  78. baron von bubba

    Nitrate is 0, EI dosing help needed

    you could introduce some floating plants? this will have the effect off lowering the intensity of the lighting into tha tank. also plants the grow upto and along the surface will do the same. or you could use some card or similar on the perspex part of the underneath of the lighting unit to...
  79. baron von bubba

    Nitrate is 0, EI dosing help needed

    excellent! :lol:
  80. baron von bubba

    Hygrophila difformis

    oh yeah, just remembered. they have a large juwel vision at my lfs (aqua jardin, near gloucester) it has 5xt5 running 10 hours a day!!!!!!!!!!!!! the hygro just stays low and grows along the substrate, looks gorgeous! as does the rest of the tank!
  81. baron von bubba

    Andyh's 60L kitchen tank

    Re: 60L kitchen tank stunning tank dude! love the way all the plants seem to compliment each other and with possibly the exception of the moss on the left (in my very humble opinion) nothing looks out of place.
  82. baron von bubba

    Staurogyne Flower

    wow, i've not seen that before! i'm currently after some Staurogyne got any to sell? ;0)
  83. baron von bubba

    Nitrate is 0, EI dosing help needed

    i'm not too up on the water chemestry side of things but i'm pretty sure you will get told in this forum that those figures are perfectly fine. no need to worry or to mess about adding things to alter that! also its a good idea to try the drop checker in different places around the tank, good...
  84. baron von bubba

    Nitrate is 0, EI dosing help needed

    well thats a lot of light for quite a long time! thats the equivalent of more than 3w/gal as its t5. i would maybe lower the photo period to 8 hours. i guess if the tank is rammed with fast growers you may be running out of nutrients.... you dont mention what the filter/flow is, this seems to...
  85. baron von bubba

    Rio 125 Rock & HC scape

    Re: Let the journal begin! i think it looks awsome at this point! personally not sure about just having HC, but each to his own and all that! :0)
  86. baron von bubba

    Nitrate is 0, EI dosing help needed

    do you really believe that test kit? any algae or signs of deficiency? if not bin the test kit and carry on as you are! :0)
  87. baron von bubba

    Hygrophila difformis

    i believe it will grow fine in a low light non co2 tank, under higher light however the plant leaves will grow to be much finer and more "delicate"
  88. baron von bubba

    immense lighting

    why? Whats the reason you are thinking of doing this?
  89. baron von bubba

    slightly bizzare question....

    no pun intended? :0/ yeah i do really want to get another, a guy fairly close is selling some. unfortunately i'm waiting to see if i get made redundant, so i need to wait a bit!
  90. baron von bubba

    Subaru Impreza 2.0 WRX STI

    small tank syndrome maybe? ;0) totally gorgeous car dude, bet you send all yer spare time just looking at it!
  91. baron von bubba

    3d backgrounds or not?

    i looked into these when i first set my 240l up. read a fair bit about them shrinking or coming unstuck, also they are pretty big and will take up a lot a space in the tank and would be a nightmare to clean should you get any algae in the tank! i'm really glad i didn't bother, i also wish i...
  92. baron von bubba

    Keeton's 10g nano

    i was a bit worried about just using a padded envelope, glad it was ok. :0)
  93. baron von bubba

    plastic mesh for moss wall??

    hi, what is the mesh ppl use and where to purchase?? thnx
  94. baron von bubba

    Keeton's 10g nano

    nice! happy with the blyxa then?
  95. baron von bubba

    Glass canopy or not?

    keep in mind the evaporation can have a knock on effect to your co2 levels if the surface gets more disturbed as the water level drops. so its worth keeping it topped up! ;0)
  96. baron von bubba

    slightly bizzare question....

    thnx it was a Leopard Frog Pleco - L134
  97. baron von bubba

    slightly bizzare question....

    actually i just found a tiny amount of remains in the one small patch of plants i didn't move! so 40 cardinals, some chain loaches and a couple of young angels can indeed munch thro a smallish plec in a few days! :0( well, at least i'm sure i didn't gas him! R.I.P.
  98. baron von bubba

    slightly bizzare question....

    could a 3-4 inch plec die and get TOTALLY consumed by tank makes within a week? i would think it unlikely but the only other option is he jumped out and that is surely far more unlikely. last time i saw him was a week ago yesterday when i ran out of co2, had no co2 until wednesday so lights had...
  99. baron von bubba


    lime green is the colour you really want to be aiming for, maybe even getting yellowish just before the co2 switches off. obviously as long as the fish seem fine with it.