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  1. Pinkmummy79

    Low tech dirted tank - ei dose amount?

    Some of you will have seen my ramblings over on the dark side, my change from high tech to low and dirty 260. I feel I need to commence dosing ei and am unsure as to how much, after much reading and taking in many differing opinions i'm now full of information but cant seem to put it to much...
  2. Pinkmummy79

    Liberty HOB / Aquaball or another??

    So I've had an Aqua One Aquaspace 40 tank sitting around collecting dust for about a year, was originally bought as a quarantine tank, so it's about time I cracked on and filled it with water. This will be a low tech dirted tank with plans for some red cherry shrimp, and maybe half a dozen...
  3. Pinkmummy79

    Pest snails?

    I have hundreds of these fellas in my tank, they are also breeding inside my two filters. I do have mts and a few large pink ramshorns but are these also ramshorn snails? Anyway of reducing the population without harming my other snails? Ta Clive
  4. Pinkmummy79

    JBL e1505 removing hose connector from head unit

    src="http://www.zoomagazin.lv/616-730-thickbox/jbl-cristalprofi-e1501-greenline.jpg"] I've had my 2 e1501's for over a year now and have always struggled to remove the hose connector from the head unit when maintenence is required, i've tried using vasesline on it but it doesn't seem to help...
  5. Pinkmummy79

    Natural Mountain stone inert?

    Anyone know if this Natural Mountain stone is inert or raises tds etc? From the bay has some nice stuff just unsure what it actually is[emoji57] Ta Clive
  6. Pinkmummy79

    Which sand as a soil cap, help me decide :)

    OK peeps, I need to order my soil cap over the next few days, it's going in a 260 litre and my scape will hopefully have an open area to one side not fully planted, so sand choice now would preferably have more of a natural look to it aesthetically. I have narrowed things down to maybe these...
  7. Pinkmummy79

    Baking top soil

    I'm changing over my high tech 260 to a soil based tank in 3-4 weeks when my last bottle of c02 runs dry. So, I've been trying to mineralise my 35 litres of top soil outside doing the usual wet/dry cycles for over a month now and due to the weather i'm only on my 2nd drying cycle. I'm just not...
  8. Pinkmummy79

    Leaving hobby or move to Low Tech (260 litre bow fronted tank)

    Hi My 260 l fluval vicenza is curently set up in high tech mode running co2 through 2 x UP inlines (2KG FE) and dosing ei daily, I also spot dose liquid carbon daily as have ongoing BBA issues which I have been unable to eradicate for the past 12 months. So I am now considering either the...
  9. Pinkmummy79

    Matrix Bob unplugged

    So, came down this morning to this I can't return him according to Mrs P so may swap for a small portion of moss;-) Sent from my LT30p using Tapatalk
  10. Pinkmummy79

    Snails from the MATRIX0:)

    I have a colony of small white flat spiral shaped snails which can have only been transported from the Matrix as no new fish or plants have been added to the tank for four months. Here's a poor pic from my phone They are most likely from when I changed the substrate 4 week's ago and added...
  11. Pinkmummy79

    Recommend a filter for 30litre low tech

    I've been reading all the existing posts on similar request and am hoping to set up a tank in the same way as Paulo:-), I have no space where the tank is situated for an external, so am leaning towards either an internal with spray bar or what really interest me are the Eheim Liberty HOBs...
  12. Pinkmummy79

    Which Quality bubble counter to buy? what do you use and why?

    I will soon be needing another bubble counter as will be splitting my co2 line, I currently use the Easy Aqua Professional bubble counter with double check valves, Now I have a few issues with this, it's is working fine now but ptfe is my friend! It's inline which is nice and tidy, keeping the...
  13. Pinkmummy79

    My 260 l second attempt

    So after 10 months in the hobby, a steep learning curve and trying to follow Ceg's guidance on flow and circulation I have now rescaped with a couple of New additions, in 10 months this is my first photo posted to the forum:-) now running two jbl e1501 filters with spray bars and have also put...
  14. Pinkmummy79

    power cut

    Hi, we are having a power cut at the moment and the estimated time for power to be back on is 8.30 tonight which will be 4 hours the tank will have had no lights or filtration etc, I've just finished a 50% water change and maintenance on one external filter and dosed my macro solution, just...
  15. Pinkmummy79

    Which external water pump for my DIY co2 reactor build?

    I have all I need for my (foxfish) co2 reactor but before I plough on and build it inot my filter return pipe I am now considering using a stand alone water pump just for the reactor and build a full length 4 foot spray bar. My tank is a 4 foot Fluval Vicenza 260 bow front, currently running 2 x...
  16. Pinkmummy79

    Easy Aqua Double check valve

    I am confused as to which way round they should go, if it makes any difference? http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/easy-aqua-double-check-valve-p-5666.html You will see that there is a small rim running round the centre piece as shown in the picture, on the packaging there is a small pic showing...
  17. Pinkmummy79

    ISTA I-540 External co2 ceramic reactor

    Just wondered if anyone has any views on these reactors? not heard of them before that's all and came accross it while browsing the web on Go Aqua site? Ista External CO2 Ceramic Reactor DIFFUSER 16 22mm for Aquarium Plants Spiral | eBay are they any good ?
  18. Pinkmummy79

    2 new filters to aid flow and circulation, help me decide between....

    So, I have a Fluval Vicenza 260 bow fronted tank (248 litres), planted and lightly stocked with fish, FE co2 with a JBL reg and solenoid currently being diffused in tank with an Easy Aqua atomiser, dosing EI and daily Neutro+. 50% water changes twice a week at present to keep things fresh and...
  19. Pinkmummy79

    Is my wpg ok on 260 litre tank?

    I have a Fluval Vicenza 260l tank currently lit by 2 x 39 W T5's with reflectors. are my calculations correct and is my lighting ok as I am suffering some ongoing issues and trying to rule out certain things like flow/circulation, c02 distribution and lighting. 260 l = 67.6 US Gallons 2x39w...
  20. Pinkmummy79

    Nitrates always zero - Has my Fishless cycle stalled? pls help...

    260litre Fluval Vicenza Fully planted 2 x T5 with reflectors C02 through Atomiser Dosing EI and liquid c02 2 x New Wave Circulation pumps My tank completed a fishless cycle 2 weeks ago after a re-scape, fish have been added gradually over the past couple of weeks and unfortunately we have lost...
  21. Pinkmummy79

    JBL v002 solenoid fitting issue

    Hi, I have just received my new jbl m001 reg and v002 solenoid. I'm having difficulty attaching the two directly together. Following the instructions, I have successfully removed the hose connection on the input side of the solenoid but cannot remove the same from the regulator, no matter how...