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  1. baron von bubba

    8L nano. impulse buy.........!

    hi all, bought this little 8L nano today, bit of an impulse buy really....... :oops: picked up a perfect bit of bogwood with the tank. the plants blxya, anubias nana and frogbit were borrowed from my other tank. i'm going to use easy carbo and fert using pre mixed dry ferts i have all ready...
  2. baron von bubba

    plastic mesh for moss wall??

    hi, what is the mesh ppl use and where to purchase?? thnx
  3. baron von bubba

    slightly bizzare question....

    could a 3-4 inch plec die and get TOTALLY consumed by tank makes within a week? i would think it unlikely but the only other option is he jumped out and that is surely far more unlikely. last time i saw him was a week ago yesterday when i ran out of co2, had no co2 until wednesday so lights had...
  4. baron von bubba

    can you have too many plants in a low tech tank

    hey. I've been wandering about whether a low tech tank could be too heavily planted for its own good? Obviously the most limiting factor in low tech is co2. I know ppl have a light break to allow levels to replenish again but surely at some point plant mass could be too great for even this to help?
  5. baron von bubba

    algae ID please

    hey guys, wandering if anybody could ID this algae for me please. its been there ages and its in a couple of other places on the wood. its not spreading or growing any larger and certainly not a problem, in fact i kinda like it! :crazy: it just doesn't seem to fit any of the...
  6. baron von bubba

    liquid carbon to battle BBA

    i understand spot dosing excel/easy carbo is the standard way to rid a tank of BBA. what confuses me slightly tho' is, if the tank in question was a low tech non co2 tank, then surly adding liquid carbon to get rid of the algae, then discontinuing its use, could cause BBA...
  7. baron von bubba

    anubias evil?? :0)

    this made me chuckle, thought i'd share! http://www.fishforums.net/index.php?sho ... try2524142
  8. baron von bubba

    D-D nano cube, lighting question

    hi, i have a chance of a D-D nano cube (24 uk gallons) for very cheap, it was previously set up as a marine, so replacing the lights is first thing i need to do. so, does anyone know if this tank will run with just one tube? (my luminaire over my other tank wont run if you remove one tube) want...
  9. baron von bubba

    PFK "low tech planting"

    very nice article george! :clap: shame it didnt have a simple diagram to show the plant names/positions in each of the tanks illustrated tho! it could of been much more useful. i dont mean to sound like i'm moaning btw......... :shifty:
  10. baron von bubba

    hobby or obsession

    at what point did you guys realize this was no longer just a hobby, but in fact a total obsession? or are you still at the self deluding stage??? :0)
  11. baron von bubba

    what plants to start a NPT with?

    hi, currently running a high tech tank and enjoying every minute of the learning experience (i even look forward to doing the W/C every week!! ) my hands are in this for a couple of hours every sunday, trimming, tidying and slowly improving the layout. now as i'm getting the first stages of...
  12. baron von bubba

    Potassium deficiency??

    hi all, i have signs of a potassium deficiency in my fast growing stems, rotala, hygro difformis and ludwiga reopens. (old leaves have pin holes and small amount of green spot algae) however i refuse to believe it can actually be a K deficiency, i use EI and add extra K as well as whats present...
  13. baron von bubba

    external reactor, gas build up?

    hi, i have an aqua medic external reactor. i seem to get a pocket of gas build up in it everyday, this then makes an annoying trickling sound until i vent the excess gas, anyone else have this problem if so is there anything i can do to rectify this? thanks
  14. baron von bubba


    hi, i have a 240l open top tank and at the moment its probably losing around 10l's a week to evaporation. i'm wandering if i should be using RO water to top up? as if i top up with tap water or just wait and refill at next water change, wont the gh and kh steadily increase? my tap water is...
  15. baron von bubba

    chain loaches??

    hi, any body got experience with these? i initially bought 2 to rid my tank of snails, i thought they were great fish and after reading a bit more about them decided to get 4 more as i believed they would be much more social and active, i've read they they will even shoal mid level. mine how...
  16. baron von bubba

    sae's tail/fin damage.

    hi, I have 3 sae's in my tank, i noticed last night they all have had thier tails nipped fairly badly. I'm tryin to figure out who the culprits are? Its not the ottos! And pretty certain they wont be doin it to each other? So that leaves, amano shrimp, chain loaches, ember tetra, green...
  17. baron von bubba

    lighting to bring out fish colours?

    hi, i bought some green/false tetras over the weekend and wandering how would the best way of lighting the tank to really bring out the bright blue? The fish dont show the same vivid bright blue as they did in the LFS tank unless i'm stood looking down at the front glass. i have a luminaire...
  18. baron von bubba

    fighting blue green algae

    hi, 4+ wks into a new high tech set up. about 2 wks in i noticed tiny amounts of BGA on plants and substrate at the front of the tank, i believe i've addressed the issues with co2, ferts and flow and have manually removed the tiny patches thinking i may erradicate it that way, it seems i'm...
  19. baron von bubba

    wave or aqua medic regulator??

    which one???? wave http://www.firststopaquatics.co.uk/acat ... ges__.html or aqua medic https://www.theaquaticroom.com/catalog/ ... 112117e83d i'm looking to buy a regulator for a fire extinguisher, is the aqua medic one worth the extra £'s anybody used both?
  20. baron von bubba

    should i be adding magnesium?

    hi, i'm quite new to this planted tank lark, i have a fairly new set up (4th wk) things seem to be going ok. using IE, NPK and dry micro from AE. i believe my co2 is now at a decent level from lights on, lime green/yellow with a tank ph drop of 1. i have decent enough flow with a 800l/h filter...
  21. baron von bubba

    whats with the PFK forums??!

    recently i got messed about by an online mail order company, after doing some googleing and visiting various forums i saw that this was far from an isolated incident and that the company that owned the site i used actually ran many internet mail order sites, all selling the same items!! hmmm...
  22. baron von bubba

    dennerle disposable co2 regulator

    hi, i have a dennerle comfort-line professional co2 kit. the cannisters are disposable and i believe this regulator wouldnt fit a FE, so does anyone know if "adaptors" are available? or is it time for a new regulator? if so whats the reg of choice? thanks.
  23. baron von bubba

    stocking levels?

    hi, i know about the old rough rule of 1" per gallon an all that, but guessin thats probably a fairly out dated concept now? Better filters, heavier, healthier plantin etc! i have a 240litre high tech tank which will be well planted, only 3x hourly filtration at the mo but plannin to double...
  24. baron von bubba

    new set up, brown algae

    hi, have just noticed a brown furry type algae in one area of my tank. its only on a few leaves at the moment! the tank has only been running for 10 days now, i guess this algae is pretty normal for a new set up? is there anything i should do to minimise this? i have a few ottos in there altho...
  25. baron von bubba

    the evolution of my tank! any advice or tips welcome!

    hi all, this is my first proper tank, after many weeks of reading a few hours a day i thought i was ready to go for it! this is one week in! tbh, as i have no exp what so ever i have just choosen a random selection of mostly easy plants to give myself an idea of how things will look and grow...
  26. baron von bubba

    the usual EI help please! :0/

    hi, just wanting the usaul EI help, i've read quite a lot and nearly have it sorted, i think! :0/ i curently have:- a 240l tank with 2x54w T5 (could run 4 if needed) pressurised CO2 tap water KH 8 GH11 nitrate between 10 & 30 high phosphate 3ish a week into the set up, fairly well planted...