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  1. scuttler

    New 300litre tank!

  2. scuttler

    Whats the plastic cards used to stop soil or gravel from moving?

    As Phil said, ice cream tubes.
  3. scuttler

    Plants near CH1 4QL

    the green machine? Amazing shop to go to if you have not been.
  4. scuttler

    Any expiry date on a laboratory prepared 4dkh solution

    Sealed it should be fine. Open to the atmosphere, the formation of carbonic acid may have an effect on the kh. As said above its cheap but also its just one of your tools to monitor CO2 levels so do not stress
  5. scuttler

    so far 1 massive dissapointment . happier now

    They do look normal but i tend to steer clear on postal orders as iv been disappointed in the past, i know its not realistic for some. I am lucky enough to live near the shop and the stock is amazing, always satisfied
  6. scuttler

    Considering moving spray bar to back of tank.

    If you make a DIY spray bar. Ensure the area of the holes you drill are equal to or greater than the area on the original filter pipe. If you do not it will restrict your flow. I did a custom bar. Its works a treat, get CO2 bubbles everywhere.
  7. scuttler

    When and how much Co2

    the up atomisers are excellent.
  8. scuttler

    How to properly clean dragon stones

    I soaked mine then scrubbed with a brush (you wont get every last bit of mud) I like the staining also, more interesting :)
  9. scuttler

    trying to eradicate a dead spot

    The custom spray bar won't reduce flow providing the area of the outlet holes you drill are equal to or greater than the area of the filter piping. I make a custom one last week. Works an absolute treat. Very effective distribution
  10. scuttler

    EI Dosing Issues

    You could buy a cheap pvc pipe and make a custom spray bar the length of the tank. Very cheap.
  11. scuttler


    Have to say, as an Chemistry teacher i love the application on Chemistry that a high tech fish tank brings :) Some great information
  12. scuttler

    Dechlorinator choice

    It does look like sodium thiosulfate will remove chloramine but will produce Ammonia and HCl as a product. The more i read the more i want a RO unit :P I wonder if the retail product have anything else in them.
  13. scuttler

    Dechlorinator choice

    monochloramine could affect fish in low concentrations. Might get away with it normally but if the water company boost the dose.....
  14. scuttler

    An Ebay special

    Can never find a picture when you need one! It was a tank with thousands of tetras, overstocked to the extreme.
  15. scuttler

    An Ebay special

    reminds me of that neon tetra tank that was posted. horrible...
  16. scuttler

    My First Planted Tank (The End) Juwel Rio 125

    Lovely tank. thought i had my layout sorted until i saw this!
  17. scuttler

    Eheim 2260 - Custom Intake & Spray Bar

    Inspired me too. I struggled to get anything but white pvc. So I bought 1m of 16mm eheim ridigd tubing from the net. So I will get the set up sorted on the horrible white tube before I drill the proper stuff!
  18. scuttler

    England or Wales? (rugby)

    So who do we think will win? My money is on Wales to win, but England to take the six nations on points!
  19. scuttler

    Tanked - Aquarium Reality TV Show

    I saw the skateboard ramp episode and thought the exact same thing. Anything to make a bit of tv
  20. scuttler

    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Thanks, good to know. I will have to keep a FE stocked.
  21. scuttler

    newbee confessions

    Brilliant thread! Left the heater on while changing water. What's the sizzling? Oh...... Smash. .... Run to shop for a new one! Common one but it makes me laugh.
  22. scuttler

    New Member from Cheshire UK

    If only it was an hour, I always seem to come out with another item on the wish list ;)
  23. scuttler

    New Member from Cheshire UK

    Welcome, have you popped into thegreenmachine in Wrexham yet? should be a massive journey if you live in Cheshire? Definitely worth the journey to see some amazing planted tank up close.
  24. scuttler

    Hello from South wales :)

    welcome, Good to have someone else from Wales on the fourm :)
  25. scuttler

    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Interesting. Pressure does stay fairly constant until nearly empty.
  26. scuttler

    Need a better Regulator than this...UP A165 reg/sol

    So did you go for the up 165? Looking at getting one myself, take it you went ebay if your flying HK airways?
  27. scuttler

    NatureBoy's "Back Before TeaTime"...

    very nice colours and textures in there! Full frontal now?
  28. scuttler

    Warning bauer media scam (IMO) PFK

    lots of people get caught out. There all at it; amazon prime anyone??
  29. scuttler

    Juwel Rio 300 A New Beginning

    Interesting read. I seem to have gone the other way (low-->high tech), and your tank given me some excellent ideas for my new tank. Looking forward to see what you can do with a basic setup :) thanks
  30. scuttler

    180L Juwel Vision - first journal, first scape!

    Looks good. I like the gnarly piece of wood. I only missed the same problem with ammonia when the green machine guys pointed, lucky escape!
  31. scuttler

    DIY Project DIY Water Changer, No more buckets!!

    Again big thanks! I didn`t even know those mixer tap fittings existed, should make life a lot easier. I currently use the barrel method but its just another step id rather get rid of :)
  32. scuttler

    New setup in Rio 180

    Had that problem too. Drilled my spray bar to stop it creating a tornado in the tank, now the flow is not great thanks to massive swords :P
  33. scuttler

    Best pressurised co2 system for 19l

    Big thanks Its helpful to see links to up to date item links, instead of trying to work out what that item was from 2011 :P
  34. scuttler

    New setup in Rio 180

    Love the swords but they do overshadow things very quickly