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  1. Bartash

    2000 Subscribers!

    i have made it to the 2000 subscriber mark on YouTube :) Thank you to everyone who has subscribed or taken the time to watch one of my videos. I have a massive passion for this hobby and I love making videos on YouTube and when I reach certain personal targets it encourages me to make more...
  2. Bartash

    I need your images

    Hi all im setting up a small personal website in conjunction with my youtube channel but i need photos etc.. for some nice header images they need to be as high res as possible and 1000 x 288 pixels minimum The are to replace the header images here Welcome to PlantedTankUK | Bringing Nature...
  3. Bartash

    My 11yr old sons first aquascape

    Hi guys i wanted to show you my sons aquascape, he is only 11 and designed and did the whole thing himself, im one proud dad :) Leave him a comment on the video and thumbs up, he watches for new comments daily lol Thanks Carl
  4. Bartash

    My new Aquascape in Fluval Roma 90

    Ive made a layout video hope you like it. Its better to watch in HD Carl
  5. Bartash

    YouTube Aquatic Contest

    I just wanted to let you all know about the contest i am running on YouTube where you can win lots of glassware, seneye reef, aquascaping tools and lots more. It open to everyone no matter where you live and its just a little thank you back to the community Check out the video and enter...
  6. Bartash


    Ive been contacted by this company http://orphek.com/led/orphek-products/pr72-planted-2/ to be the UK contact for this Planted Tank LED light http://orphek.com/led/wp-content/upload ... endant.pdf http://marine-engineers.org/2012/04/18/ ... om-orphek/ What are your guys opinions about the...
  7. Bartash

    Seneye Water Monitoring System

    Hi Everyone, I little while ago I got sent a Seneye Reef device, this device is suitable to be used on planted tanks so don't focus on the "reef". Currently I have the device set up on my Tiger Shrimp tank and I have to admit it has saved the life of my shrimp several times. In case any...
  8. Bartash

    Whos going to aquatics live?

    It would be nice to know who is going to aquatics live and on what days Post up your names and the days you are going and i will keep editing the first post with the updated list :) Carl Saturday Bartash Westyggx nizmonet Ady34 Tim Gary Nelson OllieNZ logi-cat Whitey89 Tebo Matty1983 mario...
  9. Bartash

    Seneye Water Monitoring System Review

    This morning the Seneye saved the life of all the shrimp in my shrimp tank, I got a warning text saying my temp had dropped when I went and checked my heater had died so luckily i had a spare one lying around. Understanding what is happening inside your aquarium is vital to ensuring that the...
  10. Bartash

    Youtube Competition for UK aquascapers

    I am giving away a 500ml bottle containing www.aquariumplantfood.co.uk All in One EI nutrition and a refill bag. http://youtu.be/e8qQHz1t0bE Rules: You must be a subscriber Post a video response to this video showing your tank and telling us why you should have the prize and maybe a bit about...
  11. Bartash

    DIY: Moss wall with a difference

    I have made a new tutorial/guide on my different method to make a moss wall using wood instead of mesh hope you all enjoy and subscribe to my channel if you can <3 Carl
  12. Bartash

    My Product reviews

    Just thought i would share the links to the product reviews i have done so far: All Pond solutions 32 LED Aquarium Light Review http://youtu.be/Q90Sv1V28eE All Pond Solutions 250-CIF Corner Filter Review http://youtu.be/Vx9-RtVsexM HM TDS Meter Review http://youtu.be/TjgsN3d4Xy0 BeamsWork 54...
  13. Bartash

    Discussion: High end 'v' affordability

    After visiting many internet sites offering equipment and products for planted tanks ive noticed that many of them are concentrating on high end/expensive products. I totally agree that these products are great products and can make your tanks look fantastic. I do however feel that the market...
  14. Bartash

    REVIEW: HM TDS Meter

    Thought whilst i was on a review streak i would review the TDS meter that arrived this morning. I am not an expert in TDS meters this was really to show the quality of the one i bought and how to use it. http://youtu.be/TjgsN3d4Xy0 Thx for watching Carl Twitter...
  15. Bartash

    Carls 4ft of glory

    Ok ive started planning the re-scape of my 4ft tank Im going to be using some wood i pulled out of a river local to me about a year ago, its been sitting in my garden drying out and is totally dead. Because the pieces are too large to boil up im going to run a bath of scolding hot water and...
  16. Bartash

    Substrate advise

    Im planning on rescaping my 4ft tank in a few weeks so far i have got JBL Sansibar "river" sand for the front area of my design. Currently in my tank i have a mixture of aquabase and manado i plan to use this as a base for the planted areas in the tank, some of it will be in some stocking bags...
  17. Bartash

    Is this wood safe to use?

    I made a quick video to ask if you think this wood is safe to use in an aquarium, i have no idea what wood it is but i pulled it out from a local stream. http://youtu.be/HcKxbB_hBvQ Carl
  18. Bartash

    REVIEW: Beamswork 54 LED Aquarium Light

    This is a video review of a light i bought for my new set up for £29.99 The light came from an guy on eBay that sells freshwater and marine LED lights http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Aqua-Man My Google+ Page:https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/100607725066297201293/100607725066297201293/posts...
  19. Bartash

    so many choices...

    I cant decide for the life of me what shrimp to get for my new shrimp tank: Blue Dwarf from tyne valley Yellow shrimp from forum sponsor when they have them for sale again Red Rili's Hong kong Blues I didnt want to go for normal red cherry so your thoughts on the about would be good :) Carl
  20. Bartash

    Product Review AllPondSolutions 600-HO Hang on Filter Review

    I have just done a quick video review of the allpondsolutions.co.uk Hang-on-Filter 600-HO. This is a great filter and only £13.99 http://youtu.be/y2EYAYETBPA dont forget to subscribe and comment on youtube ;) Carl
  21. Bartash

    DIY Fluidized Sand Bed Filter

    Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for any damage or injuries you may sustain whilst using this walkthrough. This is for informational purpose only and may not be reproduced without my permission. I’ve seen several videos on YouTube where people have made a fluidized sand bed filters but I...
  22. Bartash

    Water parameters check please

    The new journal im doing is a shrimp tank but im totally rubbish with water parameters. I got this from my water supplier to show what i get from the tap K521 RUMFIELDS WATER SUPPLY ZONE (18300) Your water is: Very Hard 125 Ca mg/l...
  23. Bartash

    Carls 46x25x25

    I already have a 4ft tank that I am going to be re-scaping soon but I thought I would have a try at doing something smaller in the meantime. i was given a 46cm x 25cm x 25cm tank that was all scaled up so i gave it a good clean and scrub and it came up quite well. I am a total beginner when it...
  24. Bartash

    New species of catfish found!

    So off to the "Man Room" I trot only to find a visitor asleep in my next project, is nothing sacred for man anymore! Carl
  25. Bartash

    Should I pre mature filter?

    I am just gathering the bits and pieces together to set up a shrimp tank, do you think it would be beneficial to mature the sponge filter I have bought for it in my main tank whilst i am gathering the rest of the stuff. I will be buying the rest of the stuff on the 24th April which is pay day...
  26. Bartash

    My 4ft Planted Tank

    Hi all i just wanted to share some pictures of my first planted tank, most of the plants came from plantedtanks.co.uk and from the for sale section in this forum. I dose with dry salts and flourish excel Pressurized CO2 @ 3 bubbles a minute I just need to get some nice shrimp in...
  27. Bartash

    Feeding 2 tanks with 1 CO2 setup

    If you want to add co2 to 2 tanks but only use 1 bottle i think this is a good way for you to achieve this http://www.hosefit.co.uk/catalog/produc ... cts_id=267 http://www.hosefit.co.uk/catalog/produc ... cts_id=297 put the Y connector first then one of the inline flow controllers on both...
  28. Bartash

    filter suggestions pls

    I think i need to invest in a new external filter, im using a fluval 304 for my 160l tank and im thinking after reading through the posts that its not really good enough especially once my tank is fully planted or should i get hold of a second one and run them both? Im gonna have to save up...
  29. Bartash

    CO2 Equip arrived :)

    I won an auction on Ebay for a TMC CO2 regulator for £16, the guy was selling it as brand new which is isnt as the nut by the pin adapter is chewed up; so i have contacted him about it. Im still going to keep it as it is still a good deal for £16 even though it took 3 weeks for him to send it...
  30. Bartash

    Canterbury Koi and Aquatics

    Im going to visit this place tommorrow so will get some pictures etc... and let you know what its like. I do have to say their website is crappy so i hope the shop is better http://www.fishes.co.uk
  31. Bartash

    Plant Dipping Question

    Could anybody please explain what is meant by the term Plant Dipping before you put new plants into your tank. Thankyou Carl
  32. Bartash

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, im fairly new to the planted scene and a member of another forum that deal with planted tanks, i signed up here to broaden my knowlegde of plants and the hobby. Real name is Carl and im 33 yrs old Live in Kent UK :)