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  1. matt

    120x60x25cm Diy acrylic tank

    Plants and substrate arrive tomorrow:happy:
  2. matt

    Online learning courses/Horticulture, landscaping, garden design

    Hi. Has anyone on here had any experience with online learning courses. I really want to expand my understanding of landscaping, garden design and Horticulture. I've been messing around with family and friends gardens for years now just as a hobby, but it's one thing to chuck in a few plants...
  3. matt

    DIY Acrylic Tank Build / New update

    Hi all ukaps diy'ers, This is a project I've had in the pipeline for the last year or so now,ironically recent ill health has afforded me the time to actually crack on and get it done,I'm very happy with the results so I thought I'd share with you guys. Cut to size acrylic sheets Base and...
  4. matt

    Oily surface film

    Afternoon all, I have an 100l open top tank which has suddenly developed an oily surface film overnight, was fine yesterday. It's lowtech and I'm not dosing EI,but recently(5 days ago)added KNO3 because my Limnobium laevigatum was looking very yellow and falling apart,would adding the KNO3 be...
  5. matt

    Low Life

    Hello everyone, In anticipation of my new plants turning up this friday,I think this is the perfect time to start my very first journal. The tank itself is a very old Juwel,well when i say old thats because i've had this tank over 10 years and it was a hand me down when I got it!So im not new...
  6. matt

    Inspired once more

    Hello all, Having tried the high tech method and having a lot of trouble with getting my co2 levels right due to various reasons,also no longer having the time to put that much effort in because i work away from home monday to friday,I gave up.But recently having read "A choclate puddle"by...
  7. matt

    Hi all

    Hello all, My name is Matt and i have three loves in my life,my car,fishing and my aquriuam. I've had my tank about 10 years now and have had all manor of tropical fish over the years,i've been TRYING to keep plants alive for about 2 years with not very much success,then i happened apon ukaps a...