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  1. Maurits

    Plants price increase??

    Some inside information post Brexit, getting plants over from Holland. one EU plant passport, no export documents, no import documents, no phyto certificate, no notifications to Apha, No Goods reference notification. Present day, new Uk Plant passport at a cost, export documents and phyto...
  2. Maurits

    Anyone a member of OATA?

    well it's seems you know what you're talking about. Will tell OATA to stop wasting our Money because you are telling we don't need to worry
  3. Maurits

    Anyone a member of OATA?

    I am :) saying that can everybody look at their website and support the hands of your hobby campain by sending a letter to your local MP, remember if we don't do anything there's no aquarium hobby in the next couple of years. M.