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  1. Dan Walter

    Micro Mountain - 8L Aquacube

    Hi all, This is my ultra low-tech nano Aquacube, that had been sat around empty for over a year - until I suddenly got to urge to aquascape something one night... Specs: Aquacube by Tropica - 20cm 8L Azoo HOB filter No heater Ehiem substrate balls (for height) Gravel substrate Weeping moss...
  2. Dan Walter

    Oliver Knott Iwagumi Work Shop Zoomark 2011

    Might be of interest to some. :thumbup:
  3. Dan Walter

    HC 6 day time lapse

    Cool little vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xta2gdj1 ... grec_index
  4. Dan Walter

    Mini ferns.

    Hi all, I've noticed on ebay some mini java fern and bolbitis for sale coming from Malaysia & Taiwan. has anyone had any experiance with these? Tropica? Cheers Dan
  5. Dan Walter

    Which desk light for 25cm cube?? pics inside

    Hi all, I work for a lighting company and I’ve been given the choice of 2 ex-sample lights for a new 25cm cube that I’m planning. The cube will be set up using florabase substrate and dosed with liquid carbon and tpn+, if that helps at all!? I was wondering which one would be best suited...
  6. Dan Walter

    What fish is this... ?

    Can anyone tell me the ID of this fish please? Cheers Dan
  7. Dan Walter

    Planted Marine Tanks.

    Hi all, Just wondered what the options are when it comes to planted marine tanks? Anyone got one running? And what are the plant choices? I've only seen one type of plant in the marine section of my LFS. Pics would be good.. This one of GF's has given me the bug...
  8. Dan Walter

    staurogyne sp

    Hi all, Can anyone give me some planting tips for Staurogyne SP. Im looking to keep it low & compact but the plant that I’ve purchased is already quite tall!? Do I just take cuttings,plant and then keep pruning as and when required? Cheers Dan
  9. Dan Walter

    New setup with mature filter. Safe to add fish?

    I've re-scaped today using the same substrate, same plants, same hardscape and will be using the same matured filter. Also I've filled the tank with de-chlorinated water. Is it safe to add fish tomorrow if I leave the filter on the new setup over night? Many thanks Dan
  10. Dan Walter

    Short photo period midday burst?

    Hi, I'm currently running 2xT5's on a 6hr photo period for the first few weeks of a new set up. I'm Just wondering if turning on another 2 lamps for a midday burst would be ok as my glosso doesn't seem to be spreading, although it is growing upwards. Would this just encourage algae? Any...
  11. Dan Walter

    60cm Optiwhite - A New Dawn

    After spending the last year or so researching, learning, maintaining, enjoying and generally playing about with my 60x30x30cm tank, I decided to purchase an optiwhite aquarium. This tank and cabinet came from ukaps member, John Starkey who kindly let me take the luminaire when I bought the...
  12. Dan Walter

    Help Installing Hydor ETH 300

    This may sound a bit daft :oops: but I'm having issues installing my hydor external heater. I'm having issues connecting the tubing to the unit... Can anyone walk me through this? Am I meant to take the blue faster off, slide up the filter tubing then back down once tubing is attached to the...
  13. Dan Walter

    Some great nano tanks..

    Stumbled across this today and thought a few nano fans might be interested.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARzzWQfl ... re=related
  14. Dan Walter

    ADA Nile Sand alternative?

    Hi all, ADA Nile Sand is perfect for the foreground that I'm planning, but I begrudge spending £30 on sand, half of which I probably wont use. Just wondered if anyone knows anything similar to Nile Sand? Im looking at Unipac's Senegal or Zambezi currently... Anyone know of any others out...
  15. Dan Walter

    Getting the best from Java Fern?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any advice on getting the best out of the Java Fern varieties..Needle leaf in particular. I'm curious about how to get it to thrive and look it's best. I'm sure I read somewhere that you can trim it right back for better growth.. Anyone?! Cheers Dan
  16. Dan Walter

    Compact photography

    Can anyone give me any tips for taking good shots of my tank with my compact? My camera is a Panasonic DMC-FX12 and the current setting are: "Normal Picture" Exposure +1 ISD100 No Flash I'm not expecting anything too great but any advice would be welcomed? I seem to get better pictures...
  17. Dan Walter

    Dan W's 60cm "calm before the storm"

    Hi all, I've been playing around with this 60x30x30cm tank since March last year. Current specs (last pic) are: SUBSTRATE: Tropica substrate capped in Argos playsand FILTER: Fluval 204 FLOW ASSISTANCE: Koralia Nano LIGHTING: 2 T5HO 7hr photo period, OSRAM daylight lamps. CO2: FE 2bps FERTS...
  18. Dan Walter

    Fish ID please

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what this colourful little beauty of a fish is please? Is it a dwarf cichlid? Thanks in advance. Dan
  19. Dan Walter

    Lily pipe size for Fluval 204 tubing?

    I've done some research and found that Fluval 205 tubing is 14.5mm as stated on the packet. Assuming that the 204 and 205 models both use the same diameter tubing, does this mean that I need 13mm lily pipes? Can anyone help me here? Thanks in advance
  20. Dan Walter

    Is this a Cherry Shrimp?

    Hi, can someone tell me if this actually IS a cherry shrimp? I have a couple of these with a solid thick pink line down the lateral. I have pure red and also transparent Cherry’s in my tank which I am led to believe are male and female. Can anyone clear this up for me? Cheers Dan
  21. Dan Walter

    ultricularia graminifolia

    Hi, Im interested in using this plant in my next 'scape on my 60cm tank and wondered whether it grows well without CO2 injection. I will be dosing with Easycarbo as the only source of CO2. Does anyone grow this plant without CO2 injection? What are it's other requirements? Anyone care to...
  22. Dan Walter

    Re-using Tropica substrate

    I've been using Tropica plant substrate capped with sand in my current set up that has been running for 6months or so. My question is can I use the substrate again when i re-scape this tank? I had planned to mix the tropica and sand together then cover this with Nature Soil or similar. Any...
  23. Dan Walter

    TMC Aqua Grow Starter Kit

    Hi all, Is anyone actually using one of these kits? Just wondered if they are any good and how long the canisters last? Thanks Dan
  24. Dan Walter

    Cherry Shrimp gone in to hiding

    Hi all, I've got 7 Cherry shrimp in my tank that were all happy and used to roam the tank freely until I added 6 Serpae Tetra's. Since then the shrimp are all hiding and I hardly see them any more!?!? There is one brave one that ventures out now and again but most of the ones I can see are...
  25. Dan Walter

    Dan's "Dagobah"

    Hi all, Firstly, what a great site! Keep up the good work people. After a 20 year gap from aquatics I'm re-visiting the hobby and what a great time to be doing so. The availability of products, fish, inverts and plants is unbelievable compared to when I started the hobby many moons ago as a...