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  1. darren636

    stem longevity

    Hello all. I'm not here today, but the fact that you thought I'd be here turned me on... Question - how long do stem plants last in a tank before it becomes neccessary to trim and replant? This is high tech etc.
  2. darren636

    tropica specialised dosage

    After driving around the south west of England this morning, I finally found a shop that actually sells ferts that contain npk ( note to all other shops- NPK IS WHAT WE WANT, SORT IT OUT) . anyway... What dosage do people go with on a high tech setup. ? PS. Thanks aquajardin for having...
  3. darren636

    over the rim drop-checker

    Couldn't sleep last night due to realisation that my drop checker is the largest thing ever created. It literally takes up all the space in my house. So, I saw a very cute ' hang on' drop checker, now I can't find it - any suggestions?
  4. darren636

    eheim ecco pro 300 priming

    That's it! Another snapped bit of plastic. second hand filter with no instructions on priming etc. Can someone explain how to close these filters without breaking the handle doo-dah? I hate these stupid, needlessly fiddly filters. I'm gonna punch myself in the face with rage. Good day.
  5. darren636

    Feedback boom!

    And another (rather important) delivery slaps me in the chops. Thanks again.
  6. darren636

    Feedback shut the front door

    My first delivery arrived :) less than 20 hours from 0 - lily pipes excellent service.
  7. darren636

    Chanel Pouches Intended For Usual Relaxed Functions

    I hope your grimy backwater factory burns down and takes you with it git.
  8. darren636

    infusoria for pseudomugil eggs

    can anyone point me towards a good infusoria culture? i will be trying to grow my own Pseudomugil gertrudae from eggs. never done this kind of thing before.
  9. darren636

    extending eheim spraybar

    hey everyone, i really have to decrease water velocity from my standard spraybar- my boraras simply will not venture out- they get blasted by the flow. so was hoping to hear if there are any off the shelf, cheap extensions i can buy that are compatible. basically i need to run the spray bar the...
  10. darren636

    Ben and jerry's.

    the new core ice cream. Not sure if it is a mess in the mouth or the best thing in the world.... The raspberry and vanilla with white chocolate bits. Might need another tub. Just to be sure.
  11. darren636

    westland aquatic compost

    want to make a start on my new emergent set-up, wanting to use a soil base, does anyone know if this westland will provide problems with ammonia at start up? i doubt it as i use it in ponds etc. just checking. thanks guys. :thumbup:
  12. darren636

    17mm lily pipes.

    how do your outflow pipes compare in size to the eheim green plastic crook? the eheim one does not quite reach my max water line , hoping your lily will have more drop to reduce splash/noise . i see you will have them back in stock soonish, do you have prices? thanks.
  13. darren636

    hydra in the aquarium.

    hello all. Pretty sure i have developed a case of hydra , i assume they popped in with the live food i use. Do i need to be concerned by these strange little fellows?
  14. darren636


    anyone have experience with these filters? Thinking about the largest one in the range. Any good or bad points ?
  15. darren636

    recommend a co2 diffuser.

    hi all, am currently using an aquaessentials diffuser, it works fine but i need something that will deliver smaller co2 bubbles. err, non ADA thanks. :jawdrop
  16. darren636

    plants on wood.

    hello all, just hoping to build a list of plants suitable for attaching to wood/ rocks. so if you have a favourite please tell !