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  1. Richard Dowling

    Aquarium Terrestrial Plant Hanging Baskets

    Hi All I've not been on in quite a while. Since posting last I've completely done away with CO2 and Ferts and am now quite enjoying a 100% Low Tech but equally clean and green heather wood scape. Pic Below Does anyone have any ideas for hanging terrestrial plants in soil onto the side of an...
  2. Richard Dowling

    Your examples of liquid CO2 only tanks

    Hi all, I recently decided to stop injecting CO2 from a Fire Extinguisher for several reasons, firstly money, secondly I cannot get refills quite as easily as I used to and thirdly with a Hairgrass only tank it didnt seem worth it. However, since reverting to Liquid Carbon only ive had months...
  3. Richard Dowling

    Custom Size Aquariums

    Hi All, My Father in law is looking to get back into fish keeping now that he has built an extension on the house, hes created a wall space that he wants a set sized tank in. Does anyone have any suggestions of the best website or company to order custom tanks from? Hes not a pro or anything...
  4. Richard Dowling

    JBL Pro Flora Direct Inline Diffuser - Your Experiences?

    Hi All, Do any of you have any experiences with the JBL Pro Flora Direct - Inline CO2 Diffuser? I have used a particular inline diffuser (Which I wont name because I respect the retailer) over the last few years and have had to have the plastic casing replaced 3 times on warranty. Its cracked...
  5. Richard Dowling

    Jade Mountain - 60x45x30

    Hi All, Here is my new scape which has been going a month now. Im having problems with green spot algae on the rocks. Im thinking of going back to EI salts and making sure phosphate is in there. The current method (whilst being nice and lazy) doesnt seem to be doing the problem much good...
  6. Richard Dowling

    UV Deepens Red colour of Cherry Shrimp

    Hi All, This may already be common knowledge but I've made a bit of a discovery which has led me to question the grading of shrimp. I have pretty low grade Red Cherry Shrimp in terms of colouration. Every now and then I get a nice red one but generally they are dull and boring. As my aquarium...
  7. Richard Dowling

    Scared Fish - Iwagumi

    Hi All, I have just rescaped my tank and compared to my past setups im pretty pleased with how it looks. However, as you can see below I'm having issues with fish huddling in the front corner and they will not move until the second the lights go out. I can understand that fish in the wild...
  8. Richard Dowling

    Am I going mad? Needle Valves

    Hi All. I've just replaced my CO2 regulator and I've never had issues or confusion over adjusting of pressure and flow until now. Before I explain any further, am I right in saying that when the needle is wound all the way in that should mean the flow is off? I installed this regulator and...
  9. Richard Dowling

    Iwagumi Hard Scape

    Hi All, Ive decided to rip down my tank and start something new. Just a basic Iwagumi with hairgrass (And maybe one other I find something that goes well). I'm hardscaping today but Ive found that I'm still as clueless with iwagumi as I've always been. Ive found That my rocks are just too...
  10. Richard Dowling

    Musk Turtle Terrarium advice

    Hi All, I'm considering a Musk Turtle setup at the moment and have been looking at the Exo Terra Medium... http://www.exo-terra.com/en/products/turtle_terrarium_medium.php All of the example setups I've seen have been plastic plants and very basic. If I was to have a setup im happy with I...
  11. Richard Dowling

    British River Biotope

    Hi All, For years I've wanted to try creating a British River Biotope. I have now bought a cheap tank second hand (Pets at Home Love Fish Panorama 64) to do one in whilst leaving my TMC signature tank as is. Having got the tank I've found the filter is reviewed poorly so i have now replaced...
  12. Richard Dowling

    Guppies in CO2 tank

    Hi All, After years of protest I have finally given up the fight and allowed my girlfriend to put some Guppies in my Aquarium. They appear to have been fine for the first day but I'm noticing that whilst the CO2 has been on they all stay at the surface. The rest of my fish are absolutely fine...
  13. Richard Dowling

    Air in Filter

    Hi All, I've noticed in the last day or two that my Tetratec EX1200 extermal filter is pushing bubbles out constantly (which is annoyingly loud). The filter usually does it for a few hours after you clean it because obviously it's full of air when you turn it on. But this time I havnt had it...
  14. Richard Dowling

    Land Rover 90

    Hi All, Out of interest, does anyone have (or have had) a Land Rover Defender 90 (or 110 I guess). Im considering jacking in my current car thats sporty and runs like a dream but is full of fault prone electronics in place of a good old reliable Landy. Id quite like a car that I can tinker with...
  15. Richard Dowling

    Poppy Lily Pipe

    Hi All, Ive had a regular shaped Lily before (until I smashed it)...and felt that they were pointed a little to far down for my liking which made surface agitation a pain. I resorted to having the lily very slightly above water to create agitation but this was noisy (especially when...
  16. Richard Dowling

    Corys - Shrimp Safe?

    Hi all, I have a 85 litre full of red cherries, am I safe to introduce a set of say 5 Corys? I don't want my shrimp turning into lunch or having their breeding effected. Thanks
  17. Richard Dowling

    Hiding Fish

    Hi all, I've asked this question before but with changes to my tank I feel it needs asking again. I used to have an iwagumi and my fish always used to hide under the main stone and never venture out. I bought a new shoal of different fish who swam in open water but soon started hiding away...
  18. Richard Dowling

    Visitor in my Aquarium

    Hi all, whilst trimming my hairgrass I came across this little fella in the bottom of my tank amongst the shrimp. Can anyone identify? I recognise the three pronged tail!?
  19. Richard Dowling

    Fresh Water Clam?

    I was walking the dog in a local nature reserve / river walk and noticed this in one of the streams. Is this some sort of fresh water clam? I've never seen one before. There were a few in the same spot. The area looked to have been dredged recently so perhaps they were feeding on the stirred up...
  20. Richard Dowling

    Raquette River

    So, after much difficulty I have stripped out my Banff Mountain Springs and started a new scape. The scape has had no real preparation other than deciding that it would be more of an island scape with the root wood in the middle. The rest I just made up as I went along after not finding my...
  21. Richard Dowling

    British Pond Tank

    Hi All, Im sure someone at some point has come up with the same idea but the more I look at peoples garden ponds the more I start to wonder how possible it is to create an aquascape created with common garden pond plants found in the UK. I was thinking of wood and rock beneath the water with...
  22. Richard Dowling

    Shrimp Catcher

    Hi all, My current scape is an iwagumi made up of carpet plants and rocks. As I'm going to be rescaping soon I decided to have a go at catching cherry shrimp with a net in preparation for a mass tank emptying. The rocks and plants made it very difficult to catch any, let alone the several...
  23. Richard Dowling

    Wildlife Photography Techniques Page

    Hi all, As a wildlife photographer that has found it difficult to gain field skills over the years, I decided to create a Facebook page that will act as a gallery for everyone to post their work, whilst at the same time telling everyone about any techniques or field skills they used which may...
  24. Richard Dowling

    For those that can't afford a holiday this year....

    Well not quite, but its almost like diving a reef! Click here to check out Reef Cam!
  25. Richard Dowling

    Holiday Stategy!

    Hi All, Ive just booked a spontanious week away to Kusadasi, Turkey with the girlfriend, Firstly, whats the best strategy for holidays when you dont have (or trust) any people to drop in on your tank? Ive been reading a lot of posts, and seem to have two options; Tone down lights and CO2 or...
  26. Richard Dowling

    Miniscule Shrimp?

    Hi all, I appreciate this may be difficult without photos but believe me, you wouldn't see them anyway! I am seeing tiny, and I mean tiny signs of life just below the top of the substrate (tmc nutrasoil). They are moving just like my cherry shrimp, walking slowly then zipping an inch or so...
  27. Richard Dowling

    One of my favourite scapes ever

    I was just browsing facebook and came across this on ADG's page, I think this may well go into my top three favourite scapes of all time alongside Sergio Canabal's - Down the River and George Farmer's Iwagumi from 2011...
  28. Richard Dowling

    Stowaway Snail

    This snail jumped in with a bag of ember tetras, looks like a pond snail to me. Question is, if I allow this one snail in, is it one that breeds alone and will cause infestation? Sent from my XT890 using Tapatalk
  29. Richard Dowling

    Single Fish/Shrimp Deaths

    Hi All, Last week I bought 3 new otos, already two have died so I'm back to 3 again. The thing is nothing dies at the same time so I cannot figure out the cause. I Seem to lose single fish and shrimp randomly. I've finally resolved my brown hair algae so id hate to play with my gas again. If...
  30. Richard Dowling


    Hi All, Just found this in my facebook feed and it looks interesting (All Apart from the plastic sheep that is). I wondered if anyone knows any more about them? Unfortunately the text is spanish so I can only loosely translate...something about three substrates all with their own function. Ive...
  31. Richard Dowling

    Last ditch attempt at saving my scape

    Hi All, I have brown algae issues as constantly highlighted in my journal. I am finding it impossible to resolve the situation. Its now turned into brown hair algae. CO2 Increase has failed to help (been running ok for a over a week but randomly gassed out my fish this afternoon causing me to...
  32. Richard Dowling

    Dropped Shrimp Eggs

    Hi all, Maybe a question answered before but searching is more difficult without my laptop. I've recently found a few baby shrimp in my tank after a week or so of losing sight of my berried female cherries. Today I find a whole clutch of eggs on the substrate, they don't appear to have black...
  33. Richard Dowling

    Big Thanks to CO2Art

    Just wanted to post my latest experience with CO2Art who are starting to look like the most reliable and customer friendly company ive had dealings with. I purchased a new regulator last week. I received it within 48 hours and realised that I had acccidentally ordered a regulator without a...
  34. Richard Dowling

    Dumb Question of the week

    If you were to lower the light and also co2 to match, are you still likely to get a light green drop checker? I'm assuming the drop checker measures free CO2 which hasn't been absorbed so by reducing uptake you can reduce co2 but still have 30ppm in the water column?
  35. Richard Dowling

    Regulator Leak Repair

    Anyone ever pulled a reg apart? Just found a leak on this solenoid inlet connection. I'm a little nervous about pulling it apart just Incase I don't put it back correctly and end up shooting the thing across the room at 200mph when I repressurise.
  36. Richard Dowling

    Shrimp - Open Top Tanks

    Hi All, Has anyone else had issues with shrimp and fish jumping out of the tank onto the floor. In 1.5 Months ive found 1 crusty Cardinal Tetra and about 5 crusty Male Cherry Shrimp on the floor. The males seem to be the open swimmers whereas the females stay on the substrate which may explain...
  37. Richard Dowling

    HC Health Diagnosis

    Hi All, As can be seen in my journal, im having slight issues with HC. When my tank first started I had brown algae issues which seemed to clear up when I reduced my LED tile down to 40% intensity. Its recently started to look even darker and slightly transparent with a slight tinge of brown...
  38. Richard Dowling

    CO2 Reg Needle Valves

    Hi All, I need help understanding my CO2 Reg, I thought I knew how valves worked, working for a water company and all, but this needle valve is baffling me. I been attempting to find a nice flow rate of CO2 recently, and have been making adjustments day by day but I have found that with my...
  39. Richard Dowling

    Shrimp Eggs - Fertilised / Unfertilised?

    At what stage shrimp eggs fertilised? Is it before any eggs become visible? During the visible yellow eggs inside the body stage? or whilst the eggs are attached to her tail on the outside of her body? I have many shrimp with yellow eggs showing internally and have realised that I seem to be...
  40. Richard Dowling

    Hydor ETH 300 - Lasted 27 Days

    After 27 days of Operation ive come home to a stone cold tank and a bunch of shivering shrimp! My Hydor Inline heater has packed in already! Time to go back to the retailer, who will no doubt groan about hearing from me again given that it took them three attempts to send me a non damaged...
  41. Richard Dowling

    Shrimp Mineral Supplement

    Hi all, I've just been rooting through some old packed away fishy bits and came across a bottle of Shrimp mineral supplement which came with a freebie tank from PFK, on the bottle it says "general hardness increaser" Presumably in a hard water area this stuff is not necessary?
  42. Richard Dowling

    Shrimp Losses, Normal?

    Hi all, This may be a question which begs the answer "Course not you idiot", but I think It needs asking... Is it normal to get shrimp deaths in the first week of owning them? I got 30 Cherrys three nights ago and have already lost 5-6, about 2 each night, I get up to find empty shrimp...
  43. Richard Dowling

    Diatoms - Blackout Necessary?

    Hi all, when you have a bit of a problem with brown algae, is a blackout the only option or does it simply disappear? There is so much conflicting advice out there. For instance, on my journal I've been repeatedly advised to lower light and increase CO2, yet on the "good algae article" which...
  44. Richard Dowling

    Transparent HC Leaves

    Hi All, What does it mean when HC leaves go a dark green / transparent type look? 98% of my HC is fine but a few sprigs have this transparent problem. Is it a deficiency of some kind? I worry that my daily / bi-daily water changes are effecting my EI dosing and CO2 consistency.
  45. Richard Dowling

    Private Shrimp Breeders

    Hi all, Anyone know how easy or difficult it is to find local breeders of shrimp? my thinking was there must be people out there who have loads to give away for prices that reflect the size of these little critters! what is the best method of finding such people?
  46. Richard Dowling

    Shrimp Safe Inlet Height

    Hi All, Question, How high would your filter inlet need to be in order to prevent shrimp getting sucked into the filter? I have bought a mesh filter guard but after having spent the money on a glass inlet Ive decided I dont like the eyesore! I have seen Inlets that are designed to sit at...
  47. Richard Dowling

    TDS Correlation with Filter Cleanliness

    Hi All, Im new to the concept of TDS Reading, I have a TDS stick now and have been having a play, checking tap water, then my aquarium water before and after water changes. I usually see a pre water change reading of around 330 and a post water change reading of 260/270. Can TDS be used...
  48. Richard Dowling

    NFL Fans

    Do we have any NFL fans amongst us? If so, who do you follow?, and what are your two teams for the Superbowl?
  49. Richard Dowling

    Dramas / TV Series Worth Watching?

    The girlfriend and I are after something new to watch, anyone seen or remember any good Dramas either current or old from ITV etc that are worth watching?
  50. Richard Dowling

    Resolved! Changing size of photos

    Hi All, How do you change the size of photos in your posts? My Journals photos are a little on the large side, Ive tried editing and changing the size manually but it doesnt save to that size, Im guessing you have to use code? The photos have been uploaded via the UKAPS upload, and...
  51. Richard Dowling

    Dry vs Diluted

    Hi All, Probably a question asked many times but I havnt easily found a thread with it in, Why dose daily spoonfulls of EI salts as opposed to a diluted EI Bottle? I used to use the 500ml Bottles with salts diluted in it but have recently started putting in measured spoons each day...
  52. Richard Dowling

    Banff Mountain Springs

    Hi All, Im Finally here! Ready start my first journal of what should be my first ever respectable effort at an Aquascape. I made my decision of which tank to buy after seeing Ed Gercog’s tank at Aquatics Live. I swiftly went with a TMC Signature 60x45x30. With Lighting I took Inspiration...
  53. Richard Dowling

    How do i? Change Username

    Is there a way of changing username / screen name? My username is just a memorable one but I id rather have my name
  54. Richard Dowling

    New Tank Cycling / Bacteria

    Hi All, I feel like this is a real amateur question to be asking but hey ho, If I am starting a new tank, and I have bought some live bacteria for the filter startup, can you then introduce shrimp immediately even throughout the initial large and regular water changes period or should I put...
  55. Richard Dowling

    1-2 Grow VS Regular Pots

    Hi All, In terms of Plants per £££, are 1-2 Grow Pots worth getting instead of regular pet shop pots? Im looking to get HC and E Acicularis from either AquaEssentials or Aquajardin. There is about a £2 difference between 1-2 Grow and Normal Pots but I cannot see how much more or less you get...
  56. Richard Dowling

    Am I being a tight-wad?

    I won't say where from, but last night I was browsing the internet in search of a glass drop checker and came accross an ADA Drop Checker at the Grand Price of £59.99. Quite frankly, I would be absolutly astonished if there is anyone out there that has paid that for an ADA one instead of...
  57. Richard Dowling

    Flow Rule

    Hi All, How important is it in terms of Aquascaping rules and a tank looking right, for you to have the flow running across the length of the tank in the same direction that the main iwagumi stone is leaning? I'm starting to want the inlet and outlet on the side that is up against a wall and...
  58. Richard Dowling

    DIY Filter Tube Cutouts in TMC Cabinet

    Hi All, I have the common problem with the TMC Signature Cabinets in that they havnt put standard holes in the side so that you can run your hosing out of it. You can only have the hoses coming out of the back which is less than ideal for a lot of Aquascapes. I am looking to do what Mr...
  59. Richard Dowling


    Anybody watch Blackfish the other night? (on Iplayer right now) Its basically the documentary that Seaworld wishes was never released! (their words not mine) Shocking on so many levels! Id recommend watching it.
  60. Richard Dowling

    Bird/Wildlife Photography

    Hi All, Thought Id post here because I know there are a fair few Wildlife photographers amongst us, some of which Im extremely envious of! Assuming all of your work isnt just in your back garden, I wondered if you had any tips on how you approach animals, mainly Birds, Is it always by Hide...
  61. Richard Dowling

    Filter Inlet - Shrimp

    Hi All, Anyone know if Ill need some mesh or a cover for the end of my filter inlet if I have shrimp? I have a pretty high flow filter in relation to my tank (Tetratec EX1200 for a 60x45x30 Tank) so im worried that shrimp will get hoovered by my Easy Aqua glass inlet (below)...
  62. Richard Dowling

    CO2 Regulator Problems

    Hi All, I've had issues with my CO2 regulator in that I set it to a safe rate of BPS one day, then the solenoid turns it off over night which is fine, however when I get home the next day during the timed period the CO2 is absolutely roaring out of the diffuser at a dangerous rate. Could this...
  63. Richard Dowling

    Hardscape so far

    Hi All, I know Ive been saying for months and months what I plan to do with my tank and its just dragged on for several reasons. But here I am getting started finally. Could I have your opinions on my Hardscape (I have now moved all the rocks over to the right a touch as it appears a little...
  64. Richard Dowling

    Tapatalk Forum App

    Hi all Does anyone use tapatalk forum viewer on your phone? Id be interested to know the benefits in comparison to using phone browser and also perhaps see a screenshot of ukaps on tapatalk.
  65. Richard Dowling

    Rock Placement Help

    Hi All, After a grueling 7 months (for various reasons) I am finally in a position to start putting my new tank together. I had originally planned to go for a wood and rock Island layout, because I only have one 1000ND Grobeam Unit so I figured there wouldnt be enough light spread on a...
  66. Richard Dowling

    Glass Lily Pipes on Large Diameter Acrylic Tubes

    Hi All, I am starting to set up my TMC Signature 60x40x30 with my Tetratec EX1200 (May be way too big for the tank but I was trying to avoid buying a new filter) Im putting my Lily Pipes on but in terms of positioning them, and having them sit upright on the side of the tank, you really are...
  67. Richard Dowling

    Hair Algae on HC

    Hi All As im going on Holiday soon and didnt want to set up my new TMC Signature, Ive set up my Fluval Ebi: Lighting - 11w Standard Lighting and a 28w Desk Lamp (8 Hours a Day) Ferts - EI (the quantities recommended on AquariumPlantFood.co.uk) CO2 - FE (Running at around1.5bps on average, im...
  68. Richard Dowling

    What is "End of Tank Dump"

    Hi All, I have a 2kg FE with a 2 Guage Solenoid Regulator with adjustable working pressure and also a threaded knob next to where the CO2 tubing attaches which if you turn it releases or decreases flow (I think??) Ive just read about End of Cylinder Dump which is not something Ive ever heard...
  69. Richard Dowling

    Major Balls Up! Always Check your Deliveries!

    Major lesson learned today! Ive been planning a TMC Signature Tank with 1000ND Grobeam Lighting with controller. I ordered the lighting before the tank from a different company. I received the Lighting a month ago and as I didnt have the tank yet I stashed it away without checking it. I open...
  70. Richard Dowling

    Eleocharis Parvula

    Hi All, As Im going on holiday soon ive decided to hold off starting my TMC Signature and have a dry start practice on my Fluval Ebi. It is made up of Lava Rock, HC and Eleocharis Parvula. The dry start didnt go very well at all, the humidity was too low and all the plants above the reptile...
  71. Richard Dowling

    Dragon Stone - 10kg/20kg

    Hi All, The aquarium stores in my area are pretty poor for aquascaping equipment and materials. Getting decent substrate and rock is near on impossible. I have found good types of rock for sale online, one of which is dragon stone which has caught my eye. The issue with buying online is you...
  72. Richard Dowling

    Cheaply raising substrate level

    Hi All, I wondered what methods you all use to cheaply raise the level of your substrate. Considering the cost of substrates I would rather not have to buy large amounts in order to create sloping scapes, I wondered what I can lay beneath the substrate to raise it up that way. I have heard...
  73. Richard Dowling

    Lighting break kills algae! Any truth?

    Hi all, Ive just read on someones website that an hour long break in light each day kills algae. Apparently this is a new scientific discovery that plants can survive this hour long break but algae cant. Is there any truth in this because it sounds a bit hard to believe to me.
  74. Richard Dowling

    Tanked - Aquarium Reality TV Show

    Hey All, Ive found a reality TV show about an American custom aquarium company called AcrylicAquariums. Its called Tanked and is on Animal Planet. So far it all seems to be marine which is a shame. Its interesting to see all the strange designs they come up with though. You also get a good...
  75. Richard Dowling

    DIY Light Rail - Material/Size/Bender

    Hi all, If making a light rail to hold 2 x TMC 1000ND LED Tiles, can anyone advise on material and diameter of the pipe that I should use to ensure that the structure is strong enough? Ive looked at copper but as a soft metal I doubt its strength (although I dont think 1000ND tiles are all...
  76. Richard Dowling

    Resolved! RSS Feeds in Microsoft Outlook

    Hi All, Before the revamp of the webside I had started to use RSS Feeds integrated with Outlook (Microsofts Email Program) to keep track of posts in the UKAPS Forums. The RSS Feeds used to pop up showing the title of the posted thread and then it gave a snippet of the post that had been made...
  77. Richard Dowling

    Lily Pipe Sizing

    Hi All, Probably a common question that you are sick of answering, Im trying to choose Lily Pipes and the sizing has me scratching my head. I have 16/22mm Tubing and dont know what size the Lilys need to be... Ive seen some that say 12/16mm (which makes sense if the OD of the glass is 16...
  78. Richard Dowling

    Tetratec EX1200 (Running at reduced flow)

    Hi All, I have a Tetratec EX1200 filter which runs at 1200LPH. My next tank will likely be around 70 litres (60x45x25). I know that having flows over what the tank manufacturers say is usually a good thing for aquascapers but I would imagine this is a little excessive. On the tetratecs you...
  79. Richard Dowling

    Lighting for 60x45x30 Optiwhite

    Hi All, I will shortly be buying a 60x45x30 optiwhite and need some ideas for lighting. Unfortunately I dont have the means of suspending it from above so I think I'll need one that clips on the side. I dont really know what wattages to go for and what sort of unit to choose. Given the fairly...
  80. Richard Dowling

    Optiwhite Tanks and Lighting Guidance

    Hi All, Ive been away from the hobby for year or so due to having had a change of circumstance which led to me moving back with the parents (What a great year its been!!) Due to lack of space I was forced to take my tank down after my elderly minnows had died. I have just bought a new property...
  81. Richard Dowling

    Otos - 30L Suitable??

    Hi All, I am choosing some new fish for my 30L fluval ebi, Its got a fairly large piece of bogwood in it, java ferns and a little vallis and Alternanthera reineckii (which isnt doing too well under low light) Ideally Id love to have some Harlequins and Otos, both fish have really caught my...
  82. Richard Dowling

    Noisy CO2 Diffuser

    Hi All, This evening I have set up my first Pressurised system, All has gone well apart from the Diffuser. It is making a very loud hissing sound that is not even bearable! All of the CO2 is squeezing out of one small corner of the Ceramic Disk which is creating a sound similar to a toilet...
  83. Richard Dowling

    High Nitrates

    Hi All, Ive made quite a few changes to my aquarium in the last month including lighting upgrade, plant increases, Introduction of EI etc. I have tested the water twice this week with my 6 in 1 test strips and the Nitrates are showing as on or near 100mg/l. After the first test about 4 days...
  84. Richard Dowling

    Plant Choices - Help!

    Hi All, Ive been thinking about tank layouts and plants for what seems like months, Im not really getting anywhere. At the moment the tank is pretty bland and in pretty poor condition after a 2 week holiday and huge algae bloom as a result. I only have Vallis as I havnt started buying new...
  85. Richard Dowling

    Porous Brown substrate options

    Hi All, Im in the middle of planning a new tank layout and have ordered cO2, extra lighting etc. Plantwise I have pretty much decided on: Marsilea hirsuta Anubias barteri var. nana Sagittaria platyphylla Microsorum pteropus (attached to bog root wood) Im now weighing up my options for...
  86. Richard Dowling

    RIO 125 Lighting Upgrade

    Hi All, I have a Juwel Rio125 and have become more and more convinced that it has been designed without aquarium Plants needs in mind. I currently have the 80cm Lighting Unit with 2 x 18w T8 Bulbs...Which are Useless. I have considered paying about £100 for the 2 x 28w T5 Lighting Unit but I...
  87. Richard Dowling

    Ideal Ferts for Low Stocked Tank

    Hi All, This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions within this thread but I am looking for some advice based on my specific setup before I go spending any money on DIY Ferts. I have a Rio125 with 13 White Cloud Mountain Minnows in it. I currently have DIY CO2 and dose Profito...
  88. Richard Dowling

    Aquascape Design Ideas

    Hi All, Looking at the new pieces of rock and wood I have can anyone give me any suggestions about how to lay it out. Ive decided it all looked better in my hands at the shop but now ive got it in the tank im not so sure. I have got another piece of Samatra but its too much really (I...
  89. Richard Dowling

    What Size Lily Pipe for a 1200L/H

    Hi All, I will be getting a TetraTec EX1200 for my Rio 125 soon. Ive gone for a higher than necessary flow becuase I want to stay free of debris and algae that is currently a problem with my 600 L/H internal filter (Such a low flow is making aquascaping impossible). Do the Glass Lily Pipes have...