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  1. Nick_593

    Dead tree/ wood- how to make use of wood?

    Hi guys how can I use wood from a dead tree for an aquarium? The tree/ has been dead for years and dry as a bone. Any advice please? Sincerely, N Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  2. Nick_593

    Eleocharis yokoscensis info?

    Hi guys does anybody know any information about Eleocharis yokoscensis? I'm wondering if it is Eleocharis acicularis with a different classification? Apparently E. Yokoscensis is from China and Mongolia? If anyone knows how it grows that would be great? Or any more information please? I've...
  3. Nick_593

    Kessil light screws and spare parts?

    Hi does anyone know where I can get hold of some spare kessil light screws and a mounting plate for a kessil A160WE tuna sun? I've lost some screws and don't have the mounting plate for one of the lights. Thanks , Nick Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  4. Nick_593

    Where to buy Eleocharis parvula seeds?

    Hi does anyone know where I can get hold of some Eleocharis parvula seed? If anyone has any information regarding a source please let me know. :) Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  5. Nick_593

    Product Review ADA/ Evolution aqua 900 DIY cabinet blueprints?

    Hi does anyone have blueprints or any links to blueprints for a DIY ADA/ EA 900 aquarium cabinet? Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  6. Nick_593

    Does christmas moss attach itself to hardscape?

    Hi does Christmas moss attach itself to the hardscape, or rely on being constantly tied down? The posts I've read have been inconclusive. Thanks
  7. Nick_593

    Best moss for Kokedama/ wabi kusa?

    Hi I'm just wondering what the best option is to cover the outside of a kokedama moss ball? Are indigenous British forest mosses better use than say java moss for example? (any pros and cons?...).
  8. Nick_593

    Native British mosses for aquascaping?

    Hi are there any native British mosses that can be used in aquariums for aquascaping?
  9. Nick_593

    CO2 regulator leaking? //

    Hi there appears to be CO2 leaking from the back of the pressure dial on my CO2 regulator. I'm wondering if this a common fault with a CO2 regulator after several years?... and should I be concerned?. Thanks
  10. Nick_593

    Which fish readily breed successfully in planted tanks?

    Hi can someone give info on aquarium fish that will readily breed successfully in planted tanks? (Besides live bearers that is). Thanks
  11. Nick_593

    Where to get inline CO2 regulators? (Online)

    Hi does anyone know where I can get inline CO2 regulators, besides for CO2 ART (they are out of stock)? I am trying to avoid the inevitable CO2 dump. Thanks
  12. Nick_593

    Pond water dechlorinator V aquarium dechlorinator?

    Is pond water dechlorinator suitable for the aquarium? What are the pros and cons?
  13. Nick_593

    Where to get inline CO2 regulator?

    Hi does anyone know where to get and inline CO2 regulator, other than CO2 art as they don't have one in stock..)? Thanks
  14. Nick_593

    CO2 system advice please!

    Hi I have ran out of CO2 for my diy FE system and cannot get refills for another week or so.... so I need an alternative. Is it possible to fit a small welding regulator such as the one shown here 'Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide', on to disposable aquarium CO2 bottles, such as JBL etc...
  15. Nick_593

    Two single stage regulators prevent end of tank dump??

    Hi would two single stage regulators serve the same function as a dual stage regulator(?), and if so would this prevent end of tank dump? Thanks
  16. Nick_593

    Super glue to Java fern to wood?

    Hi I'm going to attach some Java fern to wood. I'm wondering if someone can recommend a brand/ type of Super-glue gel to use(?), as I don't want a white residue left on the wood if that's possible?.. Thanks
  17. Nick_593

    Terrestrial or aquatic moss for wabi kusa?

    Hi as title, would terrestrial moss or aquatic moss be best suited for a wabi kusa? Thanks
  18. Nick_593

    Best method/ equipmept to aerate (small) garden pond?

    Hi guys could someone recommend the best way to aerate a small garden pond, and what equipment will be best on a budget? Pond volume roughly 2500l. Thanks
  19. Nick_593

    Best pond goldfish/ koi food?

    Hi, I'm just wondering what the best food would be for some goldfish and koi carp for a pond? Also is feeding completely necessary as the fish have been getting on well so far? Thanks
  20. Nick_593

    Wabi Kusa questions??

    Hi guys, I have a bag of barley straw, a bag of sphagnum moss, and some ADA Aquasoil ready to use with making some Wabi Kusa balls. -I've read that ADA just use straw, stones and some moss? And other use just clay and moss, or sphagnum moss, stones and aquarium moss? I'm just wondering what...
  21. Nick_593

    Cyanobacteria disappearing on its own- any reason why?

    Hi, I have had a few weeks of tank neglect due to being away, and tank neglect was a bit poor prior to this also. - So, algae issues. .. But remedy isn't the problem. Strangely, it is/ has disappeared on its own. Symptoms were; front of aquarium glass and floor caked in different algae. -...
  22. Nick_593

    Wabi Kusa questions.. Anubius flowering?

    Hi guys, Has anyone had any success with Anubias flowering with a Wabi Kusa set-up?.. Also, what would anyone recommend for the main substance of the Wabi-Kusa ball's? 1-Clay, Sphagnum moss, etc 2- Stones, straw, and Sphagnum moss? Or a combination of all three?.. *Also, is digging up some...
  23. Nick_593

    Plant recommendation/ advice please? (Red tint'd background)

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a plant to add to the background of my tank. Currently there is a lot of green and I want to add some contrast. Ideally I want something as close looking to 'Heteranthera Zosterifolia' as possible, but with a red tint. Something that is a mix of green and red is...
  24. Nick_593

    Marine Aquarium advice?

    Hi guys. I am doing a study on some marine bioluminescence organisms and need to set up a 'Basic' marine aquaria set-up for the inhabitants. The specimens will be some Brittle stars & Hydrozoans. Could anyone recommend a basic set-up for keeping marine organisms? -Will a substrate be...
  25. Nick_593

    Dual stage CO2 regulators for Aquaria- CO2 Art?

    Hi guys. Has anyone had any experience with these CO2 regulators by any chance? Dual Gauged CO2 Regulator Aquarium Home Brew | CO2Art.co.uk - CO2 Aquarium Specialists Whats the quality like etc? (as their a lot cheaper than other ones I've seen)? Thanks a lot, Nick
  26. Nick_593

    Common problem with DIY FE?. Danger to fish and cylinder?

    Hi guys. I have had several occurrences where a huge surge of CO2 comes out of my DIY FE system (the Fire Extinguisher) when the levels of CO2 get too low in the FE. This has resulted in CO2 overdose in the tank, and the regulator freezing and becoming covered in ice. I have never been there...
  27. Nick_593

    Bioluminescence/ Fluroescence in Tropical marine Fish/ invertebrates?

    Hi guys. I have two questions; 1) Are there any freshwaters/ (or even marine fish or invertebrates), that produce bioluminescence? 2) How do certain fish in the hobby produce the light they produce? For example, German Blue Rams (etc), produce light. Is this Bioluminescence or...
  28. Nick_593

    Hydor Koralia UK- where to get replacement parts??.

    Hi guys, My Hydor Koralia 'nano impeller has broken. I haven't had it long, but don't have the receipt. 1) Does anyone know how to get in-touch with Hydor UK directly? 2) Does anyone know where I can get a replacement impeller? Thanks a lot, Nick
  29. Nick_593

    Protogynous hermaphroditism in Cardinal tertas (also other Tetras?).

    Hello everyone, Just made some observations with the fish I have in my tank. I have 8 Cardinal tetras in my tank, and there is always just one that is much larger than the others. A few weeks ago the largest one died, and within 4 to 8 days, one of the others grew to be much bigger than the...
  30. Nick_593

    Advice on photo/ video software for DSLR please?

    Hello everyone. Just bought my first DSLR, and been experimenting a bit today. Could anyone offer some advice on software for photo editing? Preferably best value for money, or even some free photo editing software if there's any out there? *What do most people tend to use? Thanks#!
  31. Nick_593

    Advice on suitable Cichlids for an aquascaped tank please?

    Hello everyone. I've decided I want to give up my community tank with tetras and cherry shrimp, and would rather have just two or three Chichlids in there. I walked in to an aquatics shop earlier and saw some Convict Cichlids, and thought how awesome they would look in my tank. But found out...
  32. Nick_593

    Camera advice please?

    Hi, I've read a few threads on here about cameras, and I think I'm going to invest in the Canon EOS 600D, which seems a pretty good camera.. Unless someone could recommend an equivalent for the same price range (this would be appreciated!)? Also, what do people think of SLR Hut as a camera...
  33. Nick_593

    Are there any Dwarf Cichlids suitable with Cherry shrimp?

    Hi, are there any Dwarf Cichlids out there that you can keep with cherry shrimp (preferably new world)? I'd like to keep some German Blue Rams, but the last ones I had ate the majority of the cherry shrimp in the tank. I'm looking for something else, possibly Keyhole Cichlids? Any suggestions...
  34. Nick_593

    Has anyone had any experience with these luminaires?

    I'm helping a mate out getting his tank together and I've been looking for a cheap luminaire for him as the tank is an open top 150l Clearseal (36"). I've just had a look around the forum and online and came across these. Seem like a bargain. http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/aquar ...
  35. Nick_593