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  1. Deano3

    EA 900 few questions

    Hi everyone as some of you may know i have ordered my tank and its due July so looking forward to that. I am still undecided on a few things, firstly I have a oase 600 thermo and i also have a eheim skim 350 I am undecided whether to use the skim as well as the oase with normal glass lily pipes...
  2. Deano3

    Lily pipes [emoji848]

    Hi everyone, i will be in need of some lily pipes soon for the oase 600 so be 16/22 mm any recomdations ? I already have a eheim skim so was going to use that opposote side to add a bit more flow in the 900 so i can eother use tradition lily pipes what create water movement on surface and...
  3. Deano3

    Twinstar S vs SA

    The only difference is the SA is adjustable as havnt seen in person so think i should go with the S as may look more pleasing as no need to adjust as going on a AS900 Any opinions Thanks dean Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  4. Deano3

    New tank EA aquascaper vs 90P

    Hi everyone i have sort of convinced the wife to let me have a larger tank [emoji16] my living room isnt the biggest so thinking of a 90cm, was going to go 60 but if i go straight for the 90 i wont have to upgrade [emoji849], i am unsure of ada 90p and cabinet prices anyone any idea ? Dont...
  5. Deano3

    Ship Rock

    Hi everyone hope you are all well and bot letting this crisis get you down to much [emoji4]. I rescaped my tank last week so though would quickly update you all, it took longer and i was more worn out than i thought i would be but got there in the end. Removed all plants and hardscape and put...
  6. Deano3

    Started rescape will it be ok until tomorro ? help needed please

    Hi everyone started my first rescape at 12 and think that was too late however was busy this morning, i have got all plants out and in bucket and all fish and shrimp in large container with filter running as in pic. I have now cleaned tank and ready to start trying hard scapes bit worried i...
  7. Deano3

    Help needed please neon tetra had large eye

    Can anyone help i went to feed fish and one seems to have one large eye and seems to be struggling to breath and just floating around looking generally unwel and also very dull colour ,looked online and seen popeye disease could this be that ? Think i need to remove him from tank and need a...
  8. Deano3

    Diffuser leaking from co2 tubing

    Jist setting up intank diffiser nano neo and cant get it to stop leaking from tubing, never had this problem before been using inline for ages but want to try intank. I am aware my co2 is getting low but pressure is at 30 and tried 40 psi. Also tried cutting the tubing and trying different...
  9. Deano3

    Horizon Aquatics Couldn't Recomend Highly Enough Amazing Shop Up North

    Hi everyone. I visited this shop today for the first time after hearing george farmer mention them and I was blown away, so I had to do a review and let you all know a little about there products. Horizon Aquatics is based up North just off the A1 at Newton Aycliffe, Durham. Firstly, even...
  10. Deano3

    Best place to buy redmoor

    Hi everyone i want to rescape soon and looking for redmoor, ebay have it quite cheap aswel as aquarium gardens etc any recommendations Thanks dean Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  11. Deano3

    Pod casts

    Hi everyone i have a samsung s10e and i remember reading about a pod cast with george farmer and a few other popular scapers does anyone know how i listen to these with app i need etc and were will i find. Thanks dean Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  12. Deano3

    Oase 250 thermo filter mods

    Hi everyone i currently have a oase 250 thermo on my tank, i am going to make a few changes to my filter i am going to change pre filter sponges to maybe the carbon ones once i find out what ppi they are as want more flow and hopefully help water quality. I am going to drill more holes on pre...
  13. Deano3

    Couple of general maintenance questions

    Hi everyone just a couple of daft questions that i have and havnt really seen answered. 1. After the lilly pipes have been cleaned and soaked in a bleach solution i normally rinse under the tap then re-fill the container i had them in with fresh water and add around 10ml of prime just...
  14. Deano3

    Spoke to soon

    Think i spoke to soon as update jurnal saying no algae issues however i spotted this on some of the 53b, my drop checker could maybe be a little lighter at lights on so will up it and flow seems good i think it is either staghorn or bba i have a 45p and usually dose 2ml excel daily. Should i...
  15. Deano3

    Small 12mm inlet with skimmer wanted

    Hi everyone i have a 45p but get surface film and would love a skimmer but a surface skimmer is visable in the back so would love one on my inlet but i think the aquascaper set looks far to large in this tank. I seen a set on a forum members jurnal (luis cardosa) as below that look amazing but...
  16. Deano3

    How do i carry out a rescape.

    Hi everyone as title suggests i am wanting to rescape my tank current 45p as just not happy with it any more however i dont have another tank so i was thinking could i remove all livestock and put into a plastic container box with tank water amd thermo filter then remove all the harscape and...
  17. Deano3

    What fish to get

    Hi everyone i vurrently have a 45p setup and have 11 neon tetras and some ottos and shrimp. Happy with ottos and shrimp however the neons dont seem to shoul very well, i would also like a snaller fish. I am sure i could get rid or give away the neons but not sure what to replace with if i...
  18. Deano3

    How often to feed fish and otos

    Hi everyone just curious if feed fish daily and how often do you drop courgette or red pepper in to tank for otos ? Lastly can i cut up courgette then freeze as dont want to waste it all. Thanks dean Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  19. Deano3

    Need help with twinstar controller

    Hi everyone i am trying to set lights using my twi star controller the same one juris used but i can never seen to manage. All i want to do is lights on at 14.00 at 90 percent then up to 100 percent for 2 hours then back to 90 percent and go off at 20.00 I tried setting as follows No1...
  20. Deano3

    Co2 amount being injected

    Hi everyone just recently i seem to have had to turn my co2 up ever so slightly and seems very high for a 45p. Its currently too fast to count maybe 4-5bps i am aware that harder water requires more but seems very high as some of amanos are 1bps. Lately the drop checker is dark green/blue at...
  21. Deano3

    Product Review Intank vs inline

    Just wondering everyones opinion on this i currently have inline diffuser but the misty tank is quite annoying so thinking about going intank as now have better flow as tried this before inline and couldnt get drop checker correct colour. Should you be able to use same ampunt of co2 ? If i go...
  22. Deano3

    Moss and light coloured plant questions

    Hellow everyobody hope your all doing well. My first question is how to keep moss tight onto wood ? I originally glued it on and then its grown and i find pieces of it all over the tank and its quite frustrating. I know some people use thread os this the best way just keep adding thread onto it...
  23. Deano3

    Green thread algae

    Hi everyone, had tank running for around a month now and just added 2 ottos, and did a big clean of prefiler etc yesterday bit seem to be gettkng a lot of spiderweb type algae must be thread algae. Any recomendations of how to rid it apart from maintenence and seems to grow fast. I will also be...
  24. Deano3

    How long before adding shrimp or fish

    Hi everone i have had my tank running for around a month now or a little less and wanting to start adding a clean up crew and give bairns something to look at. I currently have a 45p i am eventually wanting a shoul of green tetras as love these fish or maybe something smaller if anyone has any...
  25. Deano3

    How often to clean inline diffuser

    Hi everyone how often do you clean the inline diffuser and do you just soak in cup with 50/50 bleech and water for few hours or so then put in clean water with capfull of prime ? Thanks again Dean Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  26. Deano3

    How long does co2 last

    By this i mean i have just got 2 fire extinguishers from work what were going to waste as one part has shut down and one FE was filled in 2018 and one was filled in 2012, its been tested since a few times but should it be fine to use ? Co2 is co2 i cant see why not. Thanks dean Sent from my...
  27. Deano3

    What is low light on a twinstar 450e

    Hi everyone what would be classed as low light on a 45p with twinstar 450e light? I have at 30 percent at the minute until my filter arrives and inline diffuser so can get proper co2 distribution. Thanks dean Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  28. Deano3

    Diffuser on inlet or outlet ?

    Hi everyone sure this has been discussed a few times but i am purchasing a oase thermo 250 do most people put jnline diffuser on the inlet or the outlet. I am sure if on outlet more visable bubbles in tank but if i put on the inlet does it create more sound and air bubbles or co2 in the filter...
  29. Deano3

    Co2 art inline diffuser

    Anyone using this diffuser from co2 art , as i am trying to make my ph drop and struggling with in tank diffuser. Thinking of buying one and also i dont like the look of the in tank diffuser. Thanks dean Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  30. Deano3

    Nano 13mm outlet

    Hi everyone i am looking for a 13mm nano glass lily pipe i can find nano inlets but not outlets. Any one know were to find any ? I have a 45p and normal size looks large in the aquarium. Thanks dean Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  31. Deano3

    3rd Time Lucky 45p

    Hi everyone, i have been a member here for a long time however due to lack of time with 2 kids etc i wasnt around and got rid of all my aquarium gear plus the fact i never manged to get the plants growing sufficiently. I started with a 60f then went to a 60p. I am now determind to make it...
  32. Deano3

    Aquascaping tools

    Hi everyone currently buying all bits and bobs i need, i need aquascaping tool recomendations last time i had a cheap set from ebay and seemed to do the job but any mid-range from here in uk that are better quality ? Also need a ph pen so any recomendations welcome. Thanks dean Sent from my...
  33. Deano3

    Need 45P cabinet plans

    Hi everyone, recenelty purchased a 45p from gary and looking forward to setting up, in the past i done a whole jurnal on my ada 60p cabinet, i am going to do another one for this tank but need some plans of anyone has them ? Last time i used mdf but think going to use ply this time as most...
  34. Deano3

    Oase thermo 600 vs fluval g6

    Hi everyone i know there is a few threads about the oase filters i am just after your opinions. i have recently purchased a fluval g6 and looks brand new apparently only been used for 3 weeks. However i am thinking about getting a aquascaper 900 cannot decide bwetween the 900 or 600 (900 means...
  35. Deano3

    Got the itch again and need a new tank

    Hi everyone hope everyone is well, I have been a member on here for years and been lurking a lot lately, I had a ada 60p but always had problems and also the kids came along so had less time for the tank etc. The kids are now a better age and are in bed for half 7 so should always have time for...
  36. Deano3

    Best marine aquarium forum ?

    Hi everyone i have been thinking of looking into marine setup and want a forum thats as helpful and busy as thos one any one tried many ? I am on ultimate reef but not sure what one busiest and most helpful any opinions Thanks dean Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  37. Deano3

    Best all in one nano setup

    Hi everyone hope things are well, i am wanting a nano tank for my kitchen counter something easy and low ish maintence , sold the 60f etc as disnt have time with 2 kids running around and banging it haha but now want a small tank for a few fiah maybe even a betta as love them but could i have...
  38. Deano3

    What do you use for water changes

    hi everyone just curious to how and what you use for water changes, I have always used a small length of hose and just hovered it above the substrate picking up detritus and it drains into bucket, then to refill I have been getting the garden hose and connecting to my square mixer tap with a...
  39. Deano3

    How to dry aqua soil ?

    Hi everyone as title says how do I dry out my aqua soil ? Last time I put out in sun but no sun this time [emoji20] any help welcome it's ada Amazonia aqua soil Thanks dean Thanks Dean
  40. Deano3

    Plant-less scape

    Hi everyone didn't know weather to put this in the journals section as not planted (for now) anyway the bairn is dying for fish [emoji4] which is fair enough as been wanting plants to flourish for ages and due to another child that's nearly 1 tank has been sitting with nothing happening anyway...
  41. Deano3

    Plantless aquarium help

    Hi everyone i have been thinking about setting up my 60p was going to go low tech but inhave decided to go totally plantless but have a few questions, hopefully my enheim 2324 thermo filter will be enough if remove some media if not will use fluval g6 after i buy new heater and pipes, I will...
  42. Deano3

    Setting up my Ada 60 f-p again

    Hi everyone not been on for a while as just had baby girl 10 month ago and life been a bit busy haha, anyway I am wanting a tank setup and Fish [emoji1] I had troubles in past with not much growth but hopefully I with your help can over come it, anyway I am unsure weather to use my ada 60f or...
  43. Deano3

    Best plants for shallow low tech

    Hi everyone I am wanting to plant my ada 60f and it's very shallow I want carpet so most likely Monte Carlo but what about easy low tech plants ? Some Anubis but any other recommendations ? I will have c02 but on low just to help a little but want east and small plants , I like crypts etc but...
  44. Deano3

    Anyone used borneowild lily pipes

    Just looking at borneowild steel lily pioes anyone used them or any experience with them ? Do they not rust etc Thanks dean
  45. Deano3

    Low or high tech ? Hhhhmmmmmn

    Hi all we'll not had any time lately and been looking at reef for a while but so expensive so maybe in future and have all equipment for freshwater so giving it another shot big question is low or high tech ? I purchased 2 50cm tmc aquabars not long ago complete with adjusters so have a lot of...
  46. Deano3

    Best location for inline attomiser

    Hi sure this has most likely already been discussed but I would like the attomiser in the cabinet but remember reading ita best close to tank is that correct ? Inline heater is in cabinet and then would like attomiser also or would the bubbles join together in the tubing up to tank ? Also...
  47. Deano3

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hello there most if you probably know I am current doing a Ada 60p but had problems lately let's firstly say at first I was doing daily 50% water changes and then started every other day( have to do on night as work early) my tank started like this I have 1 aquabar 50cm on 100% (currently...
  48. Deano3

    too much flow ?

    Hi is there such a thing as too much flow ? I have a ada 60p and using a fluval g6 filter as flow is quite large but should this stop any plant growing ? maybe not allow the co2 to settle on leaves just I have seen good growth in the slower flow areas but never heard anyone complaining about to...
  49. Deano3

    Serial number tmc aquabar ?

    Hi trying to register product but cannot find serial anywhere found batch code on the label on cable but no serial ? anyone know were it is Thanks dean
  50. Deano3

    Will plants be ok for few days ?

    Hello everyone I should be receiving my plants today from green machine and it got dispatched Saturday or Friday, only problem is I am working 12 hour shifts and not off till Thursday so whats beat way to keep the plants alive and healthy until planting ? Remove from packaging and keep misting ...
  51. Deano3

    Tmc aquabar or grobeam

    Hi all I am just wondering the difference from the tmc grobeam 600 twin to the aquabars ? are the aquabar less intense its for my ada 60p Thanks dean
  52. Deano3

    Nano or small 17mm lily pipes

    Hi all I am soon setting up a 60p and have a fluval G6 filter I will be using only thing is I don't want large 17mm lily pipes I antes smaller nano pipes is there any small 17mm lily pipes any one knows of ? was contemplating reducing to 13mm but don't want to loose too much flow and damage the...
  53. Deano3

    Fluval G6 pipe size reduction

    Hi all I recently purchased a fluval G6 and seems excellent but setting up tank soon so ordering all bits and bobs only thing is it is for a ADA 60p and don't want large 17mm lily pipes on tanks as will looks huge so want Nano ones, I currently have Nano gush lily pipe inlet and waiting for...
  54. Deano3

    Fluval G6 pipe size ?

    Hi everyone just purchased a fluval G6 but not sure what size the tubing is ? Awaiting for it to arrive in the post but will have to order a hydor inline heater and not sure Wat size to get, also it's for my Ada 60p Wat size heater you think 200w or 300w Thanks Dean
  55. Deano3

    Half Barrel Pond

    Hello all I did my garden last year and not much more to do but been looking and interested in half barrel small pond. loads of examples online but found no journals or how-to videos or anything does anyone have one any info or pics or advice would be great Thanks dean
  56. Deano3

    Deans 60p

    Hellos everyone well it's time to start a new journal another Ada 60p lol as many of you know I had a Ada 60f and didn't have much luck but hopefully more luck with this, I really like the height and size of this one, so hopefully turns out good, sure with everyone help and advice will work out...
  57. Deano3

    anyone used beamswork ligh unit

    Hi I am fancying getting led light unit for my 60p was thinking maybe tmc tile or tmc grobeam 600 but are very expensive along with maxspect razor any used these before Aquarium LED 12"--36" Beamswork Light Freshwater Tropical Fish Cichlid Hi Lumen | eBay I currently have 2x24w t5s (when tank...
  58. Deano3

    DIY Project DIY ADA Style Aquarium Stand

    Hi all I just purchased an ADA 60p I have found 1 or 2 other journals with cabinet but not many I am ok at DIY and built a cabinet not long ago from old pallets but really want a ADA style one and seems MDF if the material to use, firstly I would like to get a thick mdf as better to be safe...
  59. Deano3

    How to clean glass ?

    Hello just took down my 60f and various scratches in the tank I usually quote algae off with a card then use a scouring pad tool with a handle to scrape off the white line around top but maybe I got some algae trapped in at some point just wondering how you clean glass Thanks Dean
  60. Deano3

    Difference in atomisers ?

    I have an up aqua inline like this UP Inline CO2 Atomizer 12/16mm (D-508-12) but then seen these on someone's journal is it a newer better updated model UP Inline Small Super CO2 Atomizer 12/16mm (D-519-12-S) just curious Thanks Dean
  61. Deano3

    Why is bigger plant mass better ?

    Just a quick question many people say bigger plant mass the better is it because they use all nutrients and oxygenate the water ? Thanks Dean
  62. Deano3

    Nano diffuser recommendations please

    Hi I want to try an in tank diffuser for my shallow nano any recommendations of one from aqua essentials etc ? Thanks Dean
  63. Deano3

    Easy Aqua Lily Pipe Outflow 13mm size?

    Hi I am after a new lily pipe I have a gush nano inlet but broke my outlet and like the look of this one and its £10 cheaper has anyone got one as I only have a 18cm deep tank and need to know the height and size any pics would be great Thanks dean
  64. Deano3

    best place to buy eheim suction cups

    Hi does anybody else have this problem after a while the outer edges of suction cups turn up so less contacting surface of glass and eventually very weak ? also were is best place to buy the flea bay ? Thanks dean
  65. Deano3

    Spraybar in a shallow aquarium

    Hi everyone I am wondering if anyone has used a spraybar in shallow aquarium don't think I am having much luck with mine, I know they work well in a deeper tank but my tank is only 18cm deep without substrate and its hard to angle without surface movement and loosing co2 I am thinking if getting...
  66. Deano3

    BPS Dropping Daily ?

    Hi everyone I have a 2kg FE with a dupla pro armatur regulator and I have set at high bps at the minute, but found drop checker dark green and found the bubbles per second much slower than other day its happened a few times, I marked the needled valve handle to make sure wasn't slowly turning...
  67. Deano3

    will any tubing do for co2

    Hi quick question I have been having a slight problem and need to run a 6mm internal diameter pipe from regulator to a 6-4mm reducer and into the normal 4mm pipe only be a small length of 6mm but could I use any 6mm pipe or does it need to be co2 proof Thanks dean
  68. Deano3

    Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

    Hi everyone I need help big clown (andy) has already helped massively but still don't know the thread size, the black bit in the image its the bit from reg to co2 airline, been all over BOC, pneumatic shops Cromwell's, pritec, but nothing yet I finally have the new one but rubbish...
  69. Deano3

    Want to build cabinet help needed

    Hi anyone know any good websites or journals on here what give explinations or help om building cabinet, I am ok ay DIY and have all the tools just ant to know best design for strength, only a shallow 30l so doesn't need to be super strong any help welcome found kirks but not many pics New...
  70. Deano3

    Betta cube with Practical Fish Keeping

    just letting everyone who didn't already know subscribe to pfk now and get betta cube Subscribe to PFK and save - and get a Betta Cube tank! | Blog | Practical Fishkeeping not sure if any good but letting you know Thanks Dean
  71. Deano3

    What height should my lights be ?

    Hi all I am just wanting some information from the experts I know that every tank is different and I don't know what par readings I am getting but just some opinions would be great , I have a ada 60f shallow aquarium and my lighting unit is a Hagen glo light unit with 1x 24w power glo bulb, I...
  72. Deano3

    ADA 60fs Last Chance

    well today set about destroying my old scape as didn't go well and starting new one tanks ADA 60f Filter eheim professional thermo 2324 Lights 24w hagen life glo bulb plants list Hc lilaeopsis Mauritiana donated generously by ldcgroomer Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' repens pics in progress...
  73. Deano3

    New to photography help needed

    Hi all been a member for a while and still battling algae but some of the pics on here are breath taking and my images are rubbish lol I only have a Nikon Coolpix and impossible to get close ups of algae to show on the forums so think I may have to upgrade :) don't have huge amount of money at...
  74. Deano3

    Best external filter pipe position

    Hi I am having small algae problem and few people said to change lily pipe position, at the min I have them at the front at opposite sides of tank, its a ADA 60f so very shallow and cannot put at rear of tank just at the front so is it best to be side by side or opposite ? pics in journal if...
  75. Deano3

    Algae help needed

    Hi all I am having a small problem with algae it is hair like and seems to clog up my hair grass and web from strand to strand not much at minute and camera not good enough to see it but will try to get a pic, I haven't changed anything lately except up my co2 slightly as planted more hair grass...
  76. Deano3

    Prefilter for Lilly pipes

    Hi been told about pre filters lately and think a great idea to save cleaning out the full filter etc, one problem I have a shallow tank and nice gush lilly pipes so don't want one on there, is there any that attack onto the pipes in a small just before the main filter that are any good ? or...
  77. Deano3

    First full clean help needed

    hi all I am doing my first full tank clean later I have no fish in there yet just plants I was planning to clean the Lilly pipes first also the filter tubing is brown inside but not sure if can clean this , I do t have a brush but was going to soak in a bleach solution but how much bleach to hot...
  78. Deano3

    Up aqua inline diffuser problem

    Hi all I have a problem I think I looked at my up aqua inline diffuser this morning as no mist in the tank and it wasn't making sizzling noise bubble counter was working fine then into check valve what I replaced to make sure not that, took off pipe at diffuser and co2 there but the thing is...
  79. Deano3

    Cannot get co2 tubing onto beetle counter

    Hi can anyone help, i am struggling to get my co2 tubing onto the beetle counter, seems to be same size and even with vasoline on and heating with boiling water from kettle still not enough thinking about heating with lighter slightly but i know it will weaken pipe, any ideas ? Thanks Dean
  80. Deano3

    Few newbie co2 questions

    Hi all i am still awaiting my regulator to arrive and i now have my FE and drop cheacker + solution and diffuser and some one way valves, i have a small ADA 60 f currently dry starting with hair grass carpet and the light unit is hagen glo 2 x 24 w, i have a few questions often do you...
  81. Deano3

    Fe regulator help

    Hi all i am planning on setting up a fire extinguished co2 setup for my ada 60f does this regulator look ok ... 1423.l2649 everyone says look for a adjustable one but it doesnt say this one does say but more expensive and from hong kong...
  82. Deano3

    Co2 check valves

    Hi I am just wondering about check valves there is loads a plastic ones on eBay 10 for 2.50 and they say for co2 air pumps are these ok cause they always have co2 in title then say air pumps or will they all be ok Thanks Dean
  83. Deano3

    ADA 60F iwagumi

    Hi all i have been around for while posting questions and reading other people posts i am finally getting round to mine but will be a long process, i have a ADA 60F and a cabinet i purchased from ikea what is very sturdy and practical for all the bits and bobs and only £35, i plan a iwagumi...
  84. Deano3

    Does my setup sound ok ?

    well my tank final arrived the other day, i will eventually be doing a jurnal and looking forward to getting started, i have asked many questions and had great anwsers and learned a lot, below i have made a list of my equipment Tank-ada 60-f lighting-hagen glo light unit 2x 24w (going to have...
  85. Deano3

    What substrate to use?

    Hi all my ADA 60-F should be here any day now , i am planning a iwagumi style aquarium and planting dwarf hair grass and a longer grass in the back behind rocks, i dont have a clue on what substrate to purchase or how much to buy the tank dimentions are 60cm X 30cm X 18cm (24in X 12in X 7in), i...
  86. Deano3

    Aqua scape tools

    Hi can anyone recommend decent set of aquarium tools or what would you recommend I need before my aquarium arrives to trim and plant my carpet ? What general tools are best but don't want to spend a fortune , obviously I will need scissors and tweezers but what would you recommend Thanks Dean
  87. Deano3

    new to ferts?

    Hi all i am currently awaiting my ada 60f aquarium and want to do a iwagumi style aquarium carpted with glosso and maybe some grasses, i will be making a homemade FE co2 setup but have never used first and been reading that they are very importnat, i currently have a bottle of flourish excel but...
  88. Deano3

    13mm lily pipes ?

    Hi i am after some 13mm inlet and oulet pipes for my ehein 2324 was wondering if anyone has purchased from ebay like these ones ... 3a4a905a94 or would you advise buying from AE or TGM but i can get a set for the price i can get one , just wondering if...
  89. Deano3

    How much rock to order ?

    Hi i have a few general question as you know i am in process of buying all the parts for my planted aquarium i now have my filter and ada 60-f on order and awaiting a friend posting out a hagen glo t5 light unit, i am ordering all my co2 parts at end of month, the tank is 60cm long i want...
  90. Deano3

    fish for ADA60F

    Hi all i am new to the the planted tank and have a ada 60-f on order (38l), i want a iwagumi style aquarium with a nice carpet be a while before setting up juts getting a general idea on fish and what and how many i can have, i would like to have a nice shoal of fish i really like neon tetras ...
  91. Deano3

    ADA 60f lighting ?

    Hi all i am new to this and trying to find out what lighting to use for my aquarium i have on order ada 60f, i plan on a iwagumi style awuarium as i want a nice carpet and i will be using co2, its a shallow tank but dont have a clue what lighting to use LED or tubes, was meant to be getting a...
  92. Deano3

    FE co2 system questions

    ok i now have my heater and filter and tank ordered :thumbup: now onto my next question i have already asked questions about paintball co2 then decided to go with FE instead, coing to order a 2kg co2 fire extinguisher and now a few questions firstly is it best to buy a regulator with solenoid...
  93. Deano3

    Thermo filter by eheim any good ?

    Hi all i am currently buying all my parts for aquarium i have ordered a ADA 60f only 8.5 gallons i am trying to decide weather to use a fluval 206 with hydor inline heater 200w or buying a all in one unit like Eheim Professionel 2324 External Filter with Heater .any one used these and whats you...
  94. Deano3

    New Aquarium questions help needed

    Hi every one i have now ordered my aquarium an ADA 60F looking forward to it arriving,but not until end of month, i plan on buying heater and filter hopefully a inline hydor 200w but still not sure on filter maybe fluval 206 i still have a few questions about equipment, i am also getting a glo...
  95. Deano3

    Paintball co2 setup help needed

    Hi all i am after setting up my first proper aquarium i am going to be purchasing a ada 60-f i want my tank using co2 something like this viewtopic.php?f=35&t=15405&start=10 or this ... p?t=115850 does annyone have one similar ? dont want a large FE as...
  96. Deano3

    ADA 60-f or same dimention tank

    Hi all i am new to this hobby i started a year ago and got a fluval spec all set up and still going fine but not had time to do anything else now i would like a larger tank but not huge as limited space , i really would like a ada 60f as really like the size and i would love a carpet and iwagumi...
  97. Deano3

    Do i need co2 also a few general questions

    Hi all i have been posting many questions lately about my fluval ebi, i havnt got it set up yet because was wanting co2 setup and been enquiring about a regulator but i think i might leave co2 for now as i am new to this,the light with the ebi is 11w fluval compact light (some ppl says its a 13w...
  98. Deano3

    what is best regulator to buy

    Hi need a regulator with solenoid for my nano i have read and heard the the aqua up ones from ebay are good any links would be great i want it for a paintball canister but not puschased that yet thanks Dean
  99. Deano3

    what happens if power goes out

    Hi there i currently have my fluval spec around 8l and i am going to be setting up my fluval ebi 30l were i live in north east we often seem to have power cuts sometimes last for hours, never thought about it til recently what would happen or wat should i do if heater and everyhting goes off ...
  100. Deano3

    Paintball canister co2 setup

    Hi all i am still researching a co2 setup for my fluval ebi i know lots of ppl done fire extinguisher setups but i have seen these set ups ... s-127.html using paintball canister setups has anyone done this type of setup i am interested beacue it is...