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  1. sa80mark

    Inspirational Cube layouts

    Thats the same problem I had :(
  2. sa80mark

    Inspirational Cube layouts

    I struggled finding many what I call proper planted cubes when I was looking for my nano cube the only real pointers I can give is search google images with searches like Planted cube High tech planted cube Planted cube aquarium And as many other variations you can think of :)
  3. sa80mark

    Anubias on Bogwood

    Super glue gel ;) or cable ties work well, they look horrible but in a few weeks you should be able to remove them :)
  4. sa80mark

    Draft for new scape

    Absolutely beautiful, I wouldn't need a tank if could draw half as well as that, very impressive :)
  5. sa80mark

    IAPLC top 27

    Nice find :)
  6. sa80mark

    New Aquascaping book by Oliver Knott and Chris Lukhaup

    Here you go, ive got it in my watch list :) "AUTOGRAPHED" Aquascaping - Handbook for new aquascapers (Oliver Knott) | eBay
  7. sa80mark

    Moroni Rock

    Ive just done a search " moroni rock aquarium " and theres a few aquatic shops selling it, doesnt mean it is safe but id guess if there selling it, it should be ?
  8. sa80mark

    Aquascaping a small bowl

    Very nice shape and size have you considered a wabi kusa ?
  9. sa80mark

    placing heavy objects in

    Egg create for me to
  10. sa80mark

    help needed

    Ive spent all day playing around with my mini landscape rock for me dennerle 30l cube, ive made a wooden box (with no front) the same dimensions as my tank so I dont scratch or smash the tank but im having a real problem trying to create anything that looks good, I kind of know what im trying...