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  1. JamesC

    I'm Giving Up With Trying to Keep Shrimp

    Plant distributors often add copper sulphate to control snail and pest populations. New plants should always be rinsed prior to putting in your tanks as copper and shrimp don't mix at all well. James
  2. JamesC

    amano and TPN+

    I don't think anybody has tested the theory so it's hard to say. A lot depends on what you mean by over dosing and also what tank setup you have. TPN+ does contain ammonium so this will cause problems if allowed to build up. Dosing high levels of TPN+ on a new setup can and has for some people...
  3. JamesC

    I'm Giving Up With Trying to Keep Shrimp

    It could be something in the tap water. Cherry shrimp are tuff little things and it takes quite a bit of abuse to kill them. I've found they can take pretty high CO2 levels. Once I overdosed CO2 and all the fish were showing signs of distress but the cherry's carried on as normal without a care...
  4. JamesC

    Why don't my cherries breed?

    Try adding an indian almond leaf. Often does wonders in getting them and some fish species to breed. James
  5. JamesC

    how red are your cherry reds.

    Range from a deep blood red all over to grey. James
  6. JamesC

    Iodine for shedding?

    Wouldn't have thought that adding iodine to the water would make much difference unless shrimp absorb it, but I could be wrong. By far the best thing to do is to feed them iodine rich foods. Aqua Essentials sell shrimp food or you could feed them some blanched spinach. James
  7. JamesC

    shrimp with only one claw

    Lucky shrimp :D especially if it was a single malt to match his claw. Another possibility is that some shrimp do appear to have only one claw but if you look closer you should see that there are in fact two, but one is larger. Ghost shrimp are an example of this -...
  8. JamesC


    Dragonfly larvae. I'd get them out asap as they can eat small fish. I have heard reports that they can catch fish about twice their own size and also can bite your finger and draw blood. James
  9. JamesC

    All hail the nerite snail

    Impressive :shock: James
  10. JamesC

    Invert safe wormer?

    I didn't know that. I used it a few years ago now so I supposed I used the old one. What's the website for the wormerplus? Paul Fox will know more about it I'm sure. EDIT: Just looked for it. Seems as though Flubenol has vanished. Even Paul's website is no longer. James
  11. JamesC

    Invert safe wormer?

    I've used Flubenol 15 in the past, but it does kill snails. Seemed perfectly safe with my shrimp. James
  12. JamesC


    My experience of shrimp is that they are pretty tough as long as water conditions are very good. I've five times overdosed excel for three days with no obvious effect on shrimp and also three times overdosed for one week with no probs. There is copper in the traces but I've never really noticed...
  13. JamesC


    Lovely snails and have often been tempted if it wasn't for those blinking hard to remove eggs they leave all over the place. James
  14. JamesC


    I brought 8 cherry shrimp just over a year ago and I find them fascinating to watch. Their numbers have increased many fold now and they always seem to be out and about feeding. When I first brought them they had a hint of red to them but they are now a lovely deep red colour. Well worth the...