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  1. JamesC

    Fish death survey

    I lost one but it was a cardinal that was about 6 years old. James
  2. JamesC


    Spot on :thumbup:
  3. JamesC


    Not sure what test kits you use but all the ones the ones I've come across measure NO3 and not NO3 as N. So if your test kit reads 20ppm then you have 20ppm NO3 plus or minus some %. What you may be getting confused with is that NO3 test kits measure total N as mentioned by Polly and not just...
  4. JamesC


    Either plant heavily from the start and add fish slowly with plenty of water changes or fishless cycle first in the dark and then add the plants and fish once the fishless cycle has completed. A fishless cycle done correctly shoudn't take more than 2 to 3 weeks. Just adding plants and leaving...
  5. JamesC

    Fish are throwing a fit

    When CO2 is too high fish don't always gasp at the surface. They appear 'drunk' due to lack of O2 to the brain. Different fish show more signs of this than others. Could be the warmer weather and higher tank temperatures that have just tipped the balance for you. I'd reduce the CO2 level a tad...
  6. JamesC

    Fish are throwing a fit

    Sounds a bit like CO2 poisoning. Do you inject CO2 into this tank? James