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  1. JamesC

    FOF Iwagumi Challenge - POLL

    A toss up between 2 and 4. Went with 4 but would have gone with 2 if the rocks were higher and more pronounced. James
  2. JamesC

    Stopping redmoor from floating

    Supposedly soaking wood in a solution of baking soda speeds up the process of making it sink. James
  3. JamesC

    Is this wood safe?

    I'd agree, definitely not suitable. James
  4. JamesC

    lime stone

    It was a standard KH4 solution. It was the same tank. One week with low KH water, emptied and filled up with high KH water for a week, and then emptied again and filled up with low KH water. The difference wasn't that great but still noticeable. James
  5. JamesC

    lime stone

    I find this very interesting and agree that it is the case. I talked about this before and was shot down for it. Recently I did and experiment with a tank with very low KH of 1 and one with a high KH of 15. Kept CO2 bubble rate exactly the same and found the one with the low KH had a lighter...
  6. JamesC

    120cm - Harlequins' Haven

    Actually those figures aren't strictly correct. I calculated the amount N as if it all comes from NO3, but as TPN+ contains an ammonium compound, some of this N is derived from there, so the NO3 figure will be lower. The N content will be the same though. James
  7. JamesC

    120cm - Harlequins' Haven

    Each dosing of 5ml per 50 litres TPN+ adds 6ppm NO3 and 0.4ppm PO4. So if George's tank is 200 litres then each 5ml daily does will add 1.5ppm NO3 and 0.1ppm PO4. That amount should work fine in this setup. Plus it gets a good dose of NO3 and PO4 from each water change courtesy of his local...
  8. JamesC

    AquaScaping World - online aquascaping magazine

    Looks very professional and informative. Thanks for posting James
  9. JamesC

    120cm NA

    Nice one George. What happen's in six months time when Jeremy wants his tank back? James
  10. JamesC

    PFK Tank

    It can and does work very well at times. Not quite sure why it's called PPS-Pro because it's just PMDD with some PO4 added to it. It is nothing new and has been around for many years. I tried it a few months ago and very soon realised it's shortcomings. The amounts were calculated by how much...
  11. JamesC

    Dave`s 60cm Iwagumi.

    Spectacular Dave. Plants look very healthy. I've got a terrible eye for scaping but the one thing that strikes me is how symmetrical it looks, left to right. Well done James
  12. JamesC

    Oliver Knott

    One of Oliver Knott's themed landscapes. Some of them are very good, but not quite so convinced with this one. James