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  1. JamesC

    Born Again Skateboarder

    Hard to believe but I've taken up skateboarding again after a 30 break. My 9 year old son brought a skateboard with his xmas money and so I dug out my old boards from the garage. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed from before so have now treated myself to a new board. Things have come a long way...
  2. JamesC

    Saw at Thorpe Park

    Being a Merlin annual pass holder I've got exclusive tickets to the preview opening of 'Saw - The Ride' this Friday 13th at Thorpe Park. Should be great fun. I'm just a big kid really. Anyone else from here going? http://www.thorpepark.com/photos-saw.php James
  3. JamesC

    Police probe called off after officers spot something fishy

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/suffolk/7829380.stm James
  4. JamesC

    Hotmail email

    Microsoft seem to have gone overboard on their Hotmail accounts. I'm unable to send email to any Hotmail accounts which is a right royal pain. Anyone else here getting the same problem? Did a Google and found a large number of other people having exactly the same problem. James
  5. JamesC

    Google Chrome

    Decided to give Google's new Chrome browser a whirl and am extremely impressed with it. Still in beta so has a few things to iron out but IMHO it is the way to go with it's simplicity. I now use it all the time. Have used a few browsers in my time and so far this is the one I like most. Started...
  6. JamesC

    Stealth at Thorpe Park

    Anybody here been on Stealth at Thorpe Park? For those that have no idea what I'm on about - http://www.themeparks-uk.com/thorpe_park_stealth.html. It's the highest roller coaster in Europe. I'm addicted to it. The new improved Stealth accelerates you from 0 to 80 mph in 1.8 seconds and then...