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  1. Brian Murphy

    Twinstar 900sa

    I see on your website that it is not in stock, would be able to give me an idea as to when it will back in stock? Also wanted more info on the dimmable attachment, if there is one for the s model?
  2. Brian Murphy

    Where to buy Twinstar in uk?

    Where has in stock twinstar nano2 for 300 litre plus?
  3. Brian Murphy

    Najas roraima

    Just received some in the post and was wondering if anyone on here had any experience with it? Doesn't seem to be much searching google. I have read that it was introduced from japan in 2009 and is quite rare. I have planted it at the back and hoping it does well
  4. Brian Murphy

    Feedback Very Happy!

    Just wanted to say that I was very impressed when I ordered 4 x hortilab staurogyne repens around 2pm and received them next day to Northern Ireland. Love quick deliveries. Well done Aquarium Gardens :thumbup:
  5. Brian Murphy

    Biggest dj gig to date!

    Not sure if anyone is into the Dance music scene or not but anyone that knows their Oldskool music would have heard of a few of these guys .... and Im djing on the same bill! Super excited! My dj name is DaMuff also on mixcloud if anyone wants hear any of my mixes
  6. Brian Murphy

    Any plants for sale?

    Just been on the Co2art website to buy some plants but everything is sold out, bit strange as I would have bought quite a few plants of you. Do you not sell plants anymore and going more to just selling Co2 equipment?
  7. Brian Murphy

    2kg FE used in just over a week?

    Hi all, So I have decided to use Co2 24/7 for the initial setup period before I add any livestock but in just over 1 week (saturday to following monday) the 2kg fe is empty! How long does your 2kg fe's last for? Even if I had been using it for the photo period that is still only approx 2 weeks...
  8. Brian Murphy

    120cm X 50 x 50 Optiwhite

    Set-Up Tank :120cm x 50 x 50 Optiwhite Filters: 2 x 1200xl jet filters (3 x bio rings, foam, filter wool and purigen) Lighting: 80cm Arcadia otl led (6 hours) Co2: 2kg FE via UP inline diffuser 24/7 50% water changes every other day on week 1 Ferts: Tropica specialised after I added the 1-2...
  9. Brian Murphy

    Feedback Quick Delivery! Excellent Service!

    I had ordered late Tuesday night in the hope that I would receive my plants on the Thursday and they arrived promptly on Thursday. On opening the parcel I realised that there was only 5 pots and I had ordered 6. 1 email later and they sent out the missing pot the next day. Great customer...
  10. Brian Murphy

    Anyone doing the Great North run?

    I'm not doing it myself but the Mrs is and will be in Newcastle over the weekend. Any decent aquatic shops I could visit?
  11. Brian Murphy

    light ideas for 4ft tank?

    Got an arcadia otl 90cm but need to change back to T5's I think. Wanting to suspend the light aswell. Any ideas?
  12. Brian Murphy

    When to start adding ferts to in vitro setup?

    I appear to be having a little melt in some plants which are in vitro but as it is a new set up I was holding back on adding ferts but should I be adding ferts considering they are in vitro?
  13. Brian Murphy

    The Journey

    I have been waiting to start a journal that I can be proud of and I still hope that it works out for me after gaining valuable knowledge on Ukaps. Like alot of people into aquascaping I couldn't afford a new ADA or NA set-up, so decided to look further afield and found a potential supplier in...
  14. Brian Murphy

    Fish Deaths?

    Over the past 2 weeks I have had fish dying on me and not showing any signs of illness until I see them dead the next day. It is a Hi-tech tank with Co2 injection but I have ruled that out as the fish would show stress if they where getting too much. I did run out of Co2 at the start of...
  15. Brian Murphy

    Where could I get a 4ft x 50cm Aquarium Mat?

    I have a 4ft x 50cm aquarium and cabinet and need a base mat for it but can't find the correct size. Can they be cut easy enough if I have to fit bits together to get the base covered?
  16. Brian Murphy

    2 x filters ... 2 x diffusers?

    When using 2 x filters via lily pipes is it best to have both connected to a Co2 source or would 1 be ample? The lilys would be placed at opposite ends of the of the tank and creating a circular flow with a UP inline diffuser connected to one filter.
  17. Brian Murphy

    (Microsorum Pteropus SP. 'trident') problem?

    I know it should be easy to grow but I recently got some of a member on here and it has been in my tank a week now and it appears to be dying off (turning brown, then grey) ..... is it just adapting to different water parameters? I believe the tank they were in before was low tech and they are...
  18. Brian Murphy

    How dangerous is placing your open topped tank beside the fireplace?

    We moved house back in may and as yet we haven't lit the fire. The only spot in the house for my new 120 Optiwhite is beside the fireplace and I am concerned about fumes from the fire and the tank being open topped? What are the risks and how risky is it?
  19. Brian Murphy

    Solenoid gone?

    I purchased a single stage/2 gauge regulator with solenoid of you probably less than a year ago and today it started to make a buzzing sound but by moving it a little it would stop but later this evening it got really loud and then noticed that even when I unplugged the power the Co2 was still...
  20. Brian Murphy

    Fire extinguisher set up?

    I got my 2kg fe refilled today and the fella thru in a 5kg and another 2kg to keep me going for £20! I tried to find out more about the difference of keeping the core in the fe and taking it out and how to avoid the big dump of co2 at the end of cylinder. He says my 2kg fe was only half empty...
  21. Brian Murphy

    Shrimp or Otto damage?

    Everytime my hydrophilia polysperma and limnophila aromatica get to a decent size to start trimming and enable them to start bushing out, either the amano shrimp or ottos take into the leaves over a few nights and ruin the whole plant to the point I have to cut the best bits off and replant...
  22. Brian Murphy

    Limnophilia mini deficiency

    Just planted this 3 days ago and although I have seen this before and put it down to too strong of light. I have co2 going in so that I dont kill the fish via up inline atomiser via full length spraybar using 1501e jbl greenline filter. I have a 2 x 39w t5 luminare with 1 t5 taken out, so...
  23. Brian Murphy

    Cheapest and Safest Sand?

    Just wondering what is on the market that is cheap and safe to use other than the regular unipac which when buying quite a bit is a bit expensive
  24. Brian Murphy

    plant deficiency ?

    I am finding holes in the leaves of some of my plants, and going by internet surfing it looks like manganese deficiency? I am dosing Co2 and EI (more than recommended dose). Any ideas?
  25. Brian Murphy

    Anyone a member of OATA?

    I was thinking about doing the Advanced Diploma course as a home study course, mainly just for my own knowledge but would probably be beneficial to me later in life when I do go into the Aquatic Retail trade. Anyone ever do the courses? Or maybe you are a member of Oata?
  26. Brian Murphy

    Resolved! Where is the donations button?

    Wasn't there a donations button down the right hand side on the main page?
  27. Brian Murphy

    Help me Understand

    Ok heres my query, when I go to look at lighting, some of the luminares etc may have 4 x 39w for a 36" tank. I currently have a luminare that holds 2 x 39w with one tube removed and even that is causing melt in some of my plants (I think). It is Co2 injected via inline atomizer and I recently...
  28. Brian Murphy

    Canon EOS 700D ?

    I am thinking about getting myself one of these and was wondering how good they would be for aquarium shots? I am a newbie when it comes to cameras so any help with this would b appreciated :) Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i review | Digital SLR camera reviews, tests and specs | What Digital Camera
  29. Brian Murphy

    Denison Barbs?

    How much are your local fish shops charging for Denison barbs? Mine have a couple of bigger ones at £40 each! £20 each for the smaller size, rip off if you ask me, but a lovely fish all the same!
  30. Brian Murphy

    Need help! ... with DIY Spraybar

    I have looked at the threads about making diy spraybars but it is the maths part that has me stumped. I have recently purchased a JBL Cristalprofi e1501 filter and I have to make a spraybar for my 90cm tank. I have already purchased the piping and stop caps etc and have it more or less ready to...
  31. Brian Murphy

    Ludwigia Glandulosa problem

    I know its a hard plant to grow but it was doing well and there was some growth. Any ideas to what the problem is so I rectify it, both drop checkers showing near yellow and 2 powerheads are now in the tank to aid distribution. Dosing EI and using 1x 39w 8 hrs a day with co2 on 2 hours b4...
  32. Brian Murphy

    Lost Iwagami

    I started this scape 6 days ago and I had planned to do my first Iwagami scape with just eleocharis accicularis but when I received my plants I got a few free samples so it seemed a shame not use them aswell :) Tank - 90cm x 30 x 30 Lighting - APS 2 x39w (only using 1 x 39w bulb though)...
  33. Brian Murphy

    Jungle in Rio !

    This is my rescaped Juwel Rio 400. Specs: Lighting - Juwel Ballasts 4 x 54w Iquatic Tropical T5's Substrate - Tetra complete substrate topped with black quartz with added root tabs Filtration - APS 2000lph + 2 x 1600lph powerheads Co2 - Sodastream cannister & Aquaball/Aqua-e-scape Beetle...
  34. Brian Murphy

    White Mould?

    Can't get a pic up right now but I have a white mould all over my redmoor and only have the tank flooded from Thursday of last week. It did however have this mould before when I was pre-soaking the wood outside for around 2 weeks. It scrubbed off pretty easy with a toothbrush but I have mosses...
  35. Brian Murphy

    1-2 Grow!/in-vitro plants in fridge?

    I had a set back today when I started to flood my DSM tank, it leaked! So I now have pots of 1-2 Grow! plants sitting here until I get the chance to plant them in a day or two until the new re-siliconed tank dries. What I was wondering was, would it be better to put the plants in the fridge for...
  36. Brian Murphy

    Redmoor DSM Jungle

    So I started this tank back on the 9th June (can't believe it's been that long) and have had some set backs with some plants not doing so well due to soil burn (I presume) and have changed things around a little. Basically this was an experiment to see what I could grow DSM and I tbh I wasn't...
  37. Brian Murphy

    Moss ID?

    Got this moss in my lfs about 6 months - 1 year ago and I can't remember what type it is ..... I moved some into my emersed tank and it seems to be growing a bit better .... it seems a slow grower anyway. Straight out of my main tank After a week or so in my emersed tank
  38. Brian Murphy


    Came across this in a forest last week while walking the dog. As soon as I seen it I thought Aquascape! :thumbup: Going to use this somehow in my next aquascape
  39. Brian Murphy

    Amano's use of diffusers

    As I have a 5ft tank (151cm), I've been battling to achieve proper Co2 distribution and flow. I have researched and researched til the cows have come home and the main advice is to use spraybars with inline atomizers etc, but I have noticed that in Amanos set-ups he uses lily pipes and single...
  40. Brian Murphy

    Co2 Issues at On Time

    I'm gonna try and explain this as best I can so bear with me lol. I recently purchased an UP 3-way needle valve (Tri-regulator) and am using Co2 supermarket regulator. I have 2 outlets from the 3-way, one to an UP 16/22 Inline Atomizer and one to a glass diffuser under the filters inlet. I am...
  41. Brian Murphy

    My emersed project

    I've been waiting a few months to buy a new optiwhite tank since breaking down my 36" tank full of kribs, but since I've been started paying off my future wedding each month, the extra cash isn't easy to get hold off. So I've decided to set up my 36" to grow emersed plants and see what happens...
  42. Brian Murphy

    Zooplus.de won't deliver to Northern Ireland

    I had it all planned out and was going to save around £50 by ordering from zooplus.de but after going through the whole ordering process they say they won't deliver to my zip code, yet they will deliver to all other parts of united kingdom if I'm right in saying. Feel so left out in the cold...
  43. Brian Murphy

    No bubbles in bubble counter??

    I have the sodastream set up for my Co2 but a UP inline atomizer. It has been working ok previously (enough to kill fish at xmas!) but my problem now is that when it is on I barely get 1 bubble per 30 seconds, perhaps even a minute! And thats with the needle valve fully open! Something aint...
  44. Brian Murphy

    3ft mess lol

    So basically I leave this tank to its own devices, add a little Profito or easy carb once in a while but other than that its low tech as they come. Specs 3ft glass tank 2x39w allponds luminare internal U3 filter quartz gravel (few nutrient tabs) Residents Kribs Amazon sword Aponogetum...
  45. Brian Murphy

    2-way Needle Valve?

    Anyone know where I would pick one up locally or within the UK? Only ones I can find are on ebay from asia
  46. Brian Murphy

    Best filter options for 172l tank?

    I've been looking around for the best and cheapest option of filter for the new tank I'm getting made which will be 96x40x40/45 (haven't decided height yet) so thats approx 172l minus displacement from substrate etc. Obviously I would love to achieve the 10x flow rate but I am on a budget as...
  47. Brian Murphy

    What height for tank?

    I am going to get a new optiwhite tank built but wanted some advice as to the best height to have it? The dimensions of the tank are 96x40x?cm ...... I am thinking 50cm for the height. The lighting will be an allponds luminare with 2x39w. So just want to know if that will be enough light to...
  48. Brian Murphy

    How would you do yours?

    Ok, Im fed up to the back teeth of trying and thinking of the best way to filter/distribute flow around my juwel rio 400 (5ft tank) ...... so I thought I would angle this question to everyone as to how they would set up their tank (151cm x 51 x 66) for best plant success at the least cost.
  49. Brian Murphy

    Fluval fx5 hosing diameter?

    Can anyone help me with the ID/OD diameter of fluval fx5 hosing and can other hosing be used?
  50. Brian Murphy


    Anyone know anything about this Aquarium manufacturer ? I have mailed it several times but no reply. Are they still in business? Welcome to Poseidons Palace
  51. Brian Murphy

    Bulb/Plant ID

    Got this bulb along with a purchase of plants but I've no idea what it is, I'm thinking it's gonna grow tall lol
  52. Brian Murphy

    Snow/electric outtage?

    Anyone suffering?
  53. Brian Murphy

    World Record Attempt!!

    I can now confirm that I will be taking part in a Guinness World Record Attempt for the longest DJ relay, a record currently held by Radio 1. There will be 150 DJ's taking part in this event, all for a fantastic cause as well, as it is raising funds for the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund For...
  54. Brian Murphy

    Best Filter for 450l planted tank?

    At present I use 2 Allponds external filters ..... a 1400l/h +uv (inline mixer/reactor connected with dreadful flow loss) and a 2000l/h. I need better flow, ideally I want the x10 rule for my high-tech planted tank. I have seen an Eheim professionel 3 1200xl (new) for £250 but it is only rated...
  55. Brian Murphy

    Cheap Lighting ideas?

    Ok, I've been looking around online at what my cheapest way of providing light to my new tank idea. The tank is a clearseal one I've been using for keeping gerbils for a few years (needs re-siliconed), dimensions are 32"x16"x18" making it around 39 gallons or 150 litres. I can't afford a brand...
  56. Brian Murphy

    Lost half my fish!

    So I was changing my Co2 bottle on xmas eve and also had a blocked sewer out the back of the house which the landlord was fixing at the time. Between changing the O-ring in the regulator and setting it back down and going out to see the landlord, the flow adjustor knob must got turned up. Anyway...
  57. Brian Murphy

    Substrate on top of substrate?

    I currently have black gravel on top of Tetraplant complete but will be changing to ADA Amazonia at some stage in the new year so I was wondering is there any benefit or even dangers if I was to scrape away the the gravel leaving the substrate base and adding the ADA substrate on top of it...
  58. Brian Murphy


    What bar is my regulator reading ... Im looking for 2.5bar but not getting an understanding to what that means exactly ... this shows psi so what is that regarding bar? Is it metric or something? Here are my current settings
  59. Brian Murphy

    Best Diffuser for a 400l tank?

    Looking for a diffuser for my juwel 400 tank. Gave up on trying to fit the cheap mixer reactor that came with the sodastream Co2 system. Still gonna use the sodastream bottle but need something else like an ordinary diffuser. Any recommendations?
  60. Brian Murphy

    Best External Filter to buy?

    I currently have a Juwel Rio 400 (400-450l) and have an Allponds 1400L/H +UV and Im in the process of connecting a sodastream Co2 diffuser/reactor like the one below to it. I need more flow and water movement in my tank so I want to get a new 2nd external filter but on the cheap. I can't...
  61. Brian Murphy

    Any tips b4 I tun Co2 back on?

    I just recieved my new sodastream Co2 system and will be putting it in the tank tomorrow. I had Co2 running previously but the regulator had a very dodgy knob to try and set the bubble rate. I just wanted to know if there was anything I should be wary of when turning it back on after a couple...
  62. Brian Murphy

    My planted Juwel 400 project!

    I started this blog on 8th August ...... Ok folks, never done this before but it has always been my dream to create one of those Planted tanks you see all over the interweb, so I really wanted a bigger tank than the 3ft that I already had. After months of searching for a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft and...
  63. Brian Murphy

    Bacopa Caroliniana problem?

    About a month ago I bought some Tropica plants and my Bacopa Caroliniana has lost all of its lower leaves ?? I had been using a newly bought Co2 system but had to remove it as it wasn't working properly so waiting on a new one. I recently in the last week have been using Easylife Profito but it...
  64. Brian Murphy

    Hello from Omagh!

    Hello from Omagh, Norn Iron :D I can't believe I haven't joined here yet as I've been looking around the interweb for ages now and had a wee look here before but not joined. Anyway Im here now so I'll introduce myself. Im Murf or Brian to my family lol .... I have been keeping fish on/off...