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  1. ceg4048

    Birstall.co.uk - Plants

    Moved to the "Where to Buy ..." section. Cheers,
  2. ceg4048


    Topic moved to the "Where to buy" section.
  3. ceg4048

    ohko stones

    Hi, Probably best to check with our Sponsors The Green Machine or AquaEssentials. Navigate to the Board Index and click on their sub-forums, or, click their links as they appear in the upper right hand corner of the pages, just above the Search Bar. Cheers,
  4. ceg4048

    Where can I get hold of some HYGROPHILA SP. ARAGUAIA?

    Hello, It would be appreciated if you could refrain from double posting. The redundant post has been deleted. AS mentioned, you might try contacting some of our sponsors to see if they could source the plant. You may have to go much further afield such as Asia or USA. It would be...
  5. ceg4048

    Any ADA on Grand Canaria Island?

    ADA Spain is based in Barcelona. It's doubtful that you'd find any shop in a backwater such as Canarias, but you might get lucky. Did you realize that in traditional Spanish culture, having an aquarium indoors is considered very bad luck? Cheers,
  6. ceg4048

    Where to buy Tropic Aquacube in London?

    eoto, OK we get it. Canadian LFS price is outrageous. Please keep the language clean. Cheers,
  7. ceg4048

    Aquarium Gardening

    Hi Nick, Yes I bought some plants from him last autumn back when I was setting up my tank. The photos on his site are a bit optimistic and I found his operation very amateurish. He did not accept Paypal or my particular barclaycard. I had to send an envelope with cash in it. His...
  8. ceg4048

    where to buy

    Hi Trevor/Ivan, I'm not sure if this response will help you as I don't really know your geography that well but it turns out that for planted tank enthusiasts the critical equipment and plants can be found via e-trade. For equipment such as filters and sundries Aquatics...