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  1. bazz

    Algae Identification

    Hi, Could anyone help make a positive ID on this algae please, I've tried to compare it with lots of photos on here and elsewhere including James 'Planted Tank' Algae Identifier and still can't tell if it's Staghorn, Hair, Thread or what? I've just noticed a couple of tufts have popped up...
  2. bazz

    Not going so well this time.

    Hi, Jewel lido 70 x 60 x 50cm, 200l. 2 x 600 Ultima growbeam on 50% for 5 hours/day. 1200 XLT filter. 2000 compact+ running a Sera Flore 1000 reactor. Drop checker 4 degree KH water = yellow. 3 Bags of Eco complete and 1 bag of Seachem fluorite black. Dosing EI. I've set up 7 or 8 aquariums...
  3. bazz

    plant id please?

    hi, i don't think i will have to wait long for somebody to identify this please? cheers and thanx!
  4. bazz

    eheim 2080 v's 2180

    hi, i've just been doing some homework to discover if is any detriment (other than cost) to the 2180's performance and capacity with the addition of the heater. i've been on several websites including eheims own, and the statistic charts between the two are of different formats. the internal and...
  5. bazz

    angel death

    hi, no need fror an autopsy on this greedy angelfish! was greeted with this grusome sight when i returned from work today. i've got 4 more angels but i'm afraid they will have to go. can't have anything eating my cardinals and rummynoses! cheers, bazz!
  6. bazz

    fire red shrimp

    hi all, i've just purchased 6 of what were labled "fire red shrimp" from my local ma, and i'm trying to gather as much info as possible to give them ideal conditions. i've obviously googled them and seen some nice glossy photo's but can't find any info on temperature etc.. i'm also interested to...
  7. bazz

    water change during photoperiod!

    hi all i was just wondering what the general consensus is regarding doing water changes during the photoperiod. stands to reason that frequently (once every 7 days) the vast majority of us probably drastically alter the co2 level in our aquariums mid photoperiod, risking the obvious. i just...
  8. bazz

    cleaning fluoresent tubes?

    hi all @ ukaps does anyone have any recommendations of a good substance for cleaning t5 tubes and reflectors please? i've had a look round here but can't seem to find any info! cheers and thanx, bazz!
  9. bazz

    blanching courgette/ cucumber!

    hi all, what's the ideal method for blanching the above, to apparently break down the cellulose for otto's and sturisoma? i'm afraid my cookery skills are pretty basic! cheers and thanx in advance, bazz!
  10. bazz

    ada as africana powder!

    hi, i'm just after a little reassurance here, as i am now completely cheesed off with the outcome of using a bag of the above (along with 2 bags of the ordinary) which i added to my 300 liter tank. i use 2 t/tec ex1200's and a koralia 1 and there is a constant turnover of particulate aquasoil in...
  11. bazz

    p stellata

    hi, could anyone enlighten me as to the life cycle of the above plant please? in the middle of that lot are a few stems which appear to have failed underwater flowering, seemed to have stopped growing in height but have 2 new shoots sprouting from the base of the stem. i just wondered if it...
  12. bazz


    hi, not sure if i was dreaming or not, but i'm pretty certain i read on here somewhere that it is best to cut all the leaves off of java fern when first tied to bogwood, i've searched the archives but can't find the thread. i've just bought a sizeable chunk and i'm left wondering if this is the...
  13. bazz

    co2 external reactor info please?

    hi, i'm now in the market to buy an external reactor, and looking for recommendations to fuel a 300 liter tank through 1 of 2 t/tec ex1200's. the aquamedic 1000 was looking favourable, but i'm thinking the 12/16mm hosetails are a step backwards for filter flow from the standard 16/22mm of the...
  14. bazz

    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    i picked this up last saturday, the day before a trip to tgm to see george farmers aquascape demonstration. i've been working on setting up a 180 liter corner aquarium, but i never was particularly happy with hideous georgian (not farmer) style cabinet and trim, plus i wanted a few extra liters...
  15. bazz

    ph fluctuation!

    right, after waiting a few weeks for my 80g disposable co2 bottle to run out (on 24/7), i was quite pleased this morning to go and put the kettle on, and not hear the diffuser fizzing away, as i was geared up to switch to a 350g bottle and a solenoid. the tank is a 30x30x35h nano, ph 6.5, kh5...
  16. bazz

    microsorum pteropus (narrow)

    friday night i upgraded the filter on my 30l nano (with pressurised co2) from a resun cyclone external to a ecco pro 130 and started to dose easycarbo, in responce to a problem i was encountering with the lower leaves on my pogostamon helferi turning yellow and beginning to dissolve. however...
  17. bazz

    pogostamon helferi

    i've just noticed some small brown patches with holes beginning to appear in the bottom leaves, they are getting plenty of co2. i would have thought they are lacking one or two of the nutrients as i am at present using a proprietary fertiliser. is there anything this plant requires a lot of? i...
  18. bazz

    heating cable???

    ok, i've retired my dennerle ph controller, and the coc400 in favour of a tetratec ex 1200, and i know that in the current planted aquarium climate that heating cables are not needed, but is there absolutely no point whatsoever in utilising one that i've got just sitting there, or should i just...
  19. bazz

    hagen glo t5ho 24w twin v's arcadia 24w twin contollers

    why can i buy the hagen glo t5ho 24w twin conroller for £27.50, and yet the cheapest i can find the equivalent arcadia is £57.00, what am i missing? incidently, yesterday i purchased a arcadia 11w lamp to try in my dennerle nanocube as i was a bit fed up with the clinical look of the bright...
  20. bazz

    advice for a new filter

    hi and thanx in advance. now my tropicube and dennerle nanocube are up and running and in fine fettle, its time for the next project, a "aqua one windsor 66" bow fronted corner aquarium, 60cm deep, 55cm each side back to the corner chamfer and around 90 cm across the front, and holding around...
  21. bazz

    24w/24" hagen glo t5ho linear light system, dimension questi

    hi could anyone here please give me the exact outer dimensions of both the 24w/24" single and twin units? i have a 180 litre aqua one corner aquarium of which the supplied lighting is very poor to say the least. i'm midway through building my own unit with planned arcadia starters (not yet...
  22. bazz

    brand new eheim ecco pro 130 leaks!

    last night i spent 3 hours swapping over filters on my 8 week old aquarium to a brand new eheim ecco pro 130 which i receiived mail order from aquatics online 2 days ago. i have had aquariums on and off (mainly on) since i was 12 (35 years) but always used internal filters, the last of which was...