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  1. Dan-CR4

    Living waters croydon?

    Well i was only in there a little while but saw no one, as i say they may have been out the back, but no one was to be seen. Its a shame to see it empty like that, as they are very knowledgeable and would be shame to see them go.
  2. Dan-CR4

    Hugo Kamishi Sand

    Has anyone used this sand? I have just got some and was wondering if it needs cleaning or can it be used straight off?
  3. Dan-CR4

    Sand for corydoras, what type?

    thanks for all your replies. After going back and forth in my mind if to get playsand or not. I decided to get some Hugo Kamishi sand, saw some in a local garden centres aquatic department and thought, just get that. so now got to empty my tank of water gravel and wood, and start again...
  4. Dan-CR4

    Living waters croydon?

    not sure if this is the right section, but was wondering if Living waters is closing down, as went there over the weekend and most of the tanks were empty and most of the shelves were also empty, it was sad to see it like that. did not even see any staff there as I was looking round, maybe they...
  5. Dan-CR4

    Sand for corydoras, what type?

    need some advice on sand as a substrate. I want to get some corydoras and read they should have a sand substrate, but dont want play sand as have also read that it compacts too much very quickly .and can hold gases in pockets of sand. so anyone recommend some light coloured sand that will do...
  6. Dan-CR4

    I need new fish food

    what fish food have you been using. I feed mine tetra pro colour and tetra pro algae, also feed algae wafers and some frozen daphnia and bloodworm. none of that breaks up easy and my flow keeps most of the food rotating round the aquarium.
  7. Dan-CR4

    any ideas on what fish this is?

    I agree, he is a nice looking little fish, and I have read their habitat and needs and he will be ok in my aquarium. so think rather than stress him/her and my other fish I will keep the fish. Just cant believe the salesman could of mixed the two up. lol. Its no hardship, just cant believe they...
  8. Dan-CR4

    any ideas on what fish this is?

    thanks for the replies guys. Wife has just been on the phone to Maidenhead Aquatics at Morden, they said it will be a indonesian rock goby. they have asked me to try and catch the bugger as they have asked for it back so they can give me my missing Blue Emperor Tetra. How you mix them two...
  9. Dan-CR4

    any ideas on what fish this is?

    today I bought myself 6 blue emperor tetra, well thats what I asked for:confused:, at my local maidenhead aquatics in Morden. when i get home I look in the bag and I got 5 blue emp tetra and a fish that is nothing like a blue emperor. how he confused it with a blue emp is beyond me. lol Phoned...
  10. Dan-CR4

    4 Channel auto doser

    how about these ones? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Windscreen-Washer-Non-Return-Valve-3mm-4mm-5mm-6mm-8mm-9mm-10mm-12mm-/261513780860?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&var=&hash=item3ce36f9e7c but does say * Not certified for Food Contact Use :(
  11. Dan-CR4

    Peristaltic auto doser

    How long did the pumps take to arrive? I am gonna give this a go myself. love a bit of aquarium diy, been waiting for something like this.:thumbup:
  12. Dan-CR4

    Peristaltic auto doser

    looks very interesting. any chance of a diagram on how to wire one of these relays up to the power supply and the dosing pump. thanks
  13. Dan-CR4

    Wave Maker

    cant see the video, all im getting is
  14. Dan-CR4

    Inline co2 mist

    yep I get a mist with my inlines.
  15. Dan-CR4

    Tap water

    I mix my prime with 500ml water and add it to the tank, using enough prime for the whole tank before re filling the tank straight from the tap. I do a 50% every week and never had any problems doing it this way. I also have a combi bolier and get the water to match the tanks temp and let it go...
  16. Dan-CR4

    assasin snails any disadvantages?

    I got infected with pest snails and they over run my tank. got 8 assassin snails and within 2 months I have hardly any snails except the assassin snails.
  17. Dan-CR4

    Plants In-vitro at CO2art

    working fine here.
  18. Dan-CR4

    Purchasing plants online

    do pets@home let you order specific tropica plants in store, as im after following one of tropica's idea scapes but pets@home never have the ones I want in stock.
  19. Dan-CR4

    Resolved! Website

    loading fine for me. im using chrome Version 40.0.2214.93 m
  20. Dan-CR4

    where to get polystyrene sheets

    I am not sure if this should be in the diy section or aquascaping, so thought i would try it here. I notice that a few people put polystrene underneath there rocks on scapes. I am going to be doing a new scape shortly and it will include a quite a few rocks and was wondering where people get...
  21. Dan-CR4

    PH Profiling - how do I do it?

    What Regulator was you using, have you a link?
  22. Dan-CR4

    2 filters or 1 filter and circulation pump

    Yeah thats correct. I did have the spraybars at one point at either of the tank facing each off but they just battled with each other and the flow was bad. Since I put them on the back wall facing the front, the flow has improved and my plants have a good swaying motion now.
  23. Dan-CR4

    2 filters or 1 filter and circulation pump

    i got 2x Eheim Pro 3 350 (2073) Filters, I got 2 spray bars along the back wall like the below image. I also got a Hydor Koralia 900 in the gap between the 2 spraybars. I am still not certain I got enough flow in my tank, but I got to balance it between nice flow for the plants and not too...
  24. Dan-CR4

    recommend a co2 reg for 2 inlines

    Thanks for all the replies. Today I thought I would have a go at changing the FE, so I went and got two of my spare co2 FE bottles refilled. I get home put one on and its working, now not sure why the first bottle was not doing it as there is co2 still coming out of it, so its not empty, maybe...
  25. Dan-CR4

    Anyone ever made an acrylic tank?

    I looked at making one, joey on youtube "The king of DIY" has videos, I saw it and thought of doing one, but got turned flat by the lady boss, she said no way will she allow me to turn my living room into a paddling pool :bawling: please tell me you will go ahead and show my wife it can be...
  26. Dan-CR4

    Nitrates and EI dosing

    I also think Clive's approach is cool, he gets right down to it and gives some great advice albeit straight to the point. The Matrix he talks about does make me chuckle but when he replies to people I don't think he is trying to shame people in any way, well I have never taken it like that...
  27. Dan-CR4


    hello and welcome. :wave:
  28. Dan-CR4

    length of co2 tubing?

    I was thinking of getting a pub gas co2 bottle, but as they are quite big it wont fir in my cabinet. I was thinking of running co2 tubing through an interior wall to the next room as dont really want to put a pig ass ugly pub co2 gas bottle in my living room, well I wouldn't mind but I know the...
  29. Dan-CR4

    recommend a co2 reg for 2 inlines

    I got a 266 litre tank, but I run two eheim 2073 filters. The reason for 2 inlines is that each filter works either side of the tank (see image below), so if I only have one inline, I am thinking one side of the tank would have higher co2 levels, If im wrong then maybe i could use just one...
  30. Dan-CR4

    recommend a co2 reg for 2 inlines

    I want to run 2 inline diffusers from one regulator (using FE for co2). My one is set at 2 bar and is not adjustable. got no co2 getting through the diffusers. All i can think is the regulator is not good enough. does anyone run 2 inlines from 1 regulator. if you do what regulator are you...
  31. Dan-CR4

    Drop checker can't seem to work

    here is a great article about drop checkers. http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/co2-measurement-using-a-drop-checker.467/
  32. Dan-CR4

    what rock is this?

    anyone know what the rock below is and where to buy some large pieces like that. Im in London/Surrey.
  33. Dan-CR4

    Power head advice please

    Have you thought about an external water pump, and running a spray bar along the back of the tank from it
  34. Dan-CR4

    Filter recommendations please

    I got my filters from zooplus.de, the german site, for some strange reason at the time it worked out much cheaper than buying from their uk website. I got 2 x eheim 2073 on my 266 litre tank, plus I got 900lph powerhead. that setup seems to give me enough flow with out causing distress to my...
  35. Dan-CR4

    osmocote in the aquarium

    I was thinking of putting some in some ice cubes at certain points around the tank, buried at the bottom of the substrate. anyone got any ideas what we can use, as I have seen that some people use osmocote plus, but can never seem to see this available in the uk
  36. Dan-CR4

    osmocote in the aquarium

    I got some osmocote and wondered if its ok in the aquarium, the label says http://www.lovethegarden.com/system/files/user-files/product/label/01-13/os-controlled-release-label.pdf if u read that link it tells u a bit about it. I was thinking of putting some in the substrate. any help is...
  37. Dan-CR4

    Regenerating Purigen?

    I use the asda one, and its been fine, probably same supplier. after regenirating the purigen using the bleach. i then soak it in some seachem prime and water for 24 hours before putting back in the filter.
  38. Dan-CR4

    Where to buy wood?

    if you can get there, then Wildwoods at crews hill is worth a visit. they always have some decent wood there. bit of a journey for you but a few aquarium shops to visit in that area, so could make a morning or afternoon of it.
  39. Dan-CR4

    Needle moving on Co2 reg

    Never really noticed this before, but I noticed today one of the needles on my regulator gauges is going up and down between 4 and 5. the other gauge is steady. I cant say if this is a new thing its doing or not. The model I have is an UP A-153. Just wondered if its normal. Cant say I have...
  40. Dan-CR4

    online tank suppliers

    I have had 4 tanks from ND and all have been perfect.
  41. Dan-CR4

    not lime green by lights on.

    I have altered the hours slowly over the last four days for the Co2 and yesterday and today I am now getting ph at 7.0 by lights on. The drop checkers are lime green as well by lights on and stay lime green till lights off. The Co2 switches on 3 hours before lights on and goes off 2 hours before...
  42. Dan-CR4

    whats the secret with moss?

    I can never seem to keep any moss alive, any moss that comes near me and my tank just says "thanks but no thanks". I am pretty sure its my SAE that is munching on it. do SAE eat moss? I could not bear to part with my SAE as he/she is my longest living fish and is a right character. so if its a...
  43. Dan-CR4

    not lime green by lights on.

    I upped my co2 slowly over the last two days and also changed the Co2 to come on 2 hours before lights on and now I got got my ph hitting 7.2 by lights on and 7.0 an hour after lights on. The drop checker is a nice lime green also after an hour after lights on and it stays like that til lights...
  44. Dan-CR4

    not lime green by lights on.

    my ph in the morning, before Co2 turns on is 7.6. one hour after lights on its 7.2. when Co2 turns off its 7.0
  45. Dan-CR4

    not lime green by lights on.

    My setup consists of : 41" x 18" x 24" (266 Litre) tank. 4x 39w tubes 2x eheim 2073 (pro 350) 1x Hydor Koralia 1600 1x inline heater Co2 Fire ext setup. Up Inline Diffuser 2x drop checkers either side of tank. I am also dosing EI...
  46. Dan-CR4

    Eleocharis acicularis at garden centre

    I just saw a large pot of this at the garden centre, is there any reason this cannot go in an aquarium? just would work out much cheaper than buying at a lfs. anyone ever done this with success?
  47. Dan-CR4

    Recommend FE seller online

    i bought mine for £10 + £12 for next day delivery off ebay. seller refurbished but have always been fine.
  48. Dan-CR4

    cleaning a up inline atomizer

    thanks kirk. will do that. I have not cleaned mine since owning it, but feel it does need a clean. thanks for the reply.
  49. Dan-CR4

    cleaning a up inline atomizer

    I got an Up Atmoizer. do you have to clean these and if so how often and how do you clean yours? its a sealed unit. heres the one I got. Any help on how to clean them.
  50. Dan-CR4

    DIY Project Co2 reactor build for Fluval FX5

    thanks for the reply. just want to get it right, as wanna try get rid of the mist as much as I can if possible. When the co2 switches off, the water is nice and clear, so would be nice for it to be like that without the mist. now I got to get the parts and the also the parts to run two of these...
  51. Dan-CR4

    DIY Project Co2 reactor build for Fluval FX5

    does the water come out the tank then into your reactor, then goes into the filter, then goes back into the tank? as I am really thinking about making two for my two filters, but want to make sure I get it right:banghead:
  52. Dan-CR4

    need advice on lighting, flow, ferts, co2

    A few of the leaves on the Staurogyne Repens are a yellow colour, Do I need to increase or decrease anything. I have osmocote tabs in the substrate and I am also dosing with EI macro & trace soultions as below, Also injecting co2 with the drop checkers both showing green at both ends of the...
  53. Dan-CR4

    co2 diffuser blowing off

    this happened to mine on my internal one, a couple of years back while I was out and overdosed my fish, lost a couple of fish that day. I now use an external. what diffuser have you got?
  54. Dan-CR4

    need advice on lighting, flow, ferts, co2

    Well a couple of weeks on and it seems that all the diatoms have gone, the green on the plants are really starting to show now and they are looking healthy. I have added a few more plants, namely Staurogyne Repens, Hydracoytle Japan, Christmass Moss & an Echinodorus Red Devil. The Staurogyne...
  55. Dan-CR4

    power cut

    we had a power outage from 8am til 7.30pm why they replaced/repaied the main cable to our road. All the fish were ok, filter was fine after as well which surprised me as tested the water every 12 hours for the following week, did not have any spikes but did do a water change mid week after the...
  56. Dan-CR4

    Echinodorus Red Devil any info?

    I bought myself a really nice Echinodorus Red Devil plant yesterday, hopefully i don't kill it as its a real beauty. I have been looking for more info on this plant, but cant find out too much info about it. what size can they get to?
  57. Dan-CR4

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    look forward to seeing the build pics. hope all goes well for you and you can go on and make the size tank you want for yourself.
  58. Dan-CR4

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    yeah the video does makes it look easy enough (although it probably aint). I would be interested to see what people can get the acrylic for. would also like to see a member here do a journal on making one, I would try it but when I told the missus, the idea was soon rejected. :banghead:
  59. Dan-CR4

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    Just dont tell Neptunes that you have had a quote from someone else. they dont like that.
  60. Dan-CR4

    Fantastic free ride video

    thats a great vid, when I got my mountain bike a couple of years back, I saw this video back then and and thought wow
  61. Dan-CR4

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    oh did not know that, I have removed the posts in case, did not wish to break rules etc.
  62. Dan-CR4

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    No those are the prices quoted to me so far, am expecting another 2 quotes from other companies. Yes im surprised in the price difference, it seems that Fista is a hell of a lot cheaper than Neptunes. update : I have emailed Neptunes and they have confirmed the price. again dont understand...
  63. Dan-CR4

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    Quotes I got so far are Neptunes quoted me £1695 for a 72"x24"x23" Acrylic tank. Fista quoted met £570 for a a 72"x24"x24" Acrylic Tank. still waiting on a few other quotes
  64. Dan-CR4

    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    thanks Sanj.:thumbup: Then I will probably only need the 30mm, as my tank that im getting will only hold around 500 litres.
  65. Dan-CR4

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    well between glass with opti white front and acrylic (different companies) Acrylic is coming in around £230 more but Fista are the only Acrylic quote I got so far, Neptunes and a couple of others aint gave me a quote, still waiting on them.
  66. Dan-CR4

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    Fista replied quite fast but all the others have not replied yet.
  67. Dan-CR4

    DO i need to add

    Thanks Clive, much appreciated.
  68. Dan-CR4

    DO i need to add

    As the title says, anyone give some advice whether I need to add Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) when im doing my ei dosing. there is a link to my local water supply for my area below some other stuff they are reporting mgl CaCO3 (ppm) Degrees Clarke Degrees German(DH) Degrees French Detergent...
  69. Dan-CR4

    Pets @ Home huge planted tank projects and event.

    Thanks Mark, dont know why that employee told me that, if he did not know. Why give the wrong info to people that are interested in attending, if he was unsure. gggrrrr. again thanks for confirming the original dates are correct, glad its the bank holiday weekend as will be able to pop by that...
  70. Dan-CR4

    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    Hi Sanj, what width are the steel boxed bars? As after seeing this I am thinking of doing the same sort of cabinet and frame for a tank im getting later this year.
  71. Dan-CR4

    Pets @ Home huge planted tank projects and event.

    I hope the employee I spoke to is wrong and it is still going ahead on the bank holiday weekend, as I got nothing to do that weekend, so would be good for me.
  72. Dan-CR4

    How do i? find replys to threads ive replied to?

    the drop down menu, where your name is at the top and click on your content, thats how I do it.
  73. Dan-CR4

    Hello from Yorkshire

    Welcome Dan
  74. Dan-CR4

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    Thanks everyone for your replies, Thanks for the link, Have just emailed them for a quote. will see what they come back at and see if they got a gallery of their work. Thanks for that, I emailed them and they replied very quickly with a quote, and at the weekend. also their website you gave...
  75. Dan-CR4

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    I am getting a 6ft tank later this year and thinking of going the acrylic route. The main reason is weight as I live on the 3rd floor with no lift and stairwell is tight and have heard that acrylic tanks are lighter. anyone got a 6ft acrylic tank, is it lighter? also what are the pros and cons...
  76. Dan-CR4

    Pets @ Home huge planted tank projects and event.

    I was at the New Malden store today and was speaking to one of the people that work there and they are going to be using the big show marine tank that have there, and changing it to freshwater planted for this project and all the marine fish are going to places like London Zoo, also he said they...
  77. Dan-CR4

    Fire extinguisher CO2

    thats what i was thinking
  78. Dan-CR4

    shops in london with good selection of plants?

    do you know there shop address, as I like visiting LFS I aint been to before
  79. Dan-CR4

    shops in london with good selection of plants?

    Think I will pop along to ADC, never been and its only a tube ride. thanks for that.
  80. Dan-CR4

    shops in london with good selection of plants?

    I have heard a lot about this place but not visited yet, it being up the west end, are there prices a lot higher or on a par with other LFS? Yeah I have been to living waters a few times, but never found they have much choice, maybe it was just the days I went . With the good reputation they...
  81. Dan-CR4

    shops in london with good selection of plants?

    does anyone know anywhere in London that always has a good selection of plants, the p@h stores near me dont have a great selection. so willing to travel for a decent place within London/Surrey area?
  82. Dan-CR4

    need advice on lighting, flow, ferts, co2

    thanks for the replies, I have now sorted me spray bar so it runs the length of the back wall, so will see how the flow and co2 distribution is over the next few days. doing a bit of a re-scape as well today, never really managed anything nice before, think I will start a journal and hopefully I...
  83. Dan-CR4

    What moss for wood/bridge

    Im rescaping my tank and having rocks either side of the tank and doing a branch/bridge type of thing and want to put moss on it, whats a nice looking moss that would suit, do u think. I got 266 litre tank, with 4x 39w and co2, and dosing ei.
  84. Dan-CR4

    Plant Id? Any One Got A Clue

    Thanks everyone for the quick responses. Had this plant for quite a while and never knew what it was but it has always been a fast grower. it is good to know what it is after all this time.
  85. Dan-CR4

    Plant Id? Any One Got A Clue

    Got this plant, cant remember where from but it seems to grow fast in my tank and reaches the surface of the water. started off with 1 of them now got 5 of them just by replanting, this is the latest clipping. just dont know the name of it
  86. Dan-CR4

    need advice on lighting, flow, ferts, co2

    thanks for the reply Ian. I am going to do a water change today, then make it every week as tuesday is a good day for me :) I will reduce the lighting as you say and slowly increase the lighting. I have Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulphate & Chelated trace elements. is...
  87. Dan-CR4

    need advice on lighting, flow, ferts, co2

    Thanks for the replies. Thats one of my concerns, I have got all the stuff for doing the ei method, do u think I should change to that? Yes did have cheap 2000 lph powerhead but the fish hated it and it was big and ugly so wanted something smaller that the fish could live with. I got two...
  88. Dan-CR4

    How-To: Extend Koralia Powerhead Cable?

    I extended mine by soldering the wires together and using heat shrink tubing over each wire, then a bigger piece of heat shrink tubing over both wires.
  89. Dan-CR4

    need advice on lighting, flow, ferts, co2

    I have had fish for around 4 years now and although I have tried and failed many times in that time. Had problems with BBA, Green dust algae. I decided I needed to change stuff around, over the past few I have bought new filters to replace my APS 1000ef filters and started to use my Co2 again...
  90. Dan-CR4

    Gravel cleaners.

    Same here, got an Eheim one, as said above not cheap. It works better than I thought it would.
  91. Dan-CR4

    Anyone used this eBay seller for plants?

    yes I have, good quality plants, but make sure u r not in a rush, as if he gets too many orders he puts some orders back to the following week. But he does mention that on his adds. But overall good service and quality plants.
  92. Dan-CR4

    Superfish Aqua Pro 600, your views?

    I have seen the Superfish Aqua pro 600 for sale in a few places, has anyone got one? what are they like?, what the flow like? it also has the pump/motor at the base of the filter, does this make any difference.
  93. Dan-CR4

    259L bookcase rebirth

    is that moler clay you are using, what size did u use. I got the larger Coarse Grade 6-10mm particle size, but my plants just dont wanna stay put. re-planting them is becoming annoying. do you think the finer stuff would hold the plants better.
  94. Dan-CR4

    Cat litter and Bog wood

    I got my moler clay from here http://Bonsai Tree & Bonsai Trees from Kaizenbonsai.com as I say dusty as hell but had no scent to it. but does work out more money than cat litter. Also its very light so planting is a right git until the roots take hold.
  95. Dan-CR4

    Custom tank builders

    I have had 4 tanks from ND, and all are great.
  96. Dan-CR4

    New look ukaps forum and website

    well done. got to say never used this forum script before, but it is really nice. the site looks fresh, clean and modern. well done:cool:
  97. Dan-CR4

    Cat litter and Bog wood

    I used molar clay, as its the same as cat litter just unscented, but its still dusty as hell. And if you are going for a planted tank and want the plants to stay down then it can get some what annoying. When ever I put new plants or cuttings in they come loose and float to the top, eventually...
  98. Dan-CR4

    "UP" C02 regs

    I got the top one but bought it from HK. The solenoid stopped working on mine after 3 months and got stuck on open, so would not switch off. I needed to buy a better solenoid and its worked ok for the past 16 months now without any problems. It works well on a FE, as thats what im using.