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  1. bazz

    Can't get temperature down

    Hi, This is working well for me: Cheers, bazz
  2. bazz

    Kessil or Chihiros vivid 2

    Good morning becks, Just in the process of slowly removing stems to let the crypts grow through so tank looking a bit shoddy but I'll post this photo just to show you that you can add a bit of colour with the a360x. Cheers!
  3. bazz

    Emersed Aroid substrate

    There aren't any fish tanks on there, it's an international crypt forum populated with collectors and the odd expert, predominantly growing rare crypts terrestrially. You can easily leave the group if you have no joy.
  4. bazz

    Emersed Aroid substrate

    Hi greenbliss, It appears to me that you are probably already more of an authority on this subject than most and no doubt have already trawled the www for information, but one longshot is to maybe ask the same question on a Facebook group, if you haven't already, that I lurk on Facebook Groups...
  5. bazz

    Plants not really melting in a new tank, it that good?

    Hi, I can't tell 100% from the photo but just in case, it looks a little like your Java Ferns are planted in the substrate. If they are, they shouldn't be and if they're not then I apologise. Cheers
  6. bazz

    Kessil or Chihiros vivid 2

    Hi, I'm running a single a360x Tuna Sun and I'd disagree with all of the above. With the amber and red LEDs I've never had a tank looking so vibrant compared to Twinstar, before that TMC and again before that 4x different T5s in a single unit. However for me there is a major drawback...
  7. bazz

    DIY Project High flow DIY reactor - now with video

    @Wookii Hi, Did you get round to building/using this with success, if so, on what size aquarium (mine's 90x55x53h)? I'm using a AM 1000 and it's not cutting it for me, having to use an inline diffuser in tandem to achieve targets, tried with original bio balls, empty and now Siporax. If you did...
  8. bazz

    Is this safe?

    Hi, The tank appears in the last two photographs to be awfully high from the floor, can you not screw all of the feet all the way in, and then just screw out a couple of millimeters the appropriate feet to bring the tank level with equal pressure on all the feet, if this makes sense? I would...
  9. bazz

    Is this safe?

    Hi, I would most definitely level an aquarium of that size. I used these...
  10. bazz

    IFC Aquarium Fertilizer Calculator

    Hi @Zeus. I'm remineralising RO with Calcium Chloride, Calcium Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate and Potassium Carbonate to dGH5 & dKH1. Do you think I would be better off deducting the amount of Mag & Pot from EI fert dosing or just treat it as a separate entity? Many thanks for your time!
  11. bazz

    Discus has white on it, have pics that I am going to try and post. The discus swims around and eats but it looks like its getting on the eyes.

    That poor Discus doesn't look very well at all to me, at that age they ought to be kept in a group, fed well and maintained to the optimum. Cheers.
  12. bazz

    Algae Identification

    I came to the conclusion from visual comparison that it was Staghorn but it's now been in neat Easycarbo for 48 hours and is still green. Back to the drawing board!
  13. bazz

    Algae Identification

    Hi, Could anyone help make a positive ID on this algae please, I've tried to compare it with lots of photos on here and elsewhere including James 'Planted Tank' Algae Identifier and still can't tell if it's Staghorn, Hair, Thread or what? I've just noticed a couple of tufts have popped up...
  14. bazz

    Aqua One, AquaSys

    Hi, Have you received your aquarium yet, I paid for the 230 over the phone after the guy at Viscum Aquatics told me that it would be 1 or 2 weeks, that was on 25.01.21, and I'm still waiting?
  15. bazz

    Not going so well this time.

    Hi, Jewel lido 70 x 60 x 50cm, 200l. 2 x 600 Ultima growbeam on 50% for 5 hours/day. 1200 XLT filter. 2000 compact+ running a Sera Flore 1000 reactor. Drop checker 4 degree KH water = yellow. 3 Bags of Eco complete and 1 bag of Seachem fluorite black. Dosing EI. I've set up 7 or 8 aquariums...
  16. bazz

    Removing the rim on the Juwel Rio 300

    photo's? enjoying this!
  17. bazz

    plant id please?

    yeah your right lads, it came obviously with no label and tiny round red leaves, it threw me by growing so wide, the crowns are now easily 4 inches across, but it is slow growing in height. thanx, bazz!
  18. bazz

    plant id please?

    hi, i don't think i will have to wait long for somebody to identify this please? cheers and thanx!
  19. bazz

    Kauai - Iwagumi

    haha, i know exactly where this little spot is! cheers!
  20. bazz

    DIY Project DIY Water Changer, No more buckets!!

    hi, i just use one of those hose clips off the back of an old washing machine syphon out more than 50% into the shower cubicle (live in a flat) occasionally taking off the clip to clean the substrate, takes about 40 mins which is just enough time to clean one of the filters and various...
  21. bazz

    N-P-K Help

    hi, read this..... http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1211 100 liters = 25.5 us galls, after substrate/hardscape displacement, you can dose for a 20 us gal tank! dose this, eg monday, wednesday and friday..... NPK (Nitrogen+Phosphorus+Potassium) Mixture for 20 Gallon Tank 1...
  22. bazz

    co2 distribution

    hi, definitely more misty (finer), and less bubbly, no joke! cheers, bazz!
  23. bazz

    How long till you give up?

    hi, well i think it looks very nice, but as previous posters have already mentioned, the addition of a focal point would be good, don't be afraid to have a little fiddle or a tweak, you can always put things back if you're unhappy with the results and it should help to expend some of your...
  24. bazz

    Four Seasons 300L Finish

    Re: Untitled Yet 300L optiwhite (Trimmed) very,very nice!!!
  25. bazz

    Hi and some questions

    hi angelah, i personally don't think it is set in concrete that you need to have your spraybars along the back of your tank seeing as you're going low tech. its your tank and you are the one that has to find it aesthetically pleasing. you could toy with the idea of having both inlets at one end...
  26. bazz

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"... crypts removed keep it up i say! cheers!
  27. bazz

    500 Litres, and need lots of help.

    hi, after keeping various large aquaria for well over 3 decades and then reading through the original post something didn't quite add up in my head, according to my calculations, 150cm x 60 x 45 = 405 litres, also i've been 'ei' dosing a 300 litre aquarium for the last 20 months and those...
  28. bazz

    eheim 2080 v's 2180

    hi, i've just been doing some homework to discover if is any detriment (other than cost) to the 2180's performance and capacity with the addition of the heater. i've been on several websites including eheims own, and the statistic charts between the two are of different formats. the internal and...
  29. bazz

    Colombo Flora Base

    hi, i bought a bag to top off the rear of my 300l after using 5 bags, 2 weeks ago from ma at east bridgford, notts, price = £32.50 for 10 litres! cheers, bazz!
  30. bazz

    External Heater

    appears to be cheaper when viewed in their shop http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/AQUARIUM-VERWARMING-VISSEN-THERMOSTAAT-FILTER-POMP-T09-/180580095402?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_146&hash=item2a0b6995aa although the postage is fractionally higher! cheers, bazz! 'edit' sod it, ive just ordered one as a spare at...
  31. bazz

    Shrimp and Angel fish

    hi, i wouldn't trust angel fish with anything that will fit in their mouth's, i relocated mine back to the lfs after they started on my cardinals. this one bit off more than it could chew! cheers, bazz!
  32. bazz

    MY 980lts from Costa Rica

    impressive size tank, scape and fish, congrats! cheers, bazz!
  33. bazz

    Algae ID.

    hi, looks like rhizo to me, and looking at james c's algae guide the cause is related to poor flow, lack of nutrients and co2 and general lack of maintenance. without trying to sound derogatory, looking at your intake strainer and glass panels, i would have a thorough clean up both inside and...
  34. bazz

    Inline co2

    http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=467 cheers, bazz!
  35. bazz

    My tanks from 2009-2010

    very nice, and cheers for the visual treat! bazz!
  36. bazz

    190L Corner Tank

    good growth dude, i have a vested interest in corner tanks, keep the photo's coming! cheers, bazz!
  37. bazz


    deepest sympathies mate, thats a lot of money! chin up, bazz!
  38. bazz

    Noisy Tetratec EX1200 doing my head in

    hi, sorry to hear of your woes, has it made this noise since new or did it start after routine maintenance? there really aren't that many moving parts and i suspect a damaged impeller or impeller shaft. i've had 2 ex1200's running constantly on my 300l for well over 18 months now and neither has...
  39. bazz

    Little Green Corner: Beyond Darkness

    stunning! cheers, bazz!
  40. bazz

    juwel rio 400l (new pics 03032011)

    Re: juwel rio 400l (video 10122010) hi, lovely aquarium, good luck with the move and new scape, will watch out for this, i love large tanks! cheers, bazz!
  41. bazz

    sams work tank

    hi sam, ah,ahh, i recognise this lovely little tank and think that it must have been you who served me a couple of plants a few weeks back. makes a refreshing change not to have to ask for 'that greeny to yellow one over there in the middle next to the pinkish one'! cheers, bazz!
  42. bazz

    Nano light (suggestions)

    hi, i had 1 of these above my dennerle 30l nano, i once changed the bulb over from a arcpod to see if it was any better but immediately changed it back, the dennerle one was almost twice as bright. the unit recently packed up after around 20 months of constant use. i replaced it with a 18w...
  43. bazz

    UKAPS visit Tropica, Denmark 2010

    you guys are so lucky, you're living my dream (i'll bet your going on a trip to amazonia in the near future aswell!) awesome write up, fantastic pic's and a revealing insight into probably the best aquatic plant nursery in the western world! look forward to some more pic's, bazz!
  44. bazz

    Help with ID's please. Bacopa, M umbrosum.....

    Re: Help with ID's please. Not sure that it's Indica. Looking at pics of Indica, it has slightly finer leaves. It could be Rotala sp. "Green". They're fairly similar untill you get them under high light etc. Hope that helps :) polysperma? later, bazz!
  45. bazz


    hi adandrews, i've kept various cory's for years and presently have 15 sterbai in a 300 liter. i wouldn't say they dig or uproot plants as such, but they certainly interfere with runners and expose roots just below the surface. they have also severely disrupted my 'e. parvula' patch. on a plus...
  46. bazz

    Installing HMA/RO filters

    hi, just to add that inline prefilters can be bought and are pretty universal and cheap (around £6.00 or £7.00). the last time i replaced mine they came with a variety of fittings and were much larger than the originals, hence it being taped to the original brackets! as chris say's, its worth...
  47. bazz

    Installing HMA/RO filters

    hi migt, that unit is over 5 years old and still works fine, it produces 125 liters in 24 hours. if you look after them (flush, and renew the prefilters) they last years. it is long in the tooth though, and i have been researching buying a new one similar (same make) to what jonnyjr suggested...
  48. bazz

    angel death

    hi, no need fror an autopsy on this greedy angelfish! was greeted with this grusome sight when i returned from work today. i've got 4 more angels but i'm afraid they will have to go. can't have anything eating my cardinals and rummynoses! cheers, bazz!
  49. bazz

    Crystal Palace

    lovely tank, be nice to see all those plants, planted! cheers, bazz!
  50. bazz

    Installing HMA/RO filters

    hi migt, apologies for the poor photograph (the unit is under a kitchen cupboard), but just to give you an idea of whats happening. the water tap is an external kit from b&q (around 8 or £9.00, which comes with a variety fixings), is screwed straight on to my washing machine connector, and can...
  51. bazz

    Paul's 200L, "Punishment of Luxury"

    hi paul, like you, i have my main lights running from 5 to 10.30pm. i also have bba, and while its reasonably under control (grow 3 leaves, cut 1 off), its still there and rears its ugly head as soon as i increase the light intensity. however, i was reading a post last night just a page back...
  52. bazz

    Back Into The World Of Freshies With Plants Of Course!

    hi littleimp, i'm extremely impressed with all of your handywork and look forward to seeing this reach fruition (love large aquariums)! like you, my lights (1 twin and 2 single t5's and a arcpod) come on and go off in a 4 event sequence at 30 minute intervals and think it adds another dimension...
  53. bazz

    Daniel's 60l cube

    Re: Daniel's 60l cube -UPDATE hi daniel, i may well be wrong here, but from this pic, it looks an awful lot like you have planted the java fern in the substrate which if you have it will not thank you for. if so , i would remove it and attach to either stone or wood with cotton or superglue...
  54. bazz

    Amazon Swords problem

    hi mark, if you bought your amazon swords from a shop, i would imagine that it is die back of the emersed leaves where the plants have been grown hydroponically in the nursery. i personally remove all of these prior to planting, leaving just a few or the smallest centre leaves. this is perfectly...
  55. bazz

    'Deep Rooted' - Andyh's 35l Nano

  56. bazz

    Tropica's expeditions - Pogostemon helferi

    unfortunately brings to mind as a child 45 years ago, fishing for tiddlers and sticklebacks, barefooted in a local stream. strangely enough i only live a few hundred meters from this place and occasionally pass, but alas the watercourse now looks like tar, with the run off from the roads, and...
  57. bazz


    hi chilled, i have 2 identical external filters operating on 1 tank, with an inline diffuser on just 1 filter and a inline heater on the other. the aquarium is a 300l corner unit so i was always going to have trouble with the flow pattern, but with a bit of tweaking of the spraybars, careful...
  58. bazz

    CO2 atomizer and DIY reactor

    hi zig, i use one of the boyu diffusers (originally bought as a cheap stop gap) on the outlet of one of two tt ex1200's turning over a 300l aquarium and more than adequately supplies it with co2, keeping the drop checker bordering yellow at about 2 or 3 bps using a jbl bubble counter. the...
  59. bazz

    fire red shrimp

    hi, sorry for pestering but just want to make sure as i was told that they definintely aren't cherries and should be kept in cooler water, but sure looks like a cherry to me! cheers and thanx, bazz!
  60. bazz

    fire red shrimp

    hi all, i've just purchased 6 of what were labled "fire red shrimp" from my local ma, and i'm trying to gather as much info as possible to give them ideal conditions. i've obviously googled them and seen some nice glossy photo's but can't find any info on temperature etc.. i'm also interested to...
  61. bazz

    Two Stage Regulators for Disposable Bottles?

    hi jas, aquajardin at gloucester sell a dennerle adaptor for the nano regulator and while its expensive (15 or so quid) it allows you to attach the regulator straight to a fe. i had the same trouble in my nano until i did this (maybe the bigger bottles have a more stable working pressure...
  62. bazz

    What/who are you listening too?

    hi paul, being a lover of all things syd barrett, i've been reading quite a lot about nick drake and recently d/l'ed a documentary on him, a very sad story! later, bazz!
  63. bazz

    lunapet solenoid sticking

    hi, i have one these running on my nano and when i received it (along with a nylon washer in a separate bag, which i never used or knew what it was for), the whole assembly seemed to be pretty loose. i tightened it up a little and had it running for a couple of days before it started sticking...
  64. bazz

    Nicks 4x2x2

    ok nick, on another note (lighting), i'm currently running a 300l 60cm high corner tank with 3 x 39w and 1 x 24 t5ho, which 2 months ago succumbed to a bba attack. i know this was partly due to flow, even with 2 x tetratec ex1200's and a koralia 2, but also to having to much light. i immediately...
  65. bazz

    Nicks 4x2x2

    hi nick, could you not get your dad to affix (silicone) some architrave or similar moulding around the top so as to match the bottom? i personally think it would finish the theme off a treat, while at the same time covering the water line and bracing! cheers, bazz!
  66. bazz

    water change during photoperiod!

    hi all i was just wondering what the general consensus is regarding doing water changes during the photoperiod. stands to reason that frequently (once every 7 days) the vast majority of us probably drastically alter the co2 level in our aquariums mid photoperiod, risking the obvious. i just...
  67. bazz

    Arcadia Arcpod Bulbs.

    hi, i replaced the bulb in my arcpod immdiately with a warm white tube which i purchased from b&q for just a couple of quid, most electrical places will sell them in various colours and prices! cheers!
  68. bazz

    juwel rio 400l (new pics 03032011)

    Re: juwel rio 400l hi, i personally just love the beauty of aquatic plants over hardscaping (although i fully appreciate and love the iwagumi style etc... also), but this aquarium for me, is a sight to behold! awesome!
  69. bazz

    320l Discus tank, becoming planted !

  70. bazz

    cleaning fluoresent tubes?

    hi all @ ukaps does anyone have any recommendations of a good substance for cleaning t5 tubes and reflectors please? i've had a look round here but can't seem to find any info! cheers and thanx, bazz!
  71. bazz

    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    there's nothing a decent new camera, a tripod and a good few lessons in photography wouldn't improve, but i thought i would post this pic of my royal whiptail (love that fish), an otto and inquisitive angel! cheers!
  72. bazz

    echinodorus tank

    hi nick, i just answered your questions about the plant selection over on my journal (i think), a couple of tips about large swords in big tanks is a, (i might be wrong on this but) plant them at the rear right up against the glass so they have a tendancy to grow out and forwards rather than...
  73. bazz

    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    hi nick, i think the red plant you must be talking about is 'myriophyllum mattogrossense' or 'red myriophyllum'' and next to that is the mighty 'pogostamon stellata' the myrio was only ever temporary (fast growing stems etc) but stellata is one of my favourite plants, but had to go when the...
  74. bazz

    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    hi neelhound, i wouldn't really call it an aquascape of any kind as i can't aquascape to save my life, i just love aquatic plants and underwater gardening, its more of an experiment at the moment, i did plant with intention of layering upwards towards the rear and as such learnt a lot about the...
  75. bazz

    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    quick update; 29th june! 6th july after planting the swordplants! tonight 09/10/09, you can see one of the original leaves of the red special starting to turn brown behind the rummy's nose at centre bottom of the pic, this aquarium is 75cm's front to back and the leaves now touch both...
  76. bazz

    Very neglected tank...

    hi, sorry for a late comment on this, but have just stumbled upon this thread and might be able to save you some money. i have 2 dennerle twin gauge regs (profi), one is 5 years old the other is 18 (neither were used for a few years until the beginning of this one) and both work as good as the...
  77. bazz

    blanching courgette/ cucumber!

    thanks guy's!
  78. bazz

    blanching courgette/ cucumber!

    hi all, what's the ideal method for blanching the above, to apparently break down the cellulose for otto's and sturisoma? i'm afraid my cookery skills are pretty basic! cheers and thanx in advance, bazz!
  79. bazz

    320l Discus tank, becoming planted !

    hi tonser, i'm in awe of this tank, and dream of one day having a planted discus tank. i'm not nit-picking or anything, however the more i looked at it the more i couldn't get my head around the fact that it is only 320l, it looks so much bigger. i have a 300l tank albeit a corner one, but would...
  80. bazz

    ada as africana powder!

    hmmmm, thanks guy's! nature soil sounds like it may be the way to go for me. typically ae only has the fine in 10 liter bags, is there anywhere else that retails this stuff? using 3 liter bags would be uber expensive, or would i be ok using the fine? the ada as powder, i found out after the...
  81. bazz

    ada as africana powder!

    hi, i'm just after a little reassurance here, as i am now completely cheesed off with the outcome of using a bag of the above (along with 2 bags of the ordinary) which i added to my 300 liter tank. i use 2 t/tec ex1200's and a koralia 1 and there is a constant turnover of particulate aquasoil in...
  82. bazz

    TBro's first tank

    ahhhh! sylvania, thats what it is, thanx for satisfying my curiosity!
  83. bazz

    UPDATED: Eheim Pro 3 2075 Review

    Re: Eheim Pro 3 2075 Review so does the ecco pro!
  84. bazz

    Tetratec EX1200

    i liked them so much, i bought 2 for my tank! seriously tho' i don't know of any external filter that is silent, but i believe there are various things you can stand them on to reduce the noise, plus also make sure nothing at all is touching it as this amplifies the sound! later, bazz!
  85. bazz

    fish for 2 foot cube (ish)

    as far as was aware, a vast majority of rasbora's prefer acidic conditions apart from maybe the "art nouveau" galaxy rasbora, and perhaps one or two others. having said that, most fish from the l.f.s.s' around these parts (i'm from the shire also) are not only kept, but proliferate in hard...
  86. bazz

    TBro's first tank

    hi tbro, just out of curiosity, whats going on in the spraybar area in the last 2 photo's of the original scape? forgive my stupidity if its something obvious! cheers and thanx, bazz!
  87. bazz

    p stellata

    hi, could anyone enlighten me as to the life cycle of the above plant please? in the middle of that lot are a few stems which appear to have failed underwater flowering, seemed to have stopped growing in height but have 2 new shoots sprouting from the base of the stem. i just wondered if it...
  88. bazz

    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    hi cro, not trying to sound condescending, but i had got to that result, i just thought i had read somewhere on here that when you use t5's the equation was slightly altered, and when i want to post in the future about problems i will probably encounter, i could quote thus! big cheers and thanx...
  89. bazz

    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    hi dave, big thanks for the xmas moss, the world really is getting smaller. not keen on the sand because i'm not a scaper (just got wet green fingers), the oto's gleefully cover it over with the powder whilst grummaging about eating peas, courgette, cucumber and algae discs etc ... all the...
  90. bazz

    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    hi nick, well. in the foreground are 2 pots of p helferi, 1 pot of e parvula, 1 pot of e tenellus and 1 pot of didiplis diandra. c parva and staurogyne, have now been put on the shortlist if any of these fail. cheers and thanx for your input, much obliged, bazz!
  91. bazz

    Leaf issues

    hi fly fisherman, it was quite a long time ago (and a good few tanks), that i experienced horseshoe shaped holes in my plants. one night for whatever reason i was sat next to said tank and could hear a fairly audible clicking. as i said it was a long time ago, and i can't remember the exact...
  92. bazz

    Filter Brand Preference - Your opinion counted

    hi steve, i run a eheim ecco pro 130 on 30 liter tank, it is on the floor whilst the tank is also on the kitchen top. the first one i received leaked and had to send it back but the replacement has been running for 6 months now with no problems at all. it does the job perfectly and is little...
  93. bazz

    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    ok, sorry for the delayed update, i did one the other night and my pc froze midway through, (i need a new one, and camera!) but anyway here was later that sunday evening (7th) after the next 100 liters of ro water had been put in! i'd bought two stems of blyxa, which i had temporarily planted...
  94. bazz

    vision 180

    hi billy, hope you don't mind me asking, but what do you feed your discus? i've kept 2 before a long time ago in a similar environment to yours, but seemed to spend half my life siphoning uneaten food from the tank. they were fairly fussy eaters, and certainly made and left behind a mess! cheers...
  95. bazz


    hi, not sure if i was dreaming or not, but i'm pretty certain i read on here somewhere that it is best to cut all the leaves off of java fern when first tied to bogwood, i've searched the archives but can't find the thread. i've just bought a sizeable chunk and i'm left wondering if this is the...
  96. bazz

    RO Water Storage

    hi ed, i don't suppose you could leak anymore info on the shut off valve at all please? i have the same water butt in my kitchen, and it would be nice to be fully automated without risk of flooding! cheers and thanx in advance, bazz!
  97. bazz

    co2 external reactor info please?

    i thought i read somewhere recently that these reactors were hermetically sealed, but apparently not as you appear to have changed the media, why? its looking quite likely though that these are probably the best option! cheers and thanx, bazz!
  98. bazz

    co2 external reactor info please?

    hi, i'm now in the market to buy an external reactor, and looking for recommendations to fuel a 300 liter tank through 1 of 2 t/tec ex1200's. the aquamedic 1000 was looking favourable, but i'm thinking the 12/16mm hosetails are a step backwards for filter flow from the standard 16/22mm of the...
  99. bazz


    cheers to you ceg! £5.50 for 250g as opposed to £2.30 for 500g, thats money in the bank! later!
  100. bazz


    hi ceg a quick question if that is ok, please. is there any difference in using magnesium sulphate heptahydrate (mgso4 7h2o), apart from the vast contrast in price? it wasn't a problem with a nano, but i've just mixed up for an 80 gallon with 24 t/spoons and eaten away at 3/4 of my 250g stock...