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    Bonsai help

    Hi, Not sure if anyone on here is knowledgable when it comes to Bonsai trees? Im looking at getting one for my desk at work, but usure if the conditions are right. Its a light and airy office and i am about 10ft from floor to ceiling windows on two sides so should get natural light too. I...
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    I need your 'likes'

    ADMIN - i hope this is allowed? - It is fish related, albeit on a bigger scale. Hi all, I am currently entered in a photo competition on Facebook (not a hardcore professional one) with the subject being fishing photos in and around a particular complex in Thailand. You are only allowed to...
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    Experianced Zebra plec Keepers

    Hi, I have grown bored of my planted tank and fancy a change in scene. Having kept a wide variety of freshwater fish and inverts over the years i fancy a new challenge. Before i sell all my gear and leave the hobby, i would like to keep L046 as one last hurrah! I believe my current tank and...
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    [Help] Issue Transferring files from phone

    Hi all, Slightly off topic I am having alot of trouble transferring files (music) from my phone to my laptop. My phone is a Samsung s7 and the laptop is a fairly new Toshiba with good performance. Usually, i plug my phone into the USB slot, it will auto connect and transfer no issue. I am...
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    PS3 not connecting to TV

    Hi all, Im hoping someone on here has experienced this, or might have a solution. Last night my PS3 wouldn't connect via HDMI to my Samsung TV. It was working the day before as normal. I have tried the cable in HDMI slot 1 and 2 and the relevant source setting on the TV. I have tried...
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    Best dry food for tetras

    Hi all, I have a shoal of Rummynoses and i would like to know any recommendations for food? I feed live / frozen foods as well as spirulina flake, but would like a good quality dry food that will enhance the colour of the fish and provide all the nutrients needed. Thanks, Nick
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    Nicks 60cm

    Hi all, Been a while since my last high tech planted tank and i recently got the itch to do another. Tank: Optiwhite Rimless 60x45x45 Light: - chirios Aquasky Filter: Ex1200 Substrate: Tropica Aquarium soil + plant growth Co2 - 2kg FE Hardscape - Seriyu Stone Plants - Micranthem Monte...
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    how to plant M. monte carlo

    hi all, i have got some 12grow pots and im not sure the best way to plant this one? is it as simple as pulling apart and dividing into individual shoots? The hairgrass is simple, but Monte carlo is new to me. Must say, im impressed how well they travel in the pots.
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    Iwagumi layout - thoughts

    Hi all, having a play with the limited rocks i do have. Let me know your thoughts and the layout you prefer. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Thanks all.
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    Pots v cultures

    Hi all, Looking to be planting a tank up in the near future and having been away from this side of the hobby, plant cultures are new to me. What are the advantages / disadvantages? Do the cultures suit certain species of plants alot better? Not sure whether to invest in some of these or...
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    60x40 substrate amounts

    Hi all, Planning a new 60x40 and ive worked out i will need about 12.5l for a 5cm substrate depth. However, i will be using the Tropical plant growth substrate and the soil over the top. What ratios should i use them in? Based on the above calculation would one 2.5l bag of the plant growth...
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    Will my journal ever start?!

    Hi all, As some of you may be aware i have been planning a return to the planted scene after being away (slightly) with a low tech planted tank for my CRS. Firstly i ordered a lovely optiwhite tank from Seapets only to be fobbed off with delivery dates and customer service. Nothing ever turned...
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    Trading Standards

    Hi all, Ive been having alot of problems with a well known aquatic retailer, as i have ordered a tank and cabinet only to be promised many different delivery dates and that i will be contacted and nothing has ever materialised. I have retained all messages i have exchanged with the company...
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    Recommended Glassware 16mm

    Hi all, New tank / cabinet and lighting is on order and im beginning to gather hardware. Having been away from the planted game im a bit out of touch. What glassware does everyone recommend for inlets and outlets. 16mm. Not looking to spend a fortune but something with decent build quality...
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    cost effecive lighting for a 60cm

    Hi all, Beginning to plan a new tank and scape in my head and the lighting scene has changed so much since i left the hobby. I remembee it used to be arcadia luminaires and T5 tubes with everyone banging on about WPG! How times change :lol: I am undecided on the style of scape, but the tank...
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    Full planted tanks with CRS

    hi all, I have a CRS tank with a colony of about 200. +Ottos and Dwarf corries. They are housed in an old and tatty tank with a large anubias on wood, java fern and some crypts. I have been away from the 'proper' planted side for ages (some might remember me!) but i have the itch again. i...
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    Deals on Optiwhite 60x45x45cm

    Hi all, Im after an Optiwhite tank and stand for my CRS set-up. Theres over 200 shrimp in my tank, but my existing stuff looks very tatty and old now, and it doesnt complement the shrimp. Im am after something like the TMC signature 600 (with the grey cabinet) - looks ideal!! The tank needs to...
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    frequency of water changes

    Hi all, just wondering if my lifestyle will actually suit my tank setup before i go ahead. Always did 50% weekly on a high tec planted, but did 50% every 2 weeks on a malawi cichlid and it was ok. Im planning on a 450 litre low tech setup sparsley planted with liquid ferts and co2 - small...
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    fine capping substrate

    please delete. answered my own question!
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    removing scuds

    Hi all, i have noticed some of these small critters today in my tank and also my first dead shrimp in months. Im not saying they are 100% related but its a funny co-incidence and could have been a newly moulted vulnerable shrimp. Are there any way to control them? Im looking towards some fish...
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    denisoni barbs

    Hi all, Is a 4x2x2 big enough for denisoni barbs? Tank will have good flow with 2 wavemakers and 2 ex1200's but i might upgrade one to an fx5/6
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    Tetratec phone no

    hi all, had a quick trawl but couldnt find an up to date contact number for tetra i have a broken EX1200 thats brand spanking new, and was hoping to get through to a human being in the UK! cheers
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    RO help

    hi all, i have an RO unit from osmotics, and have set it up as portable (3 ball valves, one on each of the lines so i can block of a line and drain it etc. my question is that i thought you always had to have the (black) waste water line open, which meant that i was getting 10-15 litres of...
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    Nicks Low Tech - CRS Journal

    hi all, Firstly a massive thank you to all of those that have given me advice and continue to do so, I really appreciate it. ive decided to set up a dedicated CRS tank, which will cost me a small fortune as im starting from scratch. im new to keeping CRS but have been floating around on a...
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    CRS new tank

    hi all, don't think ive posted for a year or two now, and I don't recognise many names! ive just obtained a 21x21x21 cube, around 140 litres. I would like to keep some CRS properly in the tank, however it will be a new tank and I know they need a matured one. I have a new TT Ex1200...
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    using oak

    hi all, being i live in the country side and have some lovely trees in my garden.. i thought about sourcing some of my own wood. ive been looking at oak, as its nice and hard and ive heard is safe to use (anyone shed some light on it?) ive collected some pieces that are 'dead' (i dont like...
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    tax... (oh yes)

    hi guys, have rung the tax office and cant even get a simple answer from them! ive paid tax on my job, but i do not earn over the thresh-hold where i shoud be paying tax... what form do i need to fill in to claim back my money? hoping someone here might know that, all i got from them was an...
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    typing jumping...

    hi all, very common problem i know... when im typing it always jumps back to mid-sentance so i keep having to go back and delete stuff... why is it happening (laptop = dell studio 15) im positive im not touching the mouse when im typing, so i dont think it can be that... ideas? fixes? its...
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    i need a new mobile

    hi all, i know theres some lovely techy people on here so id thought id ask here! im after a new smart phone (not the iphone) but im confused with which ones are best etc... im looking at... blackberry 3G HTC Desire HD HTC Incredible S (is there any differances between this and the above...
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    Nicks Malawi Venture

    hi all, hope you are all keeping well. decided i dont want another planted tank for the minute, but a change. after thinking about predatory, shell dwellers, reef, oddball, i decided to go for none of those, but instead a malawi cichlid tank. i shall start with the formalities and thank...
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    find me the thread!

    hey guys, im looking for a thread on a DIY aquarium background. im fairly sure it was on this forum but i could be wrong! someone made a background using expandable foam and i cant for the life of me find the topic. been searching for several days now! (its not the ukaps vivarium thread) any...
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    where to get huge bogwood

    hi all, where can i source large lumps of bogwood. - like the pieces people have for a 6 foot tank. i want some really heft bits, like 3 foot+ in length, thick and heavy! i can only seem to find the tiny bits around here that are like 30-50cm long. i have searched fleabay and also...
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    Nick16 signing out....

    well, wiith my 4x2x2 draining away as i type, all fish and plants gone (guys look after them!), i am sad to say i will be leaving the hobby for a few years whilst at university. my parents will take care of the nano but there will be nothing for me to do. a tank at uni this year is out of the...
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    koi growing

    hi all, this is a mixture of koi and aquariums but i thought it best to go in this section. whilst i go to uni, i am unable to take my tank with me as they dont allow pets of any kind. (i thought, fish dont smell, dont make mess, dont make noise, dont need walking, and wont cover the room i...
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    Khuli's and cherries

    hi, i would love to know if these two can live happily together. i have amano's but im sure they are too big! on the thread 'Khuli's in the java fern hotel' it is clear that they must have been living together but i would still love some more opinions. i have heard that khulis are peaceful...
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    JBL AquaBasis plus

    used to use aquabasis in all my tanks and i love the stuff. changed to eco complete for my 4x2x2 and im already thinking of going back to aquabasis. despite it turning the water pink if you fiddle too much, its cheap and really effective!
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    Le Mans 2010

    who's watching? for those without eurosport and with nothing to do all night... http://www.justin.tv/freddy49barsa il be up ALL night, gutted i cant be there this year. :(
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    whos used it? thoughts opinions? i swear by JBL aquabasis as it is cheap and really nutritious. but i would love to hear thoughts on manado. good growth? particle sizes consistent? Cloud the water? Ammonia spikes? a good review would be super.
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    Broken Ex1200 (again + again)

    hi all, im getting really annoyed with tetra's external filter range now and will not buy them again. i used to swear by them but have had more problems than you can shake a stick at over the last year. where the inlet comes out of your tank and joins to the hose, the little screw thread...
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    fert recipe

    i have bought some TPN by mistake and should have got the TPN+. what ferts and amounts do i need to make up the soloution to get the stuff im missing from the TPN+? i have ferts kicking around the home, so fingers crossed i have the stuff already here! cheers
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    fert choice

    i need a new bottle of 500ml liquid ferts. i have been looking at the ususal TPN+, but AE also have a ferka combo with aquatilizer and balance K. is this stuff any good or should i stick with TPN+? cheers. or any others you can recommend!
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    need a photoshop wizz

    hi, i want to buy new alloys for my car, but being that they are online, its hard to imagine what they will look like. if i can supply a full side on shot of my car, and then the pic with the alloys, is it possible to photoshop the alloys onto the car? if so can anyone do that for me, and...
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    Acicularis 1st trim

    hi all, im going to give my hairgrass its 1st trim this weekend. (hopefully) however, when trimming it, am i taking it down to subtrate level (im guessing yes) and also, and i cutting any new shoots that have come up away from the main 'clumps' that i initially planted? - or should i try to...
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    Sports car racing

    hi, just another slightly non plant related topic, but seeing as dans topic is generating some car and bike fans from the wooodwork i thought i would start a sports car thread. This is for cars like GT, endurance etc. not F1 and other 'open' cars. I have been to Le Mans in France the last 2...
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    lily pipes

    hi, considering getting some of these..... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Aquarium-Inflow-Outflow-Glass-Lily-Filter-Pipe-17mm-L_W0QQitemZ160391102143QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Fish?hash=item25580dfebf surely, where you attach the tubing to the lilies, the tubing is just going to slide off...
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    picture backgrounds

    hi, i have seen some guys on here take their picture of the tank, and place it on a nice black background. im useless when it comes to PS or any of the other editing stuff. i want to be able to crop my photos so it is just the tank and no bits of the cabinet (which i can just about do) and then...
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    Nick's blyxa hunt - sorted

    hi all, just like to say my hunt is over for the stuff. big shout out to 'cro' and 'Amy4342' for sorting me out with some. hopefully i will be able to grow it! (im sorry now if i cant :lol: ) also, would like to thank tonser for offering me some (wait for ages and 3 lots come at once, like...
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    Nicks off the scale 'results'

    hi, ive been testing my water every other day in my new 4x2x2 and the results have been shocking. I started off getting these.... (remained constant for just over a week) 1.5mg/l = ammonia 1.5mg/l = Nitrite :thumbdown: 100mg/l = Nitrate but the PH was...
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    Difffused backgrounds

    hi has anyone tried the light diffused backgrounds http://www.thegreenmachineaquatics.com/mall/productpage.cfm/Aquatics/_diffuser/266020/TGM%20Light%20Diffusing%20Aquarium%20Backing if anyone has some info or even better a shot of them, that would be superb. i saw oli knott use it, but he...
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    car speakers, subs, amps

    hi guys, im trying to sort out a decent ICE system for my car. i already have a parcel ready for some 6x9's, but i want to put an edge box in the boot...
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    im about to set up a 450L tank and i need some purigen. what kind of amounts am i going to need? i dont want to go mental and totally overboard. do i need 100ml, 250ml, 500ml?
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    super red harlequins

    hi guys, i have 4 harlequins i bought about a year ago, and they are the best coloured i have ever seen. ive looked in all the shops, everyones tanks on here and on the net and everyone seems to have lighter coloures. I bought a few recently hoping they would colour up to be the same and so far...
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    compact cameras - Panasonic and canon

    hi, has anyone got either the panasonic lumix TZ7 or the canon ixus 100 IS? im looking for a new camera and i really cant decide out of these two. The canon is probably better at point and shoot and a bit better at macro stuff, but the panasonic has that huge 12x zoom. can any owners give...
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    Amano's hairgrass

    hi, often in amano's tanks i see a type of hairgrass in the background. Its taller than the usual acicularis and parvula that are commonly used in foreground scaping. He uses it in many scapes. i have posted some pics to help the ID process. is it vivipara, or montevidensis, or just...
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    Urgent: Filter For Micro Rasboras

    hi all, i have to transfer my shoal of Micro rasboras into a smaller tank. what filters have people tried that wont suck them up. i have tried putting coarse foam over the end of my HOB but it cant suck enough water through. I have a spare fluval 2+ but im unsure in they will get sucked up into...
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    driving test success

    hi guys, i just passed my driving test and im dead chuffed. was icy when i took my test this morning but i found it not to bad. got 1 minor which is not too bad. (15 is a pass, 16 a fail) :D hopefully soon, i will able to drive to places like TGM for the meets.
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    water pumps

    hi, im in the market for a cheap water pump to aid my W/C's. i currently own an eheim compact 1000 and whilst it was ok on a 240L its not going to cut the mustard on my larger aquarium. i really need something that i can connect tubing to both ends, like the larger eheim models, and something...
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    Nicks 4x2x2

    hi all, time to start my new journal for a new custom made 4x2x2 tank. It holds 450L of water :D The cabinet is home made and is going to have to take 1/2 a ton of weight. :!: The journal is going to be a slow one as i still have a lot of work to do, before the tank is even ready to fill...
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    sticking extension blocks.

    hi, im want to 'stick' my extension blocks to the inside of my cabinet so they are more in reach. However, using something like double sided sticky tape will remove the paintwork on the inside which will be a real PITA. is there anything aanyone can suggest? i was thinking about those...
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    zeolite and purigen

    hi, does anyone use any of these products? i was thinking of getting some of each as i have 2 Ex1200 filters ready for my new project :shh: however im unsure how much im going to need for a tank of over 300L (zeolite = 1kg, 2kg?) (Purigen = 100ml, 250?) i plan on putting one lot say zeolite...
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    'joining' filters

    hi guys, i plan to use 2 Ex1200's on my next scape and was thinking, can i join up the two spraybars in the tank to make one big one? Is this possible or will it potentially cause stress on one or both of the filters? i want to do this to improve my co2 distribution as it will be dissolved...
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    mixed foregrounds

    hi all, i have been thinking about my next scape which was going to have a hairgrass (proably parvula, as i belive the acicularis grows alot taller). However, having seen a few scapes with mixed foregrounds im currently thinking about adding in some Marselia. However, i dont know much about...
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    digital plug timers

    hi guys, im after some of these (at least 2 preferbaly 3) to replace my mechanical analogue ones. This is becuase i have one timer in my bedroom for my rekord lights and it makes such a raket at night i have finally had enough. It is the same for my lounge. i want to know which ones you guys...
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    splitting anubias

    hi guys, i have acouple of very large anubias (rhizomes) and i would like to diving them up and replant them in another tank. What is the best way of me doing this, as i dont just want to cut the whole rhizome in half for fear of killing both halves! how do i do it?
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    massive rocks

    hi guys, im after some large rocks, (over 15kg, probably 20kg or more) for my next scape, but i cant source any. i have been to my local garden centres and builders merchants but im still struggling. any thoughts? where do you guys get yours from? im in the surrey area. cheers :D
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    pumps and DIY spraybars

    hi all, i want to purchase and eheim compact+ 2000 pump, (i have a compact 1000). The 1000 will not be good enough for my new large tank so i will need something bigger, hence the 2000. However i will be pumping from an 80L bin into the tank but i cant just pump it straight in as the substrate...
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    tank protection.

    hi guys, im soon to be using some very large rocks (30Kg or more), i was thinking of sitting them ontop of a polystyrene sheet, would this work or will the 'styrene break down in the tank? any tips on how you guys do this?
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    recommend a reg and soleniod

    hi guys, in the market for another one for my 120L, but i cant find the one i bought ages and ages ago so they much have stopped selling it. Can someone provide some links with ones that wil fit an FE (preferably tried and tested) as i know some of them dont have much in th way of thread so they...
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    echinodorus tank

    hi guys, im very keen on having a tank with loads of ech's in, however a quick trawl through the journals doesnt yield much, so im struggling for ideas. with most google image pics i found, it seems the swords look very odd as they stick out at the back of the tank without much infront of them...
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    bulking up eco complete

    hi, i have about 45KG of this stuff but i need a lot more before i can get enough slope in my tank. Now, instead of buying more that will cost me about £70 can i use something to bulk it up with. like slide in 10KG of something else, i idealy want just the one substrate, unlike last time (i...
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    a couple of Q's

    hi guys, a quick couple of questions. has anyone tried the little pressurized co2 bottles you can buy in tescos? they are small, i think about 500g but are very cheap at about £3, and i think you can get them to refil them for free or for very little if you bring the old bottles back. They are...
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    iwugumi talk

    hi guys, soon to be getting a 4x2x2 but how would you go about turning it into a 'gumi? i dont know how hard its going to be? lots of space to play with, im going to use rock obviously but i dont know whether to go for a small island section or elongate it out a bit. (if that makes sense) any...
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    UV lights

    hi guys, i am soon to be getting a large tank of around the 400L mark. Now it will be planted of course and im slowly getting some of the equipment together.im interested in getting myself a UV light, but i dont really know much about them. does anyone know of any good sites / have any good...
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    High output filter

    hi all, im after a nice powerful filter for my new 4 foot that will be arriving soon. I already have 1 EX1200 from my last set up. Now, i was going to have another 1200 as well and have 2400LPH turnover (it will be a 400L tank), but i doubt i will have enough turnover. :? i then had a look at...
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    immense lighting

    hi, i want to try my luminaire out for a week or two over my 120L, however it is a 4x54w T5. i currently use 1x30w T8. if i used the luminaire (on 2 of the 4 lights) would i just get instand algae? substrate is sand, plants, anubias and java fern no ferts, no co2, w/c 25% weekly. i know im...
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    3d backgrounds or not?

    hi guys, im having a bit of a problem on this one. You all know of the juwel 3D backgrounds (if you dont things like these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/JUWEL-ROCK-600-BACKGROUND_W0QQitemZ190313221008QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Fish?hash=item2c4f8d4b90&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 ) sorry its an ebay...
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    arcadia luminaire help

    hi guys, just picked up a second hand arcadia luminaire, not sure what type it is though. (it is 120cm long, and has 4x54w t5's if that helps) - its overtank not suspension. now my question is, where the legs fit over the tank, i can see there are small crew like holes (made by arcadia!) one...
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    Lily difference?

    hi, are there any differences between these two plants? Nymphaea rubra and Red Tiger Lotus apart from colour what else? - they seem very similar? (growth patters, speeds, tendency to die and rot?) cheers :D
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    opinions please

    hi guys, any opinions on this cheap luminaire http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/GA-120cm-4x55W-HO-Power-Compact-marine-aquarium-light_W0QQitemZ280383446375QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Fish?hash=item414827dd67&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 i say again cheap, but even if it lasts a while...
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    two or four? (T5)

    hi, its all change now, my tank is going to be 4ft (length) but it will be 2ft deep. i will have a total of about 415L (after decor and substrate) i guess i will have to have the 4xT5's then? my question is, will 2 on there own be not enough? (just over 1WPG) will 4 on there own be too much...
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    Anyone bought a large tank from Aquariums Ltd?

    hi guys, im 90% sure i will get a tank from A-Ltd (one of our sponsors) but i have seen different types of galss around the top of the tank. Imagine if ytou were looking down from above, i saw one with a glass lip riniing around the top of the tank (about 2inch from the very top). Then there...
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    Bredding Bosesemani's?

    hi guys, had a quick trawl around on google, and i know these things do breed but how easy is it? any tips on doing this apart from feeding more with high protein foods.. also, if i want to have these in my tank, is it best to have 2F to 1M? how do you tell the differance? (is it that the...
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    manado in the UK

    hi guys, it has now hit our shores. proof.... http://www.warehouse-aquatics.co.uk/tropical-coldwater/planting-equipment-additives//new-jbl-manado-25l-planting-substrate-p-4923.html not bad for a 25L bag. if anyone does buy it, i would love to know what they think, take lots of pics before it...
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    plants that flower.

    i know alot of plants flower, but for y new scape im after something that will hopefully flower easily and look really nice. something fairly small (low level) as its going to be an iwugumi (kind of), but there again i could hide some stems behind the wood. any suggestions and any tips on how...
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    ADA in the post!!

    hi guys, i didnt realise you actually get a letter from ADA regarding the IAPLC, i was amazed, i know i only came 946th but its still nice to have a bit of paper to keep for your records, see if i can beat it next year with my scape. :shh:
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    TT ex1200 tubing

    hi guys, i need to replace the tubing for my Ex1200 but i only need one, i dont need both, if i have to buy a set containing two sets of tubing then so be it, but where can i get them from? or alternatively, what else can i use? i know eheim tubing is cheap and i dont care about the colour...
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    is a W/C needed?

    hi, i have a 120L tank with 12 boras brigittea and some cherry and amano shrimp, (+ 3 apple snails) i dont feed massivley, it has no co2 and no ferts, so do i need to do a w/c every week? it has a couple anubias barteri as well, i doubt that helps but more info is better than none.
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    does eco complete cloud?

    hi, as in the title, does it cloud badly? i have JBL aquabasis and this stuff is a monster at clouding. im thinking about getting some ADA Amazonia (i or ii?) as i believe that doesnt cloud as much?
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    plant selection

    hi guys, im after a small plant for my mid tank section, its going to be like an iwugumi but without the rocks (wood instead) i cant decide out of: i dont want it to grow more than 15cm really, as i will have dwarf hairgrass infront of it and i want the transition to be as smooth as poss...
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    highlight the smilies

    have you ever tried highlighting the 'moving' smilies try this one :lol: its quite funny that its the eyes that move and its like evil, normal, evil, normal :D
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    potential mass plant sale...

    hi, just gauging interest really.... im going to be breaking down my 4ft tank and therefore i will have a lot of plants to sell.... i will sell the smaller stuff first (in terms of roots) inc stems. i will move the fish out at the last possible moment as they will be a bit cramped in 2/3rds of...
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    hydor ETH 300 and TT

    hi guys, i plan on getting a 300w ETH as they seem to be going down a storm! will the 300w fit my EX1200? (i do have a 700 on the tank as well) also, where have you guys got your ETH's? any good websites? cheers, thats all..... for now :lol:
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    tank planning

    hi, im planning my next scape and i cant decide upon a few things.... here is what is planned so far, so you guys can get the idea. (it was knocked up very quick and is WAY out of proportion) as you can see it will be very simple. i will have redmoor in there somewhere sticking up with...
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    any fresh ideas for me?

    hi guys, as most of you will have gone through at one stage or another, i need some new ideas for my tank. i want to break it down and go for something new, but heres where i am stuck, i cant decide what.... iwagumi? jungle? :crazy: my tank is a Rio 240, so i have plenty of room to work...
  95. N

    lily pipes

    hi has anyone got these? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Aquarium-Inflow-Outflow-Glass-Lily-Filter-Pipe-17mm-L_W0QQitemZ160336340339QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Fish?hash=item2554ca6573&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65%3A2%7C66%3A2%7C39%3A1%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50 i need a set for mine (or two) but...
  96. N

    Fire Ex help.

    hi guys, i phoned around some of my local Co2 refillers and the best price i could get for a 2Kg co2 FE was £16.75 !!! so i gave up and bought a new one for £13 inc delivery. Now my question is, where do i dispose of the empty one, seeing as i cant refil it.
  97. N

    ebay help

    hi all, i recently recieved an email saying someone knows my ebay password. (this email came into my spam box and i think that is what it is) however, my password has been changed to something random as the email said. so i now need to change my password but for some reason it wont let me do...
  98. N

    green dust algae :(

    hi guys i have a problem with this and was wondering how to get rid? i have read.... Description Forms on the glass creating a dusty appearance across the glass. Sometimes so bad you can't see into the tank. Cause Low CO2. Low nutrients. Quite common on new setups. Removal Easily removed...
  99. N

    water changes (+ your input)

    right guys, im fed up with doing w/c's every week on my 2 larger tanks. one is non co2, no ferts and only has 12 rasboras brigittae and soe cherry shrimp. my question is, do i still need to do a w/c every week? or can i get away with a longer time? my second tank is my planted tank, with...
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    camera people

    hi, im looking for a decent camera as the one i have doesnt provide decent image quality (old pentax optio A10) i think my next step may be a digital slr. so all you guys who have a decent camera and can take those amazing shots, what camera do you have? some info on these would be champion...