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  1. Joecoral

    World's most expensive Otocinclus

    I think I may have just discovered the worlds most expensive otocinclus in a local shop. £10 (that's ten pounds!) each! What is the world coming to?!
  2. Joecoral

    Drunk Badger

    http://www.reuters.com/article/oddlyEno ... O720090709 "BERLIN (Reuters) - A badger in Germany got so drunk on over-ripe cherries it staggered into the middle of a road and refused to budge, police said on Wednesday. A motorist called police near the central town of Goslar to report a dead...
  3. Joecoral

    Broadband problems

    In my infinite wisdom (after getting thoroughly p***ed off with XP SP3 failing to install again), I uninstalled the Belkin Wireless Networking Utility programme I use with my wireless USB adapter. Now, however, no matter how many times I install / re-install the wireless networking utility, I...
  4. Joecoral

    Starfire glass

    is it the same thing as optiwhite, or something different?
  5. Joecoral


  6. Joecoral

    The Baseless Lie Thread

    Post a baseless (but funny) lie about the person who has posted immediately before you. For example, the next person to post could write "Joecoral has 15 toes but only 6 fingers", or something to effect Enjoy!
  7. Joecoral

    Hose Clip question

    If I want to put a hose clip (/jubilee clip) onto a piece of hose which has an external diameter of 22mm, would I be better off buying 16-22mm clips, or 22-30mm clips, as these are the only sizes they seem to come in :?
  8. Joecoral

    Aquafleur java fern

    Was having a look on the Aquafleur website, and they do a version of java fern called Microsorium pteropus latifolia, just wondered if anyone had used this before or knew of it, and how does it differ from regular java fern?
  9. Joecoral

    PC wont save login info

    As per title, since monday everytime I close my internet browser, upon reopening i have to re submit all my login details (ie name and password) to every forum / site I go on that requires you to login, even when the "remember my details" box is checked I thought it was cookie related, but...
  10. Joecoral

    Hydrolysis Unit

    Customer came in today asking for some advice, said he had a electric hydrolysis CO2 unit, something to do with a carbon plate which had to be replaced every 4 weeks. I'd never heard of them, certainly was unable to advise on it. Anyone got any experience of these, are they any good? I...
  11. Joecoral

    Funny bunny

    Dunno why, but I found this absolutely hilarious
  12. Joecoral


    Got in my car to go to town this morning, turn the key and...... nothing Not even turning over, absolutely nothing Was workin fine on sunday, been sat outside the house for 48 hours, and now dead Thats £50 for a new battery that I can't afford :evil: :evil:
  13. Joecoral


    Click The industry was rocked by heavy discounting this week, as High Street giants GAME and Gamestation joined independent retailers in buying extra stock from supermarkets. The latest round of price slashing kicked off at Sainsbury’s over the weekend, with the retailer cutting £30 off the...
  14. Joecoral

    EI Storage

    What do you all use to store your 4 weeks (or however many) worth of macro/trace fert solutions in once mixing them?
  15. Joecoral

    Pruning Crypts

    When removing leaves which are succumbing to crypt melt, how is the best wya to do so? Just remove the leaf, or the whole stem?
  16. Joecoral

    Where fish fingers come from

    Fish Fingers
  17. Joecoral


    To all people thinking of going to university: don't bother You spend 4 years living on less money than people on the dole get, spend about £25k on fee's, come out with a good degree, but no one will employ you. People who don't employ graduates want people with experience, which you don't have...
  18. Joecoral

    Joe's Low Tech 54L

    Well, after getting fed up of waiting for the gravel to turn up for my Rio 180, I decided to set up (after some persuasion by the gf) a 2x1x1 (54L) I had lying around as a low tech planted community tank, which is as follows: Tank - 60x30x30 (54L) Lighting - 18W T8 Triplus, 8 hour photoperiod...
  19. Joecoral


    So this is how I picture planting my new setup: ie Spiky moss and M.pteropus "narrow" on the wood, an Echinodorus uruguayensis in the corner behind the wood, staurogyne around the base of the wood and a hairgrass carpet However my quandry is this: the right hand side seems awful bare if I only...
  20. Joecoral

    Unipac Website

    For those who are interested, seems Unipac have finally got a website, which contains the full range of products http://www.unipacpet.co.uk/products_01.html Curiously, the website says the 2-3mm gravel only comes in 12.5kg sacks, and not 25kg. Is this true?
  21. Joecoral


    Can someone/anyone ID the plant circled in red please? Thanks Joe
  22. Joecoral

    Monitor problems

    I've had the same Hyundai ImageQuest Q15 TFT monitor on my pc for over 4 years now, and it has been great so far However today all of a sudden it has randomly and suddenly started going incredibly dim to the extent I can only just barely see anything on the screen, which is only remedied by...
  23. Joecoral


    Can't believe this actually happened! And after all that to only get a single night in jail beggars belief! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7636577.stm
  24. Joecoral

    3 Red Lights

    My xbox360 has just developed a case of 3 red lights. This ever happened to anyone else? Any ideas what I have to do now?
  25. Joecoral


    randomly remembered about this the other day Awesomeness
  26. Joecoral

    Birds in the garden

    Some birds in my garden today. What a charming little fellow I thought Until he started mooning me! Enjoy, Joe
  27. Joecoral


    I'm in the process of deciding the final planting arrangement for my new scape, but am having trouble deciding what plants to go with For those of you that have seen in my journal, I have a single piece of redmoor up which will be spiky moss and java fern narrow. The base of the wood will be...
  28. Joecoral

    Onlive Vivarium Store

    Anyone have any experience with this website? I ordered a 25kg sack of unipac gravel off them a week ago, they happily took my money and that is the last i've heard of it. No gravel as of yet, no confirmation that the item has been shipped, emailed them 2 days ago enquiring about my order, no...
  29. Joecoral

    Booby horn

    fire up the smut
  30. Joecoral

    Aquatic Magic Solenoid

    For those of you who have the aquaticmagic reg and solenoid, where did you get the adapter so you can plug it into a UK power supply? do you need one which converts the voltage, or a simple 2-pin to 3-pin convertor? could anyone possibly show me a link to somewhere that sells a suitable product...
  31. Joecoral

    Leaving battery in camera

    With my old P+S which took disposables, and my videocam, I found whenever I left the battery in the camera unused for any length of time it seemed to drain the battery However I was reading a "camerabag checklist" on another forum, and several members advised leaving the battery in the camera...
  32. Joecoral


  33. Joecoral


    Won and paid for an item off ebay (happened to be a bag for my camera) on 14th, just logged into my account to see if seller had left feedback yet, only to find out that "seller is no longer a registered user" The money has already left my account, and I have yet to receive the item Any ideas on...
  34. Joecoral

    Mini landscape rock

    Don't suppose anyone has a photo of how much roughly 10kg of mini landscape rock looks like? I'm tempted to put some in my new scape, but not sure how much to use Joe :)
  35. Joecoral

    ETH300 Question

    Just received my Eth300 today, and I just wanted to confirm which way you need to turn the blue bits to hold the hose in place I assume you start off with the blue bits nearest the heater itself, push the hose on, then "unscrew" them so they move down over the hose, assuming holding it in...
  36. Joecoral


    Whats the difference between the 50mm f/1.8, and the 50mm f/2.5 Macro? I understand the aperture is a little wider on the 1.8, but why is it not marketed as macro whilst the 2.5 is? and why does "macro" make it more expensive?
  37. Joecoral

    Joes first attempt (Rio 180)

    Well, as I'm gathering and ordering all the bits and pieces ready to start my first hi(ish)-tech planted setup, I thought it a good enough time to start a journal documenting my progress This is my first dedicated planted tank and is very much a learning process for me as I have never had much...
  38. Joecoral

    WWT Llanelli

    Some photos from a day out with the gf at the WWT in Llanelli Thanks for looking JC :D
  39. Joecoral

    Low Maintenance Carpetting Plant

    is there such a thing? that doesnt require constant trimming/"mowing" ?
  40. Joecoral

    unipac black 2-3mm

    After failing to find an LFS near me that stocks unipack black 2-3mm gravel, I think I have found somewhere online that sells it: http://www.onlinevivariumstore.com/acat ... _25KG.html Just wanted to confirm that this is the stuff that many of you regularly use before buying? They also appear...
  41. Joecoral


    How does one pronounce Dennerle? I always pronounced it 'de-nerl', but listening to the latest PFK podcast, they pronounce it 'denner-lay' Which is correct, if either? Or is it down to personal interpretation?
  42. Joecoral


    According to the latest PFK, you need at least 2 WPG to grow crypts and anubias, and even more to grow hygrophila and vallis... :?
  43. Joecoral

    What do you do?

    What is everyones job / career? I'm currently a student / part-time LFS employee, although I finish uni for good in 3 weeks and haven't a clue what to do after that. All I know is I need a job to pay the rent and bills :cry:
  44. Joecoral

    carpetting / foreground cover

    what is a good carpetting / low growing plant to cover forground for a 180L 2WPG, tetraplant complete substrate, no CO2 but will start to dose excel/easy carbo or the like very soon? JC :D
  45. Joecoral

    Rummynose Tetra

    What is the current scientific name for these tetra? Is it Hemigrammus bleheri or Hemigrammus rhodostomus? Have they been reclassified, or are these 2 completely different species?
  46. Joecoral


    Does anyone know much about apistogramma? there's some A.hongsloi and A.nijsseni coming into work next week, and I really want a pair of each Will the 2 pairs peacefully coexist in a 40ish US gal (rio 180), moderatley planted, bog wood, can put some small clay pots in as caves too? JC
  47. Joecoral


    why wont mine display? i keep trying but nothing comes up
  48. Joecoral

    Festival of Fishkeeping

    I'm a little confused to how this work, as I can only find info on booking accomodation. IT is possible to just turn up on the day? If so do I need a ticket to get in, and how much are they if I do? I know it's a long way off yet, but just putting out some feelers as to how it is done I would...