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    Vivarium 2012

    Hi All, I was chatting to OllyNZ the other day about taking a car to Vivarium 2012 and figured I see if anyone else might be interested in sharing a lift? I was thinking I'd take our estate car so we'd have plenty of boot space for buying stuff! With me and Olly, that would leave room for one...
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    Cheapo clip on light

    Found this on ebay the other day http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/370386155582? ... 1439.l2649 Im going to use it on my 30l as the 24w T5 I have is just to much for the tank, and there was no way I was going to buy Arc pods at however much per unit. Being clip on there is no issue with it not...
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    If you go down to the woods today..

    I was out the other night for work, carrying out some mist nest trapping at a National Trust gardens, and this was the last bat we caught. Anyone what to guess what species it is? I like the partical back lighting of the bat, which must have been someone elses flash going off at the same...
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    Reasonable landscape photo

    Took this the other day whilst learning to identify sedges and rushes in north Wales. Its three photos stitched together using autostitch. I'm quite pleased with it and for no other reason than that I thought I might as well share :) it’s hopefully also an encouragement to others to take and...
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    Plant recovery after lack of dosing

    If a tank were to miss dosing for a time, same no NO3 for several weeks and the plants started to show N deficiency, how long (roughly) after you start dosing NO3 again would it be reasonable to think the plants would start to show a recovery? Cheers Sam
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    Pearling in hard water

    Are you less likely to get pearling in hard water? Reason for asking is that I've just redone my work tank and put 100% tap into the tank which will be very hard given that I'm in Oxford shire. Since doing it the HC hasn't't pearled, not a major issue as I can see that its growing, just...
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    Compact regulators

    I'm looking for a new regulator, and have looked at the compact ones several times, like this one. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Aquarium-Fish-Tan ... 230db03336 Just wondered if anyone has used one and if they have a built in needle valve or not? The main knob on the top I assume is just to open...
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    Evaporation and CO2 stability

    Simple question really; Could evaporation cause a CO2 instability? Before I put a cover on it (partly to test this question), my 40lt used to lose c.5lt a week and has been atrocious at growing plants since I set it up a few months back. Could the loss of what amounts to 12.5% of the water...
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    Adding extra N and P when using TPN+

    Just wondered if anyone adds extra N and/or P when using TPN+? My UG and to a lesser extent HC look quite yellow and when Ive grow HC in the past, this appearance has been due to lack of N. Given that TPN+ is quite lean in both of these, I have thought about adding extra? Currently adding...
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    Bizza's nano

    The trip to aquajardin turned out to be more than expected when Biz (my wife for those of you who've met her) commented on the betta 8l nano tanks. Not wish to miss a trick I signed up for the PFK subscription offer and a TMC 8l microhabitat turned up a few weeks later. After another trip to...
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    TMC microhabitat 8

    Just received mine from the PFK subscription offer, and looking at it, is it me or is the vast amount of sponge media almost pointless? As far as I can tell the water will just pass into the sponge chamber via the top weir slats and over the top of the sponge and out the hole at the top of the...
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    PAR and PAR readings

    PAR seems to be creeping into this side of the hobby more and more, I guess from the marine side. Does any actually have a PAR meter? I've spent ages looking and cant for the life of me find one for sale. Within reason, does it really make that much difference to us planted people? Just...
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    MA Oxford new shrimp tanks

    Just thought I'd let people know that Maidenhead Aquatics in Wheatley, Oxford have a whole new shrimp set up with a number of different types. Well worth a visit if you're on the way past (or not!) :) I'll try and get some photo when I visit next. Sam
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    Changes to UK law

    Hi All, I just wanted to let people konw that there has been a recent change in the law covering certain plants. Schedule 9 of the Widlife and Countryside Act 1981 lists all those species which it is an offence to sell or to cause to spread in the wild. A revision of this Scheudle came into...
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    Sluggesh growth after rescape

    Hi all, I re-scaped my work tank a few months back. The HC it had in it was going great guns, but since the re-scape the dwarf hair-grass I replace it with has taken a good 8 weeks to properly establish and start growing? I've had this on other tanks after a re-scape. It seems that re-using...
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    Veggie Botia striata

    Hi All, I added three Botia striata to my work tank and they dont seem to have touched the snails, the reason I added them in the first place! They do however go nuts for the algae wafers I put in the tank for the shrimp? Just wondered if anyone else had vegetarian loaches?!?!?! Sam
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    I've just swapped over my green eheim intake and outlet for glassware on my work tank and have noticed an instance reduction in flow around the tank. Just wondered if this is due to the small intake slits not drawing in as much water or is it just that with a spray bar the small holes mean...
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    Sam's nano cube low-tech

    Hi All, Gareth spurred me on to do a short journal of my cube, which isn't planted but had plants if you see what I mean. Tank - 30cm cube Lighting - Boyu 3x8w Substrate - Play sand Hardscape - TGM blue stone Plants - 60% Flame moss (just had a trim), 40% Fissidens fontanus Fish - Green neon...
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    One last try

    Well people, I stripped my 4ft down again two weeks ago today. A complete strip down, filter, new substrate, everything. And given how well my work tank is doing I figured I do the same in the hope it would sort whatever is wrong with this dam tank. Quick stats Tank - 48x18x18" Filter -...
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    UKAPS Baby!!!

    Just letting everyone know, that Imogen Grace was born at 4:40pm on Thursday, 7lb 10oz, everyone doing really well :) Sam
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    DIY external filter

    Anyone tried/made a DIY external filter? It would seem pretty straight forward using a lockable food storage container like this and a powerhead (which makes getting decent flow easier). http://www.cookshop.uk.com/prod_img/1369_1_large.jpg The tricky bit I can see is getting a seal around...
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    EQJ trading external filters

    Anyone have one of their 2000lph filters? I've had the lights which work well, but an external filter is a different matter. The noise is really my main concern. http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/EQJ-Tradi ... ec0Q2em322 Cheers Sam
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    Metal diffusers

    Anyone using a stainless steel diffusers yet? Only found this recently. Seems like a nice diffuser when it comes to cleaning, being able to take it apart I mean. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CO2-Aquarium-Plan ... 2556f2f92a Sam
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    Chocolate gourami

    Would pure RO (not using the DI resin) be good for Chocolate gourami? Cheers Sam
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    Who says I cant grow HC? lol

    This is my work tank, bingo bango :D Scape is nothing special, but at least Ive proved to myself that I can actually do it right! Ignore the bunch of red stems at the centre left, I wanted to add some colour so got some cheap stems that Ive not planted yet. Sam
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    Halophosphate vs trihosphate

    Anybody know the difference between these? Tri is massively more expensive from what I can tell. Have found some halo's that are 75% colour rendering. Cheers Sam
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    First the obligatory safety warning (sorry), this tutorial uses a cylinder pressurised to around 50psi or 3.5 bar. Gas under pressure can be dangerous if not treated with respect. If something goes wrong that’s your fault, not mine. I accept NO responsibility for loss, damage or injury...
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    Disposable CO2 cylinders

    Hi All, I'm aware of the eBay disposable cylinders and weldUK, but just wondered if anyone has found any ultra cheap 600g CO2 cylinders? Cheapest I've found seems to be around £14 once you include postage? Also is there anything on thread size I need to be aware of or like normal cylinders...
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    Sylvania Grolux T8

    Anyone use the Sylvania Grolux tubes? From what I can find out they seem to be around the 6500k colour temp but wondered what they actually look like in real life? Cheers Sam
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    Smallest reg?

    Just found this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CO2-Adjuster-Regu ... 286.c0.m14 It has to be a contender for the worlds smallest regulator! Sam
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    Last time I did a water change Sam
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    Facebook graffiti

    Anyone on facebook seen some of the pictures draw on the graffiti app? Some of it is impossibly good, like this one. http://apps.facebook.com/graffitiwall/g ... 1&type=top Sam
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    Cheap tools

    Just found these which look pretty good for planting. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Draper-19850-Tw ... _sim_diy_3 The self-closing tweezers could be really useful. Sam
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    Glassware holes

    Anyone ever increased the size of the slits on the intake glassware? Having swapped from the (ugly) eheim intake Ive noticed a massive reduction in flow. I can only conclude its due to the size of the slits as the powerhead is very clean. Cheers Sam
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    Another slow mo photo site

    This is pretty cool http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ ... etail.html Sam
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    Slow-mo photos

    Some pretty cool slow-mo photos of bullets hitting things. Here are the best, http://thechive.com/2009/07/bullets-hit ... /#comments His full collection is here http://www.flickr.com/photos/8763834@N02/ This is probably my favourite. Sam
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    Phosphate buffers

    Totally random question, but does anyone actually know why/how phosphate based buffers are bad for aquarium plants? Sam
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    Substrate didnt fix it.

    Well I changed the substrate in my 4ft to eco complete a few weeks back and the same thing is happening with the HC, as you can see. I'm back to thinking it could be the water? The leaves almost look burned? The only other thing it could be is the lighting but given that I've had a few...
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    Hydor custom service

    Hi All I just wanted to let people know that I have recently had excellent customer service from Hydor when I had to return my Eth 300w external heater. I got continued emails regarding the progress of their testing and the outcome, with them eventually replacing the unit completely despite not...
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    BBC Countryfile Competition 2009 - Wild and Wonderful

    Just thought I would let people know, might be worth a punt :) http://www.bbccountryfilemagazine.com/p ... ompetition Sam
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    My poor pooch

    Hi all Just thought I would share these photos of Arthur. He couldn't help himself the other day when I took him onto a site with me and he must have chased every rabbit within a mile radius. Unfortunately his exuberance resulted in him taking the skin off the pads on his front feet so the...
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    Bad experiences with ADA AS?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has had a 'bad' experience with ADA AS? I.e. if (despite using it) they have still not manged to get their plants to grow? I think it might be the thing for my 4ft, but just wondered if it really would be the 'silver bullet' I'm looking? Cheers Sam PS - I...
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    Word of warning

    Hi all :) Just wanted to pass on a bit of a warning re open top tanks, glass outlets and evaporation. Having rescaped my 4ft over the Easter bank hols, I had to go away from Wednesday until Sunday. During this time the water level in the tank dropped by around 2cm (dont ask, I'm sure I filled...
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    Cheapo eheim double tap connectors

    To anyone interested and who cant bring themselves to spend over 20quid on genuine Eheim parts, I've found some cheap double tap connectors on fleabay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Double-Tap-16-22m ... m153.l1262 I'll be ordering a load so I'll let you know what they are like, certainly look much...
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    Explain this...

    So to test the theory that CO2 is the issue in my 4ft 250lt I removed the fish and shrimp and whacked the CO2 right up, to well over the fish death level (I unfortunately left two oto's in there, which were in a shocking state when I found them and probably wont have survived much longer, but...
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    Road trip

    So we dont clog up the TGM thread lets chat this through on here? Sam
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    New sponsor?

    Just noticed the new banner :) Let me be the first to welcome fluidsensoronline.com on board :) Sam
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    Extreme nitrogen deficiency

    Could this be extreme nitrogen deficiency which I read can cause older leaves to die off very quickly in extreme cases? Cheers Sam
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    Too much flow in the tank?

    In keeping with my new 'short and simple' philosophy -> Can you have to much flow in the tank? For the plants that is, not the fish and in terms of growth rates, I appreciate that very fast flow could snap stems etc, but I'm really interested in the effect on growth :) Sam
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    WARNING!!!! re Circuital and fake links

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    Very high CO2

    Simple question, can very high CO2 actually be bad for the plants? Well perhaps not 'bad' but counterproductive in terms of the plant growth? It is better to have the DC in the green than the yellow? Cheers Sam
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    Maidenhead Aquatics @ Wheatley, Oxford

    Hi All, Just letting you know there is an opening evening (if that's the right term?) this Friday, starting at 5:30. Various demonstrations, one being a planted tank setup, which should be interesting. I talk to them about plants a bit but nothing in depth, so we'll see!!! I'll try and get...
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    Bromo blue

    Does any one know of a list of pH test kits that use bromo blue reagent? I know API low range does, any others? Cheers Sam
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    Ferplast bluextereme

    Anyone used one of these? Not a bad price if the flow rates are achievable/realistic. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ferplast-Bluextre ... dZViewItem Sam
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    Funny photo

    Thought this might make people laugh and go 'arrr how cute' on a Friday :) Sam
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    New sponsor?

    Am I right in thinking we are welcoming Aquariums Ltd to the forum? Great to have them on board if they are! We need shops that sell tanks that meet our requirements/needs. Let me be the first to say Hi :) Sam
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    CAU calendar

    Anyone getting the CAU 2009 calendar, great inspiration for the whole year! http://www.cau-aqua.net/index.php?optio ... =2&lang=en Sam
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    I just wanted to say a small ‘woohoo’ to myself for being chosen for the latest PFK email, which has my nano in the ‘your tanks’ section :) It’s a small thing but I'm pleased. Sam
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    Sam's 4ft nightmare, I mean journal

    Hi All :) I'm not sure what the issue is so thought 'general discussions' was probably the right place!! Right, I really cant work out my 4ft. I'll admit that to start with the flow really wasn't what it should be but hopefully Ive sorted that now. The HC is at least staying alive having...
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    Erythromycin for BGA treatment

    I've got a very stubborn case of BGA in my work tank that won't shift so I'm going to get some Erythromycin. Not the planted tank way of doing things, but I know it'll work. I can get 60 250mg tablets from the USA. If anyone else is interested, let me know, I'll never use 60 tables so happy...
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    Anyone else have problems with T5 lighting?

    I'm having real problems with my new 4ft tank. So far I've lost £50 worth of HC in it, and I've just added a further £20 of glosso, val nann, P.helferi and a little bit more HC. Quick setup stats Tank - 48x18x18 Lighting - 2x54w T5 - Osram Lumilux 880 Skywhite Fluorescent and Sylvania...
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    Water CO2 capacity

    One for all you chemists out there :) Does water have a limit to the amount of CO2 it can hold? When I set up my new tank, I pumped CO2 into as being a big tank I thought it would need loots. Well the lack of current plant growth and minimal surface water movement I think has meant that it is...
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    Glass lily pipe

    I just got my glass lily pipes and just wanted to run something past you all. This is where I got them from http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Lily-Pipe-inflow- ... .m14.l1318 Now my issue is that looking at them, the actually lily part (i.e. the 'bowl' the water leaves from) isn't as shown on the...
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    TetraTec EX 2400 - review

    Right, as the tank is still a few weeks off I thought I’d get the ex2400 filter review done. First off is the size, its HUGE!!! Build quality looks to be high as you’d expect from Tetra and this range of filters. I’ll get the known flaws/annoyances that I’ve found so far out of the...
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    Pond filters?

    Anyone ever thought of using a pond filter? Would be perfect for my 4ft 250lt. The UV would be a bonus and its a darn sight cheaper than aquarium filters! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HOZELOCK-BIOFORCE ... dZViewItem Sam
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    Anyone got any thoughts on backgrounds for tanks? I'm thinking my 20g deserves a decent photo shoot without all the equipment, but I'm not really sure on a background for the tank. Could go with the classic black but not sure if thats best? I dont want anything permanent so no paint or vynil...
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    Sam's journal if the tanks at the Gold Fish Bowl

    Well All :) The time finally came for me to scape my first tank at the gold fish bowl so thought I would start a journal to document its progress. So here goes!!! I wont bore you all with the build up other than to say all I’ve had to do is chose the plants and Barry has done the rest...
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    Bargain CO2!!!!!

    For anyone in Liverpool this is a complete bargain, £3 for an FE! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/10-x-2kg-co2-fire ... dZViewItem If only it was closer to home, I have 'pay for it now' instantly!! Sam
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    Just three more posts and I'll be top of the class.... Sam
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    Goldfish bowl - new plant selection (and exciting news too!)

    To any one wanting to sort hand this (I understand :)) I have highlighted in bold the important bits. Right, so some of you (hopefully ;)) read my thread about the gold fish bowl and them updating the planted section. Well I popped into the shop a few days a go and this is what I found One...
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    Akadama offer

    I'm going to be visiting a shop tomorrow that sells 14lt bags of Akadama for £6 each http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... =p3907.m29 If any one is going to the green machine meeting and wants me to get them some and bring it to that, I'd be happy to get it for people. Sam
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    ADA gallery

    Not sure if this has been posted on here, cant hurt re-posting it. http://youtube.com/watch?v=isONB5HU_R8 Sam
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    Gold fish bowl

    Just thought I would let people in the Oxford area know, The Gold Fish Bowl have just spent £5k sorting out their plants and in around two weeks will be ripping out their out dated cascade system in favour of a complete dennerle system. CO2, base layer substrate, heater cables (:shock: thats...
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    Its a long shot but...

    I went into my local MA shop over lunch and they had some fish labeled glass red tail tetra, but no Latin name. A Google search didn't find much, but I think I have narrowed it down to this fish http://www.u2u.idv.tw/stone/photo/Tetra ... 20tail.jpg Anyone know anything about these? Jeremy...
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    ASL Compact T5 Fluorescent Tubes

    Anyone have an experience with the dual spectrum tubes ASL produce? http://www.aquatics-online.co.uk/catalo ... -lamps.asp The Freshwater Plant : Pink 8000k + Blue 12000k seems a bit odd? Sam
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    All hail the nerite snail

    Hi All, Just thought I would sing the praises of nerite snails and show you this pic taken of my nano. This happened overnight. I have four in the tank and it has taken them about a week to get all the rocks sparkling clean. The only algae I don't think they eat is BBA and similar types, but...
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    Do we need a filter?

    As some of you may know I recently experimented with growing HC emersed, but as it was not working I added some NH3 to the water I was spraying the plants with to see if that helped (it didn't BTW). I did a NH3 test on the water that was in the tank 24hr after it got a spray and the test showed...
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    Algae an unhealthy leaves

    Looking at my work tank I often notice that any algae I get (thankfully this tank is pretty much algae free, not even GSA thanks to my nerites! Touch wood!!!) is normally only on the older leaves and it got me to thinking. Would there be any foundation to the theory that algae is more able to...
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    Sam's nano journal

    Just thought I would start a journal for my nano. I've used the rocks Dave had at the gathering to create the scape, sorry dont have pics at the mo but will get some up this evening. The real reason for the journal is that Im growing HC emersed, to get a nice carpet before I flood the tank...
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    NA vs Dutch

    Ive just been giving someone on TFF advice re dutch and NA scape, and it got me to thinking where one style stops and the other one begins. For example, this is clearly Dutch (to my mind anyway) And this is NA But this seems to have elements of both? And what style would you call this...
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    few thigns really

    Just wanted to say that after seeing Dave's easy connectors for air lines, I went hunting, and found these http://www.osmotics.co.uk/union-connect ... -p-55.html So I got two and they arrived today, along with my new FE's (more on those below). I thought I would set one up to see if it was...
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    Anyone know how tall 5kg FE's are? Probably going to get one this time instead of the 2kg, but not if they are very tall. I'm hoping they are short and fat rather than tall and thin? Cheers Sam
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    Dont we need a lighting forum?
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    Green Water

    Hi All, Ive got a very stubborn case on green water in my 20g. Ive run the UV steriliser several times over the last few months and it has cleared but it always comes back. Anyone got any tips? I have reduced the lighting to 9hrs (2x18w freshwaters) would it be an idea to reduce this to...
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    Easy life Easycarbo

    Anyone used or know anything about this stuff? I'm guess its a rival to excel? http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... ts_id=1715 Sam
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    Calcium low?

    Recently I've noticed the plants in my mid light EI 20g high tank are lacking something, and given that the tank reads 3ppm PO4 and 30ppm NO3 right before the 50% water change I'm guessing it must be a micro of some kind. I did a bit of research but cant pin it down to a specific element...
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    Weeping moss

    I tied some greenline weeping moss to some wood in my low light 'non-plant' tank a few months back and its grown a few inches since. However it doesn't seem to be attaching to the wood. Anyone else had that with weeping moss? I thought all mosses attached given time? Cheers Sam
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    Redmoor wood

    Ive posted in the 'where to by sub-forum' but thought I would say on here as well that the gold fish bowl in oxford has lots (12-15 pieces) of redmoor wood in at the moment, a bit pricey as they start at £15 for a piece with just two branches, but worth a look if you're in the area. Nothing...
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    BBQ at Sam's

    Following the festival and Georges suggestion think a BBG in Oxford is a great idea. No dates yet but let me know if you're interested, got space for a few to stay as well if necessary and you don't mind sleeping on the floor, but will probably have to limit numbers to max 10 people. Will keep...
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    How the hell did that happen!

    Hi All, I was looking at my 20g tank last night and noticed the R.rotundifolia was doing this... I've not changed the light from my 2x18w Arcadia freshwater (tank is 24USg = 1.5WPG), but I have added CO2 and Im dose some ferts and trace more often now. I have resigned myself to doing EI...
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    Sam's now to be high light 20g

    Hi all, As I updated my journal (yes at last!) over on TFF thought I might as well start one here too. The last scape got ruined as I had a hagen power glo and Arcadia original over it, so the lighting was all wrong and BBA really took hold. So I stripped it right down, reused the bits of...
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    Amazon sword

    Hi all Got an issue with my swords, the leaves aren't right. Any bright ideas? EC substrate, with 30ppm CO2, lighting 36w Arcadia freshwater, tank 24 USg. I also try and give it a dose of AE trace once a week but it might not have had it for a bit. Nothing else added. I dont know the...
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    Hagen luminary

    I popped into a local garden centre that has an OK fish section and saw that you can get a new hagen luminary. Its the one thats over their new Osaka range of tanks. Unfortunately it didnt have a price tag and I cant find anyone selling it on the net. Just wondered if anyone else has...
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury suffered if you follow this 'manual' and something goes wrong, that's YOUR fault not mine. Hi all :) Before I start a BIG word re safely, these cylinders (read the other posts) are potential killers, but if...
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    Cheap fire extinguisher

    I just got a 2kg fire extinguisher from eBay for £21.45 including postage, the 5kg would work out even cheaper in the long run. This is probably the cheapest place I've found. Will be trying it on my German reg, so will be sure to let people know if it works out OK, there should be no reason...
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    Nerite snails and loaches

    Just a word of warning, I had a Nerite snail in my main tank for around 5 months and it didn't get bothered by the clown loaches (max 4" big). Then I had a spare one so added it and it lay upside down on the the substrate, which must have told the clowns that there was food inside, as they ate...
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    Using excel normally

    Just wondering if using excel as per the instructions has any effect at keeping algae away? Or is it only when adding at 3x the does? Also, as you have to add it daily does this mean it breaks down quite quickly? I want to make up a stock solution so that each time I do a water change the...
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    HC from greenline

    Hi People, Sorry Ive not been very active, I'll try hard in future. A quick question, I see Greenline are selling HC, anyone had it from them yet? Quality ok? Cheers Sam