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  1. mrjackdempsey

    Who am I?

    Just a quick video of some of my latest fish,anyone like to hazard a guess? Just click on the picture for it to run :D
  2. mrjackdempsey

    pterophyllum leopoldi

    Perhaps a silly question but I'm getting six of these little beauties in the new year but read they don't like a lot of flow and I was hoping to put them in my planted tank. Just wondering will the flow stress them out, should I keep flow rates down or put them in another tank? Have read that...
  3. mrjackdempsey


    Got some Morpho Tetras today (around 25) for a new project that of course isn't ready so had to take some young Congo tetras out of their tank and pulled most of the plants from the substrate trying to catch them.Had a nice surprise as there was about 12 to 15 baby Cardinals in amongst the...
  4. mrjackdempsey

    Joe's tank

    Yesterday myself and son, Reuben went visiting ( where we pop in to see friends totally uninvited) in West Cork ,about 50 miles from where we live (East Cork) to a good friend Joe who is a landscape gardener and a avid fish keeper who keeps a wide range of fish especially a few different...
  5. mrjackdempsey

    Stupid is as stupid does

    Hoping to set up my first 'properly designed' planted tank soon and busying myself in preparation of it.Ordered the El fertilization in readiness and just waiting for delivery and hopefully getting my 10 kg CO2 bottle refilled this week or early next week plus a couple of fire extinguishers as...
  6. mrjackdempsey

    UKAPS premiere of 'Jack' 2

    A couple of months ago my favourite fish passed away after some years in my tank , I got him from someone else fully grown as he was too aggressive in his tank. He wasn't particularly aggressive in my tank but would bulldoze through anything to get to food be that plants or some fish that...
  7. mrjackdempsey

    Questions,questions and more questions

    My tank is heavily planted but not by any means designed as beautifully as the tanks I've seen on this forum.It's 150cm x50cm x50cm(375 litres not allowing for decor and substrate).Two days ago I replaced a Eheim pro 2 with a Fluval FX5 as I wasn't happy with the Eheim,seems underpowered and...
  8. mrjackdempsey

    Convicts in a tizzy

    My Convicts recently laid eggs in their coconut shell only for the Salvini's to overturn it and eat the eggs.The Convicts seem very very put out (understandably) yet the female Salvin seems to take pleasure taunting them but that is probably just me putting human emotions on the fish. Click on...
  9. mrjackdempsey

    what's a lady to do?

    Dear Agony Aunt, What's a lady to do? Dressed up to the nines in the latest fashion,throwing oneself at the great lummox,And he isn't in the slightly bit interested, spending more time with his mates messing around rather than spend quality time with, to be frank, a rather glamorous lady such...
  10. mrjackdempsey

    Jiggy jiggy

    Hi all, nothing to do with planted tanks really though they do give plants a hard time. My Blue Acara have been getting down with each other lately and caught it last night with my i-phone (fish porn???!!?? :D ) Hope you enjoy Please click on the picture to see the video
  11. mrjackdempsey


    Hi all, really enjoying the site and some of the fantastic aquascapes contained within,whereas I'm still haven't tried to 'scape properly yet in any of my tanks but will as soon as I get my fish house built or so I tell myself. At the moment have 10 four foot tanks sitting in the garden awaiting...