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  1. frothhelmet

    Ember Tetra Schooling - comparisons between 5, 10, 15, and 20 fish

    So I thought I would give my experiences of keeping different numbers of embers, as I have tried keeping different school sizes. I will also back up what I am saying with photos. With 5 fish in both a 35l and a 60l tank they hide constantly in an invisible back corner at the bottom of the tank...
  2. frothhelmet

    Shy Corydoras Habrosus

    I have 11 dwarf cory habrosus in a 60l tank on sand. I initially got 8 of them in 2016, but they regularly breed for me and some young survive naturally. They used to be real brave, out and about wriggling all the time, but in the last year they have gotten shier and shier. Six weeks ago I had...
  3. frothhelmet

    Driftwood gradual dissolving/disintegration

    Driftwood tends to gradually dissolve/disintegrate over time in the aquarium. This is super annoying when you spend years to find the right piece only to have it gradually disappear. I wonder if there are some woods that are super resistant - mopani comes to mind - or if anyone knows what...
  4. frothhelmet

    Foreground vallis and unicorns

    Foreground vallis exists! Check out these photos from the shop Zoo Thun in Switzerland. Been there multiple times, this plant hasn't been recently trimmed. According to Daniel the owner the key for this species to grow low is to not fertilise it. I think I saw a unicorn today too. Fotos...
  5. frothhelmet

    Dennerle Nano Cube 30L just sprang a leak

    Moved all my fish to buckets but, wtf. This shouldn't happen should it? Tank is 8.5 years old. Luckily noticed the very beginnings of it while eating lunch. What the hey? What is this puddle doing growing at the tank base? Humbug. Anyone had similar problems with the Dennerle Nano Cubes?
  6. frothhelmet

    Dry food for ember tetras - can't get them to eat

    It's kind of annoying. My ember tetras are spoiled and seem to just eat the live grindal worms I feed them. They also don't eat my frozen food. This has gone on for almost four years. Any experience here on the dry and frozen food products they will actually eat?
  7. frothhelmet

    Bacopa Monnieri reduces neuropathic pain

  8. frothhelmet

    Surveying Caridina cf. Babaulti experiences

    I am thinking about getting some of these shrimp and want to hear what you all have to say about them. Some claim they actually eat algae - the way amano and red-nose actually put their face down into it and eat. As opposed to cherries, tigers, and Caridina simoni simoni which in my experience...
  9. frothhelmet

    Red-nose pinocchio shrimp die early?

    A few years ago we had some discussions around red-nose shrimp and how basically they do not adapt to freshwater and all die inexplicably after 6 months max. Is this still the case? Has anyone kept them longer than this? I still like them and wonder if any of these issues have been solved by...
  10. frothhelmet

    Emergency fish medicines to always keep on hand

    Because time is of the essence. And when you need it there's no time to post it and your LFS wont have it. So buy it now! What do you all consider essential in your fish emergency medicine cabinet?
  11. frothhelmet

    Growing plants hydroponically out the back of your tank

    Let's face it. As much as we love our pretty aquatic plants, nothing removes fish waste from water better than emersed plants - whether floating, breaking the surface from the substrate, or hung on the back with roots dangling into the water. I am looking for some good - 'grow out the back of...
  12. frothhelmet

    Flowering floating plants

    Are there any floating plants that we can keep under a tank lid that will flower in an aquarium? I can't think of any...
  13. frothhelmet

    Yoghurt/moss dry start - going on vacation - can I leave it without spraying?

    Hiya, I got a yoghurt dry start for a moss-only tank going, I am two weeks in, and plan to go on vacation soon for two weeks. I can cover the tank pretty well, but was wondering if I need to flood it to prevent the moss from drying out and dying over these two weeks. Thoughts?
  14. frothhelmet

    Keeping Theodoxus Fluviatilis in soft water

    So in the past I have tried to keep Theos in soft water, and what inevitably happened is that their shells would corrode and it seemed to me that the snails would begin to die off. As a result I upped the hardness. About a year ago however I did an experiment where I put some Theos from 10kh...
  15. frothhelmet

    Loud cracking noises from tank

    My glass aquarium has started to constantly make very loud cracking noises from the glass. As if the glass is rearranging itself. It's really quite surprisingly loud and makes it difficult to sleep in the same room. The aquarium is 12 liters only at 12"x8"x8", and has no glass rimming up top...
  16. frothhelmet

    Yoghurt and blended ferns

    We all know this works with moss. Ferns like similar conditions as moss, so I wonder if blending up fern rhizomes and mixing with yoghurt could produce similar results. Does anyone know?
  17. frothhelmet

    Low-tech lawns

    Anything hi-tech can do, we can do...slower. Showcase your low-tech lawn here. Updated list of low-tech lawn species: Marsilea Minuta, Echinodorus Tenellus, Ranalisma Rostrata, Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis, Eleocharis sp. This is marsilea minuta. Got 55w power compact on 80 liters with ph6.5 kh4...
  18. frothhelmet

    Painted reflector

    What is a good kind of paint to use to paint the inside of a hood - seriously what are manufacturers thinking leaving that black! Would like something that; 1. is waterproof 2. will not crack/brown 3. and which is non-toxic. Cheers!
  19. frothhelmet

    Got ich in a planted tank with inverts...

    Hiya - so I bought some Nannostomus unifasciatus today - and in my opinion one of them has 3 spots of ich on him - bought inadvertently. The tank they are in has plants and inverts (shrimp and snails). The recommended treatment (without medication) is to bring the tank up to 88F and then add...
  20. frothhelmet

    2x13w T5 enough for low-tech 180 litre?

    Tank dimensions are 76cm (L) X 47cm (W) X 53.5cm(H) Tank comes with 2x13w T5s - dont have much experience with T5s. Planning on growing mosses, ferns, red lotus, anubias, and maybe some ranalisma rostrata in the foreground. Cheers for the help.
  21. frothhelmet

    Experiences with Ranalisma Rostrata in Hard Water

    I got some Ranalisma Rostrata about 3 months ago from Alastair. It was growing gangbusters in his Chocolate Lake with high light and without CO2. But now that I am growing it in these conditions it doesnt really grow for me at all--does stay alive though.... Unlike Alastair the water I have is...
  22. frothhelmet

    Adding CO2 to hard water = happier fish?

    If you have hard water and use CO2 to decrease pH for fish used to soft/acid water is this an improvement to their environment?
  23. frothhelmet

    Black leaves on Bolbitis

    I have a bolbitis in London concrete tapwater under medium light. It grows really well but a couple of the leaves are turning dark/black especially near the leaf edges. It doesn't look like algae on the leaf but almost. Anyone know what this is?
  24. frothhelmet

    Afro Moss

    Just wanted to share some close ups of this new moss I got at Living Waters Croydon. I keep it low tech. Enjoy.
  25. frothhelmet

    Maxing CO2 in Low Techs

    Co2 in a low tech | UK Aquatic Plant Society What this thread means to me is that low tech tanks should do even better (get more CO2) in general when they have more opportunities for gas exchange with the atmosphere. Maybe we should try some wet/dry trickle filters on a lowtech and see the...
  26. frothhelmet

    Water Softener?

    How do you suppose this water softener works? Hard Water Regions of the UK I have only heard of deionisation and reverse osmosis as water softening methods, and this appears to be neither...
  27. frothhelmet

    Resolved! Deleting messages in inbox

    Hi, I can't figure out how to delete messages in my mailbox anymore. When I checkmark it the box that comes up doesn't have a delete button, and there's no delete buttons that I can see anywhere. Please help. Cheers.
  28. frothhelmet

    Help Shrimp Can't Molt!

    Ok so I have 2 pretty rare and expensive Macrobrachium Kulsiense, and one them has been trying to molt for over 36 hours, and is still half-in and half-out of its carapace (mostly in). It's face is covered by the carapace, and I am pretty sure it can't feed properly like this. I highly doubt...
  29. frothhelmet

    Failing Suction Cups

    I have a Dennerle Corner Filter (Eckfilter) internal. https://www.google.com/search?q=dennerle+eckfilter&hl=ja&client=firefox-a&hs=i3P&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=36X2T-LSJoX28QOq3ZWtBw&ved=0CFcQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=657 It is quiet, has great flow...
  30. frothhelmet

    Bolbitis Gametophyte Show and Tell

    Hiya, I just edited this post because I have been corrected that what I have is actually a bolbitis gametophyte (not bryophyte - sounds too similar for me). Apparently given a little more time it will start to porduce a rhizome like ferns do. I will keep ya'll posted. I just wanted to share...
  31. frothhelmet

    Moss Aquascaping

    Thought I would share. This looks awesome! In the comments someone says you can do this with all mosses. I gotta try it. http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/8238 ... -or-carpet
  32. frothhelmet

    Red-Nose Freshwater Death

    I was searching for the previous thread but I couldn't find it so I am writing it here. My red-nose which I had for 5 months died inexplicably. It grew a great deal and was very pretty but died for no apparent reason. a1matt had three that similarly disappeared for no apparent reason. So mr.luke...
  33. frothhelmet

    What Fert Deficiency on my Anubias is this?

    The brown areas on the leaves started appearing recently. The leaf with the huge brown area is about a week old and the brown-ness appeared a couple days ago. The other leaf turned a bit brown a few weeks ago. The tank is 20l, I have 3l of ADA Amazonia I. It is low-tech, I do ~20% WC/week, I...
  34. frothhelmet

    Do Blue Tigers Breed True?

    I can't tell for sure from what is online whether or not blue tigers will breed true or produce non-blues as well. Cheers for your experiences every1.
  35. frothhelmet

    Live Shrimp Import Permission

    Like many of you, I want to bring a bag of shrimp back to the UK in my luggage to keep for myself. The shrimp will come from outside the EU while I am vacation. Does anyone know what documentation hurdles I will have to clear to do this legally? No cheeky responses that I can just "chance 'em"...
  36. frothhelmet

    Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS) Really Do Eat Algae

    I always thought it was a marketing ploy, but it really is true, and they do a good job. I got that soft fluffy algae on the glass in one of my tanks and I recently put some Melanoides Granifera in, and they are mowing right through it. Photography was difficult, but you can sort of see the...
  37. frothhelmet

    Disinfecting Plants Removing Pests with Carbonated Water

    Does anyone know how long I have to dip aquarium plants in heavily carbonated soda water in order to kill snails and their eggs? I remember hearing someone say this could be done, and then I tried to look on the internet to see how it was done and found nada. Cheers!
  38. frothhelmet

    Paypal Questions

    I have a questions about paypal that I don't understand; 1. what is the difference on paypal between using your credit card or your bank account to pay? 2. when sending money, what is the difference between saying the payment is for goods, services, gift, etc? Thanks all
  39. frothhelmet

    Mangrove Roots

    I posted this on another forum to some guy who wanted real mangroves in his tank and thought it would be useful here. Hope someone finds it useful. Ok, I have some experience with mangrove roots. I am from Hawaii and they have been introduced there. I went out and collected some live mangroves...
  40. frothhelmet

    Using Decorative Sand only

    Aquascapers are often mixing dark coloured soils with light coloured sands. Of course, then you have to deal with any unsightly mixing that will occur which is annoying. Why not use decorative sand only? If you dose enough ferts and/or place fert tabs by plant roots what is the difference? Are...
  41. frothhelmet

    What Happened to Dupla?

    Like two decades ago they used to sell all the technical gear. I remember getting a CO2 set-up off of them back in the early 90's. What happened to them? You never see any Dupla stuff for sale anymore. They were always expensive, did they just fail to lower their prices with the competition? Or...
  42. frothhelmet

    Garras and shrimp

    Are Garras relatively shrimp safe like otos?
  43. frothhelmet

    German Red Moss

    Check it out towards the bottom of this page. It is almost Red! http://www.aquarieninfo.de/pflanzen/moose.html
  44. frothhelmet

    Low-Light Floating Plants

    Are there any plants that will grow on the surface under low light? Azolla?...
  45. frothhelmet

    Calibrating a Heater

    I have a super old Hydor Theo 50w that I just bought used off of ebay. Problem is, it is either broken or totally miscalibrated as I now have it set at 18C (lowest setting) and it is keeping the tank at 25C. Is there any way to calibrate a heater? There appears to be a little button thing on...
  46. frothhelmet

    How do I put on Panty Hose?

    Heh. Bought some to protect my shrimplets from the various internal filter predators that I have. So, after I have finished playing dress-up, how should I put them on/in the filter to work? My filter looks like this; http://www.cheappetproducts.net/TOM_MIN ... 47395.html I was thinking of...
  47. frothhelmet

    Plants for a Bowl

    What plants will survive and grow in a 3 liter bowl with daily fertilized water changes, indirect sunlight from a window, and no filter or water movement? Will the classic unkillables of Java Fern and Java Moss be able to grow? What about anything else? Or will it all just stagnate and algae over?
  48. frothhelmet

    Minimum Shrimp Breeding Population

    How many Shrimp do you need to start out with to ensure that you can maintain a viable breeding population indefinitely? 20 enough?
  49. frothhelmet

    Floating Plants, Gas Exchange & Evaporation

    If you use enough floating plants can you; 1. Impede surface gas exchange and imperil the life in your tank 2. Significantly reduce evaporation in open-top tanks, providing a kind of 'natural hood'. I guess it would also depend on the species of floater. What plants in everyone's experience...
  50. frothhelmet

    Surface Scum

    So in the morning there is no surface scum / bio film / ? on the surface of my tank, so the outlet of the filter breaks the surface and sends water all the way across the surface of the tank. But then as the day wears on, a semi-transparent scum/film forms on the water surface and prevents the...
  51. frothhelmet

    Will Pellia (Monoselenium Tenerum) Self-Attach?

    I have read conflicting reports. Will Pellia self-attach over time? Or do you have to use a permanent non-degrading attacher like a hair-net or fishing-line in order to hold it fast?
  52. frothhelmet

    Java Fern Varieties

    I have a couple questions on some now very hard to find Java Fern varieties. Does anyone know the story behind Java Fern 'Tropica'. I have read that plantlets of it do not have the same 'dentate' leaf pattern of their parents. Is this true? Is this why Tropica stopped selling it. I also head...
  53. frothhelmet

    Fluorescent Light Starters and Ballasts, Lower wattage work?

    When buying a fluorescent light starter or a ballast, can you use them to start lower wattage (shorter) bulbs than they are designed for? Thanks.
  54. frothhelmet

    Nano Internal Filter Suggestions

    I am looking for a nano filter to do work on a 12"x8"x8", 12l tank. I ideally want it to be unobtrusive (ie small), to have a flow which can be dumbed down so it does not overwhelm whatever is in there (a spraybar type feature could be good), and it MUST be super silent, as it is going in my...
  55. frothhelmet

    Keeping Mini-Bolbitis

    It is available here. http://cgi.ebay.com/Mini-Bolbitis-Live- ... 19bac01b2a This plants looks awesome. Does anyone know if this is really Bolbitis, if it is really an aquatic plant, and if so what water parameters are necessary to keep it? I can't find any of this info on the net. Many...
  56. frothhelmet

    Pinsettes and Scissors Questions

    Pinsettes Pinsettes often come in 3 sizes. Is longer always better (if cost were no object)? Or is it optimal to have a pinsette that is not too long for control? What about curved tips on Pinsettes? Is this a useful feature? Why? Scissors Do we prefer curved or straight-tipped scissors? Or...
  57. frothhelmet

    Pellia Bleaching

    I got some 'Pellia', Monosolenium Tenerum, recently, and when I put it in my tank the dark healthy colour bleached out to pale green sickly colour and it when from 'crispy' to rather limp. Here is a horrible picture of some of it (it is lying on the bottom in various locations in my tank). Is...
  58. frothhelmet

    Hairy Trumpet Snail, Thiara Cancellata

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this snail, Thiara cancellata. It looks amazing. According to this German website (translated courtesy of babelfish) it is live bearing and likes to dig around the substrate like MTS. Kind of looks like a cross between MTS and a staghorn...
  59. frothhelmet

    Australia's Mini-Glosso

    I guess the Antipodeans have something to offer other than distinguished culture and fine manners. Check it out. http://www.aquagreen.com.au/plant_data/ ... ndrum.html
  60. frothhelmet

    Assassin Snails kill Shrimps

    Apparently assassin snails can kill & eat shrimps! http://www.forums.rareaquatics.co.uk/sh ... .php?t=512 Bummer!
  61. frothhelmet

    How to deal with Over-lighting 2x55w PC on 60L (=5.5 w/g!)

    Here is a PM exchange between me and Simon D. Hope you find it interesting. If you have anything to add I would be glad to hear it. Cheers. Me: Hi Simon, I noticed in a post that you had 2x55W Power Compacts over a 60ltr planted tank. I have done the same and I am worried that I have gone...
  62. frothhelmet

    Nerite's Effectiveness as an Algae Eater

    So I have a newly set up 20l nano and I got a couple Nerites to clean up the glass which really got hit hard. But check out what a champ my Zebra Nerite is in this photo. He did all of this in less than 24hrs. Strangely, my tracked Nerite doesn't seem to be as effective, it is smaller...
  63. frothhelmet

    Faulty Solenoid?

    I have a Wave CO2 regulator with solenoid which i purchased about a week ago from here; http://www.firststopaquatics.co.uk/acat ... noid_.html This is my first foray in pressurized CO2. Like an earlier poster here, viewtopic.php?f=37&t=9766, I began experiencing problems with this regulator...