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    Best Reefscake ever!!

    Thats brilliant!
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    Which camera?

    Ive got an 550D and its a great body, you only get a few extra features on the 600D, which for me didn't justify the extra cash. Got it at a good price second hand. Sam
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    My Cat is a freak...

    Yep, our cats lov'em! We used to have a hampster that was partical to them as well!
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    Glass diffusers

    Yep I used them for years, only switched to an inline diffuser so get more kit out of the tank. I was running a nano diffuser on my 250lt as well, so that one should be fine. I would suggest getting two so you can clean one whilst the other is in the tank (they are also very easy to break!) Sam
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    Imported needle valves?

    I've used one from AquaticMagic, its the one in my DIY disposable co2 guide. Seemed to work ok at the time. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CO2-Needle-Va ... 4ceb79411b Sam
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    TMC expert Co2 kit

    Ive had two lunapet regs and both were excellent, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Sam
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    Cheap Pressurised Co2 solution

    How big is the tank? You might not need a 2kg FE is my thinking. If money is really tight, do away with the solenoid, running co2 24/7 hasn't done my tanks (or fish) any harm as far as I know. Sam
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    2 months seems about right. Have you tried submerging the lot in a bucket of water to check for bubbles? It shouldn't damage the reg as this is how i first tested this kit.
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    Not using it on an FE but I have got it on a large pub co2 cylinder. You need an adaptor to get it to fit which no one seems to be doing anymore.
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    Pearls of the Antilles

    Lovely photos, dam you! ;) Sam
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    Vivarium 2012

    A successful trip, enjoyed by all :)
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    Volunteer needed for St Kilda ecology field trip

    Dam,I missed this!! I would have been well up for this if I could have organised the time off, would have been a nice change from the normal rat race of my ecologist job.
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    Vivarium 2012

    We're getting the 14:00 Norfolkline ferry on Friday from Dover to Dunkirk and the 16:01 ferry on the way back, all being well. You're welcome to join! Sam
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    Deep Jungle

    Great start, keep us posted :)
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    Its a free country, buy from who you want to! :lol: But you do get what you pay for. Tropica spend a lot of money looking for new plants and bring 5-6 (if not more) new plants to the hobby every year. Books take years to write and publish so will never be fully up-to-date on all the latest...
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    Aquaessentials used to stock it and aquatics online, Charter House also i think. You're looking for a D&D thread convertor. Sam
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    There is a convertor that goes from disposable to refillable cylinders (increasingly rare), but not the other way as far as I am aware. Is this the kond of reg you mean? http://www.toolbox.co.uk/sealey-gas-reg ... GoogleBase Sam
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    CO2 Pressurised System

    Im gonna move this to the CO2 section as its getting away from buy/sell/swap :) Sam
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    I've not seen a 1kg FE before, so cant help. You used to be able to get a convertor to go from disposable cylinders to Fe's, but its becoming much harder to find and Im not sure it anyone is making it now. If you can find one, then yes if you got the disposable system you could always upgrade...
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Hi Dean, FE's come in either 2kg size or 5kg size, neither of which is all that small. If you're tight for space it might be worth looking at the disposable set here which would happily work on a 30t tank. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=7696 Sam
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    Got snow?

    Yeh me too.
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    Over 7,000 UKAPS Members - Free Gifts!!

    Balls, and I could really do with some TPN+!
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    Over 7,000 UKAPS Members - Free Gifts!!

    1. What year was http://www.ukaps.org founded? - 2007 2. Whose original idea was it to start UKAPS? - Dan, George and Graeme 3. Which forum were we first hosted on before we had our own? - Tom Barr 4. Who were the original UKAPS Founders? There's four (not including the person's whose first idea...
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    Ollie's 60cm No Tech, Final Shots

    Looking good matey :) When do you want me to pop over and get the shrimp? Sam
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    Air on at night ?

    You can but it's not necessary in my experience. Some poeple like to de-gas the co2 to give the fish a break from it, but healthy plants will be producing lots of O2 so the wont be a shortfall. Sam
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    Mark, the Expert!

    Well done Mark, thoroughly deserved Sam
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    Aquaessentials sell it. The three pots I just got are huge!
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    co2 pressure gauge broken

    I've had several screens come off my regs over the years, but it never seemed to affect the way it worked. One of the needles also stopped working and that didnt seem to matter either. Sam
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    Ollie's 120x45x45: Update 04/08/12

    Re: Ollie's 120x45x45: Dry Start (photo heavy) Love the hardscape, its amazing just how many rocks you can get in a tank that big hey?! What other plants you planning to put in there? Sam
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    What macro lense?

    Have a look at http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Revi ... views.aspx For in-depth reviews. Sam
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    Yep just the one Sam
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    metal halide?.

    Will be fine, you dont need anything else. Just use a bulb that is for freshwater. Sam
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    Using a JBL Profi Set 2/m500 Reg with an FE

    Hi Matt, You are right about the older JBL regs not fitting properly. From memory it was necessary to sand down the first few threads on the cylinder in order to get it to fit, I assume so that it fitted further into the reg connection. I've not dont it though but people used to say it...
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Spot the chinese writing on the bottle ;) To be honest I dont know if that is bromo, it could well be, but as I say better to be safe and get proper bromo as getting the co2 levels wrong could kill all the live stock in yuor tank. Sam
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    I think so, but I'm not sure with those ebay cheapo DC's. Given how long a bottle will last I'd repalce it with 'propoer' bromo to be on the safe side. Sam
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Yep :) you can even get it with the brom blue added already! http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/ae-desi ... -2425.html Sam PS - given that you only need at the most 5ml to fill the DC and you probably dont need to change it more often the monthly get the 100ml bottle as it doesn't go off ;) so...
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Buy it :) http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/ae-desi ... -3979.html There are guides for making it yourself, but it is really worth the hassle in my book :)
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    Oh right, fair enough, I wouldnt worry too much about the inside of the diffuser, I never bothered with it and never had a problem as far as I know. One tip, if you hook the diffuser up to the co2 and turn it up side down the co2 pressure forces out any water thats inside the diffuser, which...
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    Water's Edge

    I just LOVE tanks with plants coming out the top, they always look so adventerous and make me want to be a fish underneath exploring :) Sam
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    Not new.

    How do :)
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    The whole drop checker thing it easy, thats the beauty of it. Add 4dKH water to the DC. Add a few drops of brom blue. Add to tank and wait for the colour to adjust Blue = Co2 low Green = Co2 correct Yellow = Co2 high. Sam :)
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    How are you dechlorinating it? I never found it much for a problem. Sam
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    Tom's 60P - Goodbye plants, hello Goldfish

    Re: Tom's 60P build - I'm back on this! Oooh er, very swish :)
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    no HC growth in 3 weeks.. confusing.. any help?

    Your lights are on for quite a long time, I would cut back to 6-8hrs. Upping the co2 if you are able might also help. All this said I've struggled with HC of the years, I've managed a carpet a couple fof times, but more often than not I get exactly the same result as you - no grown and it...
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    Pregnant Cherry Shrimp Death

    LFS tend to use the hobby kits as well, so might be worth asking before you get them to do it, I see some are charing for it now as well. Good idea to phone the water company if you've got a genuine concern though Sam
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    Ei dosing ferts, WHEN ?

    If you mean when should you start to dose - from day one. The plants might not need it but better that they have it available than not. Sam
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    Pregnant Cherry Shrimp Death

    I doubt our hobby test kits are all that accurate, if the water quality report says lower than 50ppm, I'b believe that over my test kit (whatever the brand). Sam
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    Arcadia OT2 T5 luminaire - effective bulbs?

    Have you seen JamesC's thread on bulbs? viewtopic.php?f=50&t=555 Very useful Sam
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    Pregnant Cherry Shrimp Death

    You can download the water report for your area from your water company, they have to provide it by law. Sam
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    Pregnant Cherry Shrimp Death

    I've had this happen, no apparent reason. Just one of those things. I doubt it'll be anything to do with the water param's. 80ppm NO3 isn't all that high really. I dare say mine is a hell of a lot higher! Sam
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    120 gallon 450 litre - Quick pic update page 9

    Looking great :) Sam
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    Fluval Studio 900...'Dragons Crypt' Journal finished.

    Re: Fluval Studio 900... first video added! Lovely tank, just lovely :) Sam
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    My Cliff Face Journal With Riverbed/path

    Sounds intriguing :)
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    1st attempt at aquascape, 33 litre tank

    Give it time :)
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    Can someone give me a hand with low tech lighting?

    If you're using T8's then the best I ever used were the Arcadia freshwater tubes. http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/fish/tech ... ants/67395 Sam
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    My tank pics

    Lovely jubly :) Sam
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    Transparent Tank - the end

    Re: The Transparent Tank Challenge - getting near the end Looking great :) I've had the same problem with HC, and tried everything to sort it, but only managed a decent carpet a few times despite many, many attempts. Sam
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    What dslr ?

    Agree with the better lens on an old body. I've got the D550 and am looking to get my first 'L' lens for better wildlife shots. Much better to upgrade the lens first and then the body. Lens' seem to hold their value better and for longer than bodies as well, so you could always resell a lens...
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    The little one

    Lovely tank, nice healthy plants which is alway sgood to see :) Sam
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    Its hi from me

    How do :) welcome to the forum. Sam
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    D-D Co2 adaptor

    Charter house and aquatics online used to do them but I cant even find them in their sites now. Sam
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    No worries :)
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Yeh had two of those regs, excellent bits of kit. Just dont run the lights on full until the co2 is working, that'll buy you a week easily.
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    This reg it very good http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CO2-Doppelman ... 2ea52da877 Sam
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Again that reg doesn't come with a needle valve. The black dial on the side lets you control the pressure in the reg but that wont be fine enough to control the co2 rates you need going into the tank. You can buy needle valves seperately from here, but its Asia so postage will take weeks...
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    Fire extinguisher CO2

    Alex, None of those regs will work as Argon/co2 ones dont have the same thread size or shape. They also dont have a needle valve. This would be ok and has a needle valve built-in and are uk based for fast delivery. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marine-Aquari ... 27c0cf5d11 There are two reasons...
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    All Pond Solutions 2000 EF

    I would be surprised if it created a whirlpool, so I dont think you need to worry there. I'll add that I had a 1000 filter of theirs and it was great until I dropped the head from only about 10cm above the ground and it must have cracked it internally somewhere as it proceded to empty the tank...
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    Thinking of getting a Fluval G6 (media questions...)

    Love mine, got it running on my marine tank and the easy clean mech cartridge is perfect for what I need. The temp gauge is also really useful. Sam
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    Looking for zebra otos

    Last place I saw them was Maidenhead Aquatics in Wheatley, Oxford. Might be worth a call to see if they can get them in? They are normally very helpful like that. Sam
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    Three Peaks Iwagumi

    Looking really good, now comes the fun part of seeing how it all develops :) Sam
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    Vivarium 2012

    Where in London are you? We'll being coming down from Oxford so its a possibility. S
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    Vivarium 2012

    Could you give us a code or reference that we could use when booking so that the hotel know we're from the show and give us the correct room rate accordingly? Would mean we could book it ourselves then. Sam
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    Vivarium 2012

    Nice one, cheers for your help. Keep us posted :) Sam PS - no takers for a seat in my car then?
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    Cheers for letting us know, I too had thought it was 2 euro's so worht know its more. Sam
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    JBL do a cone stand, or used to at least. I have also seen people use those water bottle holders you get for bikes, like this. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... tedKingdom Sam PS - I dont know if that holder I've linked to would work, its just to show you what I mean :) you've have...
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    Vivarium 2012

    OK cheers for letting us know. I'll be in touch. Sam
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    Marks 120cm Bay Fronted Jungle "A 5 Year Work In Progress"

    Nice matey :) love thw hardscape. Sam
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    recommend a co2 diffuser.

    Fair enough :) in that case I'd go for an inline diffuser, but if you put it on the intake it'll dissolve a lot more co2, as it'll get taken around the filter first. Sam
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    recommend a co2 diffuser.

    Why does it matter how big the bubbles are? As long as you're getting the correct co2 level in the tank, bubble size is almost irrelevant. Sam
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    Vivarium 2012

    Cool, let me know if you need a some stuff taking over, I'm sure I could fit a few bits and pieces in :)
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Happy Xmas all :)
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    Right I see, you dont have to turn the co2 off at night, just elave it running, although I know several people like to anyway :) Sam
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    Vivarium 2012

    Hi All, I was chatting to OllyNZ the other day about taking a car to Vivarium 2012 and figured I see if anyone else might be interested in sharing a lift? I was thinking I'd take our estate car so we'd have plenty of boot space for buying stuff! With me and Olly, that would leave room for one...
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    Just by luck, i got this...

    Jammy sod! Thats the hardscape done and dusted then! Sam
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    What do you mean by atomiser? Inline or diffuser? Sam
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    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    You don't need the ball valve that whats the needle valve is for :) Sam
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    Pint and a Pot

    Haha cool :)
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    Open aquariums

    Enough said here I think. You get people who dont care about the health and welfare of their fish on any and every forum, thats just the way some people are. How people treat their fish is no reflection on this forum or indeed is it in anyway the result of what this forum promotes. If someone...
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    looking for cheap solenoid valve

    Looks the right size to me :) Sam
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    RO water for CO2 dropchecker

    For the hassle of it, I just buy my 4dKH water, a bottle lasts ages anyway :) you're also going to struiggle to get it accurate enough using home KH test kits. Sam
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    JBL CO2 units

    Yep should be able to :) Sam
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    JBL CO2 units

    As mentioned, on a 350lt tank you'll soon be wanting refillable co2 cylinders, 600g aint gonna last very long! The thread size on FE, pub cylidners, even the aquarium co2 cylidners is a stanadrad size so the regs and cylidners are interchangable. If it fits a pub cylinder it'll fit an FE and...
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    Which Co2 Set Up?

    Given that many ppople just have the diffucer in the corner of the tank and get good diffusion anyway, I doubt you'll notice the difference between the various options. You could also just push the end of the co2 tubing into the fitler intake and the bubbles would get sucked in that way...
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    Which Co2 Set Up?

    Or one of these taps http://www.midlandwaterlife.com/inlineh ... -1185.html Sam
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    Which Co2 Set Up?

    How about the tetratec 600 or even 400? They'd be ok on a 25lt I would think.
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    Which Co2 Set Up?

    How big is the cylinder you'd be using? If it were me I'd go with whichever is cheaper, as unless you're planning to use those tiny co2 cylinders, then a cylinder (600g and bigger) will last you yonks on a 25lt so you'll bearly notice the difference if one system is slightly better at diffusion...
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    90cm river bank scape (conquered HC)pic heavy

    Re: 90x45x45 under the river scape Love the hardscape! :) Sam
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    Some New 'noob' shots

    Some lovely photos :) Sam
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    Shallow - The Future?

    A few of our sponsours will custom make tanks almost without limit on their dimentions so give them a try or google it :) Sam
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    New Here

    How do :)