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  1. Aqua sobriquet

    DIY ADA style on a budget

    This popped into my YouTube home page.
  2. Aqua sobriquet

    Media Basket

    Due to bypass issues with my Eheim 2213 I want to remove the media basket that is supplied with the filter. I’ve bought two of the Lattice screens that used to be supplied with the 2213 and I’ve ordered some filter foam. I thought though it might be more convenient to have some kind of basket...
  3. Aqua sobriquet

    Oxygen Extinction

  4. Aqua sobriquet

    Salad Leaves

    Anyone on here growing salad leaves or herbs indoors? Apparently any old fluorescent tube will do the job.
  5. Aqua sobriquet

    ADA Bio Cube

    Good idea or not? I’m not suggesting buying it as you can cut your own foam up into cubes ...
  6. Aqua sobriquet

    Modern External filter design

    I’ve read quite a bit about folks with leaking external filters, noisy filters etc and wondered what most folks experience of them are? Do they work as well as expected, are they easy to clean? As an example, I bought a sera 130UV a while back and it seemed pretty good. Not as quiet as my Tetra...
  7. Aqua sobriquet

    Media Cleaning

    When I has a 50 gallon tank many years ago I always used to draw off a bucket of tank water in which to flush out the media at filter cleaning time. Having read on here some time ago that unless you’re unlucky to have high levels of chlorine in your tap water it’s fine for filter cleaning so...
  8. Aqua sobriquet

    External Filter Media

    What media are folks using in their canister filters these days and in what order? Just interested.
  9. Aqua sobriquet

    Cabinet Height?

    What height are most folks Aquarium Cabinets? In the past I’ve made cabinets using easily available doors or made use of existing furniture. Just wondered what folks think is a good height?
  10. Aqua sobriquet


    My Moss Balls are getting bigger. A bit tatty at times and very very slowly, but they’re definitely bigger than when I bought them. :)
  11. Aqua sobriquet

    Skimmer modification

    The external filter on my 60L was overdue cleaning and when I took the lid off there were about 100 live cherries in there. I’ve managed to get them all back in the tank and cleaned the filter but what to do about the skimmer? From past experience these things are often pretty useless and I...
  12. Aqua sobriquet


    I bought some Amano’s quite some time ago and they’re still going strong. How long do they live? If I didn’t know better I’d think they’re breeding but I understand this isn’t possible. The Cherries in both tanks are certainly multiplying.
  13. Aqua sobriquet

    It’s a weed

    I don’t know what this stuff is, I bought it at Pets at Home, but it’s taken over the tank. I keep having to trim it. And I only put a shot of Tropica in every month or so! It’s the 60L on the left.
  14. Aqua sobriquet


    If I wanted an optiwhite tank with mitred corners is there anyone in the UK that makes them? Asking for a friend ...
  15. Aqua sobriquet

    Rainwater Prep

    I collect rainwater from a covered water butt. I line a funnel with kitchen paper to filter out any large particles but in practice it doesn’t get too dirty. The water is then stored in a couple of ten litre containers indoors to warm up closer to tank temp. It’s then mixed with a little tap...
  16. Aqua sobriquet

    Full Clean or not?

    I bought a Sera 130 UV+ filter a while ago and sadly it has never been as quiet as my Tera External. It’s been running for a few months now though and it’s become quite a bit quieter. I have cleaned it out once but left the impeller and shaft alone. I’m wondering if this is best left alone...
  17. Aqua sobriquet


    I’m not suggesting this is a scam but will admit to being a little disappointed in the packaging. Several folks have recommended Vitalis Catfish Pellets so I bought a tub online. I knew the amount I was buying by the sellers description, 60g. I only wanted a small tub to try and many of the...
  18. Aqua sobriquet

    Shrimp Crisps

    I mentioned to my wife that I’d like to get some Kale to feed the shrimps. We aren’t growing any Kale at the moment but she did suggest the leaves of some Purple Brussels we have in the garden. Blanched and placed in the tank the shrimps went mad for it. I happened to leave the excess blanched...
  19. Aqua sobriquet


    I bought a few Corydoras a couple of weeks ago so I had to get some supplies. I haven’t seen them eat anything yet but I’m hoping they like at least one of these. Are there any other dried foods folks have found that Cory’s like?
  20. Aqua sobriquet

    Reducing colouring

    What do folks think is the best to add to an external to reduce the brown tinge I’m getting from the bogwood? I’ve got activated carbon in there but it doesn’t seem to be doing much. I’ve got some Purigen somewhere, would that be better?
  21. Aqua sobriquet

    Rock Wool

    Isn’t it a pain picking this stuff out from the roots of plants! I just received a couple of Anubias and it’s taken me 20 minutes to pick all the bits out with tweezers. :(
  22. Aqua sobriquet

    That was a waste

    I bought a few Corydoras Sterbai last week and in anticipation of this bought some Fish Science Corydoras Tablets. The shrimp in the tank seem to eat virtually anything but even they won’t touch it. Watching the Corys reaction on approaching this food I think they’d be saying “Yuk” if they...
  23. Aqua sobriquet

    Shake to start Gravel cleaner

    How do these shake to start gravel cleaners work? I’ve got some materials so would like to make one for my Nano’s.
  24. Aqua sobriquet

    Berried Shrimp

    I transferred some juvenile shrimp over to a new 60L Nano a little while back and I’ve just noticed that three of them are Berried. They aren’t even fully grown yet, is this normal?
  25. Aqua sobriquet

    Oral B

    No, I haven’t lost my marbles just yet. :) The hygienist at my dental surgery recommended that I get an electric toothbrush a few months back. Being time to change the brush head I wondered what I could do with the old one. Aquarium cleaning brush obviously! I tried it out today and it worked...
  26. Aqua sobriquet

    iPad Photos

    I take quite a lot of pictures with my iPad ever since I bought my first one over eight years ago. The only problem with my current iPad Pro 10.5” is that it’s no good for very close objects due to focusing distance. I decided that I’d get my 16Mp DSLR out with 90mm macro lens and the results...
  27. Aqua sobriquet

    Will I be able to buy some fish soon?

    It seems that lockdown is going to be eased somewhat. I’m wondering/hoping if I’ll be able to go to my LFS about a mile away and buy some Corydoras? :) I’ve subscribed to the Maidenhead Aquatics newsletter but they’ve been very quiet. If it means specifically making an appointment to visit the...
  28. Aqua sobriquet

    Chihiros A-361?

    I set up my new 60L Nano a while back and swapped the lights over. The 37L looks fine with the Eheim 7W light that came with it (I made a new stand for it some years back) but the 12W spot isn’t cutting it on the 60L. I did get a new 15W spot from China but it doesn’t seem any brighter than the...
  29. Aqua sobriquet

    Fluval Substrate Cleaner

    Anyone tried one of these with a silver sand substrate? I know you can regulate the flow but still wondering if it will suck up any sand with the dirt? https://fluvalaquatics.com/uk/product/gravel-vac-multi-substrate-cleaner-s-m/
  30. Aqua sobriquet

    Bogwood for Shrimps

    I filled a new tank a while back and just recently introduced a few shrimp from my other tank. I was a initially a little disappointed at only having bogwood to put in the new tank but in hindsight it’s been great for the shrimps. Whilst there are some plants in the tank that had some algae on...
  31. Aqua sobriquet

    Oak Leaves

    Are they safe to put in an aquarium? I have an oak tree in my garden and a few years back I took some leaves off while they were still green and dried them to put into a hedgehog box. They remained green once dried and looked nice so wondering if I could do the same for my aquarium. I don’t...
  32. Aqua sobriquet

    Lumini 15W

    Anyone have any experience of these...
  33. Aqua sobriquet

    Bogwood won’t sink

    I know I’m not the only person who’s had this problem in the past. I had this piece of bogwood in soak for over a month in a trug with a brick on it last year and it seemed pretty waterlogged but still wouldn’t sink. It’s all I’ve got now though for another tank so I’d like to use it if I can. I...
  34. Aqua sobriquet

    Testing for inmates?

    I haven’t used test kits for many years. Once the new tank is cycled though and the lockdown is over I want to introduce some fish and wondering if I should test the water. I’m thinking that maybe at least a nitrite test would be a good idea but what do folks think?
  35. Aqua sobriquet

    Anubias Rhizome

    I bought some miniature Anubias a while back which I’ve just moved into a different tank. They have grown ok and look reasonably healthy but they don’t appear to have an obvious Rhizome compared to my larger Anubias? Couple of pics. They will eventually be anchored onto something in a new tank.
  36. Aqua sobriquet

    Intake strainer

    I received a stainless intake/outlet set today and the submerged intake had rather large slots. Easily big enough to suck in some of my juvenile shrimps. Luckily I saw a YouTube video the other day of a guy making his own intake strainers from stainless steel mesh so I ordered some. The size...
  37. Aqua sobriquet

    Lockdown 60L Nano

    I now seem to have most of the bits I ordered for a new 60L Nano while I’m in lockdown. Dennerle 60L Nano Sera 130 + UV 12/16 stainless inlet/outlet pipes Habistat heat mat Elitech 1550 thermostat I didn’t really want the skimmer version of the stainless inlet but it was the only type...
  38. Aqua sobriquet

    Mountain Rock

    I know it’s a long shot but has anyone bought this? https://www.pro-shrimp.co.uk/rocks/3315-superfish-mountain-rock-6-pieces-5kg-8715897284113.html 5Kg is not very heavy so I’m wondering how big each piece is likely to be? Secondly, if stacking smaller pieces what’s the best adhesive to stick...
  39. Aqua sobriquet

    Filter Starter

    I’ve never used this before but the Sera 130+UV I bought recently came with a bottle of it. Bearing in mind that I won’t be able to add any fish to the tank for some time is it worth using it when I fill the tank and power up the filter? What I will be doing sooner rather than later is...
  40. Aqua sobriquet

    Play Sand

    Not sure of the actual colour of it yet but is Play Sand ok in a tank? Thinking about using it for Corydoras if I can’t source anything else easily. Plants in the tank will be easy to grow stuff like Moss and Anubias.
  41. Aqua sobriquet

    Elitech Thermostat

    Not having much luck. I’ve already got an ATC-1550 running on my 37L Nano with an under tank heater and it works great so I ordered another for the new tank. Duly ordered it arrived a week later with a damaged case because the mains lead was packed with the metal plug pins against the casing...
  42. Aqua sobriquet

    Sera 130

    Just received this from Amazon and pleasantly surprised that it came with not only coarse and fine sponges but a bag of their very nice Siporax and a bottle of “filter starter”.
  43. Aqua sobriquet

    IKEA Hektar

    I happened to see one of these in IKEA a couple of months back and as it was only £15 I bought one “just in case” it may come in handy. I’m soon to be setting up another Nano so hoping to use it for that. It has a standard SES or E14 fitting so should be good for the 12W COB LED’s that you can...
  44. Aqua sobriquet

    Cat Fish

    The new 60L Nano has arrived. :)
  45. Aqua sobriquet


    I was thinking of getting perhaps half a dozen smudge spot Corydoras if they still have them in the LFS but I’ve just seen more than one tank online where folks have had one each of many different species. What do you think, good idea or bad? It’ll be for a 60L cube so I guess I can only have...
  46. Aqua sobriquet

    Open area

    With any luck I’ll be setting up a 60L Nano for some Corydoras soon and want to keep the substrate as uncluttered as possible to give them room to root around as they are want to do. I’m guessing the tank will as a result have to be fairly sparsely planted. Have any of you seen anything online...
  47. Aqua sobriquet

    Are they open?

    I’ve been thinking about setting up another tank and whilst I can get most stuff online I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get any inmates from the LFS. Thinking about Cory’s in particular if I could get them. Are your LFS still open do you know in your area?
  48. Aqua sobriquet

    Blending Sand for colour?

    Have any of you tried this to get a particular look? I realise that the particle sizes need to be very similar or over time the larger stuff will end up on the top.
  49. Aqua sobriquet


  50. Aqua sobriquet

    Colour Enhancing food

    Are there any colour enhancing shrimp foods out there worth buying?
  51. Aqua sobriquet

    Expensive Lighting?

    There seems to be increasing numbers of folks succeeding in growing aquarium plants using inexpensive and easily available LED lights of one sort or another. I can’t help wondering if there’s going to be much of a future for some of the premium brand manufacturers unless they make them more...
  52. Aqua sobriquet

    Occasional Skimming?

    Since the number of cherries has risen in my tank due to them breeding it seems the amount of oily film on the surface of the tank has increased. I’m now thinking of getting something like the Eheim Skim 350. I don’t ideally want it in there permanently though. Have any of you used a skimmer on...
  53. Aqua sobriquet

    Shrimp eating Salvinia

    The Salvinia has never grown that well in one of my tanks, a 37L Nano. I have had something of an explosion in the numbers of shrimp in my tank and they’ve taken a liking to eating it so I’ve just removed the skeletons of the last of it and introduced some more. This morning I came down and...
  54. Aqua sobriquet

    Bottle Brushes

    These are in Lidl at the moment for around £3. The long one is about 12mm dia the small one about 11mm and the fat one is about 22mm. Might come in handy for cleaning some bits.
  55. Aqua sobriquet

    New Years Honours

    For me, in the Aquarium hobby goes to ... Dennerle as a manufacturer of well made and thought out products, particularly for owners of Nano’s. ProShrimp as a supplier with a large range of products and great service. :)
  56. Aqua sobriquet

    Scape suggestions

    I have space for another cube in my lounge so I’m considering getting a Dennerle 60 litre. I’d like to keep half a dozen Corydoras in it but also want some plants. As cory’s love to root around in the substrate I’d like to give them plenty of “open” sand so need suggestions for planting if any...
  57. Aqua sobriquet

    Trimming Moss

    I have some plain Java Moss and also some Christmas Moss that needs a bit of a trim. What’s the best way of doing this without it looking like it’s just been to the barbers?! :lol:
  58. Aqua sobriquet

    ADA ALON Aquarium?

    Just wondered if ADA will be the first to make a Transparent Aluminium Aquarium?! :lol: https://makezine.com/2012/01/17/transparent-aluminum/
  59. Aqua sobriquet

    Don’t Panic!

    I put some cherries in my tank about three weeks ago and I’ve just noticed one of them is berried. I fitted a new stainless inlet and outlet a while back and the inlet slots are more than big enough for any baby shrimps to get sucked up. Luckily I had some spare foam so I’ve managed to cut off a...
  60. Aqua sobriquet

    Shiny or Matt?

    As some may have seen in another thread I’ve recently bought a stainless inlet/outlet set. It looks far better than plastic but I’m wondering if it may look even better if the steel had a Matt finish? I’m sure you’ve all seen the type but this is what they look like at present: And this is...
  61. Aqua sobriquet

    Sera 130 External Filter

    Have any of you tried one of these? After the disappointment of a recent noisy Eheim Classic I’m looking at the Sera but wondered how noisy it is?
  62. Aqua sobriquet

    Ascorbic Acid as a Dechlorinator

    Sorry if this has been linked before but I’ve only just seen it and thought others may find it of interest. https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/120544-dechlorinating-with-vitamin-c-ascorbic-acid-ascorbate/
  63. Aqua sobriquet

    How much Carbon?

    In ml for each litre of tank water? My main reason for using it is to remove any slight colouration from the water. I’m collecting rainwater and from one source it invariably goes through some leaf mould in the gutter that I haven’t been able to remove fully.
  64. Aqua sobriquet

    Fussy so and so’s

    I've installed half a dozen shrimp in my tank to help with cleanup. They’re doing an excellent job of cleaning the bogwood but don’t much like green algae for some reason. The bogwood’s going to be pretty clean soon so I thought I best offer them something else. I bought some Algae wafers from...
  65. Aqua sobriquet

    Shrimp, when to feed?

    I’ve added four Amano to my 37 Litre Nano to try and help with Algae. They haven’t touched any of the Algae but seem happy grazing on a large piece of bogwood. As I rarely seem to see all four at a time and they seem happy with the tank conditions I plan to add some more soon. Two questions I...
  66. Aqua sobriquet

    UV sterilisers?

    Can they really help control Algae? Anyone have any success with them.
  67. Aqua sobriquet

    Algae Collector?

    I’m having an issue with brown algae in one of my tanks and noticed that it was growing on a cleaning magnet that I keep in the tank. Magnet easily removed, cleaned and replaced. It then occurred to me that perhaps I could deliberately place something in the tank to “collect” the diatoms to...
  68. Aqua sobriquet

    Light Dimmer

    I'm getting a bit of green Algae in one of my tanks but I can’t turn the lamp down. I’ve ordered a dimmable LED COB lamp to replace it but I now need to get a dimmer. Any recommendations for a 220V dimmer? The photo period is normally about 8 hours so I could reduce this as well if needed.
  69. Aqua sobriquet

    Noisy Eheim 2213

    I thought I’d start a new thread on this rather than add to any others. First some background. I’m not new to Aquarium keeping and I had one of these filters back in the 1980’s - 1990’s when they were made in Germany. The 2213 was a good filter and very quiet. My first one lived in a cabinet...
  70. Aqua sobriquet

    Brown Algae

    Do all types of commonly available Shrimp eat Brown Algae?
  71. Aqua sobriquet

    Silver Sand?

    I have this in one of my aquariums at the moment and it looks great but it’s a bit too fine. Are there any other sands I can buy mail order with a similar colour but slightly larger grain size? Links would be good if any of you have them. TIA.
  72. Aqua sobriquet

    Brown patches on Moss Balls

    Anyone know why this is happening? I’ve had them for several months and although I noticed it on one of them a little while all four of them are showing signs now. As per some recommendations I do remove them from the tank every now and then and give them a bit of a rinse & roll! :) I noticed...
  73. Aqua sobriquet

    Noisy Filter Issue

    I bought an Eheim Classic 250 a while ago and it turned out to be very noisy. I’ve had one of these before many years ago and it was fine, very quiet in fact. I contacted the seller and he asked me to send the head back which I did. I took pictures of the packing and the box before posting and...
  74. Aqua sobriquet

    External Filter Specifications

    Is there a list or database on the net of the throughput of external filters commonly available?
  75. Aqua sobriquet

    What was an uninteresting

    Corner of the room is now looking quite nice. Only just filled the larger tank so there are some more plants and rocks to be added. The lighting also needs to be sorted at some point.
  76. Aqua sobriquet


    I have diatoms in a Nano that was set up several months back. It’s a 10L low tech with a 7W LED and small internal filter. Temperature is about 25c at the moment. Photo period is about 8-9 hours. Substrate is just Unipac aquarium sand and I’m using rainwater exclusively. I do about a 50% water...
  77. Aqua sobriquet

    Eheim Classic Humming noise

    Has anyone pinned down the cause of this? I’ve contacted the seller, hopefully they’ll send out a replacement head.
  78. Aqua sobriquet

    Whats this then?

    https://www.aquariumgardens.co.uk/dennerle---carbo-elixier-bio-nano-100ml-2510-p.asp It’s says it’s based on all natural ingredients? So maybe not glutaraldehyde.
  79. Aqua sobriquet

    What’s the difference?

    Apart from the case colour and the price? Just wondering. I think I prefer the clear case as you can see if it needs cleaning.
  80. Aqua sobriquet


    Are having fish in an aquarium the solution to flat worms like Planaria? I ask because many years ago I had a 50 gallon tank set up for about 10 years and never had any problems with worms. Maybe any that hitched a lift on the plants I bought promptly got eaten by my fish?
  81. Aqua sobriquet

    180 degree bends?

    Have any of you seen any really tight 180° bends for 12/16 hose? I have a Nano with 5mm glass and obviously no braces so most of the inlet/outlet pipe kits don’t look anywhere near as neat as they could do. I realise that a tight bend will reduce the flow compared to a wider looping bend but I’m...
  82. Aqua sobriquet

    PH Test Papers?

    Anyone use these? I just want to make occasional checks of the rainwater I’m using at the moment. I don’t use CO2 so not sure how much it’s going to change anyway. They sell PH4 to PH9 papers for a couple of quid on the auction site.
  83. Aqua sobriquet

    Musings on a 35L Nano

    I’m still procrastinating about my 35L Nano. I think I’ve got nearly everything I need to set it up but can’t make up my mind on inhabitants. I was originally thinking of planting fairly heavily albeit in a low tech setup and maybe get some shrimp to add interest. I’m now wondering though if I...
  84. Aqua sobriquet

    Best outlet

    Whats your preferred outlet. Spray bar, lily or something else? :)
  85. Aqua sobriquet

    ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil Alternative

    ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil Has been suggested as ideal for growing Anubias emmersed in a terrarium. I’m just wondering what alternatives are out there. I think the coarse type Amazonia would look quite good and make planting easier so anything else with a similar grain size would be good. Just...
  86. Aqua sobriquet

    PETG inlet/outlet

    Have any of you made your own inlet or outlet pipes from clear PETG pipe? I’ve used Acrylic before but it breaks easily compared to PETG and I’ve noticed it’s popular with computer hacks for cooling pipes.
  87. Aqua sobriquet

    TetraTec Scraper

    Most of us will find a scraper useful at some point. I used to have one of those Algarde ones with the planting fork on the other end. They work well enough but they are only about a 30cm long. Some years back I bought one of the Tetra ones and it works very well. The reason I decided to post...
  88. Aqua sobriquet

    Eheim Classic 250 what’s in the box

    The new filter I ordered arrived yesterday so I thought I’d just upload a few pictures so folks can see what you get. I’m not sure if all vendors supply the same package but I bought mine from Eheim Aquarium Parts...
  89. Aqua sobriquet

    Polyester Wadding

    Anyone tried these folks? http://www.thewaddingshop.co.uk/thickness-chart Handily they actually give the thickness as well as the gsm for each product. My filter came with 20mm wadding but what do you use?
  90. Aqua sobriquet

    Flow Reduction

    Do any of you adjust the output of your canister filters by using the hose taps? I’ve got a 440 lph filter which from personal experience is a bit high for the tank I had it on before. I’ve been thinking about getting a 300 lph Eheim classic but wondering if I should just attempt to lower the...
  91. Aqua sobriquet

    What do you think

    About this piece of wood for my 35L Nano. Too big or ok? I think I can trim a bit off the width if required. I have another piece in soak but it’s refusing to sink at the moment.
  92. Aqua sobriquet

    Sera Siporax Algovec

    Anyone tried this stuff? https://www.sera.de/en/product/freshwater-aquarium/sera-siporax-algovec-professional/
  93. Aqua sobriquet

    Anyone Recognise this fitting?

    Poor picture I know but do any of you recognise this fitting? I quite like the design but can’t find anyone selling it.
  94. Aqua sobriquet

    Full Specrum

    I’ve just seen these and some of them are quoted as “Full Spectrum”, I wonder what they actually look like? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1X-10X-Full-Watt-CREE-1W-5W-7W-20W-50W-High-Power-LED-lamp-Bulb-Diodes-LEDs-Chip/183397082377?hash=item2ab3516509:m:mYTXhGAuHnwuJYpZGGoA9cg The high power ones...
  95. Aqua sobriquet

    Nicrew Lighting

    Anyone tried these? https://www.amazon.co.uk/NICREW-Bright-Aquarium-Aquariums-Length/dp/B01HI42E18/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_199_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=EQVQ40VR891Z0W7BYDPJ Gets good reviews and the price is right.
  96. Aqua sobriquet

    Activated Carbon

    Have any of you found a good source of supply for it? The small boxes in the LFS are a silly price.
  97. Aqua sobriquet

    Eheim Classic 150

    I’ve been looking at the Eheim Classic 150 (2211) for use on a 35L Nano but I can’t seem to find any UK dealers that sell it!? The 300 Lph output seems ideal for what I want but so far I can only seem to find a couple of German shops selling it, one through Amazon. Anyone seen them for sale...
  98. Aqua sobriquet

    Anubias barteri nana

    I just popped in to Pets at Home and they had a Tropica one of these in there and it was only £4 and looked so good it got mixed up with the cat food by the time I got to the checkout! It was an impulse buy though so what do I do with it. I seem to remember you can fix them to bogwood? Any help...
  99. Aqua sobriquet

    Rotala Rotundifolia Cuttings

    I’m going to need to trim the Rotala Rotundifolia in my Nano soon. Will the bits I trim off root eventually if I just plant them in the substrate. I’m only using Aquarium Silica Sand. Or is there some other way outside the aquarium to get them to root? No bother if not, just seems a waste to get...
  100. Aqua sobriquet

    Inexpensive COB LED

    I’ve yet to get a proper light fitting but I’ve just jury rigged something to see what it looks like. A is an Eheim 7W COB LED and B is a cheap 12W 6000K COB lamp from China. The 12W is not surprisingly brighter but the colour doesn’t look much different to the Eheim. What do you think?