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  1. AverageWhiteBloke

    In tank ph temp tds monitor

    came across this, seems you can calibrate it and reasonably priced. Anyone tried one?
  2. AverageWhiteBloke

    Sort of fish related.

    It's Friday so bit of mirth. My sentiments exactly.
  3. AverageWhiteBloke

    Stems and the fine co2 line

    Wondering how people deal with "easy" stem plants when they start ditching lower leaves? My understanding of this is it's a combination of lighting and co2, maybe to a certain extent flow as well. Do people just cut the healthy tops of and re-plant accepting this will happen and just keep the...
  4. AverageWhiteBloke

    Does Magnesium add a secondary chemical?

    Talking Epsom salts here. Can't help but notice that you have to add a fair amount of Epsom to yield a relatively small ppm of Mg. Is there something else being added to the tank or is it purely about the size of the crystals? What exactly is the sulphate?
  5. AverageWhiteBloke

    Wonder why my Balansae is so brown?

    I was posting in another thread earlier and I have a classic case of a plant moving house, a Balansae that started off at the opposite end of the tank dissolved then re-appeared at the other end. These plants have moved with me through numerous setups over the years but I've never noticed it...
  6. AverageWhiteBloke

    New fertiliser calculator!

    I wish I could get @zeus calculator working. Looks proper tasty.
  7. AverageWhiteBloke

    TDS Rise from topping off.

    May be a stupid question which I'm over complicating but why not. Am I right in thinking that if I have a 50 ltr tank with a TDS of 127 which loses about 4 ltrs of water per week and I top this water off with rain water with a TDS of 12 that I've raised the TDS by 12 divided by the 50 ltrs 0.24...
  8. AverageWhiteBloke

    Microbe Lift Bio Co2

    Do we know what's going on here? I tend to try and only put things in my tank which I sort of understand but I recently purchased a bottle of this stuff at a MA store at a garden centre I was visiting. They say they are "collaborating" with the product. I am more than aware of all the snake oils...
  9. AverageWhiteBloke

    Two kinds of plant people!

    I came across this on Facebook which put a smile on my face. Couldn't help but think about UKAPS forum :D I think I must be one of the "I think I can save it" people. Had some growing tips of Siamensis B floating in the top of my tank for about 2 months hoping to one day get enough to plant in...
  10. AverageWhiteBloke

    Brown Holes In Leaves

    What deficiency might I be looking at for brown holes in old leaves? I bought some Siamensis B potted to add some simple stems to fill a corner and cover a heater but left the plant just sitting in the pot in the aquarium for a couple of months to let it adjust a bit before planting in the...
  11. AverageWhiteBloke

    Bloodworm Allergy

    Came across this today. https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2018/05/03/caution-bloodworm-allergies-can-sneak-up-on-you-short/ Anyone ever experienced it? I suffer from various food allergies where my mouth and eye lids swell up also I get hives. Few times when I've been trying to link reactions...
  12. AverageWhiteBloke

    Hello Darkness my old friend [emoji3]

    Just saying hi, been out of the aquascaping game for some time and haven't been in the forum for God knows how long but now I have far too much time on my hands and some plans for a low tech cube I thought I'd pop back and get re-acquainted. Good to see the forum going strong and plenty of new...
  13. AverageWhiteBloke

    Tetratec E600 impeller

    Has anyone got one of these filters? I'd be interested to see what the impeller looks like. I bought a new impeller for mine, the old one I've had to super glue a couple of times but still works, the one I bought I just kept as a spare until the next time I was cleaning the filter. Decided to...
  14. AverageWhiteBloke

    Anyone tried taking fish to MA? (Endler Boom)

    Just wondered if anyone has tried to take fish to Maidenhead Aquatics and what their policy was? What seemed to be a good idea at the time as a project I bought two pairs of Endlers. I lost one of the females but now I have a population boom on my hands which is getting a bit ridiculous. I did...
  15. AverageWhiteBloke

    Do Microworms need light?

    Just asking, got some on the way as I let my other cultures die off a while back. Getting some for my Endlers and the possible offspring that might come with that. I have a little blue plastic tupperware type box here but it's not see through. Just wondering if that will be ok or do they need...
  16. AverageWhiteBloke

    Are Salt Baths Effective?

    Just wondering, I bought 4 Endler Guppies from the LFS about 2 weeks ago. two of the females have developed firstly one what appears to be a bit of fungus on its mouth and the other female what appears to be a very slight swelling on its stomach although this fish was very lucky in so far as...
  17. AverageWhiteBloke

    Wild Mushrooms

    Keep finding these in the woods where I'm working. Anyone know if they are edible? Sent from my STH100-2 using Tapatalk
  18. AverageWhiteBloke

    Feeding Nettles

    Firstly, are these nettles? I know what you're thinking, just run them on your skin and see, no chance haha. Just wondering if there's something that looks similar to a nettle that I shouldn't be putting in there. I hear shrimp love them but do I dry them out first or just boiling water over...
  19. AverageWhiteBloke

    Blue Green Algae Help Needed

    Can anyone help with this, never experienced it before. Firstly some details tank dimensions are roughly 18km x 1.5km volume couple of hundred thousand gallons but recently it's been lower. Lighting unfortunately isn't dimmable so I'm stuck with what I've got lighting is on about 15 hours a day...
  20. AverageWhiteBloke

    How's about that for a shot!

    Long exposure shot of lightning hitting a tree. That would have took some patience, the guy needs to put the lottery on before his luck wears out. Sent from my STH100-2 using Tapatalk
  21. AverageWhiteBloke

    DIY Planter

    Found a use for the little pots you usually get from the lfs if anyone is interested . I can't claim all of it as I saw someone make wires for curling round the plants on YouTube so it's just a variation on the theme. I was using one of those glass bowls with suckers you can get online to put...
  22. AverageWhiteBloke

    Who needs a dog.

    What a great relationship going on here. Comical to watch, reminds me of my Discus days when they would take bloodworm out of my fingers and swim in between them for a little stroke. Sent from my STH100-2 using Tapatalk
  23. AverageWhiteBloke

    Can you make invitro pots?

    Is there hydroponic gel you can buy and make up pots yourself? Got a new scape coming up in the next 4/6 weeks. I tend to throw out loads of plants and never seem to have enough when I want some. Just wondering if certain plants that will grow out of water could maybe be put into yoghurt pots or...
  24. AverageWhiteBloke

    Just thought I'd share.

    Just shows what can be achieved, something for everyone in this. Sent from my STH100-2 using Tapatalk
  25. AverageWhiteBloke

    Stupid Question of the week (or is it?)

    Can you brain damage fish? I'll put some meat on the bones, had a heater failure, well actually was human error and my tank plummeted to 10 deg. My Sterbai were all on the bottom dead as far as I can see. Thinking I had nothing to lose I got the tank warmed back up and lo and behold they all...
  26. AverageWhiteBloke

    ONF Flat One

    What we thinking about the new light our own king of the double entendres @George Farmer has been reviewing? Pretty sexy looking light for people with deep pockets but at £400 I don't know. :D:D:D:D:D
  27. AverageWhiteBloke

    Fuel from Algae

    Looks like there's some hope for my tanks yet [emoji849][emoji3] I'll start looking at them as a long term investment rather than a nuisance https://amp.fastcompany.com/40539606/exxon-thinks-it-can-create-biofuel-from-algae-at-massive-scale?__twitter_impression=true Sent from my STH100-2 using...
  28. AverageWhiteBloke

    Facebook Planted Tank Groups

    Am I glad to see you guys! Jesus, I joined a Facebook group a long time ago mainly just to browse people's tanks looking for inspiration, didn't really comment much. I happened to comment on a guys tank who didn't want to use gas whose plants looked like they were stretching to the surface. Also...
  29. AverageWhiteBloke

    Biogenic Decalcification

    I could be wrong at the moment I would have to test more but if plants are co2 limited and extracting carbon via carbonates in the water, could they remove enough carbonates to lower PH through the lighting period? The reason I ask is my tank was running KH limited, only just realised it. I've...
  30. AverageWhiteBloke

    Name That Plant

    Hi, trying to put a plant list together for <This Project> anybody know what the plant is circled in red?
  31. AverageWhiteBloke

    Regulator Issues, anyone came across this?

    Equipment is a dual gauge co2 supermarket pro something or other and an inline atomiser on the outlet. Recently I cleaned the atomiser in bleach but I've noticed that right through the injection period my bubble counter picks up speed. My first thoughts were leak which is why it gets faster...
  32. AverageWhiteBloke

    Journal Ottoloen Project

    If you like getting into a journal from day dot then this is the place to be :) Be prepared for a very slow burner, I'm in no rush with this one so will just potter about as and when I'm in the mood. You've actually just caught me in the thinking out loud phase, just dug out whatever I have...
  33. AverageWhiteBloke

    Air Driven Filters

    Is anyone running low tech tanks just using air Driven sponge filters? Never really tried low tech before and from what I understand the co2 is from the background levels in the tank so I guess air Driven would maybe gas this off? Trying to avoid LC if at all possible but if I need to I might...
  34. AverageWhiteBloke

    Picking Alder Cones

    Will be going out foraging shortly for Oak leaves and Alder cones. A google search turns out there's a forest near me with both species of tree which is for sale, haha not thinking of buying it 30k for a wood is a bit much for me,just "borrowing" some bits and pieces. When I google Alder trees...
  35. AverageWhiteBloke

    Not a good write up for liquid carbon

    I came across this on the <JBL Blog on liquid carbon>, the guy who wrote it appears to be qualified to comment and works for JBL. You'll have to excuse my Google scholarship degree but from what I can make out essentially if you read all four parts it suggests (from my understanding) that the...
  36. AverageWhiteBloke

    Changing Bottle

    Swapping over my co2 bottle today and can't remember the procedure it's been that long. I can remember you should have the needle valve open when you turn on the gas at the bottle but I seem to remember something about the rush of gas can wreck the gauges for some reason. Just checking should...
  37. AverageWhiteBloke

    Here we go again. White stringy faeces.

    Noticed my male Ram has gone off its food and white stringy faeces. Been here before and never actually cured it but this seems to have just came on and the fish is still in relative good shape so maybe this time. Any suggestions on meds to try that are shrimp safe? Working away at the minute...
  38. AverageWhiteBloke

    Windows 10, anyone else having issues?

    I know there's a few techy people resides here so anyone having issues updating W10? The update process appears to be screwed right now for me. Spent the last two weeks downloading 1gig plus updates just for them to fail every time. First time I've had a Microsoft computer in 15 years and quite...
  39. AverageWhiteBloke

    Bubbles in Substrate Good sign or Bad?

    Just wondering, tanks been set up prob over a year with Tropica Soil to the depth of probably 6/7 cm at its thickest. Never really noticed up until this last week or so how many air pockets appear to be in the soil near the front glass. Oxygen from plant roots or maybe trapped nitrogen bubbles...
  40. AverageWhiteBloke

    Why the popping kettles?

    As the title suggests, why would people's kettles be popping round my way? I noticed the change in water last week following a water change where my TDS didn't drop as much as usual. My tap water tends to be a TDS of around 39 with nothing to measure with GH/KH tests hits. Since they started...
  41. AverageWhiteBloke

    Does this make sense (sorting a cock up)

    Just thought I'd run this by people just to check if my thinking is right. Made a bottle of ferts up and got things wrong, however I do know what's in the bottle. Po4 is way too high which I thought I could just add more kno3 to balance it up but the amount I would have to add probably wouldn't...
  42. AverageWhiteBloke

    Live food cultures

    Sort of fish related I guess. Been thinking about setting up some sort of live food I can harvest all year round to feed my fish, something simple. Just wondering if you guys do it and what do you feed?
  43. AverageWhiteBloke

    Amano and Blue Ram

    Anybody tried this combination successfully? Been having a stare into my tank and came to the conclusion that what it might be lacking right now is some feature fish. My LFS has some nice pairs of Blue Rams in and I'm so tempted but I have quite a few Amano shrimp in there. Won't risk it if...
  44. AverageWhiteBloke

    Don't buy shrimp without your glasses!

    Just wondering if anyone can help me out with this. Was in Pets at Home at weekend and bought four "freshwater shrimp" To help clear up some hair algae. Didn't have my glasses so asked if they were Amano shrimp and the assistant said they were Yamamoto. My understanding being they are one and...
  45. AverageWhiteBloke

    UP Aqua Pro U Series P (Lamens Terms)

    Afternoon, I've had this light for a while but never really dug into what type of lighting it is in words I can understand ;) You'll have to excuse my ignorance for now on LUX and PAR. I did a little bit of reading in this thread and got some specs from this website but I've had to guess some of...
  46. AverageWhiteBloke

    Since when did E.I become a P.I.T.A

    Had reason to take a close look at my tank, sort of stand back and take an objective look, something is wrong. So anyway thought I'd get back to basics and look at my dosing. E.I, although the reason we see a lot of the brilliant scapes seen in here and a way to let the novice with high lights...
  47. AverageWhiteBloke

    Resolved! Tapatalk Integration (Solved)

    Been getting an Android *spit phone just trying to reduce the amount of notifications I get. I've started using Tapatalk which notify's me pretty quickly and seems stable but I also get emails sent, essentially doubling the notifications. Just wondering if I change my preferences on the board to...
  48. AverageWhiteBloke

    Poor Choice of TDS Meter :(

    Just bought a TDS/PH/Temp meter off Ebay. Firstly, thought I'd calibrate it before using it just in case it's been sat about in some warehouse for a long time only to find the instructions say to calibrate using 6440ppm standard fluid. I assumed that it made no difference what fluid you...
  49. AverageWhiteBloke

    Inline Diffuser (Which way round?)

    Just purchased an inline atomiser. Just wondering which way round people have these or if it matters and should the chamber be full of water? On the box it came in the back shows the co2 inlet being as the water exits the unit but on co2 art website the setup guide shows co2 inlet on the side...
  50. AverageWhiteBloke

    forum passwords hacked!

    Just had a email from verticalscope saying accounts information fro certain forums has been hacked which includes planted tank an aquaticplantcentral. I guess some of our members will also be there, just thought I'd give a heads up.
  51. AverageWhiteBloke

    Ipad HDMI output

    Anyone know which cable I need to output netflix from an ipad to an HDTV? There seems to be a myriad of different cables out there. Preferably one that doesn't have apple pulling my pants down with grossly inflated prices.
  52. AverageWhiteBloke

    How do you know working pressure?

    Probably a stupid question. I have an up Aqua regulator, unsure of the model as I bought it second hand as part of a job lot of other aquarium bits. Never was concerned about the pressure as I've always just ran glass ceramic diffusers with it before. Toying with the idea of buying an inline...
  53. AverageWhiteBloke

    Resolved! Editing Posts

    Just wondering why sometimes you can edit a post and sometimes not? I found another post where you couldn't edit using a mobile phone however I'm on my desktop although the post I was trying to edit was made from my mobile so there appears to be some connection. Picture attached of what I see.
  54. AverageWhiteBloke

    The End of The Beginning

    As the title suggests I'm right at the very start of my first journal, in fact, its so early that I don't even have a plan yet other than some rough ideas. I'll try and put some flesh on the bones of the situation. Been keeping planted tanks for about 25 years with varying levels of success...
  55. AverageWhiteBloke

    Bit of an emergency, Cattapa logs?

    Is anybody aware of issues with Cattapa logs? I put 2 in my 30 Gall tank yesterday. Got home tonight and my 3 prize Rams were gasping at the surface. I've switched off my co2 even though the drop checker is only moderately green with a ph checked with a metre of 6.2. I've reduced my water level...
  56. AverageWhiteBloke

    Which Spectrum T8 Tubes?

    Thinking of replacing my tubes on my Aqua one. They are 30" 25watt 10.0k And seem to have a washing out effect on the plants. I guess there's not much difference from Aqurium specific and normal tubes so wondering if there's anywhere people get their T8's from? Aquarium ones seem pricey for what...
  57. AverageWhiteBloke

    Pottasium Questions

    Not often discussed, how important is potassium? Kno3 and po4 are obviously the most consumed in a thriving tank, magnesium seems to be as long as there's some same as traces but potassium you don't hear much about. I noticed that on a calc and on Clives EI article 30ppm a week is recommended...
  58. AverageWhiteBloke

    Oak Leaves

    Got hold of some recently fallen Oak leaves to put in my shrimp tank and blackwater species instead of Almond leaves. Just wondering is there anything I need to do to them first before putting them in the tank and what's the best way to store them?
  59. AverageWhiteBloke

    Canister filter emergency, how much pressure?

    Had an incident with my filter, the plastic taps have broken and had to hold them in place with copper wire like a champagne cork. Seems okay until I can get spares. Just wondering if much pressure builds up in the canister. Says pressurised filter on it.
  60. AverageWhiteBloke

    My best diy project to date, lily pipe cleaner

    Diy lily pipe cleaner. by AWB70, on Flickr Tried many commercial pipe cleaners which to me have been a brown trouser experience. Knocked this up and it works perfect for both 13 and 16mm pipes. Fishing line, air line tubing and a body scrub. Cut a piece off, roll up and insert about 20mm into...
  61. AverageWhiteBloke

    can you crowd blue rams?

    Just wondering, I fancy another go with these. Can you put a few of them in a 30 gall or just stick to one pair?
  62. AverageWhiteBloke

    Tropica Premium Plant Growth

    What's the difference between this product and EI dosing? I usually dose dry dosing but I just purchased some tropica. Going away for a bit so I'll order some more salts when I'm back in to take the delivery. Any recommendations for dosing tropica in the meantime or just what it says on the bottle?
  63. AverageWhiteBloke

    Multi function Led Annoyance

    Treat myself to a led light for my nano, the ones that have multi set ups for lighting. Problem is it never defaults to the one I want when using a timer. Has anyone solved this? Do all timers do it? This is the second time this has happened while experimenting with led.
  64. AverageWhiteBloke

    Cleaning Products

    I'm thinking of glass here. Managed to get hold of two sets of lily pipe which means I now have two pairs per tank. Hopefully I can now leave a set soaking in bleach until I change them over. I find soaking them in bleach when you only have one set for an hour or so doesn't really have much...
  65. AverageWhiteBloke

    Cutting lily pipes

    Has anyone successfully did this? Managed to break the end of my inlet where the intake slots are. I've ordered a new one but the old one still functions for now, I just rubbed the sharp edges with sand paper and put my mesh filter back on. On the plus side it seems to be less restrictive and...
  66. AverageWhiteBloke

    bit of an awkward one, need some help!

    I think I may have mentioned this before, not sure if anyone is aware of the medium but blackberry have moved their channels app from beta into mainstream. It's part of the blackberry messenger service which is now available on iPhone and Android. Basically you create a channel for a topic and...
  67. AverageWhiteBloke

    Cleaning external heater

    Bit late in the day as I've already done this many times. Just wondering if it's ok to use a flexible brush like the ones for pipes through the hydor heaters? I generally do but it's dawned on me that there maybe some bits in there I could damage.
  68. AverageWhiteBloke

    Should I do anything about this Profile?

    Probably have too much time on my hands so been doing a bit of messing about. Quick background on the tank, 30 gall AR-850. Dosing EI, 50% WC Weekly with 70 watts of T8 above. Lights are on for 8 hrs and I dose the following... 1/4 tspn kno3 3 Days 1/16 tspn po4 3 Days 1/16 Traces 3 Days 1.5...
  69. AverageWhiteBloke

    Aquascaping on a small scale

    How much lighting would you put over this? 1 Candle I reckon.
  70. AverageWhiteBloke

    Fixing Steel Mesh

    I have a couple of stainless steel mesh filters, the ones with the rubber ring by AE. They're a bit fragile and managed to break them probably because I put them on plastic intake pipes. I know have glass and they seem to fit on a lot easier. I was thinking of trying to glue them back together...
  71. AverageWhiteBloke

    Anyone know what this is?

    It's the same plant that seems to have ended up in a few of my tanks. I think it came as part of a collection many years ago and just seems to survive. I originally thought it was some kind of crypt and just replanted it every time I did a new set up in an insignificant place. The roots on it...
  72. AverageWhiteBloke

    Stainless Mesh Shrimp Filters

    Anyone know where I could get hold of the mesh and what the black plastic is on shrimp filters? The one I have which was great but very breakable, in fact, fell to bits and the ones that are not as fragile have very little surface area, I have to clean it every 3 days. I fancy diy'ng a custom...
  73. AverageWhiteBloke

    Any blackberry users?

    Just wondering, probably not the way things are going at the moment but if there are I've set up a BBM channel Aquascaping C00121839 please add the pin to join.
  74. AverageWhiteBloke

    anybody know about roses?

    I know very little about terrestial gardening. Decided to have a dabble and dig a bed and put some rose bushes in but the soil is very poor. You only get down the depth of the spade and it all gets very gravel and clay. Was thinking about putting something in with the soil but there's a myriad...
  75. AverageWhiteBloke

    Anybody got one of these

    Been looking at getting one of these T5 Aquarium Fish Tank Overhead Light Lighting Aluminum Lamp 3 Model UK Stock | eBay My light packed up and I'm temp using two lights which are far too bright. My tank is 45cm from glass to glass, description says 42cm max. Can anyone tell me if they will...
  76. AverageWhiteBloke

    Being haunted by Co2 supermarket!

    Like I said, anybody else? Even after I empty my cache every site I go on or youtube video I watch regardless of what content I'm looking at co2 supermarket seems to crow bar itself into the page somewhere.
  77. AverageWhiteBloke

    Recharging and storing purigen.

    I think I'm about due recharging my purigen in the next week or two, due a filter clean so might as well kill two birds with one stone. How long do people leave it soaking in the one to one bleach solution for? Thinking about maybe buying another bag rather than breaking the filter down again...
  78. AverageWhiteBloke

    picking the right fish for a planted tank!

    Just had to watch a kribensis totally tear apart my hair grass lawn I've been trying to grow for six months! Bummer, a lesson for us all here. You never know where your tank enemy is coming from next.
  79. AverageWhiteBloke

    PH Pen Storage Fluid

    Just bought myself a ph pen. Wondered whether or not to also order some storage fluid, I notice that on some of the fluids it says not to be used with pens using gel probes. Wondered why the difference?
  80. AverageWhiteBloke

    RCS Losses after Filter Change!

    :(Just lost a load of RCS after changing my filter. Switched from an internal to an external so I could use some lilly pipes I bought. Not sure what's went wrong. I did a 50% slow water change with water that was brought up to the same temp and the sponge that was in the internal I put in the...
  81. AverageWhiteBloke

    Aesthetics or Practicality

    IMG_00000024 by AWB70, on Flickr IMG_00000023 by AWB70, on Flickr IMG_00000022 by AWB70, on Flickr What in the opinions of people in here gives the best results when it comes to getting flow round the tank? I opted for the duck bill type inlet that came with my Aqua One external based on...
  82. AverageWhiteBloke

    purigen question

    Just wondering if there is anywhere in particular to put it in the canister. Probably doesn't matter.
  83. AverageWhiteBloke

    Another Rain Water Question

    Just wondering if rain water would be any use for making up 4DKH? I'm due to knock up another DIY batch for my drop checker. I have no access to pure water by the means of RO or Deion. I did have an API tap water purifier but it was left unused for that long the water that came out was putrid...
  84. AverageWhiteBloke

    Ottos and Shrimp

    Anybody had any joy at breeding ottos and what were the water parameters? Also wondering if they are kept in the same tank as RCS would the RCS eat the eggs and vice versa? Thanks
  85. AverageWhiteBloke

    Just thought I'd share.

    Snowed in here and my sky is off so though I'd post some pics of my tank which I don't do enough. Not finished yet but. Certainly getting there. IMG_00000009 by AWB70, on Flickr First set up about september. IMG_00000027 by AWB70, on Flickr Present day. Thank for looking ,any opinions...
  86. AverageWhiteBloke

    Traces question

    which traces do you base your ei recipe on if you don't know what the exact recipe is? I have some AE+ trace which has been sitting about for a while because I needed to use some others up first and now AE don't sell it so can't find the mix with water formula. Tried AE but they can't remember.
  87. AverageWhiteBloke

    Advice for a water changing pump needed.

    Looking for a pump I can drop into my 5 gall bucket to pump new water into my tank on water change day. Anybody came across a fairly cheap one that fits the bill? I don't mind humping the buckets out I only change 3 at a time but my backs not getting any younger :rolleyes: and it would be great...
  88. AverageWhiteBloke

    Resolved! Some Images not showing.

    Is this an issue with old posts having some code in that's not accepted? Some pictures I see some just have a small box with "IMG" in it. People are answering these posts though as if they can see the image but they could be pre new forum.
  89. AverageWhiteBloke

    Resolved! Friends and Follow List

    I take it your friends list has now been replaced with people you follow? Just checking I'm doing this right being a technophobe :) Seems my friends list has disappeared although there are still some remaining about five. Tried to see if it was there was a link for more like a next page but...
  90. AverageWhiteBloke

    Resolved! Couple of teething problems

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before. Does anyone get an error message saying can't post this with various reasons why not but when you look the post has been added? Also I get logged out now and again even though I have ticked stay logged in, usually when going between pages.
  91. AverageWhiteBloke

    Filtering shrimp

    Anybody come up with any good ways of catching shrimp that have been in the filter? My RCS colony I'm trying to build up had a filter failure 2 week ago but I had a little hydor internal kicking about. Problem is it's partial to sucking in my baby shrimp. Cleaned it out today into a clear bucket...
  92. AverageWhiteBloke

    Keeping the stems down

    What do you use to keep stems in the substrate? I'm using cat litter which is a bit better now than when I first set up. Problem I have is I'm trying to get some stems growing in a back corner to hide some pipework but it's a pain as obviously I need to remove the pipes now and again and end up...
  93. AverageWhiteBloke

    Best Long Term Moss

    Which of the mosses are best for anchoring themselves to hardscape over the long term? I read that some mosses will look good tied down but will eventually break away. Looking for something to grow on wood or will all mosses eventually anchor themselves?
  94. AverageWhiteBloke

    Fish Tank Kings

    Fish Tank Kings anybody been watching this on nat geo? Haven't seen it yet but set up a reminder.
  95. AverageWhiteBloke

    How Long Will Shrimp Survive in post?

    Had a bit of a disaster with some cherries :( I bought 10 off ebay and got them delivered to where I work on next day delivery. I was late getting to work this morning (long story) and just missed the post. The person in the unit next door said they never came to the door and never left...
  96. AverageWhiteBloke

    Can I have a quick double check please

    I'm usually a spoon man but I need to mix up a bottle of ferts for when I go away that can be dosed in increments of 10ml. Reason being my 9 y.o daughter will be tank sitting and on the pay roll to dose the tank before she goes to school. To keep things simple for her I have 250ml dosing bottles...
  97. AverageWhiteBloke

    Water lettuce needs if any.

    Just wondering if water lettuce not really doing well in an indicator of something lacking? I have had various plant species in my tank with varying levels of success. I bought some water lettuce from a member in here, they were fine plants but gradually the new off spring just don't seem to go...
  98. AverageWhiteBloke

    Free Nano Tank at PFK

    Just noticed this deal on Twitter. Seems very reasonable of PFK, 13 issues, a nano tank and £10 voucher for Maidenhead Aquatics for £53.30 was just about to sign up but realised the tanks come in red,white and black. Sounds a bit fussy but I would only want a black one and you don't get the...
  99. AverageWhiteBloke

    any of our members got a PS3?

    If you have my psn is AWB70, mainly playing bf3 at the minute.
  100. AverageWhiteBloke

    Calling any TMC V12 users

    Just wondering if there are any v12 users, it's the one without the solenoid. According to the manual it can't be used with solenoid but where I purchased it from they have sold many and no one has ever said that it hasn't worked. Dilemma is I'm not sure my solenoid is broke and without...