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  1. paul.in.kendal

    Taller bodied fish

    I'm after a shoal of small fish for my high aspect ratio tank - it's 100x45x55cms tall. As George farmer says in his new book: "Taller ranks suit taller-bodied fish and shallower tanks more streamline species". I've had harlequins before, and I'm tempted to have them again - right size, right...
  2. paul.in.kendal

    Why "Drop checker"?

    Why is a drop checker called a drop checker? It measures the PH drop as co2 concentration increases, but wouldn't it be better to call it a co2 checker? That's what we're using it for, after all. If we are to encourage more or to take up our hobby it would surely help if we used more obvious...
  3. paul.in.kendal

    Replacement metal halide bulbs

    I've got an Arcadia Series 4 pendant luminaire and I'm struggling to find a replacement metal halide lamp for it. The current one is working, but I'd like to have a spare to hand. Any suggestions? Specification : Metal halide 150w - 5200k double ended rx7s Geisemann in Germany do a suitable...
  4. paul.in.kendal

    Cape Clear

    Ten years ago I set up a planted aquarium ("Punishment of Luxury" - it's on here somewhere) with moderate success. After a few months I took it down, and the aquarium has been standing empty, reproachfully, in the corner of our dining room ever since. With plenty of time on my hands (we all...
  5. paul.in.kendal

    How to re-scape a hi-tech tank, once it's past its best

    My first attempt, 'Punishment of Luxury', has lived up to its name. Through lack of experience I failed to prune little and often, and then attacked with too much gusto. The result is a tank full of algae. Although I could try a black-out, this was always going to be a learning tank, and I'd...
  6. paul.in.kendal

    How hard can you prune Glosso?

    I let my glosso grow too long, and decided to chop it hard back before it floated away. Will it survive such butchery, or should I replant from the healthy tip growths I've retained?
  7. paul.in.kendal

    Extra Lighting - what would you buy?

    OK, so I've got a good quality DSLR on the way, and I'm hoping my tank will be in half-decent shape for an IAPLC entry. I'm going to start by taking pictures in the darkened room, camera on tripod, using the luminaire as my sole light source (2x24w pinkish fluorescents and 1x 150MH - I may...
  8. paul.in.kendal

    Blanched Pogostemon Helferi

    Many rosettes of my Pogostemon Helferi are looking blanched - the centres are very pale, almost white. Anyone else experienced this? A couple of weeks ago I was away for ten days so I reduced lighting and stopped EI - I wonder whether this is an adjustment the plant made in response to that...
  9. paul.in.kendal

    Filter off at feeding time?

    Sorry for what might be a daft question, but should I turn off my filter at feeding times, to stop the feed getting blasted round the tank? I just got my first-ever fish (harlequins) two days ago, and it's not obvious that they're getting any food. I'm guessing it's because they're not used...
  10. paul.in.kendal

    UKAPS Tool Tidies

    Are the rather rinky-dink UKAPS tool tidies available yet? Or have they all gone already?
  11. paul.in.kendal

    Acclimatising Shrimp

    I know shouldn't do this :oops: - this is a question I just posted in my journal ("Punishment of Luxury") - I thought there's more chance of an invert expert browsing here.
  12. paul.in.kendal

    Cleaning the pipes!

    This may seem a silly question but - how do you clean your (aquarium) pipework without making an almighty mess? I'm just about to clean the green eheim pipes on my 2180 for the first time. This is my first-ever tank, so I have zero experience of this. I've got a metre-long pipe brush. Which...
  13. paul.in.kendal

    Eheim 2180 leaks when I move it

    This big boy comes with castors - you're supposed to tilt it slightly then roll it along. As soon as I tilt it a fraction it leaks badly from between the body and the powerhead. I tried picking the whole thing up today instead - and it did the same thing (this time all down my trousaers...
  14. paul.in.kendal

    Green water in tank with filter being cycled

    Hi all, I've got green water (not cloudy, just decidedly green-tinged) in my VERY young set-up - just three days old (journal here). Tank specifications - 100x45x55cms high - heavily planted from outset into Aquasoil Lighting - T5 2x24w, on for 6 hours, raised high, probably 20 inches above...
  15. paul.in.kendal

    Danish National Botanic Gardens

    I went to Copenhagen recently and as a plant-nut went straight to their National Botanic Garden. What a disappointment the aquatic plants were! It's smugly satisfying to see other nations' botanic gardens - they rarely do it anything like as well as the UK does, so I wasn't surprised that the...
  16. paul.in.kendal

    Paul's 200L, "Punishment of Luxury"

    Here we go: How did I do?
  17. paul.in.kendal

    Does this all sound reasonable? Any equipment imbalances?

    After George’s excellent presentation at TGM at the weekend, my missus caught me feverishly doing planting and hardscape diagrams last night, and said “The sooner you get this tank the better”! So I think I’ve finally run out of excuses for delaying buying my very first aquarium and...
  18. paul.in.kendal

    Sustainable fish - but what species, and for how much?

    PFK is running a story about a sustainable fish project in Brazil, the Mamiraua Project, supplying fish to the UK later this year - hopefully, it says. Great, that'll be the last piece in the jigsaw letting me set up a planted tank with a clear conscience. But what fish will I be able to...
  19. paul.in.kendal

    Dealing with condensation

    Oo-er, my first post. How do you control condensation on a rimless tank? I love the look that George and Co. achieve, but I'm concrned that if I go with an open topped set-up, my (single glazed) living room windows will be running with condensation, which will ensure my Significant Other aborts...