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  1. sanj

    Journal Jungle pond project...

    Hi all, I have not really been on here for a long while and this year I have been focussed on the garden while the Rainbowfish have taken a backseat. I have lived in my current new build house for 6 years but have never really got around to doing much with the back garden. Getting it landscaped...
  2. sanj

    Malachite Green stain in carpet...

    I dropped some Waterlife Protozin on my beige carpet... panic set in freaked out for a bit and then came across a post on the net of using 3% Hydrogen peroxide. I sprayed it over the stains and left for an hour... gone. :D I just thought I would post in case anyone else has a similar...
  3. sanj

    Gyre pumps?

    Earth calling Clive , I was wondering whether these kind of pumps may be better for CO2 distribution in large tanks over the usual power head. Anyone use them?
  4. sanj

    300l Wapoga River

    I havent really got off to a good start on this tank picture wise. I was not sure if I would do a journal and so I have not really documented the initial start up very well, but I guess most of you have seen it all before so it is nothing new really. I set this tank up at the begining of...
  5. sanj

    Ideas for substrate seperators...

    I am looking for somthing that would work as a decent substrate seperator and be flexible. I came across these PVC door strips, what do you think? Clear Flexible PVC Door Strip Curtain 300mm x 2mm x 1 metre length items in Flexible Trading store on eBay! Any other ideas?
  6. sanj

    Do PSUs use electricity?

    I have a Maxspect razor 120w over one of my tanks. It is only only on 55w max and overnight it is only on 1% output. I was testing the watt output using one of those monitors that you can get from Energy suppliers, it was reading 20w consumption when I measured it at night when the lights had...
  7. sanj

    Deutch 10,000 litre paradise... not Mr Knott either

    Its in German, but you dont need it in English. People overlook standard bogwood, but it looks pretty impressive all dressed in plants!
  8. sanj


    I was wondering if anyone has purchased a CO2 reactor from this German site recently (last 12 months or so)? I bought two reactors from them in Jun/Jul 2008 and one has started leaking. If I cant seal it, I was looking to potentially purchase a replacement. The site is in German, but in thier...
  9. sanj

    Bored of the Rings...Hell No!

    so who is getting excited about the Hobbit? Ok im not really, really excited, i am looking forward to it though. I am currently re reading the book. I read it the first time when i was 10.
  10. sanj

    TMC Signature optiwhite rimless...

    Come on who's got one? I cannot believe that not one you have been tempted... yet not one journal!
  11. sanj

    UKAPS changes the way you speak...

    Well the way some of you write anyway. I have noticed this over the last few years, not particularly surprising either I suppose when one thinks a little more deeply about it. This is all a part of information exchange after all. Anyone else noticed this? Or should I say any "folk" noticed...
  12. sanj

    700 litre - Boesemani-Stan. 😁

    Its new, but nothing new really. I have had this tank since April 2011 and ive been waiting ever since for the damn stand to be built. Hey ho. I am pretty tired getting this all set up over the last couple of days, so this will be a shortish post. I thought id post a few pics, it is no...
  13. sanj

    Which Crossocheilus siamensis???

    Way back in 1994 a couple of guys wrote an article in The Krib on algae eating cyprinids and how to distinguish Crossocheilus siamensis, the Siamese Algae Eater from the likes of the Siamese Flying Fox and the Chinese Algae Eater. Pretty obvious you might think, but back then the SAE was not as...
  14. sanj

    Osmocote lo-start 16-18 month

    Anyone know where to purchase this in small quantities i.e. not 25kg bags. I would have thought this would be a more suitable form of osmocote, many of the more common forms relaease over a much shorter period. Are there any equivalents people know about? Thanks
  15. sanj

    Matt Holbrook-Bull?

    This is kind of random, but wasnt he a UKAPS founder and well were did he disappear to? I dont think ive seen him on here for a long while. That is unless he has another user name. :eh:
  16. sanj

    iaquatics AquaLumi high output LED unit

    Not much information on it yet, its not pretty and advertising it over a rimless aquarium doesnt do it justice i think. However I did like the fact that the leds were also angled so that the light can come from the side aswell as from the top. This could be a big improvement on leds making more...
  17. sanj

    HOA G. NGUYEN...one of my early inspirers

    This site is somewhat dated, but I have fond memories of it. I got a lot of advise from this guys site in the early 2000s when money was tighter than now. He might not be Amano, but on a personal level i got more out of this guy when I was getting to grips with my first co2 injected planted tank...
  18. sanj

    Vertex Illumilux LED...neater alternative to TMCs

    Ok, so I am seriously considering using these LEDs for a future set up. They are from an Austrian company called Vertex. Once again it is the reef hobby that has created the demand, but these are affordable ish, well in line with TMC tiles and bars except much neater, fewer wires and I believe...
  19. sanj

    Ecolamps KR94 for Freshwater planted tanks

    Hello, I have mentioned this company before and have owned a KR92 unit when I kept a reef tank. These took off a couple of years ago and are one of the best LED lighting units in the market in regard to thier very good PAR output and inkeeping with relatively lower electricity consumption...
  20. sanj

    Emersed Plants...Amano's private tank

    Anyone know what the emersed plants are on the branches in Takashi Amano's private aquarium??
  21. sanj

    The Royal Wedding

    Do you give a damn? Here comes the poll... Muahahaahaha
  22. sanj

    Where are all the Girls??

    Why is the planted and wider fishkeeping hobby so dominated by males? I would have thought ladies might be into a bit of gardening. :D I have a few planted rainbowfish vids on youtube with approx 7,500 hits between them, 85% are blokeys of varous ages. I know of one lady on here and even...
  23. sanj

    Low tech Huge planted "Fish" tank

    I dunno, I just like this tank. It is not 'Nature Aquarium' or the most amzingly scaped in the world, but it is just this guys own style and it is what I would call low tech albeit he does injsect co2. Im not into Angelfish, but these are like floating ghosts... well there is somthing about it...
  24. sanj

    TMC Nutrasoil...when?

    Any ideas when this product will be available? I noticed prices on Swell alyhough there are no products instock. The prices listed do not seem particularly competitive with existing products. That is unless they are not correct prices. I would hope that TMC would be somewhat cheaper like a lot...
  25. sanj

    A few of my Rainbowfish...

    I began my Rainbowfish addiction about 7 years ago soon after I bought my first house. I now keep and 'encourage to breed' several species. I think these fish have been underated for far too long, not least because they are so drab in shops. The fact is Rainbowfish improve in colour with age...
  26. sanj

    What would be a great DSLR for fish/aquarium photography?

    I have been looking at reviews and sites on taking aquarium photos, but when it comes to choosing a model, its still not so easy to a noob. Considering I have nothing but a compact digi camera that doesnt seem to allow me to change ISO or aperture... it just has a macro button. It is reasonably...
  27. sanj

    Leeches :C

    I think these had come through on some plants I ordered. When i was waiting for my big tank to arrive i had to put all my plants in a holding tank, that tank also had a couple of Nerites in. One day I noticed one of the Nerites looked a bit dead, saw some beige coloured creature on its shell...
  28. sanj

    When to refill co2?

    Hi guys, sorry for this, I did a search but could not find it, perhaps im being thick. I thought I had seen a discussion on here as to when you should refill the co2 canister because below a certain level the regulator is less stable and could dump all the remaining co2 into the aquarium at...
  29. sanj

    T5 Light output over time...

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a link to information on T5 light output over time. I am just testing new T5 lights with a PAR meter and I was thinking, doesnt this light out put drop after the first few weeks and then stabilise? I was wondering roughly how much it was. I have the figure of...
  30. sanj

    Aquatic Magic?

    I take it these are no longer a sponsor as i cant see them on the forum?? Hope they are still functioning as i have an order with them. :?
  31. sanj

    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    I dont know what to call it, its too early and i think I will only get a real feel of where it is going when im in the tank, bruising my fingers and getting angry at the tree stumps. Hopefully I wont get too frustrated about it and it will manifest itself with ease... hmm. Sanjarami...well i...
  32. sanj

    ADA Malaya over time

    I have just been going through the mammoth task of braking up my tank ready for an uprade in less than a month hopefully. My curent tank is 8ftx2ftx2ft and has a substrate depth of 3" to 6-8" in places yet after approx two years it is looking pretty healthy, no black anearobic patches. The ADA...
  33. sanj

    What Kelvin is the T5 Arcadia Plant pro?

    Any ideas? They used to state the rating of thier Freshwater tube at 7,500k, but I cant find information on the Plant pro, only that it is some combination of the Original Tropical and the Freshwater.
  34. sanj

    16/22 mm Clear tubing for external filiters

    I am looking to replace the tubing on three of my external filters(eheim 2080 and 2x tetratec 1200s). I was wondering whether other people use clear tubing and where did they purchase it from. I have seen some on Aquaessentials, but it is 16/19mm so half the thickness of what is used in eheims...
  35. sanj

    JBL Solar Ultra Natur 9000 Kelvin T5?

    I was looking to use these with Arcadia Plant Pro T5s, but there does not seem to be many places that sell them. Anyone use these? A cheaper alternative is guess might be the Osram Skywhite 8000k, but i dont know how they compare visually other than theoretically. I used to really like the...
  36. sanj

    Proposed lighting in an 8ft tank.

    OK, I am looking to start a project with a tank dimensions: 96"x36"x28"h if any of you have been to the Green Machine, well it is fairly similar to the middle display tank. Well I have been considering lighting options, costs, practicality, aesthetics etc. I currenly use T5 D-D ballasts (432w)...
  37. sanj

    Anyone dose NPK powders straight into tank?

    I have been doing this for a couple of years, i dont mix them up in solution just add them neat. I cant be sure, but I think Clive did/does this and that is what started me off, anything for a more simpler approach. I just add the powder from teaspoon measurements straight into the flow.
  38. sanj

    Positioning an even bigger tank...floor ok?

    Hello, I actually posted somthing on tanks on wooden floors early in 2008 when I was looking to upgrade to an 800+ litre (96x24x24) aquarium. Ehem, well now im thinking of a 1,500 litre in acrylic (like those lovely tanks in the Greenmachine)it would be 96"x36"x28"h. Am i mad? Everyone else...
  39. sanj

    Dosing with Vodka???

    Just a thought, a few people in the Reef keeping realm dose vodka into their reef systems to help feed the denifrifying bacteria and build up the population, one of the biproducts of this CO2. I wonder hmmm... :lol:
  40. sanj

    Trimming Cyperus Helferi

    hello, I have masses of C Helferi, but alot of the leaves are covered in algae, like diatoms nothing thread like or fury. I was wondering whether i can trim them and how to? i dont want to cut the leaves and find i have killed the plant. does any one know if there is a particular method to this?
  41. sanj

    Annoying thing adout ADA Aquasoil...

    It is a pain in the backside when it comes to trying to keep shallow rooted plants like Hair grass and Glosso. In my previous set up I got a great carpet of dwarf hairgrass, the substrate being silica sand over JBL Aquabasis. It held very well when doing maintenance. Not so with aquasoil and i...
  42. sanj

    Pond dechlorinators

    I was wondering, can we actually use the pond version of dechlorinators/chloramine reducers? It is just that they seem to work out cheaper and having an 860litre seems to make more sense. Was just wondering if there is somthing very different in them that would make them unsuitable for aquarium...
  43. sanj

    Fish wipe on Tues night/weds... :(

    Came home yesterday to find 11 of the 27 fish in my rio 400 dead. 10 of these were the entire school of denisoni barbs. :( 1 was a kutubu rainbow. The other fish that survived were rainbows, a RTBS and a SAE. I am suspecting that it was oxygen depletion although not 100% sure. I have taken...
  44. sanj

    Anyone selling Blyxa Japonica?

    Hellooo, can somone put me in the direction of a mail order company that sells this plant, Tropica suppliers dont seem to have it and neither does Greenline(on their website) or maybe one of you are so successful at growing, its taking over your tanks and you cant get rid of it fast enough ? :P
  45. sanj

    How much ADA?

    Guys is 8 bags of 9l ADA aquasoil enough for an 8x2x2?? I was quoted this approximately when visiting the Green Machine (very friendly people, excellant place). I have seen a quote for 1 bag for a 60 litre (not sure if that was Aquaessentials). The other issue I can get ecomplete for £16 a...
  46. sanj

    10,000k Lights?

    Hey people, i am on a hunt for suitable lighting units for an 8x2x2. I have looked at the D&D t5 razorlights which look good and i may go with, but quite pricey. Looked at the TMC LEDs and it would seem that it would be VERY pricey upfront ~£1400+ and perhaps too early in the tech...
  47. sanj

    How long are heater thermostats on on average per day?

    I know there a few variables such as ambient temp, aquarium size, temp setting in the aquarium... But does anyone roughly have an idea how long per day a heaterstat would be on. Im just trying to get a feel for energy costs using the PFK calculator and the potential 40% increase in elec prices...
  48. sanj

    CO2 reactors???

    Erm...ive never used these, but I am think ingthey might be ideal over my current system whihc is a JBL diffuser. my current aqaurium is 400 litrs and i may upgrade to an 800litre. I have seen the Aqua medic 1000: http://www.aquaticbiotope.co.uk/Scripts ... roduct=827 I am not sure though...
  49. sanj

    Lighting an 8'x2'x2'?

    You know i only recently re-set up on of my 400 litres and now i am already seriously thinking of ugrading to an 8'x2'x2' ~ 864 litres!! omg! I have two 400s but still doesnt seem quite the same as having this monster on my floor boards. Struggling with the lighting options though; What do...
  50. sanj

    Large Aquariums on wooden floors... Clive??

    Hello, ive been looking around the net but cant find much info. I live in terraced house in coventry, typically they have wooden joist floors (this is downstairs). my house was a two up two down, but the ground floor wall was knocked through and the ceiling reinforced. I didnt do this it was...
  51. sanj

    Amazing Pond/planted aquarium!!!

    If you are regulare to the planted tank forum, you may have seen this, but it is one awesome setup, one of the best i have seen in a long while: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/photo ... oject.html
  52. sanj

    Clive...ever thought about writing a book?

    Serious question actually, I have thought about this for a little while now. Having read many of your posts, I think your knowledge in planted aquarium arena is very valuable and the way you explain things mean that virtually anybody with an averge IQ can understand clearly the advice you give...
  53. sanj

    LED lighting?

    Do you think this will be powerful enough for plants? The Tropical Marine Centre has designed these lights with suitable spectrum for tropical fish/planted aquariums. http://www.tmc-ltd.co.uk/aquarium/aquaray-lighting.asp This could be the future of aquarium lighting, major benefits being...
  54. sanj

    I bar not playing :(

    Has anyone had an I-bar that just stopped working and it was not the fuse or the tubes? I have two, but one has just stopped working, its over two years old, but....@L@P@PLO!!!!! grrr, so frsutrating.
  55. sanj

    Algae Eaters?

    Are they really worth it, if the main intention is to help control algae? I used to keep the true SAE and while they did consume a certain amount of algae they tended to slack off as they became fully grown, preferring the same food as the other fish. Amano shrimp and similar, I have quite...
  56. sanj

    Stocking a 60"x20"x24"

    Hi guys, am thinking about the fish I will be stocking the above mentioned aquarium. I reckon I am going down the Densioni route (Love em) and Rainbowfish. Ive been here before and well they are a great mix, unfortunately the 'Great Tank Disater of 2006' was a big blow for me and nearly killed...
  57. sanj

    JBL Aquabasis?

    I haven't seen any post with this substrate, which I thought was quite common and relatively cheap compared to ADA and ecocomplete. I have used it before and plan on using it again in my high tech. I has a heater cable there is already old soil in the tank im just adding some more to boost and...
  58. sanj

    Remove Juwel filter on a RIO 400

    Hello, I was reading up on the guide for High tech planted aquaria and there was a comment on removing or adding to the Juwel internal filter. The situation I have is that this Aquarium forms a divide in my terraced house. The downs stairs used to have two rooms but were knocked through in to...
  59. sanj

    BGA in a low light aquarium

    Hello, I have a low light aquarium 48x20x28(h) and 120W (4x30w) lighting with reflectors. This aquarium has been in a prolonged period of neglect for about a year after i lost insterest following a major mishap in my other aquarium over a year ago. Anyway I now have regained the enthusiasm to...