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  1. peti44

    Peti44's first planted tank

    Hi! You may have seen this tank among the Journals, but there is the time for it, to be with the finished tanks. This was my first tank, and I have made many mistakes. That's why it looks like this :| I have learnt a lot, and while preparing my next tank (which I have started already, soon...
  2. peti44

    peti44's pico

    That would be my pico tank. size: 0,2 liter lighting: - filtration: - CO2: - substrate: ADA Orinoco Sand water changes: 70%/week plants: riccia, ceratopteris, java moss 2500 W/liter :lol:
  3. peti44

    25 liter low tech

    This whole low tech project started with the breeding of my 'ancis'. I put all the little ancis into a 25l tank. When I started aquascaping , I reranged this one, too. I sold the ancis one after an other, now I keep only red cherrys. In large size: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4042/434 ...
  4. peti44

    Walk in the forest

    Last time I was walking in the forest with my best friend, the camera. It's interesting, that while I wasn't interested in aquascaping, I wasn't interested in taking photos either... But now, I have stopped after every metre, to take a picture of every moss... :) In large size...
  5. peti44

    85L ryuboku - The harmonic centre

    Hi guys! I'm a new one here, since now I've just been reading comments, but now I decided to write something. I have a planted tank for about five weeks, in the style of ryuboku. The datas of the tank: size: 70*35*35, 85 liter lighting: 4*24 W, T5 filtration: Tetratec ex 600 (600lph) and an...