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  1. dw1305


    Hi all, Welcome, we have a few <"Apistogramma fans on the forum">. <"Apistogramma baenschi "Inka"> is a nice one. <"I originally"> found my way here from <"Apistogramma Forums">. cheers Darrel
  2. dw1305

    New fishy member!

    Hi all, If they have it, it is in the <"Tropica 3 for £11"> section, but there maybe post-Brexit problems with <"Tropica plant supplies">. I occasionally wander around the one in Bath, while my liftshare buys cat food etc. and they usually have it in. I guess that should do. I had Salvinia...
  3. dw1305

    New fishy member!

    Hi all, I've kept them, and they will build a small bubble nest under a floating plant like Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum). The best plant of all is Indian Fern (Ceratopteris "thalictroides") , you can buy it at pets@home normally. In terms of non-plant spawning sites <"35mm film...
  4. dw1305

    New Joiner - Two nano tanks

    Hi all, I'm not trying to be funny, but the easy answer is that you just need <"to let the plants grow in">, and once you have a decent plant mass in active growth, your tank is fish safe. I'm <"not anti-testing">, but my opinion is that basing decisions, about fish welfare, upon the results...
  5. dw1305

    New Joiner - Two nano tanks

    Hi all, Looking at the test result definitely not in the "Skull tank", and probably not for another couple of weeks. I'm not a great fan of test kits, but nitrite (NO2-) is <"less problematic to test for"> than nitrate (NO3-). You really need the NO2 level to have been zero for some time to...
  6. dw1305

    New Joiner - Two nano tanks

    Hi all, Just stop adding ammonia and <"ignore everything"> that you read/are told on forums, web-sites your LFS etc. about cycling and test kits. Linked into your <"other thread">. cheers Darrel
  7. dw1305

    Another new joiner - google SEO for AKAPS needed?

    Hi all, I'm pretty sure they are, we will all get UKAPS results high up in our search list because Google knows we are frequent visitors to UKAPS. When @Andy Pierce started looking, he wasn't a frequent visitor to UKAPS, so Google placed us much lower down the search. Is there a frequent UKAPS...
  8. dw1305

    Hi from the Forest of Dean

    Hi all, There is <"Aquajardinerie" at Three Shires Garden Centre, Newent>. I've never visited, but I went to their (same people?) Gloucester shop (Haresfield) when it was still open. @Oldguy may know, <"he is local to you">. Another vote for Newport Aquatics, I've never visited, but I'm on...
  9. dw1305

    An old newbie

    Hi all, Plant growth looks pretty good. cheers Darrel
  10. dw1305

    Hi from South Wales.

    Hi all, You could try <"Newport Aquatics">, they have an active Facebook page and an aquascaping room etc. cheers Darrel
  11. dw1305

    Solar powered scape!

    Hi all, I've got <"solar panels as well">, they are much more effective than I'd expected they would be. When you get bright sun-light, and it is cool, they are more efficient, and my experience of W. Ireland is either raining or sunny, and not much in the middle. cheers Darrel
  12. dw1305

    Hi from Holland

    Hi all, I have <"them in my tanks">, it depends a little bit on the fish you have, but they are quite resilient. I've <"introduced Lumbriculus"> as well, but they don't persist in tanks with Corydoras, Apistogramma etc. That would work, my guess is that the Dario will actually hunt them fairly...
  13. dw1305

    Hello from a London newb

    Hi all, Welcome. I'm a Pygmy Cory fan. It is worth getting a <"Banana or Micro-worm culture">, they really like small live food items. The <"Tropica easy range"> is a great place to start. You can stop adding ammonia, you don't <"need to "cycle" a planted tank"> in the same way you would a...
  14. dw1305

    Setting up a tank for my 6 year old - lots to learn

    Hi all, That is where I got the <"Copella and Pygmy Corydoras"> from. "Sam" is the guy who knows all about the fish. I'm not sure what is in Trowbridge, there was a place downstairs in the market. They had some fish from me, but I've never been back to cash in my credit note. I haven't been...
  15. dw1305

    Setting up a tank for my 6 year old - lots to learn

    Hi all, Bristol: If you want to have a look at the fish, you could try the Maidenhead Aquatics (MA) at Brislington (just past the Hick's Gate roundabout). There is the Aquatic Store in Bedminster, but that isn't easy to get to, and Parker's at Iron Acton, but I haven't been in there for a long...
  16. dw1305

    Hello, world

    Hi all, @brhau welcome and nice to see you here, you definitely have access to a lot more plant expertise on this forum. I also arrived at UKAPS from Apistogramma Forums, when <"@ Ed Seeley was an active member of both forums">. cheers Darrel
  17. dw1305

    I have to do an introduction apparently...

    Hi all, Nice introduction. They look like they might be <"Ophiopogon japonicus,"> unfortunately<"not actually an aquatic plant">. It would be fair to say that I have a bit of an issue with people who sell non-aquatics as <"aquarium plants">. cheers Darrel
  18. dw1305


    Hi all, Welcome, nice tank. Do you keep the Channa aurantimaculata cooler in the winter? I've been admiring them on the Fishhut (Colin Dunlop's) Facebook page. cheers Darrel
  19. dw1305

    Hello, popped in to say hi 🙋‍♀️

    Hi Lindy, Welcome back. cheers Darrel
  20. dw1305


    Hi all, Welcome Craig. cheers Darrel
  21. dw1305

    Another newcomer

    Hi all, Welcome. I'm an <"Aroid fan as well">. Have a look at (inactive) member @hydrophyte <"threads">, he tried a lot of different Aroids, some submerged and some partially emersed. You'll need to keep changing water for a while. I'd add a floating plant for the moment, I like <"Amazon...
  22. dw1305

    Decided to research planted tanks

    Hi all, Not the filter media then. Can we gave a picture of the tank? cheers Darrel
  23. dw1305

    Decided to research planted tanks

    Hi all, Welcome, and a bit of strange question for starters, but what does the media set-up in your filter look like? One of the main differences between keeping planted tanks and un-planted tanks is that we tend to use the plants to remove the fixed nitrogen, rather than relying on...
  24. dw1305

    New from Surrey. Hi.

    Hi all, There are some nice small cube aquariums "out-there" (should "out-there" still exist) . I like the <"Dennerle cubes">, you can get a bare tank or a <"complete set-up">. There are plenty of plants that grow well without CO2, <"in hard water">, the <"Tropica "Easy" category"> is a good...
  25. dw1305

    Plant leaf getting hols and melting

    Hi all, Competitor in the <"World's most expensive water"> competition? cheers Darrel
  26. dw1305

    Hi there!

    Hi all, I am enjoying this. Great roots and you have some great fish,'Barbus' hulstaerti and a Lamp-eye, Poropanchax normani? They are much more yellow than the ones I kept. Brilliant, which is the "mimic" tetra with your Corydoras hastatus? is it Hypressobrycon elachys? cheers Darrel
  27. dw1305

    Plant leaf getting hols and melting

    Hi all, Thanks @Pratheep. That is very useful. So lacking in the three macro-elements (N: P : K), but containing all the micro-elements. cheers Darrel
  28. dw1305

    Plant leaf getting hols and melting

    Hi all, Welcome @Pratheep. I'm not a branded fertiliser user, but I don't think this contains any nitrogen (N) or phosphorus (P)? If you add CO2 you increase the plants demand for nutrients, and nitrogen is the one <"that plants need most of">. You need to add a <"fertiliser that contains all...
  29. dw1305

    Hello from Brighton

    Hi all, I'm a butterfly fan, I vote to keep it. cheers Darrel
  30. dw1305

    Male betta

    Hi all, It looks like "White Spot", I've used <"EsHA Exit"> successfully in the past. Can you get to the Aquatic Store (in Bedminster) they should be able to advise you (or the MA at Wyevale by the Brislington Park and Ride? or Parker's at Iron Acton?). cheers Darrel
  31. dw1305

    Newbie to planted tanks (less than a year...)

    Hi all, I'm pretty sure you have both. Blue circle is BBA, red circle is Staghorn. BBA is the algae growing over the Anubias leaves on page.1. I'll be <"in a minority">, but I really like your <"green bog-wood">. cheers Darrel
  32. dw1305

    Newbie to planted tanks (less than a year...)

    Hi all, You probably just need some more plants. I know it is difficult with the Goldfish, but people can probably advise you of larger leaved plants that they don't eat. The algae is Black Brush Algae (BBA), we don't really know what causes it. Plants need all of the nutrients required for...
  33. dw1305

    From the netherlands..

    Hi all, Welcome. Tank looks really good, and I'm pleased to see another low tech. Limnobium fan. cheers Darrel
  34. dw1305

    Newbie to planted tanks (less than a year...)

    Hi all, You won't need to add "Prime" to the water you use to make up the fertiliser. I use rain-water, so I don't use a dechlorinator, but if I did need one I would probably use "Prime". Should be all right, you need to strain the near boiling water into a container, that way you will removed...
  35. dw1305

    Newbie to planted tanks (less than a year...)

    Hi all, It depends on how hard your tap water is, you use RO or DI water because the potential problem is salts, already in the water, before you add the fertiliser salts. If you have hard tap water (with a lot of carbonates) this will raise pH and microelements like iron will come out of...
  36. dw1305

    Newbie to planted tanks (less than a year...)

    Hi all, You can get a ferts. mix. <"Dry salts work out a lot cheaper"> than buying branded. Once an ion is in solution they are all the same, every K+ & NO3- ion is the same as every other K+ & NO3- ion, it <"doesn't matter where it came from">. You can use the <"Rotala Butterfly nutrient...
  37. dw1305

    Hello there!

    Hi all, Welcome, I'm a jungle fan, basically from the (average) small fishes point of view you can never have to many plants. Have a look at @Chris Jackson's <"Lazy Asian Biotope"> and @Tim Harrison's <"Windswept Eternity"> Don't add any ammonia, it won't help, and it may actually delay the...
  38. dw1305

    Hello from Wiltshire

    Hi all, Welcome Michael, I’m just down the road in Corsham. Cheers Darrel
  39. dw1305

    Canadian Aquascaper says Hello !

    Hi and welcome, cheers Darrel
  40. dw1305

    1st attempt at a planted tank....

    Hi all, It is a real issue, I'm not trying to be funny, but most of the information on forums, from LFS and on manufacturers web sites is any, or all, of: just wrong, half-true or deliberately misleading. There are forums, sellers, <"growers"> &manufacturers, where you will get good...
  41. dw1305

    1st attempt at a planted tank....

    Hi all, I like the black lava rocks. Just add some floating plants, that gets around both light and CO2 as issues, this is because you don't need to add CO2 (for any of the plants you already have, and the floating plants have access to 400 ppm of atmospheric CO2) and you can use the floating...
  42. dw1305

    Hello from Kent

    Hi all, And another one <"Strangers in your home: Archaea thrive in aquarium biofilters – Dr Josh D Neufeld"> Pages 14 - 20. cheers Darrel
  43. dw1305

    Hello from Kent

    Hi all, There is also this blog which might be of interest to some. <"Aquarium microbial ecology: a living room approach to citizen science - By Darlene Cavalier">. cheers Darrel
  44. dw1305

    Hello from Kent

    Hi all, It may take a while for the tank to settle down following the ammonia addition, but it should be fine eventually. Just stop adding ammonia and keep your water changes up. If you have a planted tank you don't need to cycle it, you just need to let it grow in. Have a look through...
  45. dw1305

    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    Hi all, Welcome to UKAPS, which one do you frequent? cheers Darrel
  46. dw1305

    Hello From Surrey

    Hi all, Post a photo, we like a challenge. cheers Darrel
  47. dw1305

    Hello from Florida

    Hi all, It isn't a term I'm familiar with, but if it is the branches you would mount epiphytic orchids on? Then almost certainly you can. Rinsed is fine. cheers Darrel
  48. dw1305

    Hello from Dublin

    Hi all, Ramshorn snails are a <"good thing in a planted tank">, they won't eat your plants. You won't need ten, five will be more than enough. cheers Darrel
  49. dw1305

    Fissidens advice.

    Hi all, As @three-fingers says mosses don't produce seeds, so that should be good enough to prove he has knowingly sold you a wrongly identified item. cheers Darrel
  50. dw1305


    Hi all, That's it. This is where the ecology bit of <"The Ecology...... "> comes in. Under <"Darwinian theories of natural selection"> altruism doesn't really exist, but complex, <"resilient and diverse ecosystems"> can, and will, develop over time. If you think about another "aquatic...
  51. dw1305


    Hi all, I think Marcel is right, it is a bit of both. You have to make a differentiation between organic and <"inorganic carbon"> (D (or (T)IC), emergent plants aren't going to add much inorganic carbon (unless you have a deep tank without much water turn-over). Access to CO2 The main...
  52. dw1305


    Hi all, Have a look at <"Walstad revises"> and links, it is quite a long thread but worth a read. Yes, that is pretty much it, tanks with a <"large mass of growing plants"> (these have <"plant/microbe biofiltration">) are much more stable and resilient than ones that rely on microbial...
  53. dw1305

    Hi All and help please

    Hi all, That's it, you can drive the water off by heating, but then you have to store the <"anhydrous MgSO4"> in air-tight conditions (either a desiccator or freezer). I have an Excel spreadsheet with a periodic table etc to work the percentage of elements in any compound, but a calculator...
  54. dw1305

    Hi All and help please

    Hi all, Magnesium sulphate ("Epsom Salts") are always ~10% Mg in use because they pick up atmospheric moisture (the "water of crystallisation") and become the stable <"heptahydrate MgSO4.7H2O">. Your potassium phosphate is K2HPO4. You can use the <"Rotala Butterfly"> Nutrient Calculator to...
  55. dw1305

    Hi! - Complete Noob

    Hi all, You are fine, all old hard rock is OK. If you have a wide choice I'd discard any bits with obvious quartz inclusions or pyrites deposits as they could possibly contain mineral deposits of copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) or arsenic (As). Granite isn't usually green, the rock they sell as...
  56. dw1305

    Discus planted aquaria

    Hi all, The traditional Amazon Sword plant (<"Echinodorus bleheri">) would be my suggestion it is a tough plant, and good with low light etc. You can see E. bleheri in the Heckel Discus image in the post that @DutchMuch linked. And this is a Dan Crawford video cheers Darrel
  57. dw1305

    Hi Everyone

    Hi all, Noooo..., look at those lovely roots, every tank needs a plant with the <"aerial advantage">. cheers Darrel
  58. dw1305

    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    Hi all, and I arrived <"at UKAPS"> via <"Apistogramma Forums">. cheers Darrel
  59. dw1305

    New member, New scape

    Hi all, That is an issue with the test kit, you may or may not have any ammonia (NH3) or nitrite (NO2-), but you will definitely have some nitrate (NO3-). Waiting never hurts. Water changes are always a good idea. Do you have a picture of the tank how it looks now? cheers Darrel
  60. dw1305

    New member, New scape

    Hi all, Has it been full of water since it was last used? You need to have no measureable ammonia, or nitrite, before you can add fish. At the moment I'd stop adding the ammonia, it won't do anything useful now you have the tank planted. In the <"traditional view of cycling"> you have to wait...
  61. dw1305

    Hello from Matt @ ScapeEasy

    Hi all, Some of us do. cheers Darrel
  62. dw1305

    Hi from Lambourn

    Hi all, The small bright green plant is <"Riccia fluitans">. The larger plant is a moss (and possibly <"Java Moss">), rather than <"Java fern">. Riccia is a great "hitch hiker", have a look at <"Plant ID">. cheers Darrel
  63. dw1305

    Hi to all :)

    Hi all, I'm sorry to hear that, it is definitely an oxygen issue, but there are a lot of different ways in which you can end up with low levels of dissolved oxygen. You are much more likely to have oxygen/water quality issues if you have an non-planted, or very lightly planted, tank. I would...
  64. dw1305

    New to planted tanks.

    Hi all, You can use it for both. Sand substrate, some structural leaf litter and low tech plants. If you have Corydoras pygmaeus, Corydoras panda or Corydoras hastatus (and there are probably others where you get fry with the parents present) you can have a permanent set-up, other species (egg...
  65. dw1305

    Hi from Fishpie

    Hi all, Yes, before you film your-self you delude yourself that you look like George Clooney, and sound like Benedict Cumberbatch, but then the truth hits and you realize you sound more like Alan Sugar's less cultured older brother, and that Alan is the looker of the family. cheers Darrel
  66. dw1305

    Hi from Fishpie

    Hi all, Thank you, I was going to do one of the kit in the analytical lab. but I'll have to get some-one else to front them, because I look like a gargoyle and sound like a cockney market trader. Yes I'm not ill disposed towards denitrification, I just don't want it happening in a canister...
  67. dw1305

    Hi from Fishpie

    Hi all, Welcome, this is may seem to be a bit of confrontational post, but bear with the forum, every-one (well nearly every-one) else is a fairly friendly. Having seen a couple of the videos, I'd start by saying that: I like the idea of the scientific method, it is definitely possible to...
  68. dw1305

    Hello from Oxfordshire

    Hi all, Welcome. I only really like "wild type" fish as well. cheers Darrel
  69. dw1305

    Just starting out in Wiltshire.

    Hi all, I live in Corsham. cheers Darrel
  70. dw1305

    Good Morning from Germany

    Hi all, <"Grimm's law">. I've got a book (one of Stephen Jay Gould's) somewhere with a chapter about Wilhelm and Jacob ("The Brothers") Grimm and why they (and particularly Jacob) <"were interested in folk tales">. I'm pretty sure that it is this article <"Gould - Grimm's Greatest...."> (but...
  71. dw1305

    Hello from a new member

    Hi all, I know this is going to sound funny because this is a forum, but 99% of what you read on forums about "cycling" and the nitrogen cycle is wrong. Have a look at <"Best way to cycle...."> and <"Will filter bacteria survive....."> (and linked threads). I like a growing in period for the...
  72. dw1305

    Hello from a new member

    Hi all, Welcome, you've probably seen it but @Tim Harrison has written a tutorial for the <"dirted tank">. You don't actually need to dose any more ammonia, the nitrifying filter organisms aren't going to die without a continual stream of ammonia. It is really oxygen that is important. Have a...
  73. dw1305

    Hello to all 10 years of Tropical here

    Hi all, I'll be honest, it <"really p*sses me off">, and I don't think it should be up to the consumer. I think that the shops that sell these plants as "aquatic plants" are in <"breach of the law">, because it is false advertising, and they are not fit for purpose. cheers Darrel
  74. dw1305

    Hello to all 10 years of Tropical here

    Hi all, It looks OK. I have a question about the two green spiky plants, either side of the "Ozelot" type Echinodorus, and the plant with the metallic leaves in front of the Echinodorus. Are they recent additions? I'm pretty sure the metallic leaved plant is <"Hemigraphis alternata">, it is...
  75. dw1305

    Oldie but a newbie to the world of green

    Hi all, Best of luck, I think we are all interested in this project, what you eventually decide and how it works. When you are ready PM me, I always have spare Anubias and African/Java ferns you can have if you want them (for a donation to the forum). cheers Darrel
  76. dw1305

    Oldie but a newbie to the world of green

    Hi all, You don't need to have anaerobic denitrification with planted tanks, basically the "denitrification arc" is carried out by the plants, which deplete all forms of fixed nitrogen. You shouldn't get any build up of NO3 in the tank water, the plants should take it up. The problem with long...
  77. dw1305

    New set up

    Hi all, The snails look like <"Physella acuta">, if they are "Tadpole Snails" they are a very speedy mover. I think the small nippy animals are a Copepod Cyclops. If they have "saddle-bags" these are egg sacks. cheers Darrel
  78. dw1305

    New to UKAPS, first nano-scape

    Hi all, I wondered about that as well, but I think the "back wall" is sponge, with an outlet near to the thermometer. cheers Darrel
  79. dw1305

    Hello from Phil M. in Colchester

    Hi all, Same for me, started fish keeping in the 1970's, gave up when I went to university and only took it up again about 10 years ago. cheers Darrel
  80. dw1305

    Where can I take latin lessons?

    Hi all, Type the scientific (latin) name into Google, that should give you a link to a web site (Wikipedia is usually OK) with a common name (common names may vary from region to region), and a plant family. Try <"Limnobium laevigatum"> <"IFAS"> is a useful site. A source like <"Field...
  81. dw1305

    Hello everybody!

    Hi all, You often find Ostracods in big puddles, buckets of rain-water etc which you know have been dry for extended periods of time. A lot of species are parthenogenic and have eggs that can survive desiccation for several years, blowing around in the dust until they end up in water. One...
  82. dw1305

    Hello everybody!

    Hi all, I've got lots of <"Utricularia gibba"> you can have, and Asellus, Ramshorn snails, Lumbriculus, Ostracods etc. PM me your address, it will be £5 to cover p&p for as much as you like. If you just want the Utricularia at the moment, I can send that as a "large letter", so £2 should cover...
  83. dw1305

    Hello from Munich

    Hi all, There is a good orchid glasshouse as well (and fantastic epiphytes etc.) The day I visited it was about 35oC, and my wife and daughter were keen to visit the shops in Munich, and do a bit of sight seeing etc., so I didn't have as long a visit as I would have liked to. If/next time we...
  84. dw1305

    Hello from Munich

    Hi all, Hi Daniel, have you been to the Munich Botanic Garden - <"http://www.botmuc.de/en/garden/glasshouse_complex.html"> ? It is all good, but Glasshouse 4 - "Aquatic Plants" is well worth a visit. cheers Darrel
  85. dw1305

    Hi From Bath

    Hi all At "Hilliers" at Whiteway? that is interesting as it is only 2 minutes up the road from work. It was horrible last time I went in there (a couple of years ago), and I haven't been back since. cheers Darrel
  86. dw1305

    Hi From Bath

    Hi all, For "ordinary" fish your best bet locally is "Pet Care" a small pet shop on St. Paul's St, in Chippenham (SN15 1LJ), the owner is an aquarist and the fish are in very good condition. Other possibilities are the MA at Leekes in Melksham, and the MA at Hick's Gate in between Keynsham...
  87. dw1305

    Hi from Wiltshire

    Hi all, Hi Steve, nice to see another Wilts member. Like the name "otolith", very snazzy. cheers Darrel
  88. dw1305

    Hi from Wiltshire

    Hi Andy, Where are you living? I'm in Corsham. cheers Darrel
  89. dw1305

    Hello from North Wiltshire

    Hi all, Hi Tony, I'm another Wiltshire member, from Corsham. cheers Darrel
  90. dw1305

    Marine refugee begins odyssey

    Hi all, Hi Geoff, as the others have said welcome, I think you will find this is a very informative forum. I'm very interested in Gardens, Wildlife and Ecology as well, but I haven't managed to make it a full time profession. cheers Darrel
  91. dw1305

    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    Hi all, Via Ed Seeley on "Apistogramma forums". cheers Darrel