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  1. dw1305

    Newcomer to hobby, need advice and places to buy in Kent

    Hi all, Welcome to UKAPS We don't recommend cycling with ammonia, but "plant and wait", have a look at <"Super.........."> and linked threads for some more detail. Is <"collecting rain-water a possibility for you?"> It offers some of the advantages of RO without the cost or environmental...
  2. dw1305

    Where to buy in the North West.

    Hi all, <"Ste Chesters">, he really is a man who <"knows his stuff">. He is famous breeder of Apistogramma etc. and has worked for both Chester Zoo and the Blue Planet. cheers Darrel
  3. dw1305

    Where to buy aquarium wood

    Hi all, Might <"pyo be a possibility?">. cheers Darrel
  4. dw1305

    Looking for Vallisneria Nana

    Hi all, Wimborne? <https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/where-to-buy-in-south-central-england.32/#post-569687> cheers Darrel
  5. dw1305

    Gambusia affinis/holbrooki

    Hi all, You can get <"Heterandria formosa"> fairly easily. They like a cooler winter so maybe suitable for you. cheers Darrel
  6. dw1305

    Cheap (bulk) chilli/mosquito Rasbora

    Hi all, I'd be reluctant to buy them if I hadn't seen them in the flesh. I'd be willing to pay a little bit more for fish that looked healthy and were eating. I know that they have been in short supply around Bristol. cheers Darrel
  7. dw1305

    Maidenhead Aquatics/Fishkeeper

    Hi all, I've found that as well. The local ones I've been in are all OK (Hick's Gate, Bristol, Leekes, Melksham and Dobbies, Swindon North). Pricing is interesting, I'm amazed they ever sell anything. cheers Darrel
  8. dw1305

    Buying Tropica plants online

    Hi all, Yes it does really. These are basically "plantlets" in a mini-glasshouse with all they need, the problems comes (with quicker growing plants) when they out-grow their nursery. Some people would dry start smaller plants, but I usually just pop them in a tank and leave them floating until...
  9. dw1305

    Buying Tropica plants online

    Hi all, If I was going to try to store some other plants it would be slow growing ones like Anubias and Bucephalandra. The difference with mosses is that they are both slow growing and they don't have vascular tissue or roots etc., so it is mush easier for them to just "sit and wait " until...
  10. dw1305

    Buying Tropica plants online

    Hi all, My guess would be that it does. cheers Darrel
  11. dw1305

    Looking for shrimpsafe Hornwort

    Hi all, Absolutely, it is almost identical but with finer "leaflets" (pinnae). cheers Darrel
  12. dw1305

    Looking for shrimpsafe Hornwort

    Hi all, It doesn't <"tend to post very well">, so I usually look for it in Garden Centre pond sections etc. Indian Fern (Ceratopteris cornuta) <"does the same job">, it also doesn't post very well, but you can often buy it in <"Pets@Home">. Here is some of @Parablennius's. It is a seriously...
  13. dw1305

    Looking for CO2 diffuser for lab experiment

    Hi all, Do you have a water bath? They are pretty standard bits of lab kit. cheers Darrel
  14. dw1305

    Looking for CO2 diffuser for lab experiment

    Hi all, You need the original solution to be both cold and under pressure, that way you can super-saturate the solution with Ca++ and 2HCO3- ions. If you think of opening a carbonated soft drink, when you release the pressure the dissolved CO2 will come out of solution. If your carbonated drink...
  15. dw1305

    Killi fish and Pacific blue eyes

    Hi all, There are some reputable sellers of eggs. Try "Hypsolebias" on Ebay I'd try Tim as well, he has a facebook page "TA Aquaculture UK" as well as the TA Aquaculture web site. I kept <"these for a while">, they are nice fish and good dithers. I couldn't find any-one selling them when I...
  16. dw1305

    Shops near Ross on Wye?

    Hi all, Useful to know. I hadn't realised there was one in Newent. I think the Haresfield (Stonehouse) store should be better. It is very convenient for <"WWT Slimbridge">, if you like that sort of thing. cheers Darrel
  17. dw1305

    Shops near Ross on Wye?

    Hi all, I'm not sure there are any very close. I'll add in @Oldguy, as he is from that part of the world. I'm frequently drive around Ross (I have family nr. <"Kington"> and live near Bath), but usually I don't stop. There is a reptile specialist <"Rainforest Aquatics"> on an industrial...
  18. dw1305

    Where to buy in South Central England.

    Hi all, I was in Wimborne today, and I saw there was an <"aquatic shop in the middle of town">. I just popped in, without any real expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of high quality scaped tanks, well looked after fish and shrimps and a range of hardscaping materials...
  19. dw1305

    Where to buy in Wales.

    Hi all, I'm always saying I will, but I never have. Bedminster isn't the easiest to get to from home (Corsham), and usually if I'm in Bristol with work I have a mini-bus, so parking is problematic. I haven't bought many fish in recent years, but I am on the look-out for some over the next...
  20. dw1305

    Where to buy in Wales.

    Hi all, I think he has been over in Newport for 18 months. He was selling fish from home via Facebook, but must think there is enough trade to make a shop viable. Particularly once the toll is off the Severn Bridge I expect a few ex-customers will make their way over from Bristol. cheers Darrel
  21. dw1305

    Where to buy in Wales.

    Hi all, There is a new aquatic shop opening in Newport, "Newport Aquatics", they are opening on 22nd September 2018, and will have an aquascaping room. The owner used to be the MD of the <"Aquatic Store"> in Bristol, so he understands the business. Details are: Newport Aquatics, 195 Caerleon...
  22. dw1305

    Where to buy Ostracoda

    Hi all, I've got a few different types. You can have as many as you like for P&P. I've found they travel better in wet moss (or Riccia) than just in water, I'll put one, or the other, (or both in). Once you've got them they should stay at low levels in the tanks, unless you have Corydoras...
  23. dw1305

    aquascaping wood

    Hi all, It is a good time of year to look for <"stag-headed Oaks"> in cornfields. You often get a window of opportunity in between the corn being cut and field ploughed, and there are often suitable dead bits lying under the tree. This is what you are looking for. cheers Darrel
  24. dw1305

    coarse/medium/fine sponge?

    Hi all, Definitely take the sponge out. I don't have any sponge finer than PPI10 in the filter, but I have a PPI10 or PPI20 pre-filter on the filter intake. I rinse this pre-filter sponge out every 10 - 14 days, which takes ~30 seconds. The pre-filter acts as an additional...
  25. dw1305

    coarse/medium/fine sponge?

    Hi all, Same as "EnderUK", I buy drilled 12" x 4" x 4" PPI20 blocks from Koi places, and the last sponge sheets I bought were from <http://www.pumpsandspares.com/other-items/miscfoamsbrushes.php>. cheers Darrel
  26. dw1305

    Purchasing plants online

    Hi all, I haven't been in for a while, but the MA at the Wyevale Garden Centre at Hick's Gate (just down from the Brislington Park and Ride - BS31 2AD) used to carry a reasonable range of plants. cheers Darrel
  27. dw1305

    Red moor wood wanted

    Hi all, I'd definitely be looking for some DIY dead wood after the recent storms. Oak is good like Henry says, and you get a lot of natural dead wood from "stag-head" Oaks. cheers Darrel
  28. dw1305

    Where can I find these fish?

    Hi all, I always find it strange that a lot of little interesting Live-bearers aren't easier to find. I think Mark Breeze ("Microman" famous Cichlid breeder) had some for sale, although that might have been Neoheterandria elegans. Try <Apistogramma. - Micromania> cheers Darrel
  29. dw1305

    Redmoor wood ??

    Hi all, How about a large piece of oak branch or root? If you know any-one who sells fire-wood they'll be able to source one for a lot less. Otherwise a trip out west into the wilds of Shropshire should supply some PYO branches...
  30. dw1305

    Feedback on online plant retailer

    Hi all, I've known Mike at "Last Trading Post" for quite a long time, and he is a planted tank enthusiast and fish-keeper with a shop, rather than a shop-keeper with fish. He always has interesting small fish in the shop (Amazon Aquatics in Warminster) and I'm sure if you after something...
  31. dw1305

    Marine Shops in Bangor or close?

    Hi all, I don't know any-one know, but I did my under-graduate degree (Botany) there a long time ago, and I used to share a house with a couple of Marine Biologists. Bangor isn't to every-ones taste, but I really enjoyed my time there. I was a "country boy", so even Bangor was the "bright...
  32. dw1305

    Marine Shops in Bangor or close?

    Hi Kris, Wait until you get to Bangor, and then ask in the Marine Biology department (down in Menai Bridge, or at least it was 30 years ago), there should be plenty of people who know the answer, and can give you practical advice. cheers Darrel
  33. dw1305

    Where do you buy your plants from?

    Hi all, I'm sure Foxfish is right and that the majority of plants are sold through high volume outlets, that rely on selling the plants before they deteriorate too far. I'd also guess that the majority of plant sales are to a relatively unsophisticated audience, who choose plants on their look...
  34. dw1305

    Where to buy in the South West.

    Re: Where to buy in the South West Chippenham Hi all, I dropped some plants off to Chippenham yesterday ("Pet Care" 1a St Paul Street, CHIPPENHAM, SN15 1LJ ) and they had some Otocinclus in, (they were £3.90 I think) and a few more unusual things, only ones I can remember, Croaking Gourami...
  35. dw1305

    Where to buy in Scotland.

    Re: Where to buy in Scotland - Lossiemouth. Hi all, Just with the quick disclaimer that I've never been to the shop, but the owner of "D & I Tropicals" (Derek) posts on one of the other forums I belong to, and he definitely knows what he is talking about for fish care. I don't know what they...