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  1. 1stgolf

    Cave in the Hill

    Fantastic layout.
  2. 1stgolf

    Critique my hardscape Got wood?

    Nice wood fella
  3. 1stgolf

    Old rocks

    Love them rocks.
  4. 1stgolf

    Stu's 120x45x45 tank sponsored by Tropica

    I'm amazed what a great scape.
  5. 1stgolf

    35L by Wojtek

    Lovely tanks mate
  6. 1stgolf

    New ADA 45-P

    Nice placement of the rocks mate.
  7. 1stgolf

    My friend bought a tank ?

    Nice looking scape.
  8. 1stgolf

    Ohko Ocean, now 'Peaks'

    Scape looks amazing mate
  9. 1stgolf

    Awsome cleaning tool

    I use a car window ice scraper cost me all of 0.50p probley won't last as long as the scraper you've bought though as it looks a nice solid bit of kit.
  10. 1stgolf

    Back to the mountain - New project

    Getting there mate
  11. 1stgolf

    My tank 100L Matej

    Nice looking tank.
  12. 1stgolf

    Unnamed Low Tech Nano

    This has come along nicely mate.
  13. 1stgolf

    Twin Specs

    Loving the second spec mate. Keep them updates coming
  14. 1stgolf


    This sounds interesting
  15. 1stgolf

    Out with the old in with the new...ADA 60p

    Looking good mate. I love the placement of the rocks
  16. 1stgolf

    Daize's 120L island aquascape

    Great first attempt mate. What light tubes you using standard t8 or t5?
  17. 1stgolf

    1.000 L project. Aquascape by Windyhead.

    I'm jealous. Great hardscape materials
  18. 1stgolf

    Twin Specs

    Looks great Alastair.
  19. 1stgolf

    messing about with a nano

    Nice healthy looking plants. The wood looks much better then It did before. Have you thought of adding some moss to the wood?
  20. 1stgolf

    How many times a day do you feed your fish

    My fish get fed once a day and my daughters gold fish twice a day
  21. 1stgolf

    Cheap Ferts

    Well I mixed the fert with DI water Saturday and dosed Sunday after my weekly W/C I will just have to wait a few weeks and see what happens to the plants.
  22. 1stgolf

    Croydoras eggs

    Thanks for the reply. I've not done my water change yet as its due tomorrow this will be a couple of times now she's laid eggs without me doing a w/c
  23. 1stgolf

    Croydoras eggs

    No mate no luck and no white eggs. Thing is there's more eggs been laid yesterday how often does a croy lay eggs
  24. 1stgolf

    Twin Specs

    Look forward to see what you do to these. That rock looks interesting
  25. 1stgolf

    1300 litre chocolate lake

    What a good read and fantastic setup.
  26. 1stgolf

    Cheap Ferts

    Thanks Alastair that's good to know. I've also sent you another pm
  27. 1stgolf

    Cheap Ferts

    Ate you still using the lush max mate? If so would you recommend it? As I've just bought myself some
  28. 1stgolf

    Back to the mountain - New project

    Nice rock work mate.
  29. 1stgolf

    What other hobby's do you have?

    Wow I've not seen a 16/60 in a long time my dad use to own one. I've currently got a 1966 jaguar 420 that needs some work and I seriously need to finish my mk1 golf resto
  30. 1stgolf

    300 liters planted (from Romania)

    Nice lively tank
  31. 1stgolf

    Croydoras eggs

    I have an old rena tank in my parents shed I will see if I can make some time today to go and pick it up
  32. 1stgolf

    Croydoras eggs

    It's over 24 hr now with no white eggs so all is looking good.
  33. 1stgolf

    Croydoras eggs

    Well last night I put some of the eggs in a biggish container with tank water and a airline to keep the water moving. No eggs have fungus on and to me look healthy ill just have to wait and see what happens. I also watched my daughters gold fish lay egg early this morning
  34. 1stgolf

    Croydoras eggs

    I just hope I can get a couple out of at least 50 to hatch. Can I ask why some of the eggs get fungus on them?
  35. 1stgolf

    Croydoras eggs

    Thanks for the input. And I have the very common bronze croys
  36. 1stgolf

    Croydoras eggs

    Hi this is the 2nd time in a week my croydoras has laid eggs on the glass of my tank. I would love some of them to hatch just need to know what I need to do? Thanks
  37. 1stgolf

    Unnamed Low Tech Nano

    What layout did you end up going with?
  38. 1stgolf

    The Karoo Dream

    The Afro moss looks great
  39. 1stgolf


    Nice hardscape placement mate
  40. 1stgolf

    Fallen Tree - low light-low tech nano dirt tank.

    Tanks coming along nicely
  41. 1stgolf

    Going bigger...

    Nice hardscape
  42. 1stgolf

    Wall mounted sanzon iwagumi...

    That's amazing. Are you using frets ect
  43. 1stgolf

    My new 30 litre nano scape "New beginning"

    Hi just wondering what hob filter that is?
  44. 1stgolf

    What can be achieved using just a gravel substrate?

    I've never used soil as of yet
  45. 1stgolf

    What can be achieved using just a gravel substrate?

    That's for all your inputs some amazing tanks there
  46. 1stgolf

    200L Low-Tech Reboot

    Previous set up looks nice
  47. 1stgolf


    Love the scape. Any full tank shots with the discus now added?
  48. 1stgolf

    Hello from london

    Do you have your nano tank yet or have one in mind that you want?
  49. 1stgolf

    Hello from london

    Hi lee welcome to ukaps. where abouts in london you from?
  50. 1stgolf

    Lewis' First Emersed Tank

    cant see the pictures
  51. 1stgolf

    What can be achieved using just a gravel substrate?

    Is this is in the wrong place? if so could a mod move it to the right place please
  52. 1stgolf

    What can be achieved using just a gravel substrate?

    As title really just wondering what can be achieved using just a gravel substrate in a planted tank? Any pictures would be great as nearly all the ones ive seen on here use soils cat littler ect Thanks in advance
  53. 1stgolf

    Messing about with an Arcadia Arc (The conclusion)

    I like set up 3 but as said above have a play round untill your happy with it
  54. 1stgolf


    Love that hardscape
  55. 1stgolf

    The Quick Planted Tank - 80 or 90liter Juwel Rekord

    Set up looks nice will you be adding any taller plants to the back of the tank?
  56. 1stgolf

    Vision 260

    Coming along nicely mate.
  57. 1stgolf

    My Small PON - 60liters

    What a stunning looking tank you have.
  58. 1stgolf

    Toy Room Project

    Love that wood :)
  59. 1stgolf

    Fallen Tree - low light-low tech nano dirt tank.

    After reading this lastnight I have this morning taken my daughters gold fish out of her aqua start 320 and re-homed it into my juwel lido 100 with the other 2 gold fish we have. Now to start buying bits and bobs for the 320. I can tell you my 6 year old daughter wassent to happy lol
  60. 1stgolf

    Fallen Tree - low light-low tech nano dirt tank.

    Looking really natural and healthy
  61. 1stgolf

    Plant Id please

    Hopefully it does spread then. Need to start adding some frets as I don't at the moment and I don't plan on going down the co2 route.
  62. 1stgolf

    Plant Id please

    Thanks it must be vallisneria nana need to get myself some more of this.
  63. 1stgolf

    Plant Id please

    This plant came in a plant pack from the net and I would like to know what it is. I was thinking some type of vallis?
  64. 1stgolf

    Stu's 90x45x45 Seiryu Range

    Love the hardscape looks ace.
  65. 1stgolf

    modify juwel rio 180

    As people have said in your other thread in the lighting section of the forum t5's should be more then enough and if that's still not good enough for you add juwel reflectors.
  66. 1stgolf

    modify juwel rio 180 light unit

    Have you thought about adding reflectors to your current lighting?
  67. 1stgolf

    A Wee Bit Wild

    Like the look of the tank mate. That piece of wood in your last setup looks amazing thats exactly the kind I'm after for my 180 before I get it set up.
  68. 1stgolf

    Shrimp Cryptocoryne & Anubias

    Glad you got the answer you was looking for.
  69. 1stgolf

    Shrimp Cryptocoryne & Anubias

    ive kept rcs with crypts with no problem in the past
  70. 1stgolf

    Deleted thread

    Great idea ill have to give this ago on my juwel filter
  71. 1stgolf

    a noob tank "RTFM" trigon corner tank

    Really nice layout of the wood mate.
  72. 1stgolf

    Joeys planted Fluval Spec 19L (first try)

    Looks great mate is that more then one piece of wood? i was thinking of getting one of those tanks for the kitchen side.
  73. 1stgolf

    Best way to clean a juwel light unit

    Hi my juwel light unit has loads of limescale over it and i would like to remove/clean it off without damaging/scratching the plastic. Anyone know of a way of doing this?
  74. 1stgolf

    Cyrpts and Anubias in the shrimp tank

    I have crypts in my tank with cherry shrimp and never had a problem.
  75. 1stgolf

    External filter intake cage where from?

    Thanks mate. Is that as cheap as these things get?
  76. 1stgolf

    External filter intake cage where from?

    I cant seem to find one on that site mate.
  77. 1stgolf

    External filter intake cage where from?

    Hi im wondering wheres the best place to buy one of them metal cages for the external intake pipe as i have cherry shrimp in my tank and cant use the standard plastic cage. This is the only part i need now to set up my new eheim 2213.
  78. 1stgolf

    Juwel light units

    oh rite just i went pets at home today and they dont seem to sell any t8 tubes that fit my unit
  79. 1stgolf

    Juwel light units

    Am i right in thinking that only juwel light tubes will fit my juwel light unit?
  80. 1stgolf

    Carpet Plant

    Hi have you thought about moss on some mesh or netting? once attached fully you can trim the moss to give a short carpet effect. Just an idea that's been on my mind for a while now as im thinking of doing a section in my low tech tank
  81. 1stgolf

    What other hobby's do you have?

    What other hobby's do you have other then your tank/tank's Mine are as followed . Restoring old cars .Modifiying 1/18 diecast models . The odd bit of fishing now and then
  82. 1stgolf

    Best plants for cold water tank?

    Evening all tonight whilst i was doing a water change on my tropical tank my 4 yr old daughter came out with daddy i want plants in my gold fish tank like daddy's tank. So i would like to know whats the best undemanding plants i can put in to my daughters aquaone 320 cold water gold fish tank...
  83. 1stgolf

    240ltr Discus planted tank

    Great tank. Any close up pictures of the discus?
  84. 1stgolf

    Nano Tank 17l - Rescape update

    Re: Nano CRS Tank 17l Love the look of this tank will look even better when filled with plants and water. I look forward to seeing the progress pictures
  85. 1stgolf

    Plant ID

    As said above its a plantlet if you leave it to grow it will grow leaves them you can remove it and replant it or get rid.
  86. 1stgolf

    Best way to post mts

    Thanks for the reply's
  87. 1stgolf

    Best way to post mts

    I will be sending form large to small mate.
  88. 1stgolf

    Best way to post mts

    thanks for your input but im worried royal mail will crush them as ill be sending around 100 of the snails
  89. 1stgolf

    Best way to post mts

    Hi i need to post some malaysian trumpet snails wondering whats the best way to go about it? Thanks
  90. 1stgolf

    Help with Spray bar placement (JUWEL Tank)

    Thanks for the reply's but i dont fancy cutting away at the trim so ill just have to go down the road of adding pipe and bends for now as i want to upgrade my tank as soon as i can so want to keep the lido the way it is. Hoping to get a juwel 180 by the end of the year :)
  91. 1stgolf

    Help with Spray bar placement (JUWEL Tank)

    Do you mean you cut out the tanks top trim?
  92. 1stgolf

    Help with Spray bar placement (JUWEL Tank)

    Any idea on what connector i would need to do this as ive just got the standard one,s that come with the filter new. Also i have vallis along the rear of my tank would the spray from the bar not force the vallis to the front of the tank? Thanks
  93. 1stgolf

    AL's 130ltr Jungle

    Lovely looking tank mate :)
  94. 1stgolf

    Help with Spray bar placement (JUWEL Tank)

    How and where have you got your spray bar placed in your JUWEL tanks? As ive not long unpacked my new eheim 2213 and im not sure how and where to place the spray bar as the cutout,s in the back of the tank are not at the edge (If you know what i mean lol) Look forward to any help as i really...
  95. 1stgolf

    new member from kent here

    Wow ive just found these pictures of my tanks progress on my laptop. These pictures have got to be over 5 months old now. Please note the pictures are in a random order.
  96. 1stgolf

    What filter would be best for 28L tank?

    Thanks for all the replys. And for those of you who are worried that the goldies will outgrow the tank withen 6 months dont worry as the tanks for my 4 year old daughter that will most likely get bored of the tank before 6 months and my mate has a 5ft tank housed with goldies and would be happy...
  97. 1stgolf

    What filter would be best for 28L tank?

    Hi ive bought my daughter a pink aqua one 320 tank (28L) for xmas i was just wondering what internal filter would you says best to use?. I will be putting in 2 maybe 3 gold fish for her. This has nothing to do with a planted tank so mods please delete if need be.
  98. 1stgolf

    Show me your Juwel lido 100 or 120

    Hi mate mines been set up for a couple of months now im still running the original built in filter untill i can afford a tetratec 1200 external filter. Your right the t5 units are very pricey so for now im using the standard t8 tubes along with some reflectors.
  99. 1stgolf

    Show me your Juwel lido 100 or 120

    No one got a juwel lido? im looking for insperation. :D