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  1. charlie

    Latest ADA video

    Thought i would share this with those that aren't aware of the endless ADA videos on you tube. Amano is creating a 240 cm whopper in a university canteen. I'm obviously going wrong by not having a team of slaves to do my 'dirty' work. Hope the link works, if not just copy and paste. Enjoy...
  2. charlie

    Giesemann Teszla

    Thinking of going down the LED route. These lights hit the spot for function and aesthetics but does anyone have any practical experience of them ?
  3. charlie

    what photo packages?

    I thought it would be a good idea to find out what photo packages members are using to edit (remove algae!!) from their photos. Can anyone provide details of what they are using eg photoshop elemenst 7, and how they find the packages to use. If this is already posted elsewhere my apologies and...
  4. charlie

    ADA Liquid fertilizers

    There are many threads on the site about DIY ferts such as TPN+. Has anyone had any success re-creating ADA ferts. I have found the origional products used together very effective but very expensive. If anyone has can you share your recipes / analysis, and how you have found them working. Andy
  5. charlie

    How to lawn echinodorus tennelus

    I'm trying to achieve a thick lawn with tennelus, does anyone know of the correct pruning / maintenance technique for this plant . Thanks
  6. charlie

    amano v's cherry

    I was wondering if anyone has experiance of Amano shrimp and cherry shrimp. I currently have about 20 amano in a 180l tank and think they are superb, but am struggling to find a supplier for other tanks i want to set up. Yes i have tried to breed them but never got past day 20 with the tiny...
  7. charlie

    RO water

    Does anyone out there still use RO water. There appears to be very little mention of it on any of the forums. I was wondering what products people use to re-build the ro water for their tanks. I currently use SERA mineral salt for trace elemnts and KH increase but would be interested to hear...