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  1. Arana

    Pinnatifida Flowers

    The first time i have had Pinnatifida flower :)
  2. Arana

    Christmas Centrepiece

    Been growing this in for a Xmas table centrepiece that's a bit different from the norm, just needs some tinsel and fairy lights now :lol:
  3. Arana

    I know it's a bit early but....

    I just wanted to take the opportunity now as i will be away working for Christmas and new year to wish the entire UKAPS family a very merry Christmas and a fantastic 2020, i hope all your dreams come true :thumbup:
  4. Arana

    Caridina Dreaming - Shrimpy Update

    And so it begins again... After another visit to @Aquarium Gardens today i have purchased a new AG 45cm that will become first and foremost a scape but also a dedicated Caridina tank. I think i have everything i need to start, minus the plants, so i will start to work on the hard scape this...
  5. Arana

    Congratulations UKAPS

    Just noticed the forum has passed the half a million messages milestone :clap::clap::clap: Outstanding Job by all the team, thanks to you all for all your hard work and dedication on making this a such a great forum and resource. :happy:
  6. Arana

    Help needed getting it to stick!

    As you may have seen if you have been following my journal ( https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/a-90cm-new-beginning.57676/ ) i have applied a frosted film to the background and the right side pain of the tank, i have now realised that the rubber suction cups for the glassware which need to go...
  7. Arana

    Riverwood Aquatics Opening

    Anybody attending the opening event of this new aquascaping shop in Suffolk tomorrow?
  8. Arana

    A 90cm New Beginning

    So after a long break i have decide to make my come back with a band new 90cm scape, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to document the whole journey. So today i spent a few fun hours with the guys at Aquarium Gardens, i have ordered an Evolution Aqua The Aquascaper 900 with a cabinet...
  9. Arana

    Old but new!

    Ok I am definitely not new but haven't been around for a long time for various reasons. I can see a lot has changed but the community is still thriving well which is great to see. So after a long break I hope to be back soon with a new set up and scape. Meanwhile it looks like I have a lot to...
  10. Arana

    Tankscape.co.uk Gone?

    Looks like Tankscape have gone, the website is down and the word is they have gone out of business, would be a shame it is true:banghead:
  11. Arana

    Is my new UP CO2 Inline Diffuser causing this problem???

    After installing a UP CO2 Inline Diffuser on one of my tanks yesterday i seem to be having a problem controling the co2 via the needle valve, it goes from a steady flow of bubbles in the bubble counter for a few seconds followed by a big burst of bubbles and then back again, the diffusor has...
  12. Arana

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! Lets hope UKAPS and our beloved hobby continues to go from strength to strength in 2013:thumbup:
  13. Arana

    Mark's 60cm Opti-White for the Vivarium Show

    I have collected the Tank today, 60 x 30 x 45 braceless, all opti-white for £90!!! I know a few people have been waiting to hear how the build quility is because it's such a cheap price, so i am glad to say it looks excellent :thumbup: nice neat silicon joints although i haven't leak tested it...
  14. Arana

    Warning Sticker

    Just found these for sale on ebay, made me smile so i thought i would share :D
  15. Arana

    Blast from the past

    Hi Everyone, those of you with long memories might remember me :eh: been away for while although i have popped in from time to time to check you are all behaving yourself :D Once i have taken some time to catch up on all the great scapes that you have all been doing on here i am going to redo...
  16. Arana

    Steves Turn...Happy Birthday!!

    Many Happy Returns mate :D
  17. Arana

    Fish are throwing a fit

    I seem to have a problem in my 80cm planted goldfish tank, the fish seem to be taking it in turns to have a fit! which involves zooming around the tank bashing into things, trying to jump out and then laying listlessly on the bottom for about 10mins before carrying on like nothing has happened...
  18. Arana

    The Big 500

    We should hit 500 members today and i just wanted to shout out a big "WELL DONE" to all that have made UKAPS the UKAPS we love. i know there's a lot more good things to come and many new friends to meet :D without getting to soppy, it has definately changed my life not just my tanks and i'm...
  19. Arana

    Lets do it again

    It's about time we organised the next get together! the weather is warming up and the BBQ's are getting a dust off :D So what's next... i'm happy to do a BBQ party here if nobody has any better ideas :D
  20. Arana

    TGM Video Parts 1, 2, 3,4,5 and 6

    Here's part 1 of the video from the TGM...Display Tank Part 1:D :D :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8-WCumOKKQ Here's Part 2...Display Tank Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2d6TQuGPGk Here's part 3 entitled "and the mist rolls in" :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTZ6e5IGTS8...
  21. Arana

    Planted Goldfish Tank

    I've heard a few people lately mention the possibility of mixing plants and Goldfish, here's a bad picture of my goldfish tank, although it does contain a few tropicals that have been banned from my big tank for bad behaviour :lol: if you want to keep Goldfish in a planted tank then the order...
  22. Arana

    Photography Tips?

    I was hoping a few of you could share a few tips, that might help those of us with average cameras get better quaity images of our pride and joy :) I have a 8MP Comapct and i struggle to get decent photos :( I can think of couple of obvious ones... Use a tripod Clean the glass there must...
  23. Arana

    Too much Redmoor wood

    Just had a chance to purchase a load of Redmoor, so i did of course :D i need a couple of bits for my tanks (havn't decided wich ones yet) but i am going to have some spare :wink: A couple of pics...
  24. Arana

    How about these for a wood scape!

    You will need a big tank tho' :lol: Click Here
  25. Arana

    I just can't resist it - Can you?

    I popped into a LFS today to pick up a new bulb for my 120cm, so i walked to the back of the shop, chose my bulb and turned around BUT by the time i had made it to the counter i had... :o 3 pots of Vallis 1 Mexican Oakleaf 3 pots of Daonoi and some Rotala macrandra is it just me that can't...
  26. Arana

    Marks 120cm Bay Fronted Jungle "A 5 Year Work In Progress"

    I decided to change the background in my 120cm a few weeks ago and replanted it all with Rotala, what with life getting in the way as usual it's now well past it's first pruning. So i thought i'd post some pre-prune pics and you can follow the progress as i try to turn it into some kind of scape...
  27. Arana

    Small Luminaire

    Just come across this light, what do you all think? :D www.greenshorticulture.co.uk/details.asp?productid=371&subcat=154&cat=23 or this... www.aquaculture-hydroponics.co.uk/product.aspx?categoryID=68&subcategoryID=372&productID=1631
  28. Arana

    Jeremy's Osaka

    Has anybody seen Jeremy's Osaka Tank in the latest PFK? A very effective scape i thought (well done Jeremy :D ) The tank itself looks great too does anyone know anymore about it... what are the lights? and how much do i have to part with for one? :D
  29. Arana

    Tetratec 1200 problem

    My 1200 has (after 6 months of silent, faultless running) suddenly started to make a loud vibration every few mins and then expelling lots of air from the outflow. It's been 2 weeks since it's last clean (normally do it monthly) but i stripped it and cleaned it anyway but it made no differance...
  30. Arana

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year All , May all your dreams come true in 2008 :D i'm paticually looking forward to seeing UKAPS grow and prosper in 2008 :D
  31. Arana

    Rotala Green

    Does anybody know where i can get some Rotala Green, i have tried all the usual places and all the links from this site but they either don't do it or can't get it at the moment! is it a seasonal thing? i need about 6 buches so if you see any for sale anywhere please let me know. :)
  32. Arana

    London/Essex UKAPS winter get together!

    OK everyone this event will be happening on Saturday 24th Feb. The day will include a LFS tour incuding Wildwoods if it's still there!, some beer, some food, some more beer, a possible tank scape, some beer, some chat, some beer, a few laughs, some more beer and some takeaway, plus anything...
  33. Arana

    Phosphate Removers

    Does anyone use Phosphate removers alongside EI without any problems? I'm dosing Phosphates at NutriCalcs reccommended dose but have just discovered my tapwater has a po4 reading of 10, other than a few minor algae problems it doesn't seem to be causing any ill effects, do you think i should...
  34. Arana

    Magnesium Sulphate... do you dose it?

    I have been dosing EI using the excellent NutriCalc recommended by Matt (thanks Matt :D ) without any issues except for some minor hair algae on my vallis but i have noticed that in a lot of EI articles i have read lately there is no mention of Magnesium Sulphate in the dosing regime, why are we...
  35. Arana

    JBL Algol

    JBL Algol - has anybody had any experiance of this product? AE says: "The effect is designed such that, although the result is only seen after a few days, the plants remain undamaged" will it effect the fish or inverts?
  36. Arana

    Whats a good GH Target?

    My water straight from the tap is PH 8.0, KH 8 and GH 18, i have used Co2 to bring the PH down to 7 with gives me a nice concertration of Co2 for the plants but is GH18 a bit high for them?
  37. Arana

    Diffuser... Where do you like to stick it!!??

    I'm about to add a JBL CO2 system to my tank and was wondering what the current thinking was on diffuser placement, i was going to stick it under the filter intake but is likely to interfear with the anarobic bacteria in the filter medium in any way? i'm now thinking it may be better to put it...
  38. Arana

    Great Aquascape 3D Layout tool here

    http://www.gorillot.com/aquatools/php/index.php?select=7 Useful and Fun, Enjoy! 8)