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  1. martinmjr62

    Still aquascaping...

    Simple clean and very easy on the eye, well done indeed
  2. martinmjr62

    Pond water dechlorinator V aquarium dechlorinator?

    Good to know as I've run out of prime but have got pond doctor dechlorinator for outside
  3. martinmjr62

    New full-time career in aquatics

    Congratulations George,getting paid to do something that you actually enjoy,might see that catching on ;)
  4. martinmjr62

    Stu's Black Lava Mini M Nano Scape

    Lovely looking set up. The greenery against the black lava rock works really well :clap: Cheers Martin
  5. martinmjr62

    New Toy

    Yes it was, paid £50 for it back in 1977 worth a fortune now. Mate of mine just bought a mint one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  6. martinmjr62

    New Toy

    Very nice,i certainly regret never doing my bike test.I had an old Yamaha FS1E back when i was a lad but never took the test going into cars instead.Alot of my mates went on to bigger bikes and i now regret not going further :( Cheers Martin
  7. martinmjr62

    Roots Dyed Dark - Low Tech Blackwater (updated 08-04-14)

    Lee, looking really nice,moss arrived safely,many thanks once again Cheers Martin
  8. martinmjr62

    George's 65cm Natural Aquario

    George,another beauty :thumbup: Cheers Martin
  9. martinmjr62

    Some disease is killing my fish!

    Sorry to hear this ,hope you get it sorted Cheers Martin
  10. martinmjr62

    New Rio 180 set up

    Evening all, just a quick update to the thread. Not much change really. Moved a few bits around and thinned out some of the java fern. Got some Riccia in a holding trap and fissedens in a bag until I get time to use it. Very busy decorating the kitchen at the moment. Got some spiky moss coming...
  11. martinmjr62

    Edge 23 litre

    Been a long time since I've posted any pictures of the little edge I have running in the kitchen Still going strong low tech no major problems, just weekly water changes and dosing Neutro t daily. Stock is 3 no 3 line pencil fish, 3 galaxy rasboras, 6 amano and 5 cherry shrimp from the tank...
  12. martinmjr62

    Bargain of the century

    Just a few update pictures of the shrimp tank. Still not closed it down and moved it to the new tank yet as I'm busy decorating the kitchen and don't have time at the moment. Shrimp are happy enough where they are any way so no rush. Cheers Martin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  13. martinmjr62

    90 cm fresh start. Thread finished.

    Filling out nicely mate,nice to see the dreaded BBA on the decline, must update my threads and get over to see you Cheers Martin
  14. martinmjr62

    My Oranda

    Hi Lindy i had bunched plants in the tank but they didn't last long,i think looking at pictures, that they might have been Elodea.They were sold at my local MA as bunched oxygenating plants.Question,do you think that adding ferts to the water would help the plants as they appeared to die off and...
  15. martinmjr62

    Who's read the Daily Mail today...

    There are some fantastic scapes in the article Nice to see a bit of recognition for our "sport" Cheers Martin
  16. martinmjr62

    1,5L nano planted tank

    Jose,Impressive plant growth,how long was the tank running for. Cheers Martin
  17. martinmjr62

    From Tranquility Island to A Dutch Touch [200L]

    Your pictures are stunning and the video just sucks you in,breathtaking colours Cheers Martin
  18. martinmjr62

    Tulgey Wood - Trimmed

    Thats a very nice looking set up, a little bit on the dark side Cheers Martin
  19. martinmjr62

    Aquatics Live 2014

    Shame,didn't get to the 2012 show and last years being cancelled, i thought that it might take place this year :( Cheers Martin
  20. martinmjr62

    Signature Puffer Paradise

    Nice litte layout love the open space at the front,might pinch some ideas for my new 33x33x35 cherry tank;) Cheers Martin
  21. martinmjr62

    My Oranda

    Hi Lindy , I've found out by looking up on the internet that the spots are I fact fish lice, nasty things. They may have been on the new fish that I got but are soo small unill they mature that you would not see them. I took one of the smaller fish out of the tank last night and brushed one of...
  22. martinmjr62

    My Oranda

    Hi everyone just a quick update on my oranda. He now has some playmates and they all seem to get along well. The new additions have been in the tank for about 6 weeks now. I have a problem that I've only just noticed on the tail fins of the 2 oranda namely largish greeny yellow spots, not any on...
  23. martinmjr62

    300L pseudo-Dutch style Planted Tank

    Jose,wow that is a lovely healthy looking tank:thumbup: love the moss wall, fantastic idea Cheers Martin
  24. martinmjr62

    Dennerle Scapers Tank

    Cheers for that mate,does it come with the filter and light and what is the height to the top of the light (got to make sure it will fit under the wall units) Cheers Martin
  25. martinmjr62

    Dennerle Scapers Tank

    Sam, thats a nice little tank you have there:) What are the dimensions of the tank/litreage, would look nice in my kitchen when i've finished redecorating it:grumpy: Cheers Martin
  26. martinmjr62

    Introducing Amano shrimp into tank

    Like the sound of this as I'm having the moss Cheers Martin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  27. martinmjr62

    Introducing Amano shrimp into tank

    Yes please mate.got a couple of tanks i can use it in.PM me your details and a postage price. Is the pelia available as well? Cheers Martin
  28. martinmjr62

    "Dutch something or the other" 120 Gal

    Just one thing to say about this- Stunning :clap: :clap: Cheers Martin
  29. martinmjr62

    Introducing Amano shrimp into tank

    Lee,just reading the thread and see that you have a lot of spiky moss you may be getting rid of.If Rob doesn't want it i would be happy to take it off your hands and pay you for it .PM me and let me know Cheers Martin
  30. martinmjr62

    NA 120cm - Asian Dreams-IAPLC # 251

    Iain,sorry to here the bad news. lifestyles, work and everything else that we all juggle with,don't make this hobby easy sometimes and things like this certainly don't help either.You can and will beat this:) Cheers Martin
  31. martinmjr62

    Valentines 96L

    Nice looking tank,looks like sorted out your algae issues out:) Cheers Martin
  32. martinmjr62

    New studio tank

    Hi mate, firstly can i just say that the tank looks really lush and healthy :clap: The riccia carpet looks nice , something i'm trying to do in mine,which leads me on to my other point , could i have first dibs on the pelia and riccia that you are going to sell, PM me to sort out Cheers Martin
  33. martinmjr62

    Stu's 90x45x45cm - Wave Island - IAPLC 2013 rank 82

    One word Stu,Beautiful:clap: Cheers Martin
  34. martinmjr62

    Roots and Lava

    Joel lovely little tank,must get mine up and running Cheers Martin
  35. martinmjr62

    5ft Root n Stones

    Sam loving the root and stone combo,watching this with interest Cheers Martin
  36. martinmjr62

    Bucep's bluff thread finished :-)

    Tim ,Liking the light,did you have that over Blue Jelly Island.Tank looking nice mate;) Ps,clean those pipes, tut tut Subscribed Cheers Martin
  37. martinmjr62

    Nano diffuser recommendations please

    Fluval do one,they sell it on AE ,got 1 in each of my tanks.they produce very small fine bubbles, i would reccomend them Cheers Martin
  38. martinmjr62

    Bucep's bluff thread finished :-)

    I think you've well and truly sussed the small tank layouts.Another stunner in the making :clap: Cheers Martin
  39. martinmjr62

    Newbies nano (progression)

    Patience MrMacey,Patience :) Cheers Martin
  40. martinmjr62

    Hello from Lisbon|Portugal

    Very nice tanks,welcome to the forum :) Cheers Martin
  41. martinmjr62

    Best way to preserve pruning until you plant

    Aint that the truth!!!!!! Cheers Martin
  42. martinmjr62

    Steampunk Fish Tank

    Lovely looking tank,the discus look really nice.Loving the cupboard ;) Cheers Martin
  43. martinmjr62

    Winners of the ukaps awards 2013

    I agree with Too,it might make the voting procedure a little easier. Cheers Martin
  44. martinmjr62

    Winners of the ukaps awards 2013

    Congratulations to all of the worthy winners (note to self .must try harder with the journals etc) Cheers Martin
  45. martinmjr62

    Blue jelly island :-) journal finished

    Looking forward to the next chapter:) Cheers Martin
  46. martinmjr62


    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2014 Best wishes Martin
  47. martinmjr62

    Hi, Marine to planted

    Hi Mark,my son runs a marine set up and he thinks that his is easier to maintain than my planted tank,not sure about that one;) Anyway planted tanks IMO are challenging and rewarding once you' ve done a bit of research,plenty of help and info on this site,and will keep you engrossed for hours...
  48. martinmjr62

    Angel delight mark 2

    Looking nice,thought that the moss you sold me could have been used in here:lol: Cheers Martin
  49. martinmjr62

    tropica specialised dosage

    OOOOps just realised that my P@H stocks Premium and not Specialised but i suppose its a step in the right direction. I might have a word next time i'm in there to see whether than can add the specialised to their delivery.Their plant selection looked the worst for ware though :thumbdown...
  50. martinmjr62

    tropica specialised dosage

    My local P@H stocks tropica specialised and tropica plant growth substrate,not sure if they all do Cheers Martin
  51. martinmjr62

    So I popped out and came back with this...

    I need to get there sometime haven't been for a while,nice early christmas present;) Cheers Martin
  52. martinmjr62

    Density- a planted nano

    Lovely looking tank :thumbup: Cheers Martin
  53. martinmjr62

    Your personal aquascaping/aquarium highlights from 2013

    My highlight was picking up my tank full of cherry shrimp from the LFS which was closing down for a bargain £40. Kept it low tech and its slowly evolved into something that i'm proud of Cheers Martin also like to 2nd the idea of UKAPS yearly awards voted for by the members
  54. martinmjr62

    90 cm fresh start. Thread finished.

    Hi Tim, just read the whole journal ,missed this one somehow.Nice to see the tank filling out, growth looks good. BBA is a b******d nuisance,got some in my Rio on the wood and in the fissedens .I'll see if i can pop round over the hols. Cheers Martin
  55. martinmjr62

    Bargain of the century

    Just seen your comment , thanks very much. The tank is going to be closed down and all the stuff in it moved to a slightly smaller tank that fits in the cupboard in the living room , this ones in the spare room where you don't see it unless you go upstairs. Gonna be a nightmare catching all of...
  56. martinmjr62

    Wild Roots - nano with Sakura and Snow White shrimp

    Alex, lovely shrimp, fantastic photos:thumbup: Cheers Martin
  57. martinmjr62

    My own iwagumi scape

    Superb layout,simple but so effective. The growth in 2 months is really impressive. Well done indeed:clap: Might have a look at the twinstar as well Cheers Martin
  58. martinmjr62

    A record of my low tech experiment

    Tim, looking nice mate.Been away from here for too long:( You still running blue jelly island? Just got a 33x33x35 cube for the living room and i'm going to be transferring the stuff from the shrimp tank to this, so watch this space for a new set up. Cheers Martin
  59. martinmjr62

    New Rio 180 set up

    Good point , I thought I read somewhere that it helped but I maybe wrong , possibly explains why my moss isn't growing Cheers Martin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  60. martinmjr62

    New Rio 180 set up

    Cheers Rob, always got Rotalla cuttings at least once a month. Just thrown a big hand full in the bin. Will have to start selling it but it's a pain sorting it out and posting as I work all week 12 hour days;( Cheers Martin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  61. martinmjr62

    New Rio 180 set up

    Thanks Andy, been way tooooo long Nice to get back on here properly again Cheers Martin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  62. martinmjr62

    Bargain of the century

    Cheers Darren,yep it is hard water here,and I don't know if changing it for RO will have any benefit on the shrimp or just leave it as it is. Did think about doing 50/50 but not sure. As I said earlier there are lots of very small baby shrimp and always a couple of berried females, so they...
  63. martinmjr62

    New Rio 180 set up

    Evening everyone, I can't believe it's been 8'months since I've written anything on here, spring an summer months just seem so busy with other things to do in the evenings. Any how, the tank is still going strong and has had quite a lot of plant changes, mainly due to buying stuff from forum...
  64. martinmjr62

    My Oranda

    Evening everyone, it's been way too long since I've updated this or any of my journals but hopefully now that the cold dark winter evenings are here there is now nothing to do but sit and read UKAPS and keep updating my journals. You will be pleased to know that my oranda is still going strong...
  65. martinmjr62

    Bargain of the century

    Just realised I was using the old Tapatalk account and it wouldn't let me send photos anymore Serves me right for leaving it so long Hope you like the pics Cheers Martin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  66. martinmjr62

    Bargain of the century

    Evening everyone. It's been way too long since I've updated any of my journals, summer months tend to be busy with lots of other things to do and updating seems to get forgotten about, but now the cold dark evenings are here again I suppose it's about time I stated again. So after the purchase...
  67. martinmjr62

    From Tranquility Island to A Dutch Touch [200L]

    Alex, beautiful tank and so many great pictures,stunning:thumbup: Cheers Martin
  68. martinmjr62

    Algae Outbreak

    Hi Chris, I also have a Rio180 and i run 2 Fluval 405's and a Koralia 900. I run the 405's with identical media in each and a bag of purigen in each also.I use the Fluval outlets instead of the spray bar, one in each corner pointing forwards with the koralia in the middle pointing forwards as...
  69. martinmjr62

    Leaves Browning Slightly

    Hi Paul,As Mark says you need to up the turnover, I have a Jewel Rio 180 and i'm running 2 Fluval 405's and a Koralia 900 Chers Martin
  70. martinmjr62

    Deutch 10,000 litre paradise... not Mr Knott either

    Wow,says it all really. Cheers Martin
  71. martinmjr62

    My first Shrimp Nano - First Baby shrimplets!

    Nicely put together little set up:thumbup: Cheers Martin
  72. martinmjr62

    CRS - In their new home

    Very nice little set up you have there Well done:clap: Cheers Martin
  73. martinmjr62

    Fallen Tree

    Just read the whole journal whilst eating breakfast.The plumbing looks very well planned out and meticulous. Love the layout of the tank and will be following this one with interest. Well done mate:clap: Cheers Martin
  74. martinmjr62

    Blue jelly island :-) journal finished

    Tim, congrats on getting the tank on ukaps facebook page.I'll have to get some more pictures on here of the cherry tank, its coming on nicely. Cheers Martin
  75. martinmjr62

    co2 bottle run out. what to do until the weekend

    Cheers Ady, the other bottle still seems to be going strong at the moment but i have turned off the 2 t5's and am only using the 25w arcadia. I'll keep a close eye on it during the week and hopefully it will last until Saturday Cheers Martin
  76. martinmjr62

    co2 bottle run out. what to do until the weekend

    Evening all, ive just got home from work to find that my co2 has run out.really strange a it was still above the red at 60 bar at the weekend when i did my weekly maintainace. Ive turned off the lights and dosed EI as normal and 6ml of EC as normal. i've just got my old 2kg bottle and connected...
  77. martinmjr62

    Dragon minimal 90P

    Victor, another promising scape, love the dragon stone. Cheers Martin
  78. martinmjr62


    Swee,breathtaking scape.Very impressive use of materials,one to be proud of.Well done indeed :clap: Cheers Martin
  79. martinmjr62

    Resolved! Tapatalk issues

    Also still use it regularly
  80. martinmjr62

    What other hobby's do you have?

    Lexy,awesome videos. What camera are you using on the glider.I tried getting into rc planes a few years ago, had lessons and eveyrthing but just couldn't get that confident.Bought loads of planes and even a mutiplex glider but all sold now,the only oen i've got left is the deagostini partwork...
  81. martinmjr62

    Nature's Corner 'naturalis' Trigon 190 (now closed)

    Gary,lovely looking tank.Love the wood and the open look of the gravel in the foreground Cheers Martin
  82. martinmjr62

    Three weeks after start up...

    Are you running co2 and dosing ferts,by the look of your tank i would say yes. I think that you would do well looking at the quality of what you've already grown mate. It is a beautiful looking plant with good lighting. Cheers Martin
  83. martinmjr62

    Three weeks after start up...

    Mede, Lovely looking tank and have to agree with you on the Limnopilia. What about Pogostomen Stellata,similar but finer leaves which have a pinky tinge to the top surface.Rest of the plants look really lush mate:thumbup: Cheers Martin
  84. martinmjr62

    Blue jelly island :-) journal finished

    Go carefull with the superglue,it would bring a whole new meaning to the term "green fingered" :) Cheers martin
  85. martinmjr62

    Blue jelly island :-) journal finished

    Looking very clean and tidy mate. Is that the peacock moss on the mesh at the back ? Cheers Martin
  86. martinmjr62

    Blue jelly island :-) journal finished

    Come on. Get those pictures on mate. We need to see the blue jellies :) Cheers Martin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  87. martinmjr62

    double edge thread gone single thread finished

    At least you can get in there now and it doesn't really look a lot different. Got me thinking now :) Cheers Martin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  88. martinmjr62

    Bargain of the century

    Morning all. Just a little update on the tank. Added a piece of wood with java fern from my Rio 180 as it was getting a bit crowded in there with all the plants I've added lately. More biofilm area for the shrimp. Noticed last night that there might be 3-4 berried females :) Going to do a...
  89. martinmjr62

    Hello from Wokingham UK!

    Looking forward to the pictures.Dont worry about the plants,everyone has to start somewhere and with the wealth of knowledge on this forum you will have a tank you can hopefully be proud of in a short space of time.Mines only been running 5 months and the transformation is awesome. Good luck.:)...
  90. martinmjr62

    My 90x90x40 cube

    Filling out nicely mate.Love the size of this tank :thumbup: Cheers Martin
  91. martinmjr62

    Central heating pump conversion

    Interesting idea,not sure that i'd use a second hand pump though knowing that some heating systems use chemicals such as fernox in them to help with the anti corrrosion and black sludge.what do you do for filtration then if not using a filter ? Cheers Martin
  92. martinmjr62

    The Forest floor - Tropica aquascape New pics

    Antoni, lovely looking tank,got to love 1-2 grow plants:) Cheers Martin
  93. martinmjr62

    Setting up a planted tank after 25 years absence

    John ,welcome to the forum. Please get some pictures on here so that everyone can see your progress. Cheers Martin
  94. martinmjr62

    Tropica 1-2 Grow!

    James, they've only been in a couple of weeks but the growth so far is very good. Cheers Martin
  95. martinmjr62

    Is my wpg ok on 260 litre tank?

    Hi Clive ,yes that should be fine.Originally i had a 405 and a very much lower powered Eheim2213. I managed to get a brand new 405 unused on ebay for £70.All i did was use some of the media from the Eheim in the new filter and the rest was all brand new stuff. Both of my filters run identical...
  96. martinmjr62

    Tropica 1-2 Grow!

    Hi James,i've only bought 1 plant so far, an ammania but i was very impressed with the quality of it and it's growing really well, so i will defo be buying again Cheers Martin
  97. martinmjr62

    Is my wpg ok on 260 litre tank?

    Hi again, if it was me i would purchase another 305 and run them with identical media setups that way there shouldn't be an imbalance either side which could occur if one filter has a higher output than the other . you could also still run a single powerhead in the middle or one either side...
  98. martinmjr62

    Taiwan Bee Nano

    Iain,that's a beautiful looking set up you have there.The colour of the rock really stands out against all of the greenery :thumbup: Cheers Martin
  99. martinmjr62

    Bargain of the century

    Evening all just a quick update on the shrimp tank. Everything's looking good and I've added a piece of wood covered in some java moss taken from my edge. I've spent a long time staring at the tank even using a magnifying glass observing the shrimp in there day to day life and I still can't...
  100. martinmjr62

    Blue jelly island :-) journal finished

    Tim, looking really clean and sharp mate. Loving those acrylic pipes :) Cheers Martin