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  1. 1stgolf

    Croydoras eggs

    Hi this is the 2nd time in a week my croydoras has laid eggs on the glass of my tank. I would love some of them to hatch just need to know what I need to do? Thanks
  2. 1stgolf

    What can be achieved using just a gravel substrate?

    As title really just wondering what can be achieved using just a gravel substrate in a planted tank? Any pictures would be great as nearly all the ones ive seen on here use soils cat littler ect Thanks in advance
  3. 1stgolf

    Plant Id please

    This plant came in a plant pack from the net and I would like to know what it is. I was thinking some type of vallis?
  4. 1stgolf

    Best way to clean a juwel light unit

    Hi my juwel light unit has loads of limescale over it and i would like to remove/clean it off without damaging/scratching the plastic. Anyone know of a way of doing this?
  5. 1stgolf

    External filter intake cage where from?

    Hi im wondering wheres the best place to buy one of them metal cages for the external intake pipe as i have cherry shrimp in my tank and cant use the standard plastic cage. This is the only part i need now to set up my new eheim 2213.
  6. 1stgolf

    Juwel light units

    Am i right in thinking that only juwel light tubes will fit my juwel light unit?
  7. 1stgolf

    What other hobby's do you have?

    What other hobby's do you have other then your tank/tank's Mine are as followed . Restoring old cars .Modifiying 1/18 diecast models . The odd bit of fishing now and then
  8. 1stgolf

    Best plants for cold water tank?

    Evening all tonight whilst i was doing a water change on my tropical tank my 4 yr old daughter came out with daddy i want plants in my gold fish tank like daddy's tank. So i would like to know whats the best undemanding plants i can put in to my daughters aquaone 320 cold water gold fish tank...
  9. 1stgolf

    Best way to post mts

    Hi i need to post some malaysian trumpet snails wondering whats the best way to go about it? Thanks
  10. 1stgolf

    Help with Spray bar placement (JUWEL Tank)

    How and where have you got your spray bar placed in your JUWEL tanks? As ive not long unpacked my new eheim 2213 and im not sure how and where to place the spray bar as the cutout,s in the back of the tank are not at the edge (If you know what i mean lol) Look forward to any help as i really...
  11. 1stgolf

    What filter would be best for 28L tank?

    Hi ive bought my daughter a pink aqua one 320 tank (28L) for xmas i was just wondering what internal filter would you says best to use?. I will be putting in 2 maybe 3 gold fish for her. This has nothing to do with a planted tank so mods please delete if need be.
  12. 1stgolf

    Show me your Juwel lido 100 or 120

    Hi i was wondering if people who either own the lido 100 or the lido 120 post up pictures of what yours looks like also would like to know what equipment you have set up in it. Thanks in advance
  13. 1stgolf

    Trimming vallis??

    Hi i was wondering if i can trim my vallis back as i have a few of the leaves that are about 3 n half foot long if so how do i go about this?
  14. 1stgolf


    Ive just ordered a pair of juwel light reflectors for my lido 100 2 x 15w t8 tubes, I was just wondering if there any good as ive never used reflectors before. Thanks
  15. 1stgolf

    Looking at getting a tetratec ex700

    Hi im looking at getting a tetratec ex700 external filter for my juwel lido 100. I was wondering if this would be suitable for 100l of water? Thanks
  16. 1stgolf

    Best place to buy wood (Not bogwood)

    Hi im after a branch type wood for my tank as ive used bogwood many times and i want a change. Any ideas of an online shop as i cant find a for sale section on the forum. Thanks
  17. 1stgolf

    new member from kent here

    Hi im Mark im 25 and live in kent. Ive been keeping tropical fish now for around 15 years and ive loved every min of it. I currnetly have a juwel lido 100. The tank currently houses 6 endlers 1 croy many cherry shrimp. I will be adding a small shol of neon tetras and a couple more croys. I...