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    Help stopping CO2 leak

    Hey so Ive got a 2kg FE CO2 setup with a welding CO2 regulator + needle valve and solenoid. I have always wondered why my CO2 ran out in a few weeks even though I tested for leaks but couldnt find any. This setup is about 2 years old, I had switched to Excel only for the past year. Im using it...
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    Excel & CO2 together, what happens ?

    Hi, I have always wondered what happens when CO2 gas and Excel are used together in a tank. Obviously the plants would prefer and use the if it is enough but what would happen of it had access to Excel at the same time ? Would it use a bit of it or would it ignore it completely ? May main...
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    Boyu vs UP inline CO2 atomizers

    Hey guys, Im planning on getting an inline CO2 diffuser/atomizer. My two options are the Boyu and the UP atomizers. Ive heard good things about both but which one would you guys reccommend ? Is the UP atomizer worth the extra cash ? While both have generally favourable views Im hoping someone...
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    Another liquid carbon question

    All 3 brands of liquid carbon (Excel, Easycarbo and AE) advise a higher dose when initially setting up a tank or after a large water change. This is followed by a recommended daisly dosing of about 1/6th that amount. It has ben mentioned that liquid carbon only lasts in the water column for...