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  1. rebus

    Bit of eye candy...

    west one music- Distant Dreams
  2. rebus

    drop checker goes green without CO2

    Are you using a low range PH reagent ?
  3. rebus

    Lily pipe clean..

    I found a tip on one of the ADA View videos, they pushed the tubing slightly further onto the pipe before they removed it ( i guess it helps to break the friction bond between the pipe and tubing) Takes a little practice to get it right, you have to squeeze the tube below the lily while pushing...
  4. rebus


    Also TMC have started selling optiwhite's , I'm sure they have opened a place in Manchester might be worth giving them a call. http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/c ... p?sid=5278
  5. rebus

    Lily Pipes

    Hi, hose diameter on the 2324 is 12/16-mm, have a look at tankscape's website for cheaper Lily pipes available from the UK. http://www.tankscape.co.uk/co2-and-glassware/lily-pipes
  6. rebus

    Manzanita Wood Scapes

    Thanks Ady, having been an avid reader of your journals i really appreciate your comments :D The sands ADA Nile sand. Cheers Stu.
  7. rebus

    Manzanita Wood Scapes

    Hi Not too sure how inspirational this will be as this is my first planted tank, having been away from fishkeeping for 20+ years. It's very much a work in progress so please excuse the random potted plants dumped in the right-hand corner. The tank has only been running for a couple of weeks...
  8. rebus

    Guide to Acronyms

    There's quite a comprehensive list here :- http://www.barrreport.com/showthread.ph ... e-I-missed
  9. rebus

    Backgrounds - what do you have and why?

    Try here :thumbup: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=16857
  10. rebus

    Background Alternatives

    Awesome Mark !
  11. rebus

    Background Alternatives

    The mirrored film sounds like an interesting idea! some options here http://www.visionwindowfilms.co.uk/Priv ... -Film.aspx
  12. rebus

    Background Alternatives

    The Green Machine used to list a opaque/light reflecting background on their site but i can no longer see it listed. To me it looked like any opaque/etched effect window film that's widely available, very subtle but just enough to obscure the view of cables pipe ETC behind the tank.
  13. rebus

    Background Alternatives

    Have you considered an opaque background? Stu.
  14. rebus

    What did you get for xmas? (fish related or other)

    £125 of TGM vouchers !! :D Oh and a bottle of gentleman jack